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Found 24 results

  1. I’m now ready to get my lower face lift. Proffessor Mark Ashton did my boobs and l can confirm he is the best! Six years later and he gave me the best boobs (implant with lift, l was 35 with one child) ever with follow up care (including and extra lift at no charge to get them to 100%). Now I’m ready for a lower face lift and l have Dr Stephen (to be updated) in mind for threading and filler. I’m now 42 years old. I have consulted with Ashton a while ago, but might again before l go ahead. Dr Stephen Shiao I’m in Melbourne and would appreciate your opinion @TheFox
  2. I'm 59...still, in 2 days I'll be 60, and, this is my 60th birthday present to myself. I knew I was going to have a face lift one day, and last year I thought now is the time, so I started researching. I read many reviews and watched many Youtube videos. Thailand seemed like my best option in terms of reputation and expense. However, when contacting places like Destination Beauty and Cosmeditour, and after considering several doctors I always had the feeling that it might not be reliable or safe, although the reviews were always good. So, I decided to do it at home in Sydney. I did my research, picked a reputable surgeon and went for a consultation. Well, a face lift was just going to be way too expensive, around 30K all inclusive but only an estimate, which never means less. So, I settled on having just the lower eyelids done, day surgery under general anaesthetic and ended up paying 10K total after the hospital sent me another bill for $1000 extra because the doctor took longer than expected. Anyway, 6 months later my eye bags were looking much better except for more crows feet at the sides (see images), so then the neck and jowls were still hanging there. I started researching Thailand again, knowing it was the only option unless I wanted to go with a cheaper, less experienced, accredited Sydney Doctor, who would charge 20K total. I came across Dr Chartchai's name here and in the Realself forums, and whenever his name came up people said he was highly regarded in the field, and is well known for the great work he does, and because of this he does charge more. I narrowed my research down to focussing just on him and was happy with what I found out. I decided this is my surgeon. I sent an email to the hospital with my photos and I also contacted Bodyline Patient Care - a company connected with Dr Chartchai. The quote came back as 420,000 bahts, which is roughly $19000 Australian, and so it was affordable, and I had the confidence I wanted in a surgeon. Janese of Bodyline Patient Care contacted me, and she led me through the whole procedure from start to finish. There was no need for me to think. She still rings me now. She's an Aussie and that does help. Surgery took 7 hours I am told, they do a full health check before it (unlike in Sydney), all the staff at Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital were so nice. I had to shower with antiseptic cleanser before the operation (unlike in Sydney).The anaesthetist gave me gas to sleep before doing anything (unlike in Sydney where the needle was put into a vein in my hand while I was awake). After surgery I woke feeling very very drowsy and thirsty and couldn't talk. Janese was there to put a straw to my mouth and reassure me that all was good. Then I dosed off, woke up and Janese was there to spoon feed me some soup. I dosed off again and when I woke at 3 AM Janese was still there, and she told me she would go home now and come back later. At breakfast she was there, and by now I could sit up and eat some scrambled eggs (yummy) and juice. I didn't feel like any of the other food on the tray since it's not easy to eat, and this goes on for about 3 or 4 days, just soft foods. After the usual check ups through the day I had my shower (keeping head dry) and then at 2 pm I was discharged. Janese took me to Starbucks for coffee and cake, and then we got a taxi to the hotel. The Windsor Hotel, executive suite, all booked through Bodyline was a real treat. I had a beautiful view from the 31st floor, access to the executive dining room on the 32nd floor which looks over Bangkok city, and this is where I had breakfast, evening drinks and snacks, all inclusive. I had a nurse, Marie, from Bodyline stay with me the first night to give me ice packs and make sure I was comfortable. Janese took me to breakfast the next morning. On the 4th day we went out shopping, and then the shopping and tourism