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  1. Hi I'm looking at getting some recomendations on breast augmentation. Been doing a bit of research into Cosmeditour but they're in Sydney and the Goldcoast and im in Melbourne. Any recommendations for Victoria surgeons? and has anyone used Cosmeditour who also lives in Melbourne? Thanks
  2. Hi, I had a breast lift recently done and came out amazing even tho my breast is little bit smaller than before (less to carry so not complaining ). One thing I have found during my pre-op researches and watching million of videos was Implant illness. Some women do have symptoms either mental or physical health problems and it's quite a thing they talk about these days. Has anyone ever noticed a difference in health or moods after Augmentation?
  3. I've been contemplating having a BA for a few years now, especially after losing weight and seeing my breasts slightly sag. I don't think I need a full lift since I had small boobs to begin with, I only want to move my nipples upwards and a bit over, and then adding implants to round out the shape and give me fullness. Has anyone else had a procedure like this where it's just a nipple lift and implants, not a full lift, and in Australia. I live in Melbourne but wouldn't mind traveling too much if it means the best results and prices that aren't outrageous.
  4. I've struggled for years about the shape of my boobs. They are a floppy triangle shape that curve around the outside and my nipples are far too low and basically face each other. I had always put it down to simply being a late grower or because I lost 30kg (even though they still were misshapen and underdeveloped before I lost weight) but through research I've come to the conclusion that they are tuberous. I'm only 19 and this deformity is causing so much emotional distress and self acceptance/conscious issues that I keep finding myself depressed with how my body looks. I wanted to know
  5. I am scared of going too big and scared of going too small. I don't want anyone to notice, but I want to notice! I have a BWD of 12.5cm and starting with a deflated b cup after breastfeeding two babies. I have decided on Motiva Ergonomix round unders, but can't decide between: Mini - 310/290 cc Demi - 380/360 cc I would love to see some photos of people that started out with similar stats to me, and how their augmentation looks and what they used to get those results. Please!!
  6. Hey, im about to get dental implants and want to know if anyone has had them in Perth or done a cosmetic holiday? As I can’t afford it but I am about to have no top back teeth so really desperate for quality options! will keep my 4 front teeth, and have them straightened before the implants and two teeth on each side screwed on. please please desperate to hear any experiences!!!!
  7. Hi there, has anyone recently had breast explant surgery on the Gold Coast or Brisbane and could recommend a surgeon and give me an idea on prices?
  8. Hey ladies, I've been MIA for quite a while, however I thought I'd create this thread now as I'm due to have a baby in around 7 weeks (eek!). My husband & I didn't have babies in our plans when I had my breast augmentation 2 years ago, but here we are. ANYWAY, I know a lot of ladies want to know what breast implants look like after babies, so my plan is to help out & provide some pics for you of my journey. Some of you can already see my before/after BA pics in my gallery, but rest assured I'll update the gallery plus this thread with before/after pics for anyone that's
  9. The Surgeon:Extended Tummy Tuck, Breast Reduction with lift with 300cc high profile round implants. Wow, this woman is incredible. She managed to get 5.8kg of sagging skin off me after losing 100kg. I saw reviews stating she was blunt etc, I didn’t get that at all. She was humorous, compassionate and caring, she listened to my concerns but she had her own and I respect that she is the surgeon and knows what she is doing. Her team are incredible and set low expectations however when I saw the after product when I woke up I was surprised. She is amazing and has such attention to detail, her inci
  10. Hi all, I'm new here and hoping to get some feedback on sizes etc - because let's face it, this forum is the best. I have been searching everywhere for photos of people around my height and weight who have gotten implants as I am in W.A, getting mine done at Bondi TCI so my consult will be the day before surgery - not a lot of size thinking time and I'm a planning kinda girl. I'm 5"11 and 58kgs with a husband who is freaking out about me going too big (in other words he hears 350cc and goes whoah that's huge). I've been trying to placate him by showing him pictures but I can't find anyone ar
  11. Do you avoid chest excercises? my ps told me to avoid them as it will cause separation in the implants to shift out further, so when I do body pump I do a different excercise. how about everyone else ?
