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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am fairly new to the forum but I am finding it really difficult to choose a surgeon for a BA. I am currently a small A cup and want to go to a full B. so if anyone has had surgery with similar requests to me I would love to hear your feedback. I have been looking at getting a BA for years but always leave it as I can't find a surgeon to follow through with. I want to have a natural and believable outcome but I find that the before and after photos always show people with large implants. If anyone has any recommendations for surgeons that would be great!! Dr Tony Connell is currently my pick but I am yet to see any photos of his work. Thanks everyone!!
  2. Hi there, I have been doing lots of homework for the most ideal surgeon in BANGKOK, from Dr Suchart, Dr Preeyapha, Dr. Piyapas to Dr Thiti?? I have loose skin/saggy boobs but athletic healthy build and would like my boobs magiced BUT TO A NATUAL LOOK, that is NOT 'HARD AND HIGH...' (one Dr Suchart review??) Can anyone tell me who, of them all, may be great for natural/mouldable BL&BA?? ...that would be awesome, thanks!! xx
  3. Hey y’all I’m 5 days post op after surgery with Mark Ashton starting with a small B 179cm 58kgs having 295cc moderate prof plus anatomicals under the muscle- I know he does things very differently to most other surgeons so our recovery is definitely different and I was wondering if there’s any gals out there who have gone through him before ? Currently braless, strapless, starting to freak out that I’ve gone too small and low key freaking out that everyone else got so much more info from their surgeons about post op care Regardless of all this worry I really love mark, his team and have full faith in him :-)
  4. Hi there, I have had a consult with Dr Hamish Farrow with a quote above 12k for teardrop implants. He is lovely just the cost is wayyy out of what I'm willing to pay. Have any ladies had a BA with teardrop implants and paid 10K or under?
  5. Hi Ladies I am seriously considering a boob job as i feel I've lost a bit of volume in the past few months. I'm naturally a D cup and I'm worried how big they'll look after the procedure (wouldn't want to be any bigger than an E). I've searched so many galleries and am really struggling to find before and after pics of ladies that went from a D to a DD or E! I've booked in a consult in the next couple of weeks to get my qs answered but I am just after feedback from any girls out there that were a D prior to procedure and what size you are now. Thank you! xx
  6. Hi there! I'm looking at getting my lips done in Brisbane (will have to travel) and am wondering what type of filler and where is the most recommended for a natural plump look? This will be a first for me! Prices would be good to know too please thanks thanks thanks pics attached of what I'm working with here!
  7. Hi Everyone I've met with Dr Rastoogi but would love some real life stories. I'm really nervous as want a look so natural you can't tell its implants His work looks amazing but I want some first hand feedback i am also thinking of fat transfer / grafting but I'm worried too much downtime Has anyone done either?? i would love to see some photos if possible are they soft? Please help xxx
  8. Hey ladies, I need some serious help! I've got my ba coming up in 10 days and I'm struggling really hard to choose between 245cc and 280cc. I've got a very small chest cavity and shoulder and I'm really worried that if I go with the larger that I'll look enormous. I'm 172cms and around 53kgs, I've currently got a deflated b cup. I'm going under the muscle, with Mentor textured anatomicals. I've read so many mixed reviews of other girls results. Some saying that small implants go a long way for petite girls and then some saying the complete opposite. My main goal is to have a full looking c cup without a bra. I want them to be as natural as possible because I really like my slim look but I just feel lacking with not having much going on in the chest area. It'd be ideal for me to be able to hide them if I feel like it but still have something that's going to look killer in bikinis and cleavage-y tops. Think Bella Hadid, she's pretty much my boob goals. So if there's any girls out there similar to me I'd love to hear from you!
  9. Hi Guys, It's my first time on this forum and I'm starting my breast augmentation journey. I've always thought about getting my boobs done since I hit puberty and my breasts hardly grew. I have the smallest in my family and it's something I've never felt confident about. The look that I'm after is a very natural look. I'd like to be a full C to a D. I was thinking maybe a mid profile as I have a wide chest, but maybe teardrop as well? I have decided on a consult with Dr Marucci at St George Private. Has anyone been to him and had a good/bad experience? Otherwise I've heard a lot about TCI, but recently the reviews have been less than stellar. I want to go to a reputable cosmetic surgeon as I feel that this is very important to me. Thanks in advance :)
  10. Hi girls! Just wondering if there are any girls who have had a breast augmentation by Mark Ashton? what look were you after and did you achieve that look? any comments on the experience etc? I'm 168cm, 50kg, flat as a pancake 8A cup and hoping for a natural look after ba. I've got my consultation with him this week :-)
  11. Hey ladies- would love to see any girls who have 300 cc moderate mentor plus implants or 325 cc high profile moderate mentor implants and what sizes you began with and ended up. Also, did anyone go over there breast width? I'm 11.5 cm and wondering if I could go .5 over if it would look like I had a monoboob.
