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Found 23 results

  1. Hi - I'm considering my options for a breast lift with implants and obviously the overseas option is appealing to reduce costs. I was looking at the option of using the NIB Options insurance to arrange the procedure in Thailand. Has anybody else on the forum either done this, if so what was your experience. Would also appreciate your thoughts if you looked into it and decided against it. Any advice would be really appreciated, thanks!
  2. I thought I would write up my experience because I know I loved reading others. Yesterday at 1:05pm I was taken into surgery with Dr Boonchai for a BA. I was picked up from the hotel at 8am and went into my consult around 9:30. He went through all the risk and placement, size and all that stuff about the information and like the other girls have said he seemed like he had said that a thousand time and then I went into a different room and got to try on sizers in the sexy mumma bra! I ended up choosing 450 HP, round textured implants placed dual plane and through the crease. He had recommended for me to only go 400cc but said the choice was completely up to me. I wanted to go 500cc but he said that you would be able to see the implant on the side so we compromised at 450cc. I then went and got my first ever blood test, which wasn't as bad as I pictured it to be and then my boyfriend and I were taken into our hospital room and I was asked to remove all my piercings. They came in at 12:40 and put my IV in and then wheeled me off to the operating room. I met the anaesthetic guy and we chatted for a bit and he made me feel at ease. Then they gave me "oxygen" and that is the last thing I remember. I'm a little disappointed I didn't see dr Boonchai before the operation but I think they might have put me under early because I couldn't stop shaking and had a few tears haha. I woke up in recovery and they wheeled me back to my room and moved me onto my bed which didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. I vomited quite a few times during the night and they had to keep changing my bandages and bed sheets but the nurses were so nice about it every time. I ate some food and then went to sleep and now I am here sorry if if this is all over the place I'm just trying to think of everything that happened. I can't wait to get the drains out they are killing me everytime I move! xx
  3. Would really love some help on who is the best cost and how you went about booking it all Want to go over at Christmas time and I'm so over whelmed an have no idea where to start I don't know if I want to get the procedures get or what procedure they even are Have some tiny amount of excess skin and hate my stretch marks plus major issues with my nose from when I was four but not sure I want rhino as my kids are crazy and only keep making it worse lol Can upload some pics to At the moment just want to know who the best is and what I will expect to pay all up Best places to stay and cost and flihhts As iv never been to any Asian country before
  4. Hey girls Has anyone used this surgeon? I can only find good things and I've double checked and he is a member of the aesthetic society but I want more info please.
  5. :p Well ladies seem to be a few of us and the list is growing weekly! As suggested lets put all our dates and info on here that way we can follow each others progress and dealings with Doctor B. Will also be a great place to put updates about our surgery (we want to know everything at every possible minute and to help each other when we are nervously waiting in our swanky hospital rooms! Will be a great thread for other ladies who are interested in the same doctor to jump on and get lots of good info. Good luck everyone!!! xxxx
  6. Jadexo

