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Found 54 results

  1. Hello I require a septorhinoplasty due to a deviated septum but am also wanting the shape changed as well. I'm in Brisbane. I have had an appointment with Maurice Stevens and he was very nice and seemed very experienced. But I have also heard good things about Dr Scott Comen as well. Does anyone have experience with either of these doctors? Thank you
  2. Does anyone have recommendations of where to go for non surgical nose job in Adelaide? Any personal experiences you can share? Thank you!
  3. When is a person too young for a nose job? I have a nephew who had his nose a bit crooked due to an accident a year ago. Adding to that, he is also experiencing some difficulty in breathing. Aside for aesthetic purposes, i think the surgery will be good for his health and well-being too. Due to the purpose of having the rhinoplasty done, is it possible for us to get it covered by insurance? Your answers will be deeply appreciated.
  4. I've been doing some research on rhinoplasties because I'm thinking about getting one and I found this online. If you are an expert, and you have 5 minutes, could you help me out on some doubts I have about my nose? Any comment (really, any!) or advice would be much appreciated and would help me! I've been thinking for a long time about getting a rhinoplasty... On one hand I'm not even sure I want to go through with it because given that my nose is not that bad, it's easier for it to end up looking worse than it is now. And I know it's a fairly complicated operation. I know I don't have a massive nose, and I have to say it doesn't really bother me when I'm not smiling and from the front. The first thing is that I'd like the nose to be a bit closer to my face, so some deprojection. -The fact that I have a small chin doesn't help make my nose look smaller (but I don't mind having a small chin and I do mind my nose).- A part from that I think maybe the tip needs work in two ways: make it a tiny bit smaller (you can see the roundness of it it's a bit big specially when smiling) and turn it up a little bit so it doesn't drop when I smile. I think I don't mind too much that my nostrils get big when I smile. I think you wouldn't even notice they get big if the tip didn't drop and was smaller. What I'm scared about only changing the tip and not the nostrils is that maybe the nostrils would be too visible (even when serious) a bit like a pig, or even worse, very unnatural. I have been reading about facial proportions and supposedly the nose width should be the same as the eye width. This happens when I'm serious, so making it smaller would look to artificial with a relaxed face...? I have also seen photos like this: I think the tip has been reduced but I feel the final result looks very unnatural and even scary (Michael Jackson-like) given the width of the columella(?). I'd really just like to know if there's a lot of chances of making my nose worse if I did go through with it or seems like an easy result to achieve. Thank you, Any comments would be appreciated, I hope to hear from you given this is very important to me, but I understand if I need to book a consultation. Best,
  5. Always go to a reputable plastic surgeon. A plastic surgery addict has spoken of his agony after he claims a nose job operation caused him to get a painful and permanent erection. Croatian stylist Neven Ciganovic was being filmed by a documentary crew from Channel 4 when the side-effect from the surgery triggered the rare condition. According to Neven, it was during the surgery that he was diagnosed with priapism - an unwanted, long-lasting and painful erection that is not accompanied by sexual desire. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/weird-news/plastic-surgery-addict-left-permanent-11132339
  6. Hi all, I'm kind of a newbie and very confused. I was initially looking at seeing Andrew Greensmith for rhinoplasty thanks to the lovely people on this forum who have kindly shared their wonderful experiences. I have heard nothing but good things about him. However, I have also come to the realisation that perhaps I cannot afford him as his prices are quite steep (from what I have heard from his patients that I have spoken to). Therefore, I am now looking at the option of ENT surgeons. Is this a bad avenue to pursue? Has anyone had a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure done with an ENT surgeon in Melbourne, or does anyone know of any reputable ENT surgeons who have experience in cosmetic rhinoplasty? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Nora xoxo
  7. Hi. Does anyone have any experience with, or heard anything about Dr William Mooney, bondi junction, Sydney?
  8. Had rhinoplasty and septoplasty done by dr pipayas in Thailand ppsi hospital almost a year ago now I'm devastated with the results nose looked much better before the nose does not suit my face and people said your face looks really different and looked at me very weirdly I cried the whole time I was in Thailand especially when the cast was removed and I got to see what I had done to my face I got told it was still swollen and would go down 10 months later and my nose has not changed at all. I'm really scared to get a nose job to fix it I'm not sure what to do. I'm looking for any recommendations of people who have been very unhappy with their surgery and what they did to fix this and any info on plastic surgeons for nose correction surgery. Currently I am left with what looks like a swollen tip my nose gets blocked I can't breathe any better if anything it's worse and it looks like I have a droopy nose (hanging columella not to mention it looks wonky. I have attached photos
  9. Hi All I am new new new to this! I am closing approaching the big 40 and have decided to take the plunge. I am very impressed with Mr Graeme Southwick and his expertise. I have booked in for December. However I am keen to hear from other facial surgery patients of his and if you are happy with the results? SO NERVOUS!
