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Found 43 results

  1. Hi Ladies, I'm in desperate need of some advice as to whom would be the best surgeon in Brisbane or Gold Coast that you would recommend and possibly have some before and afters for me to see? The surgeons I have as picks at the moment are: - Dr Sharp (Greenslopes) - Dr Paul Belt - Dr Daniel Fleming - Dr Richardson These surgeons are all in Brisbane so I'm hoping someone could help me in deciding whom would be best to proceed with or whom not to proceed with? Any help id be ever so grateful!!! Thanks in advance !!!!!
  2. Hi there, I'm looking for a highly recommended dermal filler nurse or doctor for nasolabial folds in the Gold Coast/ Byron bay area. I have had this done before by an inexperienced clinician in 2016 and it didn't end well. I'm ready to give it another go as I'm super self conscious about this area. Really want to go to someone who is highly experienced for this specific filler. Many thanks ladies ??
  3. Hi there, has anyone recently had breast explant surgery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and could recommend a surgeon and give me an idea on prices?
  4. Hi, I am about to have a BA, and am really struggling with choosing between Dr Justin Perron, or going through CosMedi Tour Australia on the Gold Coast. I had my initial consult with Dr Perron and loved him! I've read nothing but great reviews about him. I looked into CosMedi Tour on the Gold Coast purely because of the amazing price difference. I found that the surgeons aren't listed and you don't know which surgeon you will be assigned until after your consult which is super scary. All procedures are done under the supervision of Dr Luke Stradwick, who also has amazing reviews, but it scares me and makes me feel like these surgeons performing the BA are not skilled enough, as they obviously need to be supervised. However, they have a $350 revision surgery warranty for 12 months where it covers everything which is excellent. Just wondering if anyone could give me any advice on Cosmedi Tour or Dr Perron. I am super nervous!!! Dr Perron Suggested 380cc round under the muscle implants. Cosmedi tour recommended Firmer Gel Allergan tear drop implants due to my large gap in the middle of my chest, saying round would make me look too far apart and fake. I am really seeking a natural look but Dr Perron. showed me before and afters of round implants and I could barely notice the difference so was convinced I could save money and not run the risk of the tear drops rotating. What are your guy's thoughts, and what do you think of the brand implants recommended? I have also heard there is less chance of CC with tear drops. Any advice is so greatly appreciated!! If you need photos to help me I will upload them. THANK YOU!
  5. Hi Ladies! I'm on the hunt for a surgeon in Brisbane or the Gold Coast who has good results with dual plane placement. After years of breastfeeding I have a mild degree of sagging. Luckily my nipple position is fairly good still so I gather it's referred to as glandular sagging or psuedoptosis. I'm confident I can get away without needing a lift...for now anyway! Can anyone reccommend a good surgeon who has had good results with this type of placement?
  6. I was just wondering if anyone has had a Rhinoplasty procedure organised for them through Pamela Noon at the Australian Cosmetic Surgery Clinic on the Gold Coast, and if so who was your surgeon and what was your experience? Are you happy with the results? Any links or information would be great. Before and after pics would be greatly appreciated too. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone Just seeking feedback on Pamela Noon (who runs Australian Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Melbourne, Southport and Bondi.) People keep saying she's got a bad history, but I can't find any recent reviews. Any dealt DIRECT? Your help would be most appreciated!
  8. Hi girls! I'm booked in for the 20th October with Dr Yang. I've booked through CosMediTour on the Gold Coast (going through the Breast Academy) & I'm trying to find girls that have any info about Dr Yang or even better who have had him as their surgeon!? Looking forward to the procedure but want to see work he's done or any stories relating to him that might ease my mind. It's such a big body change so want to make sure I research every angle. Any help is SO appreciated x
  9. Hi Ladies, am wanting breast implants for as cheap as possible on the gold coast. I have found The cosmetic institute & cosmedi tour & wondering who you would recommend? The prices arent too different & they are both on the gold coast. TCI I've read good things about but the surgeons as cosmetic surgeons & cosmedi tour seem to add on alot of extra charges but im willing to pay the extra for better. Wondering who everyone would go with? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi ladies, I'm new to the forum and I would love to know everyone's thoughts on surgeons in gc and Brisbane ! At first I was going to fly to Sydney but I don't know if I can afford the extra money to purchase a flight and accommodation. I'm stuck on finding a surgeon as amazing as Dr M! I really want dual plane placement, round implants. I'm currently a 12b and I am looking at going up to a DD (if possible). Tell me your experiences with surgeons and dual plane placement!
