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Found 18 results

  1. Oh heeey! I finally met with Dr Connell in April and it was confirmed I did infact have tuberous breasts - there was a reason why they are so small and (to me) ugly I instantly loved Dr Connell as he was honest and made me feel incredibly comfortable. He took photos to be sent off to Medicare to be covered for Tuberous Breast Deformity. My surgery is in August with my next appointment being late July. I am incredibly excited yet terrified/nervous etc. My questions to you are; - Have you had surgery with Dr Connell for tuberous breasts correction? - Are you h
  2. Hi, So this is my first post but I've had tuberous breast all throughout my life and I'm really ready to do something about them. I have read amazing reviews on Dr M and I feel like he's basically the only way to go for tuberous breast surgery. Just wondering if anyone could share their story with the medicare rebate side of things? Like applying for one and how much they got (if you're comfortable sharing). I really need this as mine are quite badly tuberous so I'm hoping I can get just of extra help in the $$$ side of things. Also can anyone recommend a Adelaide doctor that would be
  3. I have been liaising with a cosmetic surgeon in Cairns who does not have any direct experience correcting tuberous breasts, which i've since decided not to go with her because of her inexperience and poor contact and communication with her office ( for example, not having emailed replied to at all or waiting 3 months for contact ect.. ect) I got my photos sent to medicare and waited 8 months for approval ( has anyone else experienced waiting this long for their photo assessments to be approved, or to get word on them?) Nevertheless, it was approved and these are the item numbers i receive
  4. Hi Can anyone please let me know how long you waited for medicare panel to approve your Breast Lift? I have been waiting since oct last year 2016 and when i call and ask they tell me they cant give me an estimate waiting time. My healthfund will only pay for my hospital when medicare deemed the procedure as medically required Any help/answers of ur experiences will be so helpful Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, I'm just starting to investigate getting a breast reduction, and I've not long lived in Tasmania, so I'm not sure exactly how things work here. I would be having the BR for medical reasons (pain, mainly). I'm at a loss as to what it might cost me, as I don't have private health insurance. I have read so so many contradictory pieces, some of which say medicare will cover the entire price if it's done for medical reasons in the public system; others saying I could be out of pocket from $1000 anywhere up to about $4,500. I'm positive about all the rest of the surgery, bu
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a Perth girl, only 19 yo, in the process of trying to get a breast reduction from 18E/F to around a C cup. I have already got a referral from a GP and have seen Dr Mark Lee out in Subiaco about 2 weeks ago. I'm really pleased with his work and really want to go ahead with the surgery, but I've found the cost to be a bit more that I expected - as I saw from other forums that most women were only out of pocket approx. $2000 or so. I have Medibank private health insurance, and I've been told that some of the procedure and most of the hospital stay will be covered by medicare and
  7. Hi ladies! I'm so glad I found this forum, it's so hard to Google stuff when you don't know the acronyms!! So, I'm uninsured. I've had a quote for a MM mummy makeover, TT BL+BA. I've a saggy baggy belly plus rectus diastasis and an epigastric hernia after a couple of enormous babies plus >20kg gain and loss post pregnancy. Droopy boobs that I've always hated with gigantic areola which are now even worse. The surgeon is absolutely top notch. He said he'd do a bit of lipo while he's there, on my thighs and near the TT incision as it will give a better result - he won't charge f
  8. Hi Gals! Has anyone here applied for item number 45559 and gotten it approved? I would love to hear about girls who have applied for this, whether it was accepted or not - as I am interested in the grade of severity they accept for tuberous breasts. Thanks, Peach <3
  9. Just wondering if anyone has received a medicare rebate and private health cover for a breast augmentation before? along the lines of mental health and body esteem? would love your feedback as I have always hated my tiny AA breasts but there is nothing structurally wrong with them. They definitely bring down my self esteem and self worth. Thanks in advance
  10. Just wondering if anyone has received a medicare rebate and private health cover for a breast augmentation before? along the lines of mental health and body esteem? would love your feedback as I have always hated my tiny AA breasts but there is nothing structurally wrong with them. They definitely bring down my self esteem and self worth. Thanks in advance
  11. hi guys! so im getting a BA next month and i was just thinking if should start buying a health insurance. i know that most health insurance would have a waiting period but even so i thought i might need it somewhere along the way if i have implants anyways. in the case of not having a insurance, how much would medicare cover for complications? and if i do have health insurance would that significatly lower my out of pocket cost?
  12. It's wasn't until I saw Before and After pictures on a few Google Image searches that I realized I have grown up with Tuberous Breasts. I had always felt insecure and awkward about my breasts but I felt a sense of comfort once I realized that this condition is so comon! I booked in to see my GP and got a referral to Dr David Theile in Brisbane. I have researched Dr Theile and am excited to be having a consultation with him next week! I'am wanting to hear of your experiences with Dr David Theile, and anyone that has had this kind of surgery covered by Medicare (no I don't have any private
  13. Hi everyone! I was was wondering if anyone knows which private health insurance companies cover medicare item 35533 for labiaplasty. I can't find it on any of the websites and I believe it would save me quite a bit of money if I am insured for this particular surgery, even though I have to wait a year. Thank you.
  14. Hi all, I am new here and am wondering what the requirements are to get TT to do abdo repair (due to pregnancies and injury) and removal of loose skin (due to 40kg weight loss) on medicare ... I have seen a general surgeon regarding an hernia repair (under ribs) and she has offered to remove excess skin only on medicare but she is not a plastic surgeon, so no idea of the results. I have two kids (& 2 c- sections), and have about a 15 cm separation of the muscles (so can't really do any core work), so am wondering if I am better seeing what a plastic surgeon can offer and get this re
  15. Hey ladies! First, hello I haven't really posted a whole lot yet, just been stalking the forums Just wondering if anyone has had a BL + BA covered at all by Medicare? I have Grade III breast ptosis, asymmetry and loose skin, and have been told I may be eligible? I had originally looked into O/S surgery, until someone mentioned this to me so I thought I would look into a bit more to see if it is infact covered at all Any info would be fantastic!
  16. I am looking to go for a revision and am looking for some Melbourne surgeons and was wondering if everyone who has had surgery in Melbourne would like to write the price they paid (if you have a break down that would be great as i dont have to pay for any hospital fees or implants they're covered by health insurance just need to pay surgeons fee and anesthetist). These are the surgeons i am looking at: Mark Ashton Hamish Farrow (have done a search and both come highly recommended) Craig Rubenstein (refuses to see girls who have had previous surgery in Thailand) Any other recomendation
  17. well I went for my gp consult today to get a referal for abdominoplasty on the public system (waiting list) and was hoping to get some kind of answer if I was even eligable. I ended up getting a referal to see the doctor I wanted but she has put consult for apronectomy NOT abdominoplasty, So all in all I have left confused, should it say lipectomy? abdominoplasty or should it say evaluation is needed for type of surgery? and after all of this I still don't know if I'm eligible. Is it up to my GP to evaluate eligibility for waiting list "medicare health care covered surgery" or is it upto the
  18. Hi I recently lost a considerable amount of weight and am considering having a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin which causes me significant discomfort. I will probably have the procedure done privately, but wanted to know if there is any medicare/PH rebate if it is deemed a necessary medical procedure? HELP! I also recall reading somewhere that if you have lost a significant amount of weight that medicare will cover the procedure... is this true? HELP! Thank you! Elly
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