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  1. I have had 3 consults with 3 different PS in Adelaide. I am a mother of two with drooping breasts that have shrunk and sagged due to breast feeding. Currently about a 10b. Very active lifestyle and looking for more volume in my breasts to restore my feminity, particularly in bathers and when working out. Recommendation #1 Dr James Katsaros in North Adelaide. 330cc tear drop under the muscle recommendation. I'm concerned that my lack of volume at the top of the breast would not be well suited to the teardrop. Recommendation#2 Dr Nicholas Marshall. 320cc round high profile. Very thorou
  2. Hi girls, Im so excited I have finally booked in my BA surgery for a months time! My biggest issue is sizing as seems to be he case for most girls doing BA. I'm told I'm limited in sizes because I'm naturally very narrow in the chest and natural breast width is only 10.7cm. I am 170cm tall, size 6 in most clothing, 55kg and have next to no boobs probably a AA cup. I really wanted to get to a nice C cup in as natural of a look as possible. My PS recommended either teardrop 260cc high profile implants OR 200cc round moderate profile implants. These are the max sizes based on my 10.7cm breast
  3. Hi there, I'm in Perth WA, I've been thinking about breast implants for a couple of years now and finally booked a consultation and set a date but it's left me more confused than anything. I need help on deciding whether to go over or under the muscle, I initially thought under the muscle as I really don't like the fake look but having seen a few friends that have had over the muscle done and theirs are lovely and natural looking. I'm a gym bunny so have gained a lot of muscle and dropped a lot of fat over the past few years, this has left me with very saggy breasts, to the po
  4. Helloooooooooo!!! on 21st September this year 2016 I finally had a breast enlargement! I was a 34A apparently - I never measured myself as I was too embarrassed to get measured at the shop!!! i had 400cc Mentor High Profile round - textured, in pretty sure that they were 13cmin diameter. Im 2 months gone now I can't believe it, my boobs feel squishy sometimes but some of the times I feel like they are hard rocks again. I'll update my pictures in a moment to share my journey
  5. Hi Ladies, I had surgery for my BA in Phuket and this is my (very long) review of Bangkok Hospital Phuket, the staff and Dr. Piyapas, I wanted to go into as much detail as possible for all the girls wanting to know what the hospital and surgery is like. So Thursday night I arrived in Phuket and was picked up by the hospital ground staff and dropped off at my hotel. It was so nice not needing to worry about a taxi! Friday morning I was picked up from my hotel. At the hospital, I got bloods, X-ray and a few other tests done to make sure I was ok for surgery. The staff were really fr
  6. So yesterday morning I had my consult and surgery with Dr Boonchai. It was such a pleasant experience and he is so lovely! Of course a bit clinical in his approach but does have a little bit of a giggle here and then and he definitely makes sure you know all that you need to. i decided upon 350s textured, round, unders and endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit). I didn't want my boobs to have scars on them and Dr B said he can achieve better placement! Although it is longer recover especially combined with under the muscle, he said it's the scar that will be more important. Trying on
  7. My decision to get breast augmentation surgery is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went to several different Doctors including Dr. Simon Rosenbaum, Dr Dean Trotter and finally Dr George Mayson for my initial consultations. Dr Mayson was by far the most informative and caring of the doctors I saw, with the consultation running for 2 hours rather than the rushed 30 minutes I had with the other two doctors. The other doctors also seemed cold and clinical where as Dr Mayson had a wonderful bedside manor and was caring, genuine and kind. He never made me feel rushed in my decisi
  8. Hi ladies! I am booked in for my BA 3 weeks from now. I am 173cm tall (5ft9) and about 72kg (160lbs) My surgeon suggested the 450cc extra/ultra high profile implants. I'm just concerned that they will be too narrow for my chest? She didn't measure my BWD and I did at home (although no guarantee its correct) and I ended up with 14cm. My surgeon did make a remark that I had a wide chest so I'm wondering why she chose UHP? Does anyone with a BWD similar to mine have UHP implants? I am thinking of going for 450cc HP round silicone overs (mentor) implants. Do you think that wo
  9. Unsure about sizing, I have been to my consult and the surgeon suggested 295cc high profile allergen (teardrop) he then asked what I thought of that for a natural look and I said I think I would like to see something bigger so he showed me 325cc. Which looks really nice on vectra imaging. I really want a natural look in proportion to my body so I'm 173cm tall and 53kgs with wider hips. Just looking for an opinion as some peoples 325cc look huge but 295cc looks tiny on some!!