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm looking at getting breast implants soon & wanting to see some peoples recommendations/reviews. I have been saving almost 2 years & have just reached $5000. I am in gold coast & have found cosmedi tour here or michael szalay in brisbane both for $4990. My question is has anyone been to either or had a friend that had been there and were they any good? & what were the additional costs like? Thank you
  12. Has anyone been to or know anything about Dr Robert Doyle on the Gold Coast? I have a referral from my doctor for a great reduction for him and I just wanted to know if he was any good. I had a consultation with Dr Luke Stradwick last year but could not afford the surgery then. Do I need another referral to return there? Thanks
  13. Hi ladies , I'm thinking about getting alittle filler in my cheeks to accentuate my cheek bone. has anyone had their cheeks done here in Brisbane or at the Gold Coast ? Or could recommend an amazing injector? id alove to see before and afters / hear everyone's experience xx
  14. Hi Ladies. Trying to decide on a surgeon on the Gold Coast for BA's. Have been waiting so long and after 3 kids and breastfeeding finally going to go for it. So happy to know that I won't need a lift. I am going from a large A to a small C with a very, very slight sag and some volume loss. So many decisions. Would love them to look as natural as possible. Any recommendations or surgeons to steer clear of? Love your thoughts....also, do you see any scarring from Areolar incisions? xx
  15. Hi ladies, I'm only new around here, and I'm still on the very early part of my journey. I've been doing very basic email correspondence with a few clinics, and the majority of them seem to charge more for tear drop/anatomical. I always wanted XHP round for "that" look, but my partner and friends have introduced me to the tear drops and I think they're more "me". The most I've heard if $2000 and that was through The Breast Institute. Is this "normal"? Ameila
  16. Hey girls ! As some of you may have seen on my previous post I was notified a few days ago by TCI that Dr Lee was cancelling my surgery as he didn't believe that he could achieve a positive result for me. I am taking this as a blessing and thinking that maybe after all of the bad media surrounding TCI I may be better off anyway - I originally chose Dr Lee as a friend got an incredible result from him so I have nothing against TCI but am now looking into some other options. Right now I have a budget of around $8K so I have been looking into Cosmeditour on the Gold Coast. I understand that Dr Layt and Dr Stradwick oversee all surgeries and that more junior Plastic Surgeons perform all surgeries. I am just wanting to find out how other people's experience with them has been ? And I'd love to see some before and afters ! I am from Melbourne and wanted to also know how long they require you to stay on the Gold Coast as I was looking at just a few days if I went with TCI and would like to do the same thing if that is an option. If I don't go ahead on the Gold Coast I might save up a bit more and see Dr Mansoor Mirkazemi or Dr Richard Rahdon here in Melbourne so any feedback on them would also be great Thank you ! Gee
  17. Hi ladies! I've read so much about TCI and how cheap they are, but I'm a little concerned about their accreditation. Also, they denied me a consult because I'm a "AA" cup and would need "more extensive surgery". I've been talking to Dr Hussein and his office with Esteem in Brisbane, but I'm hearing and seeing mixed reviews... Breast Institute - are they any good? Any other suggestions ladies? Sadly the budget is very strict for $7000 and under. Look forward to hearing from you all.
  18. Hi girls! I'm looking at booking through Cosmeditours for early 2016 for a breast augmentation, I'm looking at 300-350cc under the muscle round low profile silicone implants, but I'm finding it really hard to find other people who have gone through this company on the gold coast to find out about their reviews and experiences. If anyone's gone through these guys; What was your experience like? How far post op are you? How do they look? Are you happy with the outcome? I'm really anxious and really would like to hear opinions form those who have experienced this. Thanks, x
  19. Has anyone had a breast lift with implants with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast ?
  20. Hi girls, I am looking for some recommendations on breast augmentation surgeons on the Gold Coast! I have heard a lot of good things in particular about Dr Luke Stradwick, has anyone had any experience with him? Thanks so much!
