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Found 27 results

  1. after doing alot of research I think im tempted to go to Thailand and get my nose fixed but in two minds about where to go though, ive heard great reviews on Dr. Montien but also Rungkit Tanjapatkul with MediMakover. Has anyone been through Medi Makeover?
  2. Hello there, I received terrible nerve damage from facial surgery by Dr Simon Rosenbaum 3 years ago. He tried to fix it a year later but he just made it worse. He returned my money with a promise to fix my face with ongoing treatment if I didn't go public with my case. I signed the papers and he stopped treatment. I'm now left going from surgeon to surgeon getting Botox and fillers to try and even my face up. Does anyone have any recommendations? Is there a wiz out there who understands symmetry and doesn't overfill lips? To say this has depressed me would be an understatement. This photo is AFTER last treatment I paid for. This seems to be the most symmetric they can get me.
  3. Hi all, I have booked in my initial consultation with Dr Mooney as I found some noses that are similar to mine and which have had an outstanding result. Based on in images I found, response time and service to date, I am extremely happy with what I found! However, I found some reviews today which have left me a little bit unsure about the surgeon. Obviously out of the hundreds of patients he must do work on, there will always be a few which won't be happy, but I do not want to be left botched. Can anyone share your experience with Rhinoplasty experience with Dr William Mooney? Can you share any photos? Thank you all in advance.
  4. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about getting nose surgery done and I'm looking into Andrew Greensmith or any other surgeon who is great that anyone can review or suggest to me?
  5. Hey everyone, I am booked in to have Rhinoplasty with Dr Montien on the 10th of September and I am leaving this coming Monday 5th September. I have a few questions I would love answered and any advice, and experiences would be much appreciated! First of all, Can anyone reccomended items I should make sure I pack to keep myself comfortable and entertained? Secondly, My family doesn't know that I am getting surgery infact they don't even know I'm going to Thailand or on Holiday. I can't tell them because they would freak out and be completely against it, if I mention Thailand they will straight away guess it is for plastic surgery and the reason I can't tell them that I am even going away is because I am getting married next year and I am very lucky to have my Dad help pay for it. I worry that if he was to know that I was going on holiday instead of puting money aside for the wedding he would say he would no longer help out. I currently live in a different state to them but we talk a few times a week on the phone. Has anyone else been in this situation ? How did you avoid talking on the phone for the time you were away? Can anyone give me any advice at all? Anyways, I will try to keep posted with how my surgery and everything else goes Xxxxx
  6. Hi! I'm in the process of searching for a reputable rhinoplasty surgeon located in Melbourne and i'm a bit lost on where to begin. This has been something i've wanted to have done for a long time and so i'm extremely cautious as to who i choose, as the nose is the centre piece and important feature of our face! If anyone has any recommendations or advice, it would be greatly appreciated - of well known surgeons around Melbourne, Australia. Also - how much am i looking at in terms of cost? I understand this could vary depending on what's involved. Thankyou!
  7. I would really like to hear from someone who has had a great result with a Victorian based plastic and/or ent surgeon. If you have a surgeon that gave you the nose you always wanted, please share your experience (I met with a couple of plastic surgeons and ENT specialists, but I am not convinced that any of them would give me the result that I will be happy with. I am ready to pay 10-13k, so I would like to be pretty sure that I will be loving the result.) Thanks so much in advanced Anna
  8. Hello everyone, 3 years ago I had a very stupid accident with my cat, well, my nose got a deep cut from one of his claws, there was blood, but it was 3AM in the morning and I didn't thought that the cut was so deep (but it was), so I didn't went to the hospiral for a wound cleaning and suture (I know, a bad from my part). The days passed and it got infected, when I managed to get rid of the infection it started to heal, and there it was! My extremely hated deep scar on the nose, I already tried A LOT of creams, oils, fraxel laser, Kelo-Cote, and even dermaflage, but nothing helps me enought, the scar it's still there, and I know that there are worse cases on other people, but it affects my personal confidence In a way that only I can understand, sometimes I can't even be face to face with someone without thinking that all they see is my scar. So, I decided that my best effort was to try a surgical revision with a plastic surgeon, I had the little surgery in june of 2015, everything was healing good for a month and a half, the scar almost disappeared, and the one day a spot there on the skin became reddish, it began to hurt a lot and raise, it was infected again, all the scar zone was very inflamed it looked like an under the skin pimple, actually I thought that it was a pimple, but some days later, a very little knot from the intradermal suture emerged from there, after that, the scar was ugly, deeper, bigger, and reddish again… But I can’t give up, a month ago I had a meet with the same surgeon, we analyzed my case, and he told me that my problem was, that my body wasn’t capable of degrade and absorb the knots of the indradermal suture, so the little knot was rejected after some time before the scar was fully healed, and that’s why it became ugly again… The surgeon told me that we can do the procedure again, basically he can cut and extract the scar, and then proceed with an intradermal suture again, but without using multifilament thread for the intradermal suture as before, using a thinner one, the post operatory care is going to be more delicate, but my body should degrade and absorb the thinner thread without problem, that is an adequate procedure, it is the only surgical option? If after the surgery the supperficial appearance of the scars is good, but still a little depressed, I suppose that I can got applied some filler like hyalluronic acid... I will be extremely happy to read some opinions, advice, and even better experiences from people who had surgical revision of facial scars. Thanks in advance.
