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Found 32 results

  1. Golden ratio has been used for a while in aesthetic dentistry and cosmetic surgery, but it can also be used for makeup application and to find your perfect eyebrow shape. For info about golden ratio and its importance for attractiveness: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2814183/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=golden+ratio+face
  2. Hi there, I’m currently looking for somewhere to go for filler, likely in the under eyes and cheeks. Wondering if anyone has recommendations? Im currently considering Dr Steven Liew but there’s a long wait time for a consultation. Has anyone been to AllSaints clinic? Or have any other recommendations?
  3. Hi girls, I wanted to ask who the best Doctor is for fillers and botox in Melbourne? I am looking for someone that has an eye for the face. I am also hoping that they have some sort of a payment plan available too. I've been doing to the Victorian Cosmetic Institute but as of December they have taken away the payment plan option as many didn't pay them back - which sucks for those of us who did. It's fine and all getting botox, but once you add in filler it's quite pricey. Would appreciate help. Thanks.
  4. This week at age 39 I finally decided to get dermal fillers. I have been getting botox for three years and I wanted to add dermal fillers into the mix . I was very nervous but excited . I arrived to have the young treatment nurse happily tell me where she would put the fillers. I pointed out a small cyst I have had on my left jawline forever and I don’t know what happened but in the next ten minutes I was talked out of having it done . Its barely noticeable she didn’t even pick it up until I showed her . Is it really that bigger deal. I was totally fobbed off . It’s small only I know it’s there
  5. Hi there lovelies I'm new to dermal fillers and concerned about some horror stories Im wanting to go for my cheek fillers but don't know who does the best with good experience in Sydney I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend me who does it with care, precision and expertise Thanks in advance
  6. Hello there, I received terrible nerve damage from facial surgery by Dr Simon Rosenbaum 3 years ago. He tried to fix it a year later but he just made it worse. He returned my money with a promise to fix my face with ongoing treatment if I didn't go public with my case. I signed the papers and he stopped treatment. I'm now left going from surgeon to surgeon getting Botox and fillers to try and even my face up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there a wiz out there who understands symmetry and doesn't overfill lips? To say this has depressed me would be an understatement. This photo is AFTER last treatment I paid for. This seems to be the most symmetric they can get me.
  7. Hello beauties, I am currently in advice on where to go for a non-surgical nose job in Sydney, Australia. I want the best and am willing to pay. I had an appointment to see Dr William Mooney but certain issues concerning him as of recent are deterring me... ANY help would be great! xxxx
  8. Can anyone from Auckland area recommend me any good clinics to get Botox/fillers Also what’s the average costs for Botox per unit?
  9. I had 1ml juvederm Volift last Friday, since then my lips have felt dry, chapped and flaky day and night. It's driving me insane. I am not dehydrated and am using a organic paw paw (a proper one, not chemist cheapie) Anyone else experienced this after filler?? It's never happened to me other times I've had fillers.
  10. Hi everyone, late last year I had my first dose of lip fillers and have recently had my top up which I'm absolutely loving! I've had Emervel (I think that's what it's called?) it's a lovely soft and natural product which I would highly recommend for first timers. Anywho, does anyone else love the way their lips are always plumper in the morning? I would love to know if there are any lip balms or lip treatments that you guys use that help keep your lips hydrated and plumped during the day and inbetween top ups. Preferably something with hyaluronic acid? Thankyou xo
  11. Hey all! So I got 1ml juv ultra in my lips and am loving them, considering getting more in about 1 months time and then i'll be right to leave them for ages. However does either LCA or Ozskin do juv ultra ? I live in SE suburbs of melb.. also my sister got 1ml of restylane and even though her lips looked alright I'd prefer juv ultra as i'm super happy so far and heard they last longer look better etc or if anyone can recommend decent priced good injectors in Melbourne !
  12. Hi all! I'm currently after a filler/Botox injector. I want Botox around my eyes, and fillers for my cheek and lips. I'm after a very, very natural result. I want the best, don't care about cost, and want a Dr with credentials, i.e, facial plastic surgeon, cosmetic dermatologist, etc. (NO laser clinics/nurses) Dr Van Park has a good reputation, but there is a 6 month wait and I would hate to wait that long only to discover it's just hype. Please share your experiences, advice, and opinions. Thank you!
  13. Does anyone feel like after they get their second etc mL that their lips feel smaller, just had mine done with 1mL juv ultra and they looked nice and big once done but now they feel small again Also how many mLs did everyone get before they felt that they just needed top ups
  14. Hi there! I'm looking at getting my lips done in Brisbane (will have to travel) and am wondering what type of filler and where is the most recommended for a natural plump look? This will be a first for me! Prices would be good to know too please thanks thanks thanks pics attached of what I'm working with here!
  15. Hi Adelaide ladies do you have any recommendations for a doctor / nurse who does amazing lip fillers? Ive been seeing my doctor for quite a few years now, but she's quite cautious on how much she puts in (which is mostly a great thing). However I've looking for a little more volume and wonder if I should try someone new? thanks
  16. Hi everyone, I've decided to take the plunge and get my frown lines injected and my lips plumped a little bit. I called Victorian Cosimetic Institute today and spoke to a lady about roughly what the price would be. She said frown lines are about $350, and lips 1ml at $850. I'm going there tomorrow for a consult and to get some more info but just wanted to ask if these prices are seen as expensive compared to other reputable places? I'm new to this so any help is great. I will post again tomorrow after my consult to update what the nurse says about price after she's assessed me and what look I want. ??