  12. I am currently a 10B, see before photos. I have been recommended a high profile 325 cc mentor implant. (Width 11.5 proj 4.8) my bwd is about 11.4 roughly. I would like to go up 1 to 1.5 bra size at the absolute most as I'm very active and a dancer. I also want the most natural result as I don't plan on telling family members. I do already have some breast tissue so my surgeon said I wouldn't need anatomical to be natural. Can I achieve natural with high profile round implants? The photo is before and what I'd like to achieve after. I really don't want the fake look what so ever. Anyone use these implants ?
  13. Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because I need some opinions on sizing My breast augmentation is booked in for January the 19th 2015, so it's a 7 week countdown now woooo! I'm very excited, but my indecision on the size is stressing me a little. My surgeon was kind enough to order both sizes while I decide. I should preface this with some stats... I'm currently an A cup 172cm tall and my weight is roughly 70kgs I am not seeking big boobs really, I just want them to be in proportion with my body. I also want them to look as natural as possible, so I am going with anatomical implants (Mentor, moderate plus) The first surgeon I had a consultation with recommended 275cc and I was pretty comfortable with this recommendation. However the surgeon I ended up going with (for a number of reasons) recommends AT LEAST 305cc but thinks 350cc will look much better. He estimates the 305cc will give me a C cup and the 350cc will probably give me a D cup. I never imagined I'd go bigger than a C cup. The reason I'm confused is that when I decided to get breast implants the image I had in my head looks like the 305cc implants (my surgeon has this super high tech photo imaging program which pretty much shows you the photoshopped image of your own chest with new boobs when you put the implant specifications in, which is awesome!) The reason I am so confused is because I trust the judgment of my surgeon - who is adament that the 350cc implants will look better - but on this site girls who have much smaller frames than me seem to be getting much bigger implants. I've read numerous times that the only regret girls seem to have is not going bigger, which is what my surgeon says too. I realise that the difference between 305cc and 350cc isn't tooooo much, but I will be aware of it. I feel like I'll look so top heavy with the 350cc, though it may be that I'm just not used to it. Also, I forgot to ask my surgeon this but if anyone knows that'd be awesome. When I have children in the future (probably a fair few years away) I'd like to breastfeed. It is likely that my boobs would sag a little after the breastfeeding, even with implants in? So when I eventually get new ones in I'd have to go bigger because of the excess skin? So pretty much this is a dilemma over what I think I want to achieve, and the advice of someone who knows better than me as to what will look really good. Any opinions or comments would be greatly appreciated, it's playing on my mind constantly!
  14. Hi Everyone! I'm 20 and am currently a 10A (Barely! ). I am aiming to fill out a B or a C cup, still deciding. I'm new to this forum and just wanted to get a bit of information. I've been looking into getting a BA that is both natural looking and affordable (less than 7k, if possible... its so expensive in Melbourne). I was interested in getting it done with Dr Fung because he is reasonably priced, however, I'm not sure about the look of his BA. I'm not very into the high profile look unfortunately. Any other recommendations? This is something I would love to have eventually! http://www.plasticsurgeryforum.com.au/gallery/image/10239-3/ I also love the look of Emily Ratajkowski's boobs. Another dilemma is that my boyfriend really does not want me to get a BA because he says its unnatural. He says he hates fake things. That really hurts my feelings because I've been waiting for my boobs to grow since I was 13 years old and they haven't. It makes me feel really insecure about my body and I don't feel feminine at all.