  10. Hi, I have seen Dr. Chow a few times and she is very nice and knowledgeable but I was hoping to hear some first hand experiences before I book myself in for actual surgery. I cannot find an reviews on her so anything would be much appreciated!
  11. Hey everyone, I am booked in to have Rhinoplasty with Dr Montien on the 10th of September and I am leaving this coming Monday 5th September. I have a few questions I would love answered and any advice, and experiences would be much appreciated! First of all, Can anyone reccomended items I should make sure I pack to keep myself comfortable and entertained? Secondly, My family doesn't know that I am getting surgery infact they don't even know I'm going to Thailand or on Holiday. I can't tell them because they would freak out and be completely against it, if I mention Thailand they will straight away guess it is for plastic surgery and the reason I can't tell them that I am even going away is because I am getting married next year and I am very lucky to have my Dad help pay for it. I worry that if he was to know that I was going on holiday instead of puting money aside for the wedding he would say he would no longer help out. I currently live in a different state to them but we talk a few times a week on the phone. Has anyone else been in this situation ? How did you avoid talking on the phone for the time you were away? Can anyone give me any advice at all? Anyways, I will try to keep posted with how my surgery and everything else goes Xxxxx
  12. Hi, I am booked in for a BA and Rhinoplasty in Thailand in Feb with Dr Narupon, but I am starting to get scared about getting the rhinoplasty done. I think I'm comfortable with getting my boobs done in Thailand because it's something they have a lot of experience with, but I'm finding it super hard to find reviews/pictures of rhinoplasty surgeries done by my surgeon. I'm worried that I won't get the result I desire or that it will look worse than what I go in with. I'm now thinking of just getting the BA done over there and getting the rhinoplasty done here in Brisbane. Can anyone recommend any surgeons here in Brisbane that specialise in rhinoplasty?
  13. Hi everyone! I've booked my Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation with Dr Montien in Bangkok, Thailand for February 2017! I was hoping some of you could share your experiences and any stories you may have as I am a little nervous about the procedure! I would love to see some pictures too! I've been wanting my nose to be a lot smaller, more defined and more feminine for a very long time and I'm finally going ahead with it, however i'm a little apprehensive as to how my nose will actually turn out! Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing your stories!
  14. Hi everyone i have been wanting to get my nose done is so long and i have been researching dr Carey Kailis and i was wondering if anyone can share there experience with me or recommends him Thank you
  15. Hi Guys, I'm planning on going to Thailand for Rhinoplasty and I'm hoping someone could give me a run through of their experience with Dr Montien? He seems to have no negative reviews and a lot of positive so I'm leaning towards him. I've seen a few posts with regards to going through tour groups but can anyone tell me if they've been direct? Without a tour company? Price differences maybe? I've been to Thailand on holiday a few times and I'm quite savvy with flights and accommodation and have a good handle on the atmosphere, how not to get ripped off by cab and tuk tuk drivers etc. so I'm confident enough to go it alone (unless someone wants to join me on this quiet adventure that I'm not telling most of my friends and family about? I'd welcome the company from a fellow silent surgery goer). My second child is only a few months old and my husband works in the mines and gets two weeks off so once I can time things at home right then I'm going over. To give you an idea, my last trip over was in Feb last year and I flew from the Gold Coast via Singapore to Bangkok return and paid $498AUD for flights and then $272 for 8 nights, 5 star accommodation in Ratchathewi and I'm not sure if going through a tour company would be the best value for money. Only issue is, I've never had surgery over there so it's new territory for me which is why I'm asking if anyone has been direct to Dr Montien or got direct quotes and tour quotes I could maybe compare with? I'm also planning on a tummy tuck and breast augmentation but I'm trying to be patient about that until my body settles from pregnancy - That and I don't want to have to recover from all three things at once as I imagine the rhinoplasty is gonna be a challenge all on its own. Any advice or experiences or quotes or comparisons would be so greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  16. Hi Everyone, I've been considering rhinoplasty for a while now and researching for the last year. I've read hundreds of posts and looked at hundreds of photos of patients of doctors from Australia and all over the world. If I'm going to get it done I want a good result! So recently I came across a few pictures of patient who had their noses done by Dr Chatpong in Bangkok and so far they are my favourite out comes. Both the profile and the front view look great (to my eye). Also the tips look great too, I've heard this is very difficult. The only problem is I can only find photos from three or four rhino patients. Has anyone here had rhino with Dr Chatpong? Or is considering it? Or might want to share their experiences or photos? My nose: bulbous tip and over projected.
