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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, So I’ve been addicted to researching breast augmentation surgery (my husband is beginning to think I love boobs more than he does!). I’ve been looking everywhere at picture of my new boob goals and before and afters of similar starting points to me etc. I’ve recently found a fantastic result with the Natrelle Inspira Soft Touch implants and her result is exactly what I’m after (very similar starting point to me as well). I’m just wondering if anyone has/has had these implants? If so, are you happy with your result? Or conversely, not happy with them?
  2. I watched A Currrent Affair the other night and saw a story about the high risks of some textured implants causing cancer. I have Natrelle 410 (textured anatomical) implants and apparently this is one of the high risk implants. I have been in a bit of pain with my right side and want to get it checked out. Does anyone else have this type of implant and have concerns about this? I'm really upset because at the time I got my implants (2014), I specifically asked my surgeon for a low risk implant that wouldn't cause me any problems. I paid MORE to get the textured implant because he said it approved by FDA and one of the safest types. I'm quite upset now that this is happening. I would like to see a doctor about this but my original plastic surgeon wasn't very friendly or approachable, so looking for recommendations about who I can see to get this checked out and discuss possible removal/revision (Sydney/Canberra area would be best)? THANK YOU so much for any advice.
  3. Hello lovely ladies, I haven't been on this forum for a while but I had my BA in 2013 (so it's been 3 years now). I'm a pretty small person and I feel they are too wide on me and I'd like your opinion on are they too wide or not? I am thinking about a revision. In particular I feel that my right implant is really wide and it goes underneath my armpit. I can't close my arm properly. They also seem a bit oblong/square shape (if that makes sense). Pic attached. I don't have any major complaints, but I really wanted sexy cute bouncy boobs and feel I have ended up with motherly looking wide hard boobs that don't move. They seem to be quite bottom heavy and I can't push them up or get higher cleavage. I don't want to go bigger but want a different shape and look. Am i being realistic? Has anyone else had anatomical and then changed to a softer implant? Advice please!!! I have also heard there can be additional problems with revisions so should I just be grateful for these ones and not mess with them? Thank you Details: Natrelle 410 (255cc) MF under muscle i am 48 kilos size 6 and petite.
  4. Hi everyone!! I'm just a little anxious about everything... I had my first consultation with my surgeon in Perth today and I am about 170cm, 62kg, with an A/B cup at the moment... I think he said by BWD is about 13cm. Was playing around with implant sizes, and I thought I was quite happy with the 385cc implant size he had in his office of a different brand, but then said that the 415cc of the natrelle allergan silicon textured 415cc was going to essentially look the same (didnt have an example in his office of the 415cc) and that I have broad enough shoulders and am curvy enough around the hips to not make it look huge. My ideal is about a C to a D cup. When I got home, I tried researching 415cc HP implants online and I thought some of them look too big! Can anyone give me any kind of guidance as to what size I should go, or what I should be expecting in cup size after 415cc implants going from an A/B cup? Thank you! Your highly anxious friend....
  5. Natlovesherboobs

    Brands of breast implants

    I am in the process of deciding which brand to go with, either Eurosilicone or Natrelle (Allergen). The Eurosilicone felt slightly softer so I chose them but now I have read some bad reviews... HELP PLEASE!
  6. I'm new to this forum & glad i found it! Just hoping to get some help on sizing. I had implants done 15 years ago. As a lot of people say, they wish they went bigger. I do too! After breastfeeding 3 children, i feel they have shrunk so much!! There is a lot of rippling going on too. I am about 10kgs lighter nowadays too. By memory, i had around 350cc's round smooth silicone put in. They are spaced very far apart which i hate! Creating a decent cleavage is almost impossible. Thats why i think i have to go much bigger as my skin has been stretched out already. Im hoping to get them nice and close too. I don't want to have to wear a padded bra to make them appear bigger! Just wondering if any of you ladies have had 550ccs put in around my height/weight. Do they look too big I want to be quite big but not so it looks "too fake". Hoping for some advice. Thanks! Fee
  7. Hi guys, I really need some advice. My surgery is in 5 days and i havent been able to sleep because im scared im getting the wrong size implant. Im worried im going to be going through this huge ordeal and not have very noticeably bigger boobs. The implants ive chosen are Natrelle anatomical, textured cohesive gel - soft touch. They are 335 cc high profile, moderate height.. im 174cms, 65 kgs, currently an a cup. Would like to be a full c. Do you guys think these implants will get me there? Anyone with similar stats or advise would be VERY appriciated. Starting to have a bit of a freak out :/ Thanks heaps guys Sammy
  8. Hi there, I am going in for BA in exactly 13 days! I am super excited. Before my super excitement there was A LOT of changing the mind and indecisiveness in regards to what implants to get... I am tall and thin - about 5'10 and 65kgs, quite muscular but definately on the lean side. My bra size atm is 10-12A. As soon as my surgeon examined me and took my measurements, he suggested the Natrelle anatomical (teardrop) textured implant. He said this will give me a very natural look, not too much upperpole but nice full lower with a natural upper pole slope. I told him i wanted to look as natural (as possible) he suggested 335cc, moderates with high projection. I was really surprised. I thought that sounded massive! But he said for my height and frame this will be an ideal size. My other big concern is that i want them to feel natural (on the squishy side) I had read a lot of things on the textured gummybears that they felt firm to touch. He gave me one to squish and i agreed, they did feel very firm - especially in comparison to the normal round gel silicone implants that have been used for years.... I told him that this was a mega concern. he told me there was another option, compromise if you will.. The true form 'Natrelle' come in 2 different feels. trueform 3 - which is the firm one he first suggested, and the others are trueform2 'natural feel'. He gave me an example implant to feel and they are definetely more squishy (still not as squishy as non gummybears, but definetely better). He said the only disadvantage with the soft touch gummies are that there is about a 5% chance i may get some minor rippling - where as the trueform 3s chances are pretty much non existant. For me having squishy boobies is worth the risk. Any way i would like to hear if anyone out there has had any expieriemnces with these implants and what they think about them... Hope to hear from you soon Sammy