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Found 47 results

  1. I had my boob job done a year and half ago and in the last few days my left breast has changed dramatically. The shape feels and looks different. It’s not painfully but is slight uncomfortable maybe just because I’m aware of it. I’ll attach photos if any one could give me advise if they thinks it’s rotation or cc. I have sent these to my dr aswell but am still waiting to hear back.
  2. Hi girls! So I'm booked in with Dr Tavakoli in twenty days to get a standard boob augmentation. Im having to travel interstate so haven't as yet had my consult so am becoming really anxious. I think I'm finding it hard knowing I'm going into surgery with some one I haven't even met yet. But from my research online I think I liked his work the most. Can any girls who have had there boobs done with him that have travelled give me any advise? Reasure me? Also received my pre op pack in the mail today and reading all the complications that can go wrong whilst under has me worried to. I no this is just pre op anxiety but iv always been a worry wart! Im excited for new breast and am keeping that in mind. So any Tavakoli girls that want to tell me how amazing he is please do
  3. Hi Ladies, I'm in desperate need of some advice as to whom would be the best surgeon in Brisbane or Gold Coast that you would recommend and possibly have some before and afters for me to see? The surgeons I have as picks at the moment are: - Dr Sharp (Greenslopes) - Dr Paul Belt - Dr Daniel Fleming - Dr Richardson These surgeons are all in Brisbane so I'm hoping someone could help me in deciding whom would be best to proceed with or whom not to proceed with? Any help id be ever so grateful!!! Thanks in advance !!!!!
  4. I've been doing some research on rhinoplasties because I'm thinking about getting one and I found this online. If you are an expert, and you have 5 minutes, could you help me out on some doubts I have about my nose? Any comment (really, any!) or advice would be much appreciated and would help me! I've been thinking for a long time about getting a rhinoplasty... On one hand I'm not even sure I want to go through with it because given that my nose is not that bad, it's easier for it to end up looking worse than it is now. And I know it's a fairly complicated operation. I know I don't have a massive nose, and I have to say it doesn't really bother me when I'm not smiling and from the front. The first thing is that I'd like the nose to be a bit closer to my face, so some deprojection. -The fact that I have a small chin doesn't help make my nose look smaller (but I don't mind having a small chin and I do mind my nose).- A part from that I think maybe the tip needs work in two ways: make it a tiny bit smaller (you can see the roundness of it it's a bit big specially when smiling) and turn it up a little bit so it doesn't drop when I smile. I think I don't mind too much that my nostrils get big when I smile. I think you wouldn't even notice they get big if the tip didn't drop and was smaller. What I'm scared about only changing the tip and not the nostrils is that maybe the nostrils would be too visible (even when serious) a bit like a pig, or even worse, very unnatural. I have been reading about facial proportions and supposedly the nose width should be the same as the eye width. This happens when I'm serious, so making it smaller would look to artificial with a relaxed face...? I have also seen photos like this: I think the tip has been reduced but I feel the final result looks very unnatural and even scary (Michael Jackson-like) given the width of the columella(?). I'd really just like to know if there's a lot of chances of making my nose worse if I did go through with it or seems like an easy result to achieve. Thank you, Any comments would be appreciated, I hope to hear from you given this is very important to me, but I understand if I need to book a consultation. Best,
  5. Hello Ladies! I am off to get my surgery in under two weeks and I am struggling to decide on implant size. I would like to be a full C small D but still look natural. I am 50kg 163cms tall petite with a small frame and waist. I am a 10A at the moment. My breast are okay in shape but small. If anyone has any advice or picture that would be amazing and I am so unsure!! xx
  6. Girls who have had their breast implants done in Melbourne hoping you can share your reviews / before and afters need all the help I can get!
  7. My names brooke im from geelong victoria i just got my first quote was 15000 for theatre everything i dont have private health insurance ive been wanting this for so long but its so much money just for them to look normal considering going to thailand anyone no and where thats a reasonable price
  8. Its only been just over twenty four hours sense my BA but I have noticed in the last five hours my breast have swollen so much more. Is it normal for the swelling to get worse? Feels so tight and uncomfortable but not painful. Just feels like they barely fit on my chest now. And are super hard now as when I cam out of surgery they felt fine just big.
