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Found 8 results

  1. RockyRogers

    June BA

    Starting the thread for all ladies booked in for their BA in June 2017 I'm 8th of June 2017 with Mr Greensmith at YourBreast-happy queens birthday weekend to me!
  2. Hi ladies! I am currently organising my BA surgery in June/July at PPSI (PIAC) with Dr Narupon. I am travelling alone from Australia, and thought it would be a great chance to meet up with other ladies to share our exciting boob-tacular journey! Is anyone interested?
  3. tegs033

    June 2015

    I dont think there is a thread for june 2015 ladies yet? Thought I'd start one, I'd love to follow each other through the journey I've got my consult with DR dona in sydney on 4/6/15 and I've prebooked my surgery date for 9/6/15 since I'm impatient lol and im very confident he is the surgeon I want (even his staff have been so lovely and helpful via email and phone) Im hoping for atleast 500+cc round cilicone (I like the big round fake look) and im getting a lift and nipple reduction too. still a few months away but this year has gone so fast already! xx
  4. ba.journey.25june15

    driving after surgery

    Just wondering if any of you ladies could shed some light on when i will be ok to drive after surgery? i do drive manual so any manual drivers experience would be great also
  5. danielle.skydiver

    June TCI Bondi Dr Dash

    Hi girls, I am wondering if anyone has dealt with Dr Dash from TCI Bondi I'm booked in Mid June to get my BA. I would like to know your personal experience. Also I have a few questions as I'm getting nervous closer to date. How was the day's following surgery? Also I'm not from Sydney so any help in regards of what's there to do for myself and hubby.. how to get around transport wise and good accommodation that's not the usual meriton or quest..I would be so grateful. Any tips as well is always welcome
  6. Ok so ive booked a date. I can't believe im considering going ahead with this although its something ive been wanting for a while. My only concern is that i will regret it and then will have ruined the cute little b cups i already had. Hoping i can get through this with no complications & get back to work within 5 days & that im happy with the outcome. well more than happy - i want to be over the moon with my decision. Any support or advice people could give would be great & any feedback on Dr William Puow. 6 weeks to go and i need all the advise i can get.
  7. Hey girls, Im heading to Phuket in June for BA and lift. I'm staying 3rd till the 18th(surgery booked for the 6th)My friend is staying with me till the 11th but has to fly home.....then I'm by myself!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeek. I'm staying in patong , is there anyone else that will be over in Phuket at that time that I can maybe meet up with. I'm so scared about being in a foreign country by myself. I'm almost considering cancelling just because I'm so afraid!!!! HELLLPPPP!!!!! xxxx
  8. misstiffany

    June 2013 girls

    Had a quick look but can't seem to find a June 2013 girls thread (besides the one wanting to book a group tour). Holler! I'm booked for June 15 Dr Veerawat at PIAC but after being advised of difficult breast contour (http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/forums/showthread.php?12385-Anyone-w-difficult-breast-contour-or-teardrops-advised-of-high-risk-double-bubble) and reading about PIAC phasing out Furry Brazilians due to them not being legally supplied in Thailand, I must say I'm freaking out and have a million questions. I was quoted 160,000 baht from Dr V, which is $5200. If I were to stay in Australia I am keen on Dr Harwood who would charge around $9500, though I'm waiting for consult on Friday to know more. Scared, like everyone else I suppose, about lack of aftercare from Thailand procedure, but not too sure I want to go to a day surgery in Australia (otherwise looking at $12k+). Anyway, that's my story! Anyone else confused about teardrops / Furrys / PIAC / etc or have stories to share?