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Found 44 results

  1. So I’m getting lipo for the very first time on 16th May with Dr Chen at Ashbury. I haven’t seen too many topics for lipo around Brisbane over the last few years, so I thought I’d add my story in the hopes it will help someone else looking to take the journey. I’ll update as I progress. So to start, I had a consult with Dr Chen in March. He is lovely and friendly to talk to. He also wanted to give me a realistic expectation of what the lipo can achieve. He let me know that because I’d had a child I won’t get a flat stomach. I’m not too worried about that as I’ve never had a flat stomach no matter how slim I’ve been! I’ll backtrack a little to add that I’m getting upper and lower abdo, inner and outer thighs, hips and that little area under the bum cheeks ? So yeah, one week until it happens! I don’t think the wait between consult and surgery day is too long, I chose May as it worked better for me.
  2. Hi, Ive been looking at travelling overseas for BA and possible Lipo. I have been in discussion with some reputable agencies that arrange everything for you etc. and have been looking into Dr Piyapas for a BA and Lipo. Recently I had come accross Dr Ronachai, his lipo results seem great, which is what I havent seen from Piyapas, however he is not associated with any agencies in Aus as he works from his own clinic. This makes me a little uneasy, as I do see few pics/reviews from Australians travelling to see him and there is noone really ensuring the cleanliness, prices, etc on my behalf like a trusting agency normally would. Has anyone here had any experience with Dr Ronachai in Bangkok, or any lipo experience with Piyapas where they can share results? Has anyone arranged their own travel and procedures overseas without the help of an agency? How were you sure you were getting the best price and treatment while overseas? TIA :)
  3. Hi all its been a long time since I've been on here... I'm wondering if anyone has had a BBL in Thailand? I am having trouble finding info about it and I know there are several places that do it but I've only seen one set of before and after photos and I wasn't impressed lol... Does anyone have any doctors to recommend? Anyone that specialises in fat grafting, lipo, or body contouring? Alternatively can anyone recommend a surgeon in Melbourne at a good price? Any info would be appreciated, Thanks in advance
  4. Yes yes yes!! Had my inner and outer thighs as well as my flanks (hips/lovehandles whatever you want to call them) done by James Chen in Windsor, Brisbane QLD at the Ashbury Clinic.From the day of surgery you could already see results dramatically and now, day 4 post op, I am totally stoked by the fantastic results achieved by his handywork. He took 3 liters of fat, unbloodybelievable!! Seeing as how I went to a different plastic surgeon and he took hardly any and I paid just over $4200 for next to no results I now know I should have gone to J. Chen straight away! Absolutely perfect care before, throughout and after by himself and all of his staff. I couldn't recommend anyone higher then him. Wow! I have before and after (4 days post op) pics so once I work out how to share, I will. More about the procedure itself soon!
  5. Hello, just wondering if anyone has had great experience with any doctors in Brisbane in regards to lipo? I have been in contact with Ashbury Cosmetics, as I have seen their before and after gallery and was impressed. Does anyone recommend them, or any other clinics. Thank you for your time. Nasrin.
  6. Hi everyone! I'm booked in with Dr. Edmund Ek on the 28th/9 (only 16 days to go, wooo ) to get lipo to my upper and lower abdomen, outer thighs and flanks, teardrop 325-350cc textured implants and an areola lift. I'm 23 with no kids and approx 80kg. Boob wise leftie is a C and rightie is a D/DD. Does anyone have the same surgery date as me? Or is anyone booked with Dr. Ek? If so I would love to read about your experience and/or see before and after pics! It's close to 1.30am and yet again I've spent hours on my phone googling pictures and stories.. I think that I've been running off 6hrs sleep per night for the past few weeks, it may not seem that bad but I don't cope well without at least 8 hours sleep lol I'd also love to hear from any ladies who have had surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts? And for anyone that has had these procedures done all at once, how was your recovery? I work an office job from home, so I'm lucky in that aspect, but I'm worried about being too doped up on painkillers to properly speak with my clients. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I look forward to chatting with you lovely ladies!
  7. Reviews or comments about surgery with Dr Joseph Rizk please?
  8. Can anyone recommend an Adelaide PS that performs ankle liposuction. Or even just a good Lipo PS that you've been happy with in other areas? I'm considering Dr Yugesh Caplash. Anyone used him before? thanks
  9. Hi Has anyone had lipo with Dr Shaz Musavi? TIA
  10. Hi ladies! Please help, what do I need to buy in terms of clothing for a mummy makeover? Breast lift, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck & Lipo. Best undies, bra with zip, tummy garment etc want comfortable options and where to buy if possible. Any suggestions for hospital bag would be awesome, I'm only staying one night.