  9. Hi ladies, Hope everyone is well i just had a quick question I'm hoping you ladies can help me with. My surgeon has yet to ask for my medical history and I'm planning on booking my surgery for mid December (hopefully) I was wondering if my doctor will want to know my full medical history or just the relevant parts or not at all. I'm hoping not at all as there is something in there that may impact whether or not he would do the surgery or not and I would really prefer he didn't know(it's nothing that would effect the surgery or any issues with anesthesia etc) I also would prefer if my GP didn't know until after the fact as I think she wouldn't be too happy with it. if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Xx
  10. Hi everyone Just seeking feedback on Pamela Noon (who runs Australian Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Melbourne, Southport and Bondi.) People keep saying she's got a bad history, but I can't find any recent reviews. Any dealt DIRECT? Your help would be most appreciated!
  11. Hi Everyone I've met with Dr Rastoogi but would love some real life stories. I'm really nervous as want a look so natural you can't tell its implants His work looks amazing but I want some first hand feedback i am also thinking of fat transfer / grafting but I'm worried too much downtime Has anyone done either?? i would love to see some photos if possible are they soft? Please help xxx
  12. so! i had 2 face to face consult and 1 phone consult. im booked in for 19th june with dr. ellis choy in sydney which is the one i had over the phone. my first consult advised me 250cc mod+ subfascial (over muscle) and my 2nd seems to favour under muscle (dual plane) dr. choy seems to prefer overs too but i'm not sure on that we didn't talk for long. but i'm sure he would be open to my opinion if i wanted under. the problem is, i DO prefer over (subfascial) but i'm quite skinny with very little breast tissue which means i would probably have 250cc max before i start getting the fake boob look. but i'm thinking if that could take me to a C. if i wanted to go bigger, i probably need to go under. any advice? right now im a 8A or AA and i would like a full C. 156cm, 42kg. rib cage: 27". also, i like the round implant better.
  13. Hi all For the last few years I have felt incredibly self-conscious about the structure and harmony (or lack thereof) of my face. I'm 17. I have always felt that my nose is too big for the rest of my face, and everyone I know has told me again and again that I don't have a big nose. I even went on another plastic surgery forum and the surgeons told me I didn't have a large enough nose to qualify for a rhinoplasty. So, I assume the problem could be the ratio between my nose and chin. Looking at these photos, would I be a good candidate for a chin augmentation (implants) procedure? OR - is my nose actually the problem? Should I get a rhinoplasty instead? In in my opinion the structure of my profile is really off balance and I would like to do something about it. Please let me know what you think! Would this surgery improve my facial features?
  14. So I have finally booked in for my initial consult, (Tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction).I have done sooooo much research on dr Jeremy hunt and can't find any bad reviews, so I'm super keen his the right one (pending in my budget). I'm scared I'm going to be so nervous, scared ect and forget to ask important questions please help ?
  15. Hi, Just some background info to help Age: 21 Weight: 60kgs Height: 170cm Size: 400cc Before: C After: E Surgery: December 2013 Where: Subiaco Perth Incision: Armpit Placement: On top of muscle I had my BA last Dec 12/2013. A couple of months later I started to notice my implants were falling into my armpits. I pointed this out to my surgeon at my 8 week check up and he assured me not to worry. A couple months later I can't lay on my back as they fall quite deep into my armpits and cause discomfort. Also when I bend over my left implant looks as if it turns completely to this side!? then back to normal when I stand up. I'm guessing because my pocket is too big so it has room to move? I went to another surgeon to get a consult on what I can do. He wants to put 350cc in and then stitch my pocket back up. I don't want to go any smaller and don't see how a few mills will do much difference? Can he just correct the pocket? I'm going to have another consult with my original surgeon to get a second opinion. Has anyone had this problem before? What should I do? Do you have and complications after? Please help Thanks
  16. Please watch my pics. I'm 23. I lost weight, gained weight and re-lost some weight. Do I need a tummy tuck or smart lipo ? One of the pics is from when I was 10 kgs lighter but as you can see, I had a bad tummy. Let me know
  17. Hi Ladies, Im 3 weeks post op with anatomicals and i saw my PS last friday and he instructed i start massaging and slightly pushing my breast together, in which he showed me how to do it. My concern is that immediately after i left his office, my left breast didnt feel quite right.. it just felt slightly 'weird' like the implant had moved. Obviously i let it go thinking about them being pushed together. Anyway i havent felt right since and ive noticed that the inside of my cleavage on the left breast has a bit of a flat spot! It just doesnt seem right, and feels weird.. like the implant isnt quite sitting in the same position. I cant feel my right at all- feels great. Ive avoided ringing the surgery as i know im early on but ive got myself in such a state of worry that i feel so sick and ended up in tears tonight. What would the flat spot be?! Could my implant have slightly rotated? There is no hugely obvious signs other than the flat spot of about 2 or 3cm in my cleavage. Im going to call first thing tomorrow! Thank you!!
