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  1. I have had 3 consults with 3 different PS in Adelaide. I am a mother of two with drooping breasts that have shrunk and sagged due to breast feeding. Currently about a 10b. Very active lifestyle and looking for more volume in my breasts to restore my feminity, particularly in bathers and when working out. Recommendation #1 Dr James Katsaros in North Adelaide. 330cc tear drop under the muscle recommendation. I'm concerned that my lack of volume at the top of the breast would not be well suited to the teardrop. Recommendation#2 Dr Nicholas Marshall. 320cc round high profile. Very thorough and two consults to date. According to the 3D imaging, this had the best look I was after. Found I potentially had a 50cc difference between my breasts. This, difference size implants required. Recommendation #3 Dr James Kollias. 310cc round moderate profile. Also a possible mastoplexy of the nipple but wouldn't know this until surgery. This was only the first consult with Dr Kollias and I put the implants into my bra to see what felt better. Heading for a follow up appointment with Dr Kollias in November and surgery booked for December. I'm wondering which profile is better for me and my lifestyle, as well as the amount of cc's. Stats: 160cm, 51kg, petite frame, athletic. Any advice is greatly appreciated! ? All recommendations were under the muscle. All recommendations were under the muscle. I also had two recommendations for textured implants and one for smooth implants.
  2. Hi girls, Im so excited I have finally booked in my BA surgery for a months time! My biggest issue is sizing as seems to be he case for most girls doing BA. I'm told I'm limited in sizes because I'm naturally very narrow in the chest and natural breast width is only 10.7cm. I am 170cm tall, size 6 in most clothing, 55kg and have next to no boobs probably a AA cup. I really wanted to get to a nice C cup in as natural of a look as possible. My PS recommended either teardrop 260cc high profile implants OR 200cc round moderate profile implants. These are the max sizes based on my 10.7cm breast width. Im not 100% convinced this is going to achieve the size I want but equally don't want that unnatural stuck on fake boob look. And I'm worried that the high profile will look too pointy! Anyone else with a similar size to me have their experience to share? I just figure if I'm going to do a BA I may as well get my ideal size rather than go smaller but the most natural...can't I have bigger and natural?! I showed my PS a picture of Blake Livelys boobs which I think are amazing and I thought pretty natural, but he seemed to think they had a bit of a "done" look about them Is it crucial that the implant I get must be smaller or the same size as my natural breast? Because that seems to be the main limitation to what sizes I can choose... Everyones help and advice would be so much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hi there, I'm in Perth WA, I've been thinking about breast implants for a couple of years now and finally booked a consultation and set a date but it's left me more confused than anything. I need help on deciding whether to go over or under the muscle, I initially thought under the muscle as I really don't like the fake look but having seen a few friends that have had over the muscle done and theirs are lovely and natural looking. I'm a gym bunny so have gained a lot of muscle and dropped a lot of fat over the past few years, this has left me with very saggy breasts, to the point where I cry even thinking about them. I have quite bad stretch marks in the loose skin and can use my fingers to pick up the skin and my breast, sorry for the detail just trying to get across how they are. I have quite a long chest as well so it's practically flat all the way down and then gathers at the bottom. The surgeon I went to recommended 365cc and that it would bring to between a D and DD depending on future weight gain/loss. He suggested under the muscle for future sagging but i have just been told that you can get high profile placement, my surgeon never even brought this up, is that because it isn't possible under the muscle? He also never had me try on a bra to get a feel about what it would look/feel like at that size, he just handed me a couple of silicone implants to hold up to my chest. After speaking to my friends I have a lot less faith in him? Am I right or wrong? I feel I may have rushed it a bit. Also how do know when I need a lift, the surgeon said if my areola were 2cm lower I would need one, but now sure about his opinion. Also thought about getting my areola smaller if I was getting a lift as they are very very large. Sorry for the essay, just really nervous and confused now and need help. thanks xx
  4. Helloooooooooo!!! on 21st September this year 2016 I finally had a breast enlargement! I was a 34A apparently - I never measured myself as I was too embarrassed to get measured at the shop!!! i had 400cc Mentor High Profile round - textured, in pretty sure that they were 13cmin diameter. Im 2 months gone now I can't believe it, my boobs feel squishy sometimes but some of the times I feel like they are hard rocks again. I'll update my pictures in a moment to share my journey