part of the experience continued until I left Thailand 2 weeks after arriving. I had fun. Janese knows Thailand very well, having worked there for 15 years with Bodyline Patient Care. Dr Chartchai turned out to be all I expected, and I think it's due to him and his skills that I am not in any discomfort and I can hardly tell where the scars are. How did my family react when I told them I was getting a facelift in Bangkok? They were very supportive, and had no issues with medical tourism. My sister came over a week after my surgery, and also got a little work on her eye area. Dr Chartchai made time for her. My sister and I have concluded that the medical standards and care at major hospitals like Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital, are better than in Sydney. My huge private room with large screen TV and ensuite was more like a hotel room. It was also dead quiet and the nurses all have soft shoes and you don't hear them walking in. Dr Chatchai is very busy, therefore consultations are short, and he doesn't show you before and after images of his patients because he doesn't have to. If you don't choose him he has enough patients already. He doesn't need to compete or advertise. His website provides useful information, but no before and after images. I was fine with this. I am now 17 days post, and back home again, feeling good, although swollen and numb. I was always a little afraid of a facelift, but the lower eyelid surgery and recovery was worse in all ways. I can honestly say in my case there is nothing to having a facelift - no pain, hardly any discomfort so far, and my stay in Thailand was actually fun. I'm planning my next trip to Bangkok - a tummy tuck. I'll be using Dr Chartchai and Janese's services again. Now, about medical tourism. I have read this and agreed with it at the time 'surgery and tourism should never be in the same sentence'. Now I know different. I haven't seen many photos or read much about the holiday experience of medical tourism, so I've posted some images of my time there. Janese organised all our outings, and Marie, the nurse, came along too. When my sister and I went shopping with Marie as our guide, she insisted on carrying all our bags as we were her patients, and she patiently waited for us to choose clothes at MBK, and gave her advice on what to buy.
  3. Hello, I am off to Thailand on the 28th of August to have cosmetic surgery at PPSI with Dr. Pongstatorn. I will be having mid-lower facelift and neck lift with under chin correction as well as blephorapasty (upper and lower). I have a question for people who have had procedures done regarding outpatient pain medication. Do we get pain relief even though they are very strict about it in Thailand? The drug laws are so strict I was wondering will patients get strong relief like panadeine forte? Over should I bring my own ( which I understand I need a note and not 30 days supply due to laws in importing medication) The only thing I am dreading is the pain management. Other than tha5 I am looking forward to getting rid of the loose skin caused by weight loss and age. Thanks for any clarification! Kaz
  4. Hello, I am off to Thailand on the 28th of August to have cosmetic surgery at PPSI with Dr. Pongstatorn. I will be having mid-lower facelift and neck lift with under chin correction as well as blephorapasty (upper and lower). I have a question for people who have had procedures done regarding outpatient pain medication. Do we get pain relief even though they are very strict about it in Thailand? The drug laws are so strict I was wondering will patients get strong relief like panadeine forte? Over should I bring my own ( which I understand I need a note and not 30 days supply due to laws in importing medication) The only thing I am dreading is the pain management. Other than tha5 I am looking forward to getting rid of the loose skin caused by weight loss and age. Thanks for any clarification! Kaz
  5. I'm a 16 year old girl. I hate my cheekbones. I am a follower of all the all the fashion trends and I love the models with high cheekbones. My aunt did a noon surgical facelift and she looks amazing now. Can I do facelift at this age? Is there any risks associated with it?
  6. It seems no one leaves reviews about facelifts... (is everyone trying to keep in secret?) I am planning a lower facelift, neck lift and upper eye lift surgery. Totally confused. Think Mark is the best but I cannot find one review about him and would love to speak to anyone that had had a similar treatment with him.