  12. Hi, I'm new here but please please help, Im having a panic attack. My surgery is next week and I started reading about BWD and such but I chose my implant as 385cc high profile saline. I just measured my breast width and it's like 15cm. I don't remember how much the surgeon said they were for me, I stated that I really didn't want the two tennis ball look but im looking up implant sizes and the implant width is 11.4cm. Is that way way too small for me?!?! Im 160cm and about 55kg. If anyone has similar experiences with similar measurements, please help!!!!! or anyone with any input I wou
  13. Don't be fooled by the fake uploaded photos misleading you to believe they are recent clients of Cosmetic Holidays International. Plus the surgery isn't even done by the Surgeon quoted, so it's very misleading. Claire Johnson is truly living up to her bad reputation and false promises to potential and past clients. This picture is actually a UK Celebrity not as quoted on Claire's business webpage as an "Australian fitness competitor". This is actually a well-known reality UK TV Celebrity, Chloe Goodman. I knew I recognised that body and bikini. http://globalknock.com/chloe-goodman-swaps-the-
  14. Here's a list of us girls booked in for October. Good luck to everyone having BA or about to have it 3rd Oct * @MissF 160cm * 400cc (round) HP * Dr name .... pre op bra: 10AA / post op bra: ? 4th Oct * @thumper14 163cm * 555cc (anatomical) HP * Dr Tavakoli ... pre op bra: 10B / post op bra: ? 4th Oct * @Courtneyalyce * 345/365cc (round) HP * Dr Dash ... pre op bra: 10A / post op bra: ? 5th Oct * @lychee 164cm * 375/330cc (Anatomical) Mod * Dr Phoon .... pre op bra: ? / post op bra: ? 5th Oct * @mybajourney94 168cm * 450cc (round) HP * Dr Kenny .... pr
  15. Just wanting to know any ladies that got 375ml or cc extra full profile dual plane with a lift (even without). Where you happy with the size? Pictures would be amazing too!
  16. Hi Ladies, I'm getting my new assets in October, seen other girls do their months and keep in touch so thought it would be nice if I could have others to talk to/share excitement with
  17. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the forum but I am finding it really difficult to choose a surgeon for a BA. I am currently a small A cup and want to go to a full B. so if anyone has had surgery with similar requests to me I would love to hear your feedback. I have been looking at getting a BA for years but always leave it as I can't find a surgeon to follow through with. I want to have a natural and believable outcome but I find that the before and after photos always show people with large implants. If anyone has any recommendations for surgeons that would be great!! D
  18. Hi Everyone, Currently a size 12G/14F and wanting to get a reduction back to what i was before i had kids 12DD so that i can walk into any store and actually buy a bra. Anyways do i go a reduction and a lift or a reduction with implants (if that is even possible). Let me know your stories please? Thanks Lou
  19. I'm looking at getting a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants in Perth Western Australia. Can anyone recommend someone? Also looking for rough prices, I know that everyone is different so prices will vary, just after a ballpark figure so I have somewhere to start. Thanks
  20. I have had 3 consults with 3 different PS in Adelaide. I am a mother of two with drooping breasts that have shrunk and sagged due to breast feeding. Currently about a 10b. Very active lifestyle and looking for more volume in my breasts to restore my feminity, particularly in bathers and when working out. Recommendation #1 Dr James Katsaros in North Adelaide. 330cc tear drop under the muscle recommendation. I'm concerned that my lack of volume at the top of the breast would not be well suited to the teardrop. Recommendation#2 Dr Nicholas Marshall. 320cc round high profile. Very thorou
  21. Hi all, Does anyone have any feedback on Dr Edmund Ek in Melbourne? I cant find much on him. I am booked in for the above procedures for June. How do you know what kind of implant to go for? And behind the muscle or on top? Om so confused as to what to do! I was a DD/E before bubbas and they were quite perky, so i would love to have that back. I honestly don't care if they don't look super natural, but obviously don't want them too massive. He was so lovely, but we didn't go through much in the initial consult, is this normal? So if anyone is like me, 167cm tall, 70kg, broad sh
  22. Girls who have had their breast implants done in Melbourne hoping you can share your reviews / before and afters need all the help I can get!
  23. Hi Ladies I am seriously considering a boob job as i feel I've lost a bit of volume in the past few months. I'm naturally a D cup and I'm worried how big they'll look after the procedure (wouldn't want to be any bigger than an E). I've searched so many galleries and am really struggling to find before and after pics of ladies that went from a D to a DD or E! I've booked in a consult in the next couple of weeks to get my qs answered but I am just after feedback from any girls out there that were a D prior to procedure and what size you are now. Thank you! xx
  24. Hi ladies, Total novis here! Just wondering if any Perth ladies have feedback on Dr Duncan Smith. I have my first consult in a few days to discuss implants. How were your results & how much did it cost overall? (cost is a factor for me) I have been referred his details as well as Dr Connells but I think Connell will be out of my budget. I'd also love to hear from any ladies who saw some of the 'cheaper' surgeons in Perth. I am tall, athletic build with approx 10B boobs which are droopy after 2 kids. Ta
  25. I have a Breast lift and breast implant package booked with Cosmeditour for package deal cost, It states standard cases only on the description. I have been told in the past I am a stage 3 Ptosis, has any one been hit with an extra charge on the day of there consult with Cosmeditour because they were not a standard case? If so what was the cost? Please help.
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