  5. Hi Ladies, I had surgery for my BA in Phuket and this is my (very long) review of Bangkok Hospital Phuket, the staff and Dr. Piyapas, I wanted to go into as much detail as possible for all the girls wanting to know what the hospital and surgery is like. So Thursday night I arrived in Phuket and was picked up by the hospital ground staff and dropped off at my hotel. It was so nice not needing to worry about a taxi! Friday morning I was picked up from my hotel. At the hospital, I got bloods, X-ray and a few other tests done to make sure I was ok for surgery. The staff were really friendly and nice. I met with Dr. Piyapas for a consultation and omg, it was SO much better than my consult in Australia! In Australia, I’m sure the surgeon was just giving me bias information so I would go with his preferred method. But Dr. P explained everything to me, he explained why he recommended certain methods over others. Without saying much we both agreed on breast fold incision, my reasons for breast fold was, I didn't want to compromise the implant by squeezing it through the small nipple incision (which is what I originally wanted). He said he would do dual plane placement, so subpectular, I didn't question why because I already had looked into this placement and it was my preferred choice. He said High Profile because my breast diameter is small, he also explained that 'double bubble' could occur with me since my breast fold is very tight, so he didn't want to go over 350cc cause he didn't want to risk double bubble (I was happy when he said this cause that's about the size that I was wanting! The Australia surgeon didn’t want to go over 240cc!). My boobs were different as well, the left one had more mass, it was bigger, but it was also flatter, whereas my right one was smaller but perkier and stuck out more. Lol what the heck right! Anyway so he said he would most likely put 350cc in the left and 375cc in the right to try and even them out, but he will make a final decision in theater. I know they won't be perfect and completely symmetrical but hopefully it's an improvement on the size difference post-op! (The difference was really noticeable to me when I wore bras!) He took before photos of my breasts then I put on a sports bra and he gave me the 350cc for the one side and 375cc for the other side to see what my size would roughly be. Once we were both happy he drew surgical lines over my chest and made measurements. After my consult I was taken to the Cashier and paid 125,000 Thai Baht using my Commonwealth Travel Money card. I was then taken up to my room to wait for my surgery. I had to take EVERYTHING off and put on a hospital gown, I still don't know why I had to take my knickers off! The nurse then put in an IV drip. I just hopped into bed and read (The girl with the dragon tattoo, it's pretty good!). Now I want you guys to know that up until this stage, I wasn't nervous or scared or anything, I was very calm with brief moments of excitement to get my new boobies! Then they came in with this strange looking wheelchair, as soon as I hoped on it, I got really, really cold and started shivering. The nurse asked what was wrong and I fibbed, just said it was chilly. I know it was from nerves lol, trying not to have a panic attack since I seem to get them sometimes. Then we were off! Wheeling me to the operating room, I was constantly pushing back in to the chair, I didn't want to go, I just couldn't help it! We arrived at the operating prep area and to be honest I had some issues. When we arrived, there was a delivery guy in there dropping off a box, I assumed it was my implants but who knows??! As I was getting on to the operating bed, a girl and her friend came in. I found it annoying because you're not wearing anything under this gown and one small slip and they will see everything. It didn't set me at ease!! As the nurses were getting me ready they were gossiping and giggling and that behaviour was perfect! It calmed me down so much, they weren't worried or concerned or anything, this was obviously a routine procedure for them, it made me feel much more comfortable. They wheeled me into the operating room and as they were getting everything ready, the doors were still open and another patient came up to the door in her gown and was looking in at me, that really pissed me off! I'm not a show, I'm about to have surgery for goodness sake! So I glared at the lady and tried to gesture at her to tell her to P OFF, the nurses saw what I was looking at and closed the doors. I just don't think all these people should be allowed to come and go as they please.. I know it's nothing major but I was not in a good frame of mind at the time haha. Then one of the nurses was untying my gown to pull it down ready for surgery, I don't know how she did it but she confused herself and got my drip line all tangled in the gown sleeve and she couldn't figure out how to detangle it! Then the line came disconnected from the bottle of liquid and I got drenched! Haha it definitely didn't install any faith in me, I just hoped she was only there to watch haha. Then Dr. P came over, he asked if I was ready and held my hand (I couldn't answer, I was panicking too