  10. Hi everyone!! I'm just a little anxious about everything... I had my first consultation with my surgeon in Perth today and I am about 170cm, 62kg, with an A/B cup at the moment... I think he said by BWD is about 13cm. Was playing around with implant sizes, and I thought I was quite happy with the 385cc implant size he had in his office of a different brand, but then said that the 415cc of the natrelle allergan silicon textured 415cc was going to essentially look the same (didnt have an example in his office of the 415cc) and that I have broad enough shoulders and am curvy enough around the hip
  11. Hello Ladies I had my first BA in Perth last year i was wanting a full E cup and was recommended 500cc high profile implants placed under the muscle, i was happy with the results but as they began to settle into place and drop they reduced in size and i ended up with a double bubble effect i was told it would improve with massaging but one year later and the problem had gotten worse. I'm 168cm tall with broad shoulders so i can take a good size I'm hoping to go with 700cc implants im a tad scared of going any bigger and possibly with ultra high implants this time. I read about internal bras
  12. Has anyone had a breast lift with implants with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast ?
  13. Just wondering if anyone has had there surgery with dr lim and went the same size or similar? Looking for an extremely natural result and was recommended 325 round high profile under the muscle. Currently a size B. Wanting 1-2 cup enhancement.
  14. Hey! Im tossing up between 325 cc high profile mentor implants and 300 cc Moderate + profile mentor implants. Would any girls be willing to post up some snap shots of there either high profile or moderate / moderate + after photos? Preferably in the 300's cc range so I can get the best idea. I would also like opinions on why you chose high profile / moderate and any comments on the profile of implants you guys may have. xo
  15. Hey! Im tossing up between 325 cc high profile mentor implants and 300 cc Moderate + profile mentor implants. Would any girls be willing to post up some snap shots of there either high profile or moderate / moderate + after photos? Preferably in the 300's cc range so I can get the best idea. I would also like opinions on why you chose high profile / moderate and any comments on the profile of implants you guys may have. xo
  16. Hi Girls, Very new on this just looking for some advice. My surgery is on the 17th of april. My p.s has recommended 400cc under the muscle moderate profile. I was initially happy with his recommendation but after doing lot's of research I am now so confused between moderate and high profile the pictures I have looked at the moderate ones look pretty flat compared to the high profile. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks xx
  17. Hi all. Ok so, i know high prof. are smaller width with more projection than moderate prof. But what look does it give you? do they generally give the same shape and all but from side view the high profile stick out more? If a girl was to have low position nipples would one of these profiles look specificly better and possibly raise the nipple position slightly?
  18. Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let everyone know I have my BA today with Dr Victor Lee at The Cosmetic Institute Bondi Junction, and I wanted to share my experience because right now, I couldn't be happier! Things started well from the get go when I got a call from Amy, one of the Cosmetic Consultants, asking if I could come in early as they were running ahead of schedule, so I ended up getting to the clinic about 20 minutes before I was due in. The girls at reception were lovely, and so was everyone else I dealt with - the cosmetic consultants, the nurses, the anaesthetist, and
  19. Hi ladies, I'm hoping some of you can help me! My PS liked moderate projection as he believes it looks more natural that higher projection implants. I'm stuck at 390cc with mod, but could go up to 420cc with hp! Sizers with mod had awesome side boob, but not much projection. I'm getting subfascial overs, has anyone made a decision on either one of these projections?? If so, what were your reasons? My BWD is 13cm, I'm currently a 12B, hoping for a DD
  20. Hi girls, I am fairly new on here and go in for surgery next week! Would love to hear any feedback from girls who have got 350cc implants? Are they just right? Anyone wish they had gone that little bit bigger? I am 167cm tall and 54.5kg, going for Mentor High Profile, under the muscle, 350cc implants or possibly the 375cc! xx
  21. Hi ladies I have my breast augmentation surgery booked with Dr. Miroshnik on the 27th March! I'm so excited, I'm finally doing this! He has recommended 390g Extra High Profile rounds. I told him I wanted perky boobs, as mine already are, with nice side boob and fullness. I'm currently an A cup, wanting to go to a D, and he said these will give me a full D. Now, what is worrying me is the XHP. I don't know what to expect to be honest. I don't want to look fake, but he assured me they wouldn't. I had another look at his before and afters, but didn't find many XHP rounds that I could co
  22. Hi Ladies, I am 5 foot 1, 49kilos, size 6 and currently a 34A. My surgeon has recommended me 280cc high profile implants. Is there anyone with similar stats to me who also has high profile? I'm just a tad aprehensive that they will be too round/full on the top part of the breast although this is what the surgeon has recommended. Any advice/comments would be appreciated. Thank you, FloralLove xo
  23. Hi Ladies, I'm only 8 days away from surgery! Who else is having surgery this week, next week, this month???? How are you feeling? I'm so excited but a little nervous for the actual operation aswell! :-) FloralLove xo
  24. Hi Ladies! So I am getting my BA in Thailand at the end of this month but I wanted to go for a consult here first. This is what the surgeon said he wanted to do for me; 240cc Silicon Gel High profile Breast fold incision Over the muscle I couldn't believe the size!! 240cc is tiny! I have push up bras that make me bigger than that! He put the implant in my top so I could see what it looked like and it was depressing! Still very tiny! I lost a bit of weight recently and was a D so now I'm about a B, I want my old boobies back! He said MAAYBBEE go up to 275cc but I know he said th
  25. Hi Ladies, I am in search of women who have high profile or extra high profile dual plane or unders in the 300 - 500cc range. I cant find many pictures of this and I want to see what XHP looks like
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