  7. Hello all, I have been a cosmeticjourney and I have read with interest the experiences of other ladies here and their facelift successes. My facelift decision was no different. As I have plan to go to Thailand on my holiday and I heard a lot about high quality plastic surgery there. So, I studied cosmeticjourney stories was surprised and delighted. Choosing a Dr. was a concern for me. I wanted someone who specialized in facelift. After tried for searching about specialist doctor. I found The SIB clinic and Dr.Darin is the surgeon there. Then, I had my consultation appointment with Dr. Darin in May and liked her immediately. She answered all my questions and showed me some of her patient before and after pictures. At that appointment I decided that she would do the procedure. I was shown a picture that described the procedure and what to expect. Everyone at The SIB clinic are so helpful and having service mind. They are always there for help me. Like so many ladies on cosmeticjourney I am excited and nervous but honestly, the excitement overpowers the nerves. After done the operation, It was so amazing I feel like I am being youthful again. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm starting to get confused the more I google on plastic surgeons in Perth who perform a necklift or lower facelift. Has anyone had this procedure in Perth? Would love to hear your comments, feedback and recommendations. Can you claim anything back on private health cover? All advice very very much appreciated...thanks in advance x
  9. Hi 1/ NOSE: I am 51. I had nose surgery long ago to fix the tip of my nose. I assume it was not well done or caused by age, the nose is now droopy. Further I fell in the staircase 3 weeks ago and hit my nose (the top in between the eyes). The structure is not damage I think but now it is the tip and top of my nose which are big. I thus need to remove may be some hemaetoma at the top and remove fat at the tip and have the nose lift up again. 2/ FACELIFT :Also I need a full facelift, not for the neck and front head 3/ FAT IMPLANT: Cheeks, I would like some fat implants, on my cheeks, the bone structure is good. 4/ Has no one had lip tatooed in Thailand in lieu of fillers? I have been researching places and doctors and costs in this forum and in the cosmetic tour/providers and I am very confused I am not after the top accommodation etc, and would like reasonable prices. For the above mentioned procedures , what doctors will you advice providing good results with reasonable costs. Do the cosmetic tour operators only recommend or deal with top price doctors/clinic/hospitals? Thank you very much Isa
  10. Hi! I've skipped the threadlift, I don't think it's safe.. I've tried raising my eyebrows with botox, but it only elevates them about 3mm, I see a difference but it's very small and expensive as well. I would like to do a endoscopic brow lift in Asia next year, but I would like to find real experiences from real people. If anyone has done a facelift, browlift or forhead lift using the endoscopic method I'm very interested in hearing your experiences. A coronal forhead lift is not an option since I'm still very young. In advance, thank you!
  11. Hi, I just joined this forum and perhaps the issue had been already discussed. I'm interested in how much lower are the prices overseas, e.g, in Thailand, for a face lift. Thanks.
  12. Hi All, Unfortunately, I was born (so to speak) with the hereditary 'double chin' and now, as I've just passed the 30 mark, the family jowls are forming. Cant win! When I was 25 I had liposuction done on the underside of my chin to remove the extra fat and it worked incredibly well. The skin was super tight (not uncomfortably tight) and I had a more defined jaw line, that was near non-existent to begin with. My face finally matched my slender body! As time passed and I approached my 30's, the amount of collagen began to deplete, gravity set in and my double chin came back with vengeance. In order to fix this problem, I began using dermal fillers to define my jaw line, plump my cheeks and ultimately lift and tighten my sagging lower half of my face. The filler in my cheeks acted as a type of 'coat hanger' to lift the drooping skin on the underside of my chin. I went overboard to say the least. Spent literally thousands over the years to keep my face looking smooth and tight. Botox helped also. Having injections directly into my double chin, lifted the droop. But once again, this was only a temporary fix to a problem I was born with as such. I've spent so much money, time and effort on obsessing over my face, it almost wasn't worth it. I am ready for a FACE-LIFT! I would deeply appreciate recommendation of Doctors in Thailand that can carry our my procedure. I have made various inquiries with Cosmetic Procedure Organisations that operate & co-ordinate surgery in Thailand, although, I would like some first hand experiences also. And recommendations of Facial Doctor Specialists that I can choose from also if anyone knows of any please! Thank you so much in advance Cant wait to keep everyone updated on my progress Deanna
  13. Anyone has done Tummy Tuck with Dr Chartchai ? His quoted price was 285,000 bahts @ Samitivej Sukhumivit Hospital but he uses Hospital package if practise at Bumrungrad at the cost of 249,300 bahts. I have so far found no medical agencies that he works with for his service.