much), they gently held the gas mask just above my mouth and I was so terrified that I almost started crying! They didn't notice anything cause I was trying my best to hide it cause I know I was just being silly! Next thing I know, everything is blurry and I can't really see anything or understand what's being said, then I heard Dr. P say surgery went well, I felt quite a bit of pain across my chest, I remembered what happened and asked "I have boobies now?" Haha that got a giggle out of the nurses and they said "you very beautiful, you very beautiful" so I took that as a good sign that my boobies turned out good! They took me to my room, said I could eat and drink now. I couldn't eat but had a few sips of water. Now this is where I had a few issues with my care. Woke up again in my room as a guy walked in with some food, I was like jackpot! Had a few pieces of watermelon, went back to sleep. A nurse came in to check me over and asked if I had been sick, confused I said I hadn't (at the time I didn't know that it was a common side effect from the anesthetic). I woke up and had some more food, only a couple spoonful’s of soup (which was delicious btw) and OH CRAP! I'm about to be sick, but I didn't know how to get up cause I had all these tubes coming out of me (IV line and the drainage tubes) and attached to all these different places on the bed. I urgently pushed the buzzer for help, she calls me on the speaker phone asking what was wrong but I couldn't answer cause when I opened my mouth I started coughing heaps, trying to keep it down. No one came in!!! I managed to get control of it and not be sick, but I still desperately needed to, so I buzzed again, she asked what was wrong, I got pee'd off that no one had come the first time cause I almost threw up all over myself so I snapped that I needed help. Oh and at this stage the machine next to me is beeping like crazy and driving me mental! Haha. She comes in to turn it off, I quickly say that I'm going to be sick, there was a communication barrier so it took a little bit for her to understand that I needed to throw up. I explained that I can't get up quickly cause of the tubes is there anything I can be sick in? She walks off and not to be rude but she took her time, I couldn't wait anymore and really didn't want to be sick on myself and the bed so I detangle myself from the bed and machines as quick as I could but I couldn't make it to the bathroom in time and threw up on the floor. Got to the bathroom to finish being sick, she walks in, I point at the floor and said I told you I was going to be sick! The cleaners came in and I caught one give the other a very judging look that seemed to say "who can't make it to the bathroom in time, how pathetic", the cleaner saw me watching and quickly looked away. I thought this was really bad! I didn't throw up on the floor on purpose, I was already very embarrassed and her judging me just made it worse! (Later on closer to my discharge time they gave me a form to fill out on my experience at the hospital and I noted down this incident so hopefully the cleaners will be talked to and have it explained to them, to not judge a sick person!) Anyway, I slept again, tried eating the rest of my food, which was salmon, mashed potato, carrot, a piece of broccoli and cauliflower but couldn't keep it down again but I had a container by my bed this time. Then I was just dosing on and off. The nurses offered me a sleeping tablet but I said no, I'll try and sleep on my own first. It was taking quite a bit for me to shake off the grogginess from the anesthetic. They came and checked me a few times during the night, doing tests on my blood pressure, pulse and temperature. ......... I ran out of characters, please see my comment below for the rest of my review
  6. So yesterday morning I had my consult and surgery with Dr Boonchai. It was such a pleasant experience and he is so lovely! Of course a bit clinical in his approach but does have a little bit of a giggle here and then and he definitely makes sure you know all that you need to. i decided upon 350s textured, round, unders and endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit). I didn't want my boobs to have scars on them and Dr B said he can achieve better placement! Although it is longer recover especially combined with under the muscle, he said it's the scar that will be more important. Trying on the sizers were fun! I have a very small diameter so even 325 was pushing it but he gave me 350cc to try on and they were so much better than I chose them even though he said there would be a little bit of a risk. My boobs are also uneven so that means 325 in my bigger boob and 350 in my smaller boob. The nurses were so lovely and sweet. However in the operating room I was waiting on the table for a while, doctor wasn't in yet then one of the ladies said to take a deep breathe which I didn't understand what for until I realise it was the anaesthetic! I little warning would have been appreciated but I'm not really bothered Got back to my room and just in and out of sleep for the whole day. I tried to drink and eat but would vomit each and every time. My chest also felt like someone was sitting on it, breathing is a little bit