  18. Hi, I am post op day 5 with Dr Lee at The Cosmetic Insititute. Today when running cream into my breasts, I noticed these marks on the right side of my breast! I am freaking out and have been throughly upset all morning because I can't remember if I noticed them before today! Help ?
  19. Hi Ladies, Im new to this and have booked my first consultation with Dr Anh Nguyen in Perth for a possible BA, after being told by TCI i am a borderline lift candidate. Just wondering if anyone has gone to see her and if they have could they share their experience? I have preference to see a Female surgeon, only because of my own insecurities. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance.
  20. Hey Ladies, I just need confirmation that this feeling I am getting is completely normal.. I went to the cosmetic institute on Monday the 27th July for a BA with Dr. Jim Kenny. My experience with him was great and he was very professional. Im just concerned that something is wrong with my left breast because my right breast has pretty much all feeling back and i am able to lift my arm above my head but the left breast i pretty much constantly have a really sharp shooting pain through my nipple and side... Has anyone else experienced this and if so what should I do? Thanks xx
  21. Hi All, Any chance I could get some advice on which questions to ask my Plastic Surgeon at my first consultation? Its all so confusing. Im considering a BL and BA, as I was advised by TCI that I am a 'borderline' lift candidate. Please help!
  22. I'm booked in for surgery on the 11th of august but due to privacy reasons the company can't show me before and after pictures by the surgeon (Dr. Joe Rizk). I'm having my consultation on the 3rd of august however he has suggusted i get silicone 425cc round high profile inplants. I want to go to 10DD/E (i'm not sure how big that really is since i dont have boobs at all :/) I am very barely a 10A, i've searched the whole of google back and front about this topic believe me! Some ladies say pre op they were 10A but appear to be much bigger than me. I have nearly NO breast tissue at all, only a very small amount. Most 10A bra's don't fit me and push up bras literally don't help at all unless i have chicken fillets in... but even then it doesnt do alot. So anyway, i'm hoping some ladies out there can help me out give me advice with sizing and show me some before and after pictures of there own preferablly without holding or pushing there boobs and no bra. I already follow the cosmetic institute on Insta but i'm not going with them! Preferably show me pics if you went from 10A to 10DD or 10E and what size you got etc Other factors: I'm 5'2, 18 years old, smoker (severely cut back for surgery) so if you are similar or went through surgery and continued to smoke please help!!!!!!!!!!! Thankyou!
  23. I have my BA on friday and Im starting to freak out over what size I might end up. Im 161cm 48kgs size 6 my bwd is 16cm and im currently a large C/small D cup but im quite deflated after breastfeeding. I've chosen 415cc overs extra high profile and im starting to worry that they're going to be to big. Any one on here with similar measurements/implant size, how big did you end up?
  24. Hi Ladies I had had my surgery on Wednesday, so I'm two days post op, and have had a pretty good recovery pain has been minimal so far. But I woke up this morning at 3 am with the worst pain - ended up taking some endo and walked around a bit and then it passed. But it was the worst pain I've felt so far recovery wise. My questions are: when will morning boob pass, any tips on avoiding morning boob? Will the pain ease over time? I'm sleeping at a 45 degree angle propped up with lots of pillows.
  25. Hi All, has anyone had laser eye surgery in Phuket? I'm very keen and have started talking to Supreme iLasik. I figure why not have it done somewhere pretty for a third of the price! Ive met a few people who have had it done in Bangkok but I don't really want to spend 9 days there. Any information is very helpful/welcome. Thank you
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