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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I’ve been considering Breast augmentation for a VERY long time and I’ve finally starting doing my research. So I’m interested in the polyurethane foam implants (if they’re an option for me of course), i live in Melbourne and would like to have it done close. I’ve found Dr George Mayson and Dr Patrick Tansley who offer these types of implants but I was wondering if anyone else has had experience in Melbourne with any one else who offers the “furry Brazilians”? thanks 😊
  2. I've posted about this before - but I've finally booked in to have my CC fixed. I had furry brazilians put in 3 years ago by Graeme Southwark. The right one went CC and I had it swapped for another furry brazilian - same size. CC has returned again in right breast - so now I am swapping both for smooth rounds. I'm freaking out. What are the chances of it coming back a third time and what are the chances of it appearing in the left breast too? Also, my skin has probably become a little softer - would you go a little larger if you were swapping implants? I have teardrop 220 at the moment. Would love to hear anyone's experiences. Thank you!!!
  3. Hi girls. I'm new here and I'm 2 weeks post op. My signature shows my stats. I like my new boobs but I'm really hoping they get a size or 2 bigger once my pec muscle relaxes (not sure if I'm living in hope!). I've read SO much information about D&F etc but there isn't really much on the furry brazilians. I'm really hoping that the furry's do fluff a little and make mine grow a size or two!! At the moment they are still pretty hard (although softening slightly every day) and I can't push them up or together yet - with my hands or in a push up bra. I know its very early days but I am so impatient and would like ANY information from girls with furry's. I might add that I do regular weight training and I thought that my pec muscle would obviously be thicker and tighter from training and may take longer to stretch and release my implants more. Does anyone know if this is true? A friend of mine had her BA a week after me - same surgeon and pretty much same stats other than cc's - she got 495cc in both - and she has ended up at least the same size as me if not a bit bigger. I know everyone is different but I just thought I would be at least a size bigger than I am at the moment. Any information would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance
  4. So I had my surgery in April 2012 and they are still so hard!!! I was told that they are much firmer than most implants but not sure if this is normal?!? Who has these implants and how long did it take for yours to soften?? :(
  5. loveislife_xx

    Canberra BA

    Hello, I'm new at this so help me out I'm looking for a clinic in Canberra that does really good BA's, can anyone recommend a place? what did you get and the price I'm looking at. I want to get Furry Brazilians but they quoted me $11'500, is that normal? What is everyone experience with these, do they become soft eventually? Thanks!
  6. Wow, cant believe it's been two week. So, I went wi southwick and cannot rate him highly enough. His manner, time spent with me, staff and nurses, and finally, the surgery. Went off without a hitch, and I was driving (naughty) after 2 days. So happy with my results. The swelling was there but most of it has gone down now, And the photos I've just posted are exactly two weeks post surgery. I'm a perfect full 10D, and modestly I'm so happy with the results, I feel like they look really natural and will only get better with time. So happy with the size I chose, shape, everything. If anyone has any questions about brazilians, or southwick, happy to answer! It's been a really good experience for me, although I was very very nervous about my decision before surgery. Thank you so much for answering all my questions leading up to the big day, this forum rocks!!!! Kit. X
  7. Hi guys, I had a consultation with Southwick last week - he's amazing. Spent a full hour with me, went through everything there is possible to go through regarding BA. So much better than ***** ****. Southwick checked my boobs for lumps, took in what I was after, and was just so patient and so experienced. No arrogance that I felt with ****. Won't do surgery unless a mammogram is taken, was just so professional and thorough - and super nice. Anyway, we discussed that I am a deflated D (I'm only a D because my rib cage is wide)and that I just want the most natural outcome possible. Definitely teardrop, and probably only 195 - 220cc. (***** **** advised on the same). Then Southwick recommended Silimed Nuance 220cc (furry brazilians). He said they take longer to soften, but get softer in the long run. That they never rotate. They sound pretty good to me. I'd love to hear from others who have had them. I'm worried about the edge at the top showing - has anyone experienced this? He told me one of his patients had it, but only one. Still, it worries me. What do you guys think? I'd love to befriend anyone who has Nuance implants, so I could possibly see some after shots. Thanks in advance guys. I'm so scared about next week, spending so much money and then choosing wrong implant or being too big or not natural enough! Kit xx
  8. misstiffany

    June 2013 girls

    Had a quick look but can't seem to find a June 2013 girls thread (besides the one wanting to book a group tour). Holler! I'm booked for June 15 Dr Veerawat at PIAC but after being advised of difficult breast contour (http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?12385-Anyone-w-difficult-breast-contour-or-teardrops-advised-of-high-risk-double-bubble) and reading about PIAC phasing out Furry Brazilians due to them not being legally supplied in Thailand, I must say I'm freaking out and have a million questions. I was quoted 160,000 baht from Dr V, which is $5200. If I were to stay in Australia I am keen on Dr Harwood who would charge around $9500, though I'm waiting for consult on Friday to know more. Scared, like everyone else I suppose, about lack of aftercare from Thailand procedure, but not too sure I want to go to a day surgery in Australia (otherwise looking at $12k+). Anyway, that's my story! Anyone else confused about teardrops / Furrys / PIAC / etc or have stories to share?
  9. Hey guys - I have searched till my fingers were blue looking for info about the silimed round imolants and changes over the next 12 mths PO - I am 9wks PO and worried about the shape they are/will be. lefty seems flat and low & Righty seems higher and more firm ( which I like) the left seems to soften and change quicker than my right but I would like to know how they will change . Will they get smaller as it feels my left has shrunk in size and I really don't want that if anything I want them to fluff out bigger - I know they won't drop even though it feels like the left has but I'm a 14E and really want to keep that size but cup feels looser on the left how do the BRAZILLIANS change over time - how long till they fluff and will they fluff out to be bigger - will my implant give me a fuller look or a slope ( maximum style and mod - MD profile ) silimed 30622 is the implant - has anyone had these round implants for last 12 mths that can remember and advise ? Help please lovely ladies I'm stressing that I'm going to have flat boring boobies ;( - (ps I can't work out how to put up pics) thanks again all advice is appreciated