  11. Nasrin


    Hello, just wondering if someone could give me an estimate as to how much liposuction to the; inner knee, outer thigh, inner thigh, full stomach, and triceps would cost. Thanks so much!
  12. Hi, I have been researching this for a while and am quite desperate to have a BR, lift and TT. I have been told by my health fund, HCF, that they will not pay for the theatre, hospital or anaesthetists fees as the TT is not medically necessary but the BR is. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution as I do not want to have 2 surgeries?
  13. Hi all, after extensive research for over 2 years I finally did it yesterday. I'm not big to start with, 45kg-160cm. After 3 kids my boobs just sag amd there's part of my tummy that had excess skin I couldnt get rid of regardless any exercise I do. Plus I have diastasis recti and umbilical hernia. Not too wide but with my stat it looked quate bulgy. I've always wanted to do trans axillary incision because I don't want any scar on my breast thats why asian country has always been my first choice eventhough I know the standart of hygiene and pain management are higher back home. I just couldn't find any doctor that would do trans ax for me. so I went to korea, did a consult 2 days ago (did consult via an agent months before). My husband came along with me and he's Godsend. He helps me with everything. Both of us decided we don't want anything too big basically just return my volume so when the doctor sugested 300cc we asked him to lower the cc and we settled between 225-250. Final decision on surgeon's hands during surgery. Did xray,ultrasound,and bloodwork. All done in one day and the next day was already surgery day. surgery took 5 hours and it took me another 2 hrs to wake up. Feeling so much pain specially in the tummy. Much worse than csect or just bad pain management. I had to keep asking them to give me more painkiller. Walked that night for toilet business. Then I kept on peeing every 1-2hrs. I don't know if that's normal but suptom is getting better just now. Sleeping potition is still very uncomfortable. They put 2 drainage 1 for the trans ax incision and 1 for the tummy tuck. I must say they're scary!!!! Everytime I looked down I could see me oozing this dark red liquid. Last night was like hell for me. I could sleep well and every 4 hours I rang the bell asking for painkiller. Hubby stayed until 12 midnight then he had to go back to the hotel. I stayed at the clinic's ward. Nurses didn't really understand english but she could do basic english like drink, toilet, and pain killer. This morning doctor visited me and checked on my drain and my incision and also explaining to me about my surgery yesterday. Then the nurses changed my dressing. He took 1 drain off and left the drainage for tummy tuck still intact until tuesday mext week. I was feeling so negative this morning due to lack of sleep maybe. Just woke up from a prety long sleep and I feel better already. Breasts are swollen now, can't really see my tummy because I have compression binder on. Will update again tomorrow. I hope i'm feeling better than today.
  14. Hey ladies! Anyone heading to Bangkok for any surgery? Im heading over by myself & would like to catch up with people if the timing works out. Im heading over approx July 3 for 2 weeks
  15. I am 17 years old, am 5’7.5”, and weigh 147 lbs. My BMI is 22.7, meaning I am smack-bam in the middle of the healthy weight range, and I have no major illnesses or allergies. I am completely healthy, as far as I know. I eat well most of the time, with a high intake of vegetables and I consume no dairy. I do light exercise several times a week. However - I have a huge belly. To put this into perspective, my boobs are DD. If I relax my stomach, it sticks out further than my boobs. I kind of look like someone who is 4-5 months pregnant.. only, it’s all fat. And it is kind of shaped like a capital B. Like there are two pockets of fat, upper and lower, that stick out. I’ve had this belly for maybe 3 years. I did have Bulimia between the ages of 13-16, but was cured some time ago and as a result my body weight seems to have settled in all areas - except my belly. I feel like I’ve lost some weight in all areas except my belly. Would I be a suitable candidate for a liposuction in my belly area? I don’t want to loose any more weight in other areas of my body, because it is healthy and I like it, but I feel I would have to get extremely skinny to get rid of the belly. What can I do about this? I really would like to look into surgery.
  16. Hi all, I have just joined here and my apology if this topic has been discussed elsewhere before but I need your advice please. I have excess fat under arms - armpits and I have been annoyed by it for a while and now I am considering a lipo option to get rid of this annoying fat. Has anyone had this problem/surgery, also I am from the Gold Coast - would you recommend any particular surgeon? Thank you very much in advance.