  17. Help!!!! I am 3 weeks post op and I HATE my side profile still. The main reason I got Rhino done was to reduce my side profile dramatically. Although it has defiantly been reduced it is still very big and not sloped at all. The bump that was barley visible before is now very prominent. I have my wedding in 1 year and now I am wanting to postpone it. I feel just as self conscious as before if not worse due to the bump. I have spoken to my surgeon and he just keeps saying that its to early to tell, but I don't feel this is the case at all. Has anyone else been in this situation and what did you do?
  18. Hello! I'm looking for opinions on great rhinoplasty surgeons, mainly revolving around the aesthetical aspects as I don't have any breathing issues. I'll most likely be residing in Sydney when the conduction of my operation happens, so any surgeons in this area specifically would be great! I've been heavily considering Dr. Tobias Pincock - as I've heard absolutely nothing but great reviews, but I'm a little skeptical because I've never seen a single photo of his outcomes? Also, I've heard of crazy price quotes from him, up to $20,000!! I'm not willing to pay even close to that for a primary rhinoplasty. Anyone who has had primarily rhinoplasty operations with Dr. Tobias Pincock, please tell me about your experience and the price he quoted! I don't think I'll be wanting to pay anything over $11,000 - when even then, I think it's pushing it. Thanks
  19. I have been surfing the internet for a long time for my nose surgery. I am a guy who really been meaning to do his nose and lower face in Thailand. I really need a doctor I can trust and believe he sees what I see. And work on my nose to come out for the best perfect results as possible. I would like to know a doctors vision that meets mine regarding. Doctor nond is very slow and I read lots of bad reviews about him. Doctor kunachak has a very good reputation and gave me that vibe during email consultations. He pays attention to details and this is what I really want. But he is very pricy. My nose needs a tip reconstruction. Basically reduce bridge and tip. As in "frontal view and profile" Therefore, I need to raise tip, reduce nostrils align nostril sides and manipulate cartilage. I guess my only problem is the little extra cartilage that appears as a bit bulbous and round. When I smile my nose that forces shape of nose to appear down when smiling. I have done a rhino but only moved the hump. Now it is time to lower the bridge and do tip shortening, lowering, and tip deprojection as part of the tippalsty procedure. Now kunachak said that if I lower bridge, my nose will look feminine. I honestly would rather have afeminine nose but not live with the bose I have everyday and feel the guilt and negativity. I know many men with feminie noses, but on the other hand good lookin' What procedure is best to achieve the cute harmonic yet not have "that operates look" what should I do? Who do you recommend? Please. and any doctors GOOD PRO doctors that reconstruct good jaw implants. Mandibles. In thailand that turns over the lower face. Models face
  20. I have long been thinking of getting a rhinoplasty ever since the beginning of this year. I am happy that I finally did! It's still 6 weeks since my procedure, and I am pretty happy about it. Although this is still not the final result. But after the swelling has gone down significantly and the discoloration are completely gone, I am happy to see what I am seeing now. Doc andrew kim of advance has been a good surgeon because he gave it to me straight. He told me what i needed to hear and not just what I want, which really worked for my case. He sees what is best for my face. I think the open line of communication is definitely important to see if you are on the same page.
  21. I am just curious when do you say that your nose job result is a flop? how long do you have to wait before you can actually observe the FINAL results?
  22. I am booked in for rhinoplasty with dr Greensmith in October. Do people think the outcome is much different to the computer imaging? I am also having to have a fascia graft from behind my ear as my skin is thin has anyone else had this? i would love to see people's before and after photos who have had surgery with dr Greensmith
  23. I will be going to Thailand in February next year and will be getting Rhinoplasty to remove a bump from my nose. I have contacted different hospitals, Yanhee with Dr. Thawatchi and Bumrungrad (no Doctor yet), has anyone had Rhinoplasty done in Thailand and can give feedback at those hospitals or recommend a hospital/Doctor.
  24. Has anyone had any experience getting rhinoplasty in Adelaide? I am trying to find a good plastic surgeon for a nose job sometime this month. Any past experiences, good or bad, would be helpful. Thanks!
  25. is a rhinoplasty really necessary when fixing a dent at the tip of my nose? I'm hoping there is something less invasive that can be done about it. I am planning to get an eyelid surgery and I would prefer it if I could have less cuts on me. Also it would be too costly to have to surgeries on my end. Do I have a less invasive option?
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