difficult and you don't realise how much you use your chest muscles! Crazy. My boyfriend had to take me to the bathroom and feed me etc. Today is my 2nd day post op and I feel better but still really really sore. I had my drains removed and I was expecting it to be really painful as many of you girls said but not at all! I got to go home and just chilling in my room with room service and my boyfriend. He's been super good, I've also cried a few times but I'm not sure why. Also a few tips, if you have acrylics it might be better to get them removed in Australia. I went to Jungcylon and at a proper 'salon' it was going to cost 40/50 aud. in Australia, it costs about $20 so I found somewhere else that removed them for much cheaper but I was literally there for 2+ hours with her wrapping my nails in nail polish remover and tin foil and trying to scrape it off! Get a really good back massage because of all the sleeping up right you're going to be doing! And i recommend buying a posture support pillow from Target, costs lik $10 and it's the best thing ever! P.S I know it's only 2 days post op but... My boobs are really high and pointy and I know they're swollen but I'm wondering with D+F they will get bigger? Or I dunno! And had dr B ever measured you as a cup size when you tried on your sizers and you ended up being much smaller? Thank you ladies! I'll keep you up to date on my progress x
  7. My decision to get breast augmentation surgery is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I went to several different Doctors including Dr. Simon Rosenbaum, Dr Dean Trotter and finally Dr George Mayson for my initial consultations. Dr Mayson was by far the most informative and caring of the doctors I saw, with the consultation running for 2 hours rather than the rushed 30 minutes I had with the other two doctors. The other doctors also seemed cold and clinical where as Dr Mayson had a wonderful bedside manor and was caring, genuine and kind. He never made me feel rushed in my decisions and explained everything clearly. He also specialises in polyurethane implants which require greater skill to place and give a much better result with fewer complications. I wanted a natural result which looked in proportion with the rest of my body. I am naturally very slim and had practically no natural tissue to begin with (like a 8AA bra size). We decided on 360cc round polyurethane implants under the muscle. And they look fantastic! I am 4 weeks post op and am absolutely in love with them all ready!! Because they are polyurethane I don't need to wait for them to 'drop' like other implants, they will stay exactly where he expertly positioned them, so no fear of 'bottoming out' or rotation or them being uneven. The surgery went really smoothly, my scars are super neat. When I had my sutures out the nurse said she had never seen such neat sutures before and that my surgeon must be incredibly skillful! I cannot recommend Dr Mayson and his team enough. He has changed my life and I will be eternally grateful.
  8. Hi ladies! I am booked in for my BA 3 weeks from now. I am 173cm tall (5ft9) and about 72kg (160lbs) My surgeon suggested the 450cc extra/ultra high profile implants. I'm just concerned that they will be too narrow for my chest? She didn't measure my BWD and I did at home (although no guarantee its correct) and I ended up with 14cm. My surgeon did make a remark that I had a wide chest so I'm wondering why she chose UHP? Does anyone with a BWD similar to mine have UHP implants? I am thinking of going for 450cc HP round silicone overs (mentor) implants. Do you think that would be better then the UHP? Or do you think I should be going up in cc's abit more since I am lowering the profile? I wear a 34B bra, what size do you think those implants would get me to?
  9. Unsure about sizing, I have been to my consult and the surgeon suggested 295cc high profile allergen (teardrop) he then asked what I thought of that for a natural look and I said I think I would like to see something bigger so he showed me 325cc. Which looks really nice on vectra imaging. I really want a natural look in proportion to my body so I'm 173cm tall and 53kgs with wider hips. Just looking for an opinion as some peoples 325cc look huge but 295cc looks tiny on some!!
  10. Hi everyone!! I'm just a little anxious about everything... I had my first consultation with my surgeon in Perth today and I am about 170cm, 62kg, with an A/B cup at the moment... I think he said by BWD is about 13cm. Was playing around with implant sizes, and I thought I was quite happy with the 385cc implant size he had in his office of a different brand, but then said that the 415cc of the natrelle allergan silicon textured 415cc was going to essentially look the same (didnt have an example in his office of the 415cc) and that I have broad enough shoulders and am curvy enough around the hips to not make it look huge. My ideal is about a C to a D cup. When I got home, I tried researching 415cc HP implants online and I thought some of them look too big! Can anyone give me any kind of guidance as to what size I should go, or what I should be expecting in cup size after 415cc implants going from an A/B cup? Thank you! Your highly anxious friend....