  14. Hello lovely PSF members. With only one week to go for our very first PSF giveaway, I thought I better post the competition details in the actual forum so those of you who aren't on social media don't miss out.. We have 5 Bras n Things Vouchers to give away that are worth $50 each. All you need to do is send us your before and after surgery selfies. You can find out all of the details over at our blog - http://plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/blog/win-a-50-bras-n-things-voucher/ Thank you to everyone who has already entered. We have some fantastic entries including facelifts, blepharaplasty and tummy tucks. The competition is open to everyone, including breast augmentation. Winners are announced this Friday
  15. My journey is almost over. I fly out tomorrow night. After months of research on this forum I stumbled upon Moira (A Registered Nurse) from Truly Medical Getaways in Perth. Thank goodness I did. Initially I was very anxious about the whole process, I am 58 and travelling overseas to have major surgery, what was I thinking. I spoke at length with Moira and decided to go with her group for 15 May. Decided on Dr Thanakom. Unfortunately Moira didn't have enough bookings for the dates I needed so just booked everything through Truly Medical anyway and had a friend travel with me. I cannot fault the skill of Dr Thanakom, I had a facelift, neck lift, 4 lids Blepharoplasty and a mole cut from the side of my face. The care I received at PIAC and the reassurance of having Moira available to speak with no matter what hour of the day. Any concerns I could just call her send pictures and was advised whether all was ok or get it checked. I have read many times on this forum of people going alone but I am so glad that I had my friend with me and Moira on speed dial. Total cost inclusive of flights and accommodation for myself and friend and surgery $16,328 I had a quote from a plastic surgeon at home of $28,000 exclusive of Anaesthetist or hospital cost. My best advice I can give is to prepare well, I had facials and always used good facial skin care products. Made sure I was in the best health possible. No alcohol for a month prior to surgery and definitely no smoking. I consulted my GP before I left and had blood test etc to make sure all was ok.
  16. Hello everyone scheduled to have facelift on 28th april. Arrived in Bangkok 2 days ago. Feeling a bit lonely and scared would really like someone to talk to about accommodation options etc. maybe we could join forces and I could be helpful in checking things out, I have 2 weeks to research even consider sharing the costs on nice hotel or 2 bed serviced apartment ? If there is anyone in bangkok now who would like to chat/ meet up please get in touch.
  17. Has anyone had a facelift by Dr. Rungkit in Thailand? I've corresponded with MediMakeovers (who have been awesome and soooo patient with me lol) for months now and have my quote etc and am hoping to book for October of this year. I have read great reviews and one bad one on Dr. R. Thanks
  18. I first met Dr.Paul Gerarchi last year February 14 2014.. A Month Before I had a counsultation with another PS and this time I came well prepared.. I had gone to him for a Rhinoplasty Counsultation and Chin lipo/Augumentation down to earth person very friendly polite. He doesn't have a attitude issues very approachable! I think he's known more for facelift but apparently half his practice is devoted to Revision Rhinoplasty (according to him) He asked me lots of questions and went through what is achievable and what is not. He gave me an opportunity to ask questions and was very impressed with my research I remember asking him two questions and loved his response.. sorry Im not done with this review 16/02/2014 will update later
  19. As I spent a lot of time on this site prior to my surgery I thought I should add my experience and hopefully help others thinking about surgery. I went with Dr Teerasut from Bangkok pattaya hospital for a full facelift with upper and lower eyes and a breast lift. Because I'm a control freak I did a lot of research on the hospital, doctors, accommodation etc. and by the time I'd finished I was quite comfortable in organising everything myself rather than going through an agency. I got the concierge package which includes airport pickup, a mobile phone, a driver to and from hospital appointments and an English speaking contract person, Here is a rundown of how everything has gone so far - Sunday - Plane arrived in Bangkok over an hour late but the driver was there waiting for us. Checked into Amari Nova Suites (amazing place) Tuesday - driver took me to consultation with the doctor who explained the procedures. big of a mixup with the hospital not booking my surgery but the doctor sorted it out. Driver took me back to the Hospital late afternoon and I was admitted Wednesday - surgery booked for 10.30am but I was taken down about 9.45am by two very caring nurses and then kept company by the theatre staff until survey time. Reassured and not left alone at all. Woke up in recovery 12 hours later with 2 nurses looking after me. Thursday - nurses made me very comfortable and apart from a sore back from lying so long and a headache I felt ok. I was a bit stressed having my eyes covered but the dressing had to stay until later that night when the doctor came to check me and remove my drains. Friday- cracking headache and dry eyes but breasts were surprisingly pain free. I solved the headache problem by ordering a real coffee from room service. Saturday - face wrap was removed and the nurse showered me and washed my hair (heaven) then I was given my take home medicines and instructions and they called the driver to take me back to the Hotel. I'm now taking it easy on the lounge and still feeling pretty good. I know most of the information on this forum is about breast augmentation so hopefully this will help someone. I'm more than happy to answer any questions if anyone has any