  9. I've established that Thailand is where I want to go. I can see that there are plenty of great surgeons to perform by boob job, but can anyone recommend someone to perform rhinoplasty? This surgery needs to be spot on! Thanks
  10. Help!!!! I am 3 weeks post op and I HATE my side profile still. The main reason I got Rhino done was to reduce my side profile dramatically. Although it has defiantly been reduced it is still very big and not sloped at all. The bump that was barley visible before is now very prominent. I have my wedding in 1 year and now I am wanting to postpone it. I feel just as self conscious as before if not worse due to the bump. I have spoken to my surgeon and he just keeps saying that its to early to tell, but I don't feel this is the case at all. Has anyone else been in this situation and what did you do?
  11. I will be going to Thailand in February next year and will be getting Rhinoplasty to remove a bump from my nose. I have contacted different hospitals, Yanhee with Dr. Thawatchi and Bumrungrad (no Doctor yet), has anyone had Rhinoplasty done in Thailand and can give feedback at those hospitals or recommend a hospital/Doctor.
  12. Hi there, About to book a Rhino with Dr. Imani for this upcoming October (Perth, WA). I saw lots of doctors over the course of two years before making this decision and was so undecided for ages! Just wondering if anyone has had work done by him and can share some before and after photos?? Also how long did it take for noticeable swelling to go down? Happy to answer anyones questions about my pre opp experience so far
  13. Hi Everyone, I have been reading all of these forums and gathered A LOT of information in my research for my own rhinoplasty. Everyone really has great advice so I am hoping you can help me with some specifics. At the moment I am looking to book a first consultation with a couple of surgeons. Dr Andrew Greensmith - I've seen nothing but great reviews. I am a little worried I won't be able to afford him so am also looking into both Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I have read lots on Dr Greensmith but not so much on Dr Robert Thomas and Dr Perry Burstin. I understand they are both ENT surgeons rather than Plastic Surgeons which is why they are considerably cheaper. From what I've read so far Greensmith (10K - 15K) and Thomas/Burstin (5K) Has anyone gone through surgery with either of them? I am looking to narrow my nose considerable on the front profile and reduce a hump on the side profile. Any information, thoughts and feedback would be lovely. Thank you Blake :-)
  14. Hi there, Has anyone had any experience with Dr Jorge Lopez or Dr Broadhurst for rhinoplasty? I have consults with them both next week. I can't find any reviews for Dr Lopez. Any insight would be greatly appreciated =) Thank you.