  11. Hello Ladies I had my first BA in Perth last year i was wanting a full E cup and was recommended 500cc high profile implants placed under the muscle, i was happy with the results but as they began to settle into place and drop they reduced in size and i ended up with a double bubble effect i was told it would improve with massaging but one year later and the problem had gotten worse. I'm 168cm tall with broad shoulders so i can take a good size I'm hoping to go with 700cc implants im a tad scared of going any bigger and possibly with ultra high implants this time. I read about internal bras with strattice but its been difficult to find someone in perth that can do this so im looking to head over to phuket for the surgery. Any girls out there that have got large implants and what has been your experience having a second BA? any recommendations ? Thanks in Advance
  12. Has anyone had a breast lift with implants with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast ?
  13. Just wondering if anyone has had there surgery with dr lim and went the same size or similar? Looking for an extremely natural result and was recommended 325 round high profile under the muscle. Currently a size B. Wanting 1-2 cup enhancement.
  14. Hey! Im tossing up between 325 cc high profile mentor implants and 300 cc Moderate + profile mentor implants. Would any girls be willing to post up some snap shots of there either high profile or moderate / moderate + after photos? Preferably in the 300's cc range so I can get the best idea. I would also like opinions on why you chose high profile / moderate and any comments on the profile of implants you guys may have. xo
  15. Hey! Im tossing up between 325 cc high profile mentor implants and 300 cc Moderate + profile mentor implants. Would any girls be willing to post up some snap shots of there either high profile or moderate / moderate + after photos? Preferably in the 300's cc range so I can get the best idea. I would also like opinions on why you chose high profile / moderate and any comments on the profile of implants you guys may have. xo
  16. Hi Girls, Very new on this just looking for some advice. My surgery is on the 17th of april. My p.s has recommended 400cc under the muscle moderate profile. I was initially happy with his recommendation but after doing lot's of research I am now so confused between moderate and high profile the pictures I have looked at the moderate ones look pretty flat compared to the high profile. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks xx
  17. Hi all. Ok so, i know high prof. are smaller width with more projection than moderate prof. But what look does it give you? do they generally give the same shape and all but from side view the high profile stick out more? If a girl was to have low position nipples would one of these profiles look specificly better and possibly raise the nipple position slightly?
  18. Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let everyone know I have my BA today with Dr Victor Lee at The Cosmetic Institute Bondi Junction, and I wanted to share my experience because right now, I couldn't be happier! Things started well from the get go when I got a call from Amy, one of the Cosmetic Consultants, asking if I could come in early as they were running ahead of schedule, so I ended up getting to the clinic about 20 minutes before I was due in. The girls at reception were lovely, and so was everyone else I dealt with - the cosmetic consultants, the nurses, the anaesthetist, and of course, Dr Lee himself. Everyone was so friendly and kind, and I felt very much ease - I didn't feel stressed about the procedure at all. If anything, I was more stressed in the lead up making sure end of month went well (I work in sales) and making sure my apartment was tidy lol! After being checked in, I got changed into my gown, hair net and boots (so sexy lol!) in the pre-op room. I then saw the nurse to confirm paperwork; one of the cosmetic consultants to take pre-op pictures; Dr Lee to confirm my implant size (220cc still the largest I could go!); and then finally the anaesthetise, so that should could put the catheter in. I was then led into the theatre room and laid down on the operating table. The twilight anaesthetic worked so quick - I remember a bit of stinging in my hand when it was being administered, and then the next thing I knew I was being gently woken up by one of the nurses. I felt a tiny bit groggy, but the nurses took good care of me. They helped me to get dressed, and then gave me some water, a lollipop and biscuits to help me wake up. I can;t stress enough how kind and friendly the nurses were - I feel bad that I've forgotten the name of one of the nurses, but I remember it was Chloe who wheeled me out to my friends car. I'm only about 3 hours post op - no real pain as such, just a bit of tightness in my chest and some tenderness in my sides. I've already had a sneak peek at m new assets, and I love them already! They're sitting bit high, which is to be expected of course, but they are definitely the perfect size for me, and they have a beautiful shape already. I can see already that they will be absolutely AMAZING when they drop and fluff! Dr Lee's judgement was spot on, as well as his artistic ability! I am so very pleased right now! I will post progress pics soon