  21. Had a consult with Dr Sawhney yesterday about a BA for my mildly tuberous breasts. He was incredibly understanding and took the time to hear what I wanted to achieve. He said that he could see that I had done the research and openly discussed the finer points of the surgery with me and what he would exactly be doing in my surgery. He took into account my whole body shape and chest structure before recommending the implant. All of these things I did not experience with my first PS. He recommended 275cc anatomicals dual placement which is exactly what I was hoping for, he would go to 350cc if I wanted but warned me that with increased size increases my risk of double bubble (cheers for the heads up) but he could fix it with fat grafts if it occurs (he is the most experienced surgeon for fat grafts in Australia). Does anyone here have any good or bad reviews of Dr S? Any post op girls I would love to see your results, especially if you were tuberous. He does most of his work on mastoplexy patients so they may not be on here but I was very impressed with his honesty. thanks guys
  22. Hey guys, Just looking for some advice and support with my surgeon choice. Deciding on my surgeon and getting time off of work are the two things holding me back. I have narrowed down to two surgeons who I have had consultations with earlier. They have offered the same size, texture and placement as their recommendation which is comforting however there are a few differences between the two that are making my decisions harder. Implant brand, being measured, surgeon availability and staff are the main differences. I want natural looking D-DD cup breasts. Surgeon 1: Did not physically measure my breasts. He has suggested textured Nagor Impleo 360cc implants placed under the muscle with 11.6cm base width, high profile 5.0cm projection. Next size up would be 390cc 11.8cm BW and 5.1cm projection. I am not thrilled with nagor as a brand but he believes them to be great. He also doesn't really believe in taking bactrim for dental visits unless it is surgical. I am really comfortable talking to him and found him to be really pleasant. He doesn't seem to go on holidays often, but his nursing staff are not so great. His wait time is about 3 weeks for surgery bookings. He showed me many before and afters and I tried on sizers. Surgeons 2: Physically measured my breasts. Suggested textured Allergan 340cc unders (I bumped him up to 360cc, he also said I could go 380cc If i really wanted to) 12.5cm base width, moderate profile. I am pleased with allergan as his choice and he recommends bactrim for dentist visits. He is a member of many plastic surgeon societies, is sometimes away overseas giving seminars and lectures. He is VERY confident, almost cocky in his work which makes me confident in him. I'm not as relaxed around him as I am with surgeon 1. His staff are much more helpful and friendly. He is a couple hundred cheaper although price is no issue for me. His wait time for surgery is about 4-5 weeks. I didn't see many before and afters and didn't try sizers, however he used vectra (which I wasn't that impressed with). Ladies who would you go with for a natural look? Also will 380cc be too big for someone who doesn't want anyone to notice? I'm a 10B at the moment. Thanks in advance
  23. Hi Girls! Would like to share my experience with you with Dr Scamp. This may help girls in finding the best and right plastic surgeon for your body. This all started when one of my colleagues went to get her breasts done with Dr Scamp. She had textured, round 'gummy bear' implants recommended to her and was placed under the muscle. I've always wanted to get my breasts done but haven't been impressed with any surgeon's work till I saw my colleagues breast augmentation with Dr Scamp. I was so impressed to see how natural her round implants looked that I just couldn't imagine how natural he could make the teardrop shape look. Me personally, I love the natural look. And to find a Surgeon to create that result was very rare. Many of my girlfriends went overseas to get theirs done to save some coin, I just wasn't impressed with their results. And some had complications a couple months later, which was even worse. So I really do believe that you definitely get what you paid for because in the end of the day, it's your body and if something happens, you will have to deal with it for the rest of your life. So you may as well get it done right the first time and pay for a fully credited, over experienced surgeon to give you the best results with no health hazards. So I went to see Dr Scamp. I was already informed that he is not the warmest surgeon but his skills were second to none. Which was fine, because I needed a professional surgeon who could tell me black or white what is expected. He recommended textured teardrop 'gummy bear' implants 335cc, under the muscle. Which was exactly what I wanted to achieve that natural look. He used the 3D camera on me and the bra and fillers to help me visualize the final result. On June 1st 2015, I had my surgery. The first night and the next day I was so nauseous from all the local anesthetic, which was normal. I had no need for a compression bra or drains which was such a bonus. By day 3 I was up and walking around the house, was walking around the shops and that night I washed my hair very gently and slowly. I wad also off all pain killers, I didn't even have the need for Endone at all, just the Fort. By day 4 I was slowly reaching for some things but definitely not over extending to grab things. By day 5 my constipation was relieved and doing most things by myself, was able to slowly drive myself to my first post op appointment. My recovery has been very smooth. I'm now a little over 3 weeks post op and I've already been back at work for a week and I'm in retail so I have to use my arms to a certain extent but not over doing it. I'm feeling fine, just feeling some tightness but not bad at all. Still have slight morning boob but goes away quickly. And most of all my partner and I, love my new boobs!!! Almost all of my colleagues have seen them and they love love love how natural they look. They also agree that you definitely get what you paid for and if it's your body, you want to make sure that you look after it. I take my hat off to Dr Scamp and his team for making this whole experience a smooth and healthy one. I couldn't be happier with the results I got. Can't wait to see them take their final shape in the next couple of months. They are already looking so natural and it's going to look even better!
  24. After a year and a half of researching and arranging surgery in Thailand my father has convinced me to have the procedure performed in Aus. I am determined to have the surgery done by the end of the year or early next year. I have a consultation with Dr ****** tomorrow but as his receptionist informed me the other day he prefers to only use Brazilian implants. His website is beautiful and I can not fault his before and afters (as opposed to being able to fault the looks of other surgeons outcomes). I'm just wondering if anyone has actually had a procedure or dealing with Dr Ces yet and how you found him as a professional, and the outcome of your surgery if you went ahead. Just trying to get a lot of research in only a few months. any info would be greatly appreciated.
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