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  1. Hi, I recently went to an ENT and they recommended Dr Stewart Lee here in Melbourne. I can't find much on him online except that his google ratings are all 5 stars (Good sign!!!). I was wondering if anyone had undergone a consultation/surgery with Dr Stewart Lee, and if so what were your thoughts.
  2. Hi I am trying to decide on a surgeon and am leaning towards Dr Callan in Geelong, Victoria as I have heard incredible things. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country, I just want to see the best. Has anyone ever had work done with Dr Callan? Before and afters would be greatly appreciated if anyone is willing? Thanks for the help guys
  3. I am looking into liposuction of the banana rolls (under the bum around up into the hip) and thighs. I was very interested in Dr T & Dr M in Sydney however one never got back to me and one only offers lipo with other surgery (BA). Reviews of Dr Lanzer all comment on his bedside mannor. I'm not phased by a blunt dr. I am more interested in the quality of work. Has anyone had recent experience with Dr Lanzer and can detail if they are happy with the end results? I am happy with his prices over phone consultation but really want to be set on the 'after' stor
  4. Hi y'all! I'm a 23 year old female from a south-east Asian background. I had my first double eyelid surgery operation when I was 17 by Dr Andrew Kim in Melbourne, Australia. My initial operation and the subsequent revision surgeries that he preformed were totally botched and I've been left with asymmetry and a deformed fold on my left eye (please refer to the attached photo). After years of hating my appearance, regretting my decision to ever have the surgery, and completely losing all trust in surgeons, I have finally found the courage to look into possibly undergoing revision surgery.
  5. I've struggled for years about the shape of my boobs. They are a floppy triangle shape that curve around the outside and my nipples are far too low and basically face each other. I had always put it down to simply being a late grower or because I lost 30kg (even though they still were misshapen and underdeveloped before I lost weight) but through research I've come to the conclusion that they are tuberous. I'm only 19 and this deformity is causing so much emotional distress and self acceptance/conscious issues that I keep finding myself depressed with how my body looks. I wanted to know
  6. Hello! I am having a Breast Reduction with Mr Tim Brown next month. I've seen a lot of ladies who have had BA's with Tim, and would LOVE to read some Reduction experiences. Has anyone here underwent a Reduction with Tim? Also, if anyone reading this is either booked with Tim or considering him I'm happy to share my experience. I've noticed there really isn't any reviews on reductions specifically. I know what it's like to be in the crazy research phase lol, so happy to help! So far, it has been wonderful. Tim, his nurses and practice staff have made me feel so at ease. Just counting
  7. I can't find many reviews on Dr Morris Ritz here, can anybody tell me a little about him? also any other reputable surgeons in Melbourne. TIA
  8. Hi guys, I am looking for some recommendations to a plastic surgeon in Melbourne for a Breast Lift and Reduction. I was first interested in Dr. Tavkoli in Sydney but would need to stay 10-14days in Sydney after the surgery and that's just not practical for me as I have 2 young children All suggestions welcome Thanks Renee
  9. Whilst this doctor advertises rhinoplasties, he is an ENT. He introduced me to one of his post op clients during my consultation to prove that enlarging a nose instead of refining it creates a better outcome. Well unfortunately it proved the opposite and I would definitely keep your $240 consultation fee and save your money for actual plastic surgeons unless you intend to thicken up and enlarge your nose, not to mention also be ridiculed by the rude reception staff, who freely interject their opinions on what should be done. Easily the strangest consultation I have ever had. I will be consulti
  10. Hey y’all I’m 5 days post op after surgery with Mark Ashton starting with a small B 179cm 58kgs having 295cc moderate prof plus anatomicals under the muscle- I know he does things very differently to most other surgeons so our recovery is definitely different and I was wondering if there’s any gals out there who have gone through him before ? Currently braless, strapless, starting to freak out that I’ve gone too small and low key freaking out that everyone else got so much more info from their surgeons about post op care Regardless of all this worry I really love mark, his team and
  11. Hey Ladies, i am trying to look for a Melbourne based surgeon for a breast lift. Does anyone have any recommendations on any who they have been too and are at a relatively good price? Thanks!