  19. Hi ladies, I'm hoping some of you can help me! My PS liked moderate projection as he believes it looks more natural that higher projection implants. I'm stuck at 390cc with mod, but could go up to 420cc with hp! Sizers with mod had awesome side boob, but not much projection. I'm getting subfascial overs, has anyone made a decision on either one of these projections?? If so, what were your reasons? My BWD is 13cm, I'm currently a 12B, hoping for a DD
  20. Hi girls, I am fairly new on here and go in for surgery next week! Would love to hear any feedback from girls who have got 350cc implants? Are they just right? Anyone wish they had gone that little bit bigger? I am 167cm tall and 54.5kg, going for Mentor High Profile, under the muscle, 350cc implants or possibly the 375cc! xx
  21. Hi ladies I have my breast augmentation surgery booked with Dr. Miroshnik on the 27th March! I'm so excited, I'm finally doing this! He has recommended 390g Extra High Profile rounds. I told him I wanted perky boobs, as mine already are, with nice side boob and fullness. I'm currently an A cup, wanting to go to a D, and he said these will give me a full D. Now, what is worrying me is the XHP. I don't know what to expect to be honest. I don't want to look fake, but he assured me they wouldn't. I had another look at his before and afters, but didn't find many XHP rounds that I could compare. So if any of you girls would be happy to show me your pictures, even if you only have high profile, I would really appreciate it. At first I was like, yes, awesome! But now I'm getting nervous. I guess that's normal. I just want to have nice cleavage, perky boobs but also be able to put on a nice bra and push them up and together, if you know what I mean! Also, I will be travelling from Adelaide to Sydney for the surgery. My partner will be taking me, and my son will be at home in Adelaide with my mum. I've planned to stay for 2 nights after the surgery, which I was told will be fine. I'm not sure how I'm going to go when I get home, not being able to pick up my son. How long did everyone wait until they picked up their children? Sorry for the novel! I will be posting a pic later today of my current A cups, as I don't have anything on my profile yet.
  22. Hi Ladies, I am 5 foot 1, 49kilos, size 6 and currently a 34A. My surgeon has recommended me 280cc high profile implants. Is there anyone with similar stats to me who also has high profile? I'm just a tad aprehensive that they will be too round/full on the top part of the breast although this is what the surgeon has recommended. Any advice/comments would be appreciated. Thank you, FloralLove xo
  23. Hi Ladies, I'm only 8 days away from surgery! Who else is having surgery this week, next week, this month???? How are you feeling? I'm so excited but a little nervous for the actual operation aswell! :-) FloralLove xo
  24. Hi Ladies! So I am getting my BA in Thailand at the end of this month but I wanted to go for a consult here first. This is what the surgeon said he wanted to do for me; 240cc Silicon Gel High profile Breast fold incision Over the muscle I couldn't believe the size!! 240cc is tiny! I have push up bras that make me bigger than that! He put the implant in my top so I could see what it looked like and it was depressing! Still very tiny! I lost a bit of weight recently and was a D so now I'm about a B, I want my old boobies back! He said MAAYBBEE go up to 275cc but I know he said that just cause he could tell I wasn't pleased at all. I'm of the opinion that if I'm going to have surgery, I don't want to have just a slight increase, If I was to only have a slight increase then I might as well keep wearing padded bras. I originally wanted 400cc but now I'm wondering if I should drop it down to 350cc...??? With the incision site, I was set on peri-areolar but after he talked about the negatives of squeezing an implant through a small hole, I am now thinking I might go with the breast fold like he recommended.. But with the placement! Over the muscle! I thought I wanted subpectoral placement but I don't know what to think anymore! For most women with this placement, the cons do outnumber the pros but the two pros that did take my notice were; a faster and less painful recovery and women who lift weights should get this placement. After the consult I googled it and to me it seemed like it was recommended for body builders.. Now I do want to start putting on muscle but no where near as much as a body builder and probably not even as much as a fitness model. So I don't know what to do.. Do I stick with my original inclination of the subpectoral placement or do I start considering overs? I would have enough breast tissue and fat tissue to cover the edges of the implant so that wouldn't be a problem. Opinions and advice would be amazing!! xx
  25. Hi Ladies, I am in search of women who have high profile or extra high profile dual plane or unders in the 300 - 500cc range. I cant find many pictures of this and I want to see what XHP looks like
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