  15. Hi there, I am going in for BA in exactly 13 days! I am super excited. Before my super excitement there was A LOT of changing the mind and indecisiveness in regards to what implants to get... I am tall and thin - about 5'10 and 65kgs, quite muscular but definately on the lean side. My bra size atm is 10-12A. As soon as my surgeon examined me and took my measurements, he suggested the Natrelle anatomical (teardrop) textured implant. He said this will give me a very natural look, not too much upperpole but nice full lower with a natural upper pole slope. I told him i wanted to look as natural (as possible) he suggested 335cc, moderates with high projection. I was really surprised. I thought that sounded massive! But he said for my height and frame this will be an ideal size. My other big concern is that i want them to feel natural (on the squishy side) I had read a lot of things on the textured gummybears that they felt firm to touch. He gave me one to squish and i agreed, they did feel very firm - especially in comparison to the normal round gel silicone implants that have been used for years.... I told him that this was a mega concern. he told me there was another option, compromise if you will.. The true form 'Natrelle' come in 2 different feels. trueform 3 - which is the firm one he first suggested, and the others are trueform2 'natural feel'. He gave me an example implant to feel and they are definetely more squishy (still not as squishy as non gummybears, but definetely better). He said the only disadvantage with the soft touch gummies are that there is about a 5% chance i may get some minor rippling - where as the trueform 3s chances are pretty much non existant. For me having squishy boobies is worth the risk. Any way i would like to hear if anyone out there has had any expieriemnces with these implants and what they think about them... Hope to hear from you soon Sammy
  16. I was wondering if anyone has had anatomical/teardrop implants at TCI - as I emailed them a few months ago requesting pics of teardrop before and afters and they were very anti-teardrop and refused to send any. I noticed they only had high profile round before and afters so it didn't really seem like there was any other option than round... So, Anyone had natural looking teardrop implants at TCI? Round sadly isn't an option for me as I have zero breast tissue.
  17. I know there are heaps of girls out there who love the fake look (and damn, does it look good sometimes!) but I'm wondering if there are many girls who have gone from a super small size and opted for something more natural and less obvious? I'm an empty 10A and only want to go up to a C-cup MAX. I also love the tear drop shape where the bottom is fuller and the breast slopes down a bit. Is there anyone out there who can give me some advice, experience or info on this size of implants? Thanks
  18. I am getting BA next friday 2nd May. I am only 20 so would love advice!! PLEASE if you started from an A or B cup and now have large, natural looking breasts please add me so i can see photos as I am still undecided on size and on teardrop or round! i want them to look as real as possible while still being as big as possible so i dont get boob greed!! Id love to see photos to see how long they take to settle and also to see if i should get tear drop or not. everyone on here seems to have round im so confused!! any advice will be very appreciated, or just add me !! THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!! (Im currently 12a, 163cm)
  19. Hi I'm considering Dr Miroshnik or Dr Liew because I REALLY want a natural look and FEEL. But I've seen a lot of girls on here who swear by tci. Has anyone on here been to tci and had a very natural result and feel? I'm only considering tci because it's half the price of the other 2 surgeons I'm considering but I'm willing to pay more to get exactly what I want. I'd love if some girls who have done to dr miroshnik, liew, dona, tang, val etc could friend request me and give me their honest opinion Thanks
  20. I know the qstn has been asked before but I am just wondering when did ur boobs feel soft? I am 2wks post op and I am impatiently waiting for my boobs to soften up. Right now the only place that they are soft is under and around the nipple area. I'm particuarly interested to hear from girls who started with an A cup as that's what i am and I'm thinking that those who started with a C cup may feel softer sooner? However, i would be very appreciative to hear all responses from girls of all sizes!!!!! P.s. Im also wishing that they would drop (they are sitting so high)
  21. Hey ladies! I just wanted to start a thread for us gals with smaller implants! I'm only looking at getting a subtle enhancement myself, and based on some results I've seen in these forums and in before and after galleries I have decided that 225-250cc would give me the outcome I want. I usually wear 10A bras but even then they tend to be loose on me, and everyday is an ultra-padded, push up bra day. Mainly I want to attain the large C look that my bras give the illusion of, to me it is large enough to fill out my clothes nicely yet small enough so I can continue with my active lifestyle without them getting too much in the way, as well as small enough so I don't need to replace a large portion of my wardrobe to accommodate my new shirt size. I'm also intending for nobody to be able to tell the difference, as I'm keeping my plans hush hush I love the natural look so I'm going to ask my surgeon to give me results that would fool a plastic surgeon So ladies, any of you getting implants towards the smaller end of the scale? Let's hear about them!
  22. Hi there, I have been for a consultation with both Dr Tavakoli and Dr Liew, and found them to be poles apart .... Dr Liew was very professional and I had his full attention for a whole hour and went through photos to get my first reaction on what I thought were good/bad boobs, whereas Dr Tavakoli was brusque and was only with him for 15 mins in total despite paying a fee for a full hour consult. That said, I think that Tavakoli does seem to be brilliant ... I am wanting to book in for pre-op consult to have them done this December and am undecided as to which one to proceed with. Would love to hear feedback/recommendations from anyone who has had the procedure done with either doctor please. I am 63 kgs, 175 tall and looking at going from a 12B to a full size C or moderate profile C (round, textured), and wanting to achieve a 'natural' look without looking like they're stuck on my chest! Would love to see photos of before and after if you're wanting to share Many thanks, Janine
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