  12. I have my final consult with Mark Ashton tomorrow, I spoke on the phone to his receptionist today and she told me that I will not be using a post op bra or ANY bra for the first 6 weeks of my recovery- opposite to everything I've heard, I then asked about massaging and she told me that he does not encourage any massaging... he's so highly reputed and I trust him with the surgery but this sounds odd?! anybody else have any similar experiences? stats: 22, 180cm, 57kgs, 240cc-270cc? anatomical mentors under the muscle Surgery date: 30th October PS: Mark Ashton
  13. Hey ladies, I have decided I want to do some research into having a mini tummy tuck added to my surgery, I am on the hunt for a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL and mini TT, any recommendations would be appreciated, any pics aswell! Thank you! Xxx
  14. Girls who have had their breast implants done in Melbourne hoping you can share your reviews / before and afters need all the help I can get!
  15. Hey lovelies, just researching to find a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL, I've heard good things about Keith Mutimer, Mark Ashton and Tim Brown, but would love to hear of anyone's experience with these surgeons and any others, your outcome and any before and after pics would be amazing. Thanks xxx
  16. Hi girls, I'm hoping someone can recommend a good plastic surgeon who is also a cosmetic injector that I can see in Melbourne. I do like them to be plastics, I just like their level of training, experience and ability the most and don't mind paying for that. I have tried a fair few of the Melbourne guys with varying results. I'm sure there must be someone great out there that I haven't thought of. I'm mainly wanting filler in my cheeks and on going botox to forehead, masseurs, and lip filler. Definitely going to have more surgery down the track, I like having one "go to man"
  17. Hi girls, does anyone have any before and afters of Tim Brown's work? Would be much appreciated!! Thanks xx
  18. Hi Girls, Just posting to see if there are any other girls booked for their BA op in April/May? I've booked in my op for 13th April with Dr Mansoor. Shout out if you're booked in for April/May! x
  19. Hi All. Im 8 days Post Op from having a Septorhinoplasty with Dr Andrew Greensmith. I wanted to write on the forum as I know I searched these things regularly when trying to pick a surgeon. I had a consult with another Melb Plastic Surgeon, who is very well known - although I didn't like how I was treated by him/his staff and it was just off putting completely. I thought i'd never get my nose done... I was expressing this to a friend, who had another friend recently have Septorhinoplasty with Dr Greensmith & put us in touch. We got in touch and discussed everything regard
  20. I'm booked for my initial consultation with Dr greensmith on 13th June and want to be prepared with the right questions and avoid the feeling of "I should have asked that". What were some of the essential questions you ladies asked?
  21. Hi girls, I was wondering if anyone has had their tuberous breasts corrected in Melbourne, and which surgeon did they choose? Please tell me all about your experiences in detail. I am desperate to get mine done, and I have no idea where to start. Thank you!
  22. Hi all, I'm from Melbourne wanting to get botox for between my brows but have no idea where to go and am scared of the possible side effects .... the internet is full of horror stories. ANY help or experience or links would be excellent. If it helps..im 27 and have had nothing done previously. I booked appointments but chickened out as I am scared! Thank you to anyone who/if replies! Cheers
  23. I've noticed Dr Southwick has a LOT of good reviews but it is almost impossible to find any before/after photos of his work. I'm booked for mid May as I've done quite a bit of research and fairly confident he is the best I've found (probably explains his hefty price of $14K *ouch*) but it would definitely help ease my nerves to see his work Has anyone seen/booked in with him?
  24. Hi everyone! So I am traveling to Melbourne for my BA in June. I have my mum coming with me to look after me post op. Unfortunately her flight doesn't get in till 6pm on my day of surgery and I'm likely to be discharged around lunch/mid afternoon. Does anyone in the Melbourne area know of private nurses or carers that could take me back to my hotel and stay with me until my mum arrives? Or even nursing students or anything like that? Thanks! Sarah
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