  17. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the princess filler in there lips. It is a lot cheaper then the regular lip fillers and I was wondering if it's any good and if it lasts. There isn't many reviews on the internet about it but the company that makes it has been around for 35 years and apparently it is similar to juvederm which I had done last time.. So if anyone has had experience with this particular filler please let me know what it's like!! Thanks (:
  18. I want to get my tear troughs filled and am looking for a good injector in melbourne. Being such a tricky area, need recommendations - i have seen a couple of RN's but they are affiliated to beauty salon's which doesn't give me a lot of comfort. One even advertised that her services were being 'supervised by a cosmetic surgeon'. Turned out, she was going to have a two min intiial consultation on skype. Happy to pay whatever needs to be paid to avoid a horror experience Thank you in advance!
  19. Hi ladies I am currently looking for the ultimate lip injector to do my lips, and have also been looking up the different techniques for injecting. A friend recently showed me the califormia_cosmetics instagram and I'm liking the results they are getting using the tenting technique. Has anyone here personally had the tenting technique used on them? Did you like the results? or have you had a different technique that you loved, if so what technique was used on you? Lastly I'd love to hear your suggestions on injectors in Australia, as I'm happy to travel for the right nurse or Dr.
  20. Hi All Over two years ago I had cheek enhancement with Juvaderm Voluma at the cost of about $1400, 1 ml on each side. I was very happy with the results and I think I got about 18 months out of it. I am now ready to do it again. I have recently being going to Australian Skin Clinic (the chain) for Dysport and I got my lips done with Restylane and have been happy with the results. My injector there has quoted me $899 for 1 ml on each side for Restylane Sub Q which he thinks will give more definition but maybe not last as long as the Juvaderm. My original clinic has quoted me about $1000 for Juvaderm Voluma next time I do cheeks. (Although that was months ago, I have not been in for ages). I am unsure what to do. I really do NOT want DONE LOOKING cheeks. I have since read some negative things about Restylane Sub Q. Has anyone had experience with both products for cheek enhancement?
  21. Hello all, Whats everyone's take on the product Princess in comparison to Juvederm? yay or nay?
  22. Hi all, I have primary rhinoplasty done in January 2013, although I'm reasonably happy with it and it's an improvement on what I previously had, it's still not "perfect". What concerns me is the tip is still a bit bulbous, the septum hangs a little low, my scar is visible and my nostrils are more visible than before.. My question is, has anyone had revision rhino and been 100% happy? Who are the best surgeons in Australia for this procedure? Or is there a way I could alter the shape with fillers etc? Does taping help change the shape? Thank you!!
  23. Hi everyone - I haven't been on this forum since after my BA a few years ago. Now I'm wanting some more stuff done so I thought I would come here for some information again I'm planning to have my lips filled & my forehead lines done. I've been thinking Skin Integrity at Terrigal NSW as it's close & saves me driving to Sydney. I was wondering if anyone had been there for fillers or if you can recommend somewhere else, I may have to go to Sydney if the best is there! I had my lips done about 2 years ago at Laser Clinics at Erina, but it was a waste of money! Unsure of the product they use there but I know it was 1ml. For about 2 weeks they looked great! But then my top lip started to to back to normal really quick & my cupids bow lost all definition! I was so bummed seems I was expecting them to last at least 3 months. They weren't as plump as I would have like either. Or is this normal from 1ml of product? I wouldn't think that they'd only last 2 weeks. Would love some recommendations on where I should go! Thanks!
  24. Hey! Looking to get my lips done in brisbane and would love if someone could answer a couple of questions for me: How many mls would you recommend for a fairly plump look? What type of filler do you recommend? Are they able to give you a numbing injection beforehand? and last but not least, where is a reasonably priced but good place to get them done? Thanks heaps
  25. Hi Everyone On wednesday night I allowed myself to be used a 'dummy' at a Cosmetic Clinic where I had about 4ml of "Emervel" at a very reduced price. As I was being used to train the Canula method. I am very happy with my results and had 1.3ml of filler in my lips. I am 40 but have aged well, the rest was in my cheeks and temple areas. Anyway, I went to work the next day and had some swelling (lips mostly). And one bruise. This I can live with and I really don't care what people think. I am very open about this topic and I had already said to the girls that sit around me, understand I might look swollen tomorrow! Anyway, there are a few older women at my work too that also sit near me and when I say old I mean just a few years older than me. Two girls in there early 20s were at my desk asking me about the fillers and the procedure and I was explaining the procedure and the areas of my face that were showing ageing when one of the older women said "I am going to have to ask you to take this converstaion elsewhere" I laughed as I thought she was joking. But she was not. It was like being in highschool and she dragged one of the other older women into the conversation for back up. She started saying that the other two girls I was talking to "were already beautiful and do not need it". I said "I never said they needed anything, I was only answering questions". I am not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I found it VERY rude. I mean if I came into work with a completely different haircut and colour would you be so rude as to comment out loud and ***** to other people about it? No, you would not. I have found the subject of fillers and botox really divides women. And the women who decide not to use it are very vicious to those that do. As if me using these products makes me a bad person or someone not to trust etc. I personally don't see it as anything different to the hair dying, plucking, tanning, lasering, false eyelashes, make up manicures etc etc etc that we all do at some time. She was very luck I did not attack her. I chose to ignore her even when I heard her ***** about me to another woman. I feel I am doing the right thing by owning up to it, rather than acting like its all natural.
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