  17. Hi all. I have only just discovered this forum. I am booked in to have the following Mummy Makeover done in Melbourne in May 2016: - Breast implants (B to D) - Lipo on a few trouble spots - Tummy tuck I would love to hear from others having surgery around the same time so that we can share experiences and thoughts. Thanks
  18. I thought I would share my surgery experience, even though I haven't felt particularly welcomed on this forum. I think that is because I am one liposuction patient in a sea of breast augmentations. I hope others in a similar situation find this review helpful. My journey initially started about 2 years ago when I decided that my weight was becoming a problem and I thought that lipo would be the answer. I had a consultation with Dr Chen at Ashbury in Brisbane as a friend had a breast augmentation by him a few years ago and raved about him and the clinic. At the initial consultation he advised that I would need liposuction to my stomach, love handles and inner and outer thighs to get the result I was after. This came in at more than $10k which was just too expensive. I knew I had to make a mental change before I looked at surgery so I knuckled down and lost about 15kg - problem was while I did lose weight from my belly there was still a pocket of fat that I just couldn't remove - so back to Dr Chen I went in March this year. He said he was impressed that I had lost weight on my own and we talked about what I would like to see. Honestly, I just wanted to have a flat stomach so we agreed to liposuction fat from my upper and lower abdominals and also my flanks. I felt very at ease with Dr Chen and I booked the surgery for June 24th. I was beyond excited about the surgery, but I did get nervous as the date approached, I was quite worried about the pain I would be in after the surgery and also any yucky side effects from the pain medication and antibiotics. On the morning of the surgery I showered at home with an antibacterial wash and then headed into the clinic at 7.30am. I seemed to be the only patient there on the day, which was kind of nice, the receptionist greeted me by name, as did the lovely nurse. I was pretty much taken straight into the consultation room where I had a good chat with the nurse and she took me through all the paperwork, let me know exactly what would be happening, the risks, the aftercare, everything - she was so thorough which was reassuring. Once we had finished she let me get changed into the gown and I took 2 valium to get me "into the right headspace for surgery" as she put it. I laid down for probably an hour on a bed under a really nice soft warm blanket. I didn't sleep, but shut my eyes and was just very relaxed. Dr Chen came in next and he marked me up for surgery and took some photos. He asked if I was ready and if I had any last questions for him which I didn't as the nurse had been so thorough earlier. We went into the room where the surgery would take place, I stood on a mat and they wiped me with the antibacterial solution over my whole mid section which was quite cold! I laid down on the table with my arms out and they put the needle into my wrist, and the heart rate monitor on. With the liposuction I was lucky enough to just have twilight sedation. I was semi with it during the surgery, I can vaguely remember the incisions for the tubes be made, and not too much after that. At one stage I did wake a bit because my shoulder was hurting from laying on my side. At no stage did I feel any pain or discomfort. The next thing I remember is the nurse sitting me up and helping me into my compression garment. Let me say it is not attractive at all - your post op bras are one thing, this suit takes it to another level, it goes from just under my boobs to my knees and it's crotchless! She took me into the recovery room and I sat down to have a few cups of tea and some cheese and bickies. My husband was in and out of meetings for a lot of the day so I had to wait in recovery for about 90 minutes for him - but they would have let me go about 30 minutes after surgery if he was there. You are advised to bring some old towels with you to pop on the car seat for the drive home to catch the fluid that leaks from the wounds in the first 72 hours. I really only had leakage for the first 24 hours, I think because I wasn't having a huge amount of fat removed. My best advise is to fold a small towel in half and safety pin it around the sections suctioned to catch any leakage once you are at home. I was given a few plastic sheets to bring home with me too which was great, I put one on the bed and one on the couch. Pain - I was so surprised with the pain, it was NOTHING like I expected in a GOOD way! I wanted to stay on top of the pain initially so I took 2 panadeine forte once I got home and then again for the next 3 nights, however during the day I wasn't having any pain relief. Yes, there was pain and discomfort, especially when getting up and down, but if I was just still it was fine. I wanted to get up and moving pretty much straight away so I went for a walk each day after surgery, the first day was pretty slow and sore, but I think it has helped get the swelling moving. I am now 9 days post op and am feeling great, pain is pretty much gone and I am itching to get back into running again, I think I will give that a go in another week. I am still wearing the compression garment, and will for about 4 weeks. For another week I also have a thin foam pad over my belly too, this is helping the skin flatten out as there was a small roll of loose skin above my belly button, to be expected when you are getting the fat sucked out! I have had the pad on there since my follow up appointment last Saturday, and it looks like it is pretty much flat, but I will keep it there for another week just to be sure. I haven't really had much bruising, but my abdomen has never really bruised. I'm not saying there's none, but it's pretty mild. The numbness is real, and very weird - it's important to massage the areas suctioned to prevent scar tissue and it's weird to do when those areas are numb. I'm used to it now, and I'm getting slightly more feeling back each day. So, am I happy?? YES, I am so happy with my results so far, I know there is still a bit of swelling in the areas but it's going down each day. I cannot wait to be in a bikini again in summer, and it's so nice not to have a roll of fat to hide everytime I sit down. I hope this novel is useful for anyone considering liposuction - I would recommend being very honest with yourself about weight you can lose on your own, and then using liposuction to just sculpt the last little bits that you may not be able to lose on your own.