  20. Hi there all. I'm new on here as of 2 mins ago so still navigating site. I have bad back so hate to fly and wondered if anyone has had this procedure or similar in Perth? If so, who did it and how much did it cost? I have had surgery in Thailand in 2005 and had worst experience ever!!!! (another topic/day perhaps). Thanks in advance 'melting'
  21. The past year, make that three years .. blah! I lost a job that took years to work my way up (was medically retired) .. and since no longer earning a wage .. I have lost self-esteem. Prednisone has also given me ‘moon’ face and an extra 12kg. After a lot of research and reading advice from this forum, I have booked liposuction on the uneven lower parts of my face, I’m not sure what happened there .. but is starting to look disfiguring, with one side bit larger than other (probably just sleep more on other side!). I’m booked in 2 months. My weight should be back down to around 63kgs by then as haven’t been using prednisone for a while (the moon face will still be there, never goes away). I’d like to also remove hard years etched on my sad looking face. I’ve researched and read helpful posts on this forum .. perhaps too much, as I can’t decide whether to get a face/neck lift here or overseas. I think I’ve found two suitable, qualified Aussie PS’s, but the expense!! I could ‘just’ afford also having the face/neck lift with them at a scrape. - So have also been looking at Dr Rushapol Sdawat or Dr Piyapas in an effort to not go into (or too far in) debt. So far Dr Rushapol is my choice. But would be interested in any good outcomes with other PS. If any ladies know of anyone who has had facelifts with these PS’s, it would be such a relief to hear of outcome. Is it best to book through PIAC?, or can you get better service and save money by dealing directly with their assistants? PIAC seems reassuring as everything seems in ‘one place’ .. I have never been overseas before and it seems a bit intimidating. I don’t know if any other ladies here start feeling ‘invisible’ at fifty as I have (probably just me) .. but I would like a decent job again one day and don’t feel ready for the ‘glue’ factory yet .. no way! Any replies would be considered a kindness.
  22. I have an appointment with Andrew greensmith I see he is a good nose surgeon from these forums but how is he at face lifts ? Has anyone had a face lift with Andrew Greensmith? I was hoping to get both procedures done at once.
  23. I (caucasian female 52 yrs old) had a facelift + upper/lower blepharoplasty with Dr Komwit at Bumrungrad facilitated by GHT I am 7 days post op and I am over the moon.................. as I can already seen a massive improvement (no more of the "tired Look", and no more sagging cheeks Yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You can hardly noticed the scars around the eyes, incredible............ Everything went extremely well! I am astounded at how quickly I am recovering! and the fact that I did NOT experience pain after the operation. Only some discomfort (bloody cold ice packs over my face for first couple of days!). I saw Dr Komwit on Tue, had the operation on Wed (7 hrs!), he and the anesthetist both checked on me the next morning and I was discharged that day, taking home antibiotics, sleeping tablets, and pain killers (that I did not require at all!). Went back to the hospital 3 days after for a check up then 2 days later to get stitches removed. My last visit is in 2 days (11 days post op) before I fly out. GHT were very efficient at organising everything at short notice ie a week! I was picked up at the airport, Sugar from the Patient Care Team took me to all my appointments and she knows Bumrungrad inside out so it was very easy. Loverly the registered nurse has been looking after me extremely well and beyond what would have been expected. Although I could have looked after myself, having someone to apply the antibiotic cream behind my ears. In terms of discomfort, the first couple of days were a bit tough, mainly because you need to sleep with your head up and that is not really easy. The sleeping tablets really helped there. Also the antibiotic cream makes your vision blurry so don't plan any reading or work! The bruises have quickly disappeared but my face is still numb on my cheeks and neck. This is normal and it will be a few weeks, possibly months before I get feeling back. Bumrungrad in my opinion beats most Australian hospitals in terms of efficiency and care. So all in all, I am really pleased that I did it and saved about 30 to 40% by doing it in Thailand even considering flights and accommodation. My one suggestion is to have your questions ready at each visit as I found that information may not be given unless it is asked for.
  24. I'm going to phuket in march for a face and neck lift and have had a great quote from Dr Narupon but the problem is I don't know much about his results. Has anyone had any experience? I know that Dr Piyapas is great but have been trying to get a quote from him for face and neck lift only, but he must be exceptionally busy as I haven't heard back. Originally I did receive a quote for other procedures in addition to face and necklift from him which has taken it far out of my budget unfortunately Help needed please. Anything on Dr Narupon would be wonderful Cheerys Leah
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