  15. How much did you pay in total for your surgery? What is the average price for a nose surgery?
  16. Would really love some help on who is the best cost and how you went about booking it all Want to go over at Christmas time and I'm so over whelmed an have no idea where to start I don't know if I want to get the procedures get or what procedure they even are Have some tiny amount of excess skin and hate my stretch marks plus major issues with my nose from when I was four but not sure I want rhino as my kids are crazy and only keep making it worse lol Can upload some pics to At the moment just want to know who the best is and what I will expect to pay all up Best places to stay and cost and flihhts As iv never been to any Asian country before
  17. Hi. I am thinking of reducing the size of my huge nose by getting an alar base reduction surgery. Thing is, I don't want anyone to notice it since I am a guy haha. To anyone who has ever gotten the surgery, how noticeable is it? Do people comment on your nose? Cheers
  18. Sorry for the creepy eyes, I just didn't want my features to be visible, or to be fully recognisable on the internet. For a long time I have wanted a rhinoplasty, and have really struggled with feeling confident with the nose I have. Because it's such an expensive and difficult surgery, I wanted to be sure before going through with it that my nose was actually "big", and that family and friends supported me. However, everyone I ask tells me my nose is "small" or "fine" and that I do not need to go through with a nose surgery. I can't understand this as I've always considered it to be big, and have struggled with it for years. It's the one thing that gets my confidence down, and I can't imagine ever being happy with my face while this nose is on it. Also, in the image from the side the nose appears smaller than it is in real life. It actually rises a bit more on the bridge and is longer than it appears. (I'm almost 17 and would probably go through with the surgery in a year's time when I'm legally an adult and have saved some extra money) I wanted to go to a professional consultation with a surgeon and ask their opinion, but I'm afraid they'll tell me to go through with it anyway because it'll mean they'll bank an extra 13,000 dollars. Can I get a professional, unbiased opinion - is my nose "big" enough for me to realistically have nose surgery? Will a surgeon turn me down because my nose isn't "big" enough? Are my family and friends just being nice, or are they really right when they say my nose is small?
  19. I've had a bad nose (appearance and breathing wise) my whole life. I've had a terbinectomy (I don't even know how to spell it haha) and a septoplasty by a local ENT. In late 2013 I saw Dr Andrew Greensmith who made me very excited, but also took away any hope I had of having my nose fixed by quoting me a house deposit basically. In 2014 I saw Dr Flood who said my nose was too complex for him to fix as I have a deviated septum and I already have scar tissue from past operations. Next week I am seeing Dr Tony Holmes, and I'm wondering if anyone has any reviews/stories/opinions or anything on him? My nose apparently is quite hard to fix and I'm really worried I'm going to get quoted another ginormous figure that I'll never be able to afford
  20. Hi Everyone, So after years of contemplating and research I have finally decicded to go under the knife in Thailand. I was just wondering if anyone else can share there stories on there procedures especially nose and chin and also your surgeon would be great if it was Dr Montien. I have heard some great things on this guy and have also got some great information from this site already but more information is always valuable. I'm booking in for next month, and while I'm there im also going to get 4 crowns on the front of my teeth... Why not ey!! It would be great to hear of a few of you and follow your journey, I will also be keeping you guys updated along the way as I feel If i can share my experience with you it will help someone else in the weeks or months coming to take the same journey as me. Currently I'm just finalising a few things with work but by the end of this week I hope to have the procedures booked and my flights. I'm excited but scared at the same time, I'm going over on my own as my partner cannot get the time off work so I think more than anything it scares me being there alone, But I'm a big boy, I've traveled on my own before. Well please if anyone reads this and has anything to share it would be great to hear off you, and likewise if you guys would like to know anything from me then also please get in touch. Cheers, Warren
  21. I'm 8 days post open Rhinoplasty. The cast & stitches came out yesterday (ouch!). When I first saw my new nose it was nice, the bulbous tip was reduced from the side, but front on it was still massive. As soon as I left I took front and side on pictures of myself. Today I did the same and it's almost doubled in size, so swollen. The side profile isn't too bad, but front on it's extremely wide and the tip is even more bulbous than before surgery! Has anyone experienced this with swelling? Can you see it reduce in size as the weeks go by? I'm a little scared and also need to return to daily life again next week. Help!!
  22. Has anyone had BA or rhinoplasty from either of these surgeons? If so can you please let me know your thoughts and FR me. thankyou!!
  23. Im posting yet again! Id love to find some girls who have been to Dr Chan for BA or a nose job and also Dr Lim and also OR anywhere else for either or both that perform both. Im getting both at the same time. Ill pay anything for boobs, only problem is, my mums paying for my nose so i want to keep that one as cheap as possible...$12k is too much for a nose THanks in advance girls
  24. I have an appointment with Andrew greensmith I see he is a good nose surgeon from these forums but how is he at face lifts ? Has anyone had a face lift with Andrew Greensmith? I was hoping to get both procedures done at once.
  25. Is it normal for your nose to be constantly runny after rhinoplasty? I'm coming up to day 6 post op and it won't stop running! Has anyone experienced this?
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