  19. Hi all, i just want to share my experinece doing flank lipo, mini tt and a breast augmentation. It is day 1 post op, I did it yesterday in seoul, south korea. Overall the pain management here is so sucky. I had 3 c sect in perth and all was smooth sailing. All I remember from yesterday was repeatedly asking for more painkiller. They sent me home today with only 1 type of pain killer and I have to top it up with my own panadol. I have 225 and 245cc anatomical dual plane placement with trans axillary incision. The only reason why I go to korea is because I want the trans ax incision. Most of the surgeons don't do it in australia. I'm wearing my post op strap and bra now. There was drain as well but they took it pf this morning. I still have drain for my tummy tuck though, will take it off on tuesday next week for 5 days post op check up. I can walk every few hour mostly for toilet business. Can barely sleep, still propped up by so many pillows. My husband has been really supportive helping me up and down the bed, putting socks on, getting my food and snack. I will update again tomorrow, just wanting to write my experinece while it's still so fresh. People say I will forget it in 3 months time when I see the result. Nobody ever told me that this incapacity is greater than the pain itself. I'm so scared that the result will not meet my expectation but I'll try to be as postive as possible.
  20. Total newbie so any advice and guidance is appreciated. Background - two babies later, no plans for more, successful weight loss and healthy lifestyle in hand (just on the dreaded "last 5kg" journey), good decrease in body fat % and more muscle density! long history of IVF and big hormone/drug protocol that came with it saw my happy c-cup grow to monster dd/e cup which is enviable for most girls, but ridiculous on my small 5" frame. Regardless of weight and fat loss, my boobies have remained the same size and don't appear to be going anywhere soon. So my questions are: 1) Is a reduction from a D/DD/E cup to a B/small C even considered in plastic/cosmetic surgery or will I be laughed out of the consult room? I do have neck, shoulder and back pain which I think can be mostly attributed to carrying these girls on my small frame. What is the process for determining whether my boobs can be reduced on medical grounds? If so, what is the process? 2) Am I better looking at plastic surgery for an actual surgical reduction or is something like cold sculpture/liposculpture a better more feasible option? 3) Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery for a breast reduction? Pros and Cons of both? Downtime, costs, recovery, procedure details of both? 4) Which doctors in Perth would be able to do breast reduction and possibly a bit of lipo on hips, tummy, thighs, arms during the same surgery? I know Tony Connell only does boobs so is there a next best alternative in Perth that will do both in the one surgery? 5) What am I up for cost wise - everything included surgery, hospital, after care etc? We have PHI with BUPA. Thanks Ladies
  21. Hi I'm going over in Sept 15 to Piac to get BL BA TT & Lipo. After looking at my photos Dr Boonchai has recommended I only need a mini TT and he will give me lipo on both hips. There doesn't seem to be alot of lipo posts can anyone shed some light. Thanks in advance Irene
  22. Hi ladies I am still very new here and wanted to ask if you could share your experience with liposuction! I have been considering having lipo on my armpits, flanks and lower belly sometime later this year. I am located in Gold Coast and looking around for a good doctor around Brissy/GC area. Please let me know if you absolutely loved/regretted your lipo and if you can recommend any good doctor around Brisbane! Thanks in advance xxx
  23. Hi, i recently had my 25th birthday and as a present to myself I want to get lipo on my abdomen so I had a few quotes from CS here in Melbourne but I still not sure who to go with so I was wondering has anyone got lipo done this year or is booked in to get it done if so which surgeon did you go thru and what was your recovery time?
  24. I'm currently a DD cup (or close to it) and would feel comfortable with a B cup on my small 5" frame. Sensible nutrition and exercise over the past 3.5 years has seen me become a little happier with my overall body but these boobies are not going down in size. I'm over the shoulder, neck and back aches let alone having to buy 10-12 size tops instead of an 8 just so my boobs don't bust out. With a reduction of only 2 cups or so, and I don't think a lift is essential (although it would be nice) what would be my best option: Surgical breast reduction; Lipo; or Vaser lipo Any other procedures? Any opinions from girls that have had any of these done with idea of who you saw, costs, procedure, recovery etc would be awesome. I'm in Perth. Thank you.
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