    Rhino + BA

    Hey ladies, I've been lurking this forum for a long time and I'm finally getting to the stage where I am wanting to book my operation and get everything sorted (yay) so I was wondering if any of you know if they do both surgerys at the same time? I am looking to go with Dr Montien for the rhino but I'm not that sure if he is great with boobs. I did want to go to PIAC for a boob job but then I have my heart set on Montien for rhino so I am stuck with what to do Any feed back would be appreciated xx
  7. Hey guys, I haven't been on this in ages - but I keep my profile up for any newbies going through the same thing. If i can help ease your worries even a teensy bit - I'm happy. I have pre op and updated post op pics and photo's of the hospital room in my gallery. I also have a thread of my overseas surgery experience from July 4 2013 detailing as much as I could in the character limit I went through recovery with a friend who had unders, so i can offer a comparison of our surgeries/recovery. Hope you're all doing well, pre and post op girls B NB: I know everyone seems to be getting breast augmentations these days and there's a lot of success stories infiltrating our research, but I went into this surgery prepared to be a warning for other girls too. I decided I would give my perspective either way, if I were to be one of the 1% of surgeries arising in "complications" (be it minor or potentially major). I count myself very lucky to have had a smooth procedure and recovery. Have a good think and consider all possibilities XX
  8. Hello guys and gals First of all, I am truly sorry it has taken me so long to get back to this forum. When I was researching and talking with others about where to have surgery etc I was so hungry for information i promised myself that I would write a long detailed log of my journey to help others with their decision like so many girls on here did for me. Since getting back (I had my surgery in March last year) my life has been crazy hectic. In fact I can't believe it has been nearly a year! But better late then never... I booked everything through Global Health Travel. My surgeon was Dr. Teerasit. Originally I was meant to fly in October but the floods happened and so it was cancelled at the last minute. Dr Teerasit and his wife Juree were amazing even then, answering all my queries within a day or two by email. After months of discussing with Dr.T, Cassandra (the Managing Director of GHT) and people who had had surgery already, I was more than prepared. I packed everything I could possibly need and booked 3 weeks in Bangkok just across the road from the apartments. We did as much as possible in the first week before my surgery just in case I was sick or something post-surgery I wanted to see the city. The morning after we arrived we met Daisy and Loverly. They are the kindest, most compassionate and hard-working girls and went over everything with me, when we will be going to appointments, etc. When you arrive at your hotel, GHT will have left a package full of info that you may need, including a mobile phone with all the GHT contact numbers already stored on there. We went shopping with some of the other girls- the shops over there are unbelievable! One day shopping will not cut it. Not if you love to shop anyway! We saw all the temples as well which were beautiful, Thailand is a stunning spiritual country with a lot of history. We also went out for dinner with Cassandra and some other people who were having surgery, it was nice to meet other people going through the same thing. We had a great night out. Heading to the hospital for the first time for my consultation, I could see why GHT didn't want us to stay too far from the patient apartments. Although the hospital is literally a five minute walk, the famous Bangkok traffic can stretch it to an hour! Bumrungrad hospital is unbelievable. It looks more like a 5 star resort and works like clockwork. It was a huge shock to me, coming from the UK where the health system is badly disorganised and overflowing. There is no waiting around at any point, you simply walk in, hand over your details, and you get called through. Having Daisy with me at these appointments was invaluable. Flying overseas and having surgery in a country that speaks a different language was nerve wracking enough, it was a huge comfort having someone there who spoke the language, dealt with all the paperwork and knew exactly where to go (the hospital is HUGE!). Looking back I can not imagine just how much more stressed I would have been walking around that huge hospital not knowing where to go and looking after all the details like payments, admission, discharging and translations. The next day was my surgery (8am- nice and early!). When I woke up, I was lovely and warm from the electric pads around my legs that they use so that the blood continues to pump around your body (great idea!). I was really sick from the anesthetic, Dr T wouldn't let me leave until I had eaten a proper meal which was really difficult to do. Later in the day they took out the drains and changed my bandages. The recovery suite was amazing. Loverly and Daisy came to check up on me and helped me get back to the hotel. I struck up a lot of friendships over the time I was there, but Cherie and I had our surgery the same morning with the same surgeon (her surgery was just after mine) so we spent a lot of time together while recovering, shopping mostly! I was bedridden for one day only, to my delight. There was a complication with my left breast during surgery that couldn't have been avoided. Dr Teerasit took his time explaining to me how he had to make an extra incision in that breast and how to take care of the wound, which he still did for months afterwards until it completely healed. My stitches weren't ready to come out when I left two weeks later, so I had them removed by a nurse in Australia, they were really impressed with Dr.T's work! The hardest part of the recovery for me was sleeping. You have to sleep on your back propped up with pillows which was tough for me as I always sleep on my stomach. The hotel were sweet enough to give us extra pillows so I could stop myself from rolling over in the night. Dr Teerasit told me to keep in mind that, due to most women's breasts not being perfectly symmetrical anyway, that they may not be identical after. Apart from the wound i had on my left breast, they are in fantastic shape and look perfectly symmetrical to me. I have some numbness on my skin below my nipples, but i have sensation in my nipples which is usually the biggest concern with breast reductions, so I consider myself really lucky. My advice if you're considering surgery is to research, research, research. Don't go ahead until you are 100% confident of your decision and are completely aware for any possible complications. When I told some friends that I was having surgery done it Thailand, they were horrified. Anyone would have thought I said I was having it done in an alleyway! I had researched this surgery and weighed up my options for 2 years. By the time my flights were booked, I had so much faith in this hospital and this surgeon that had I won the lottery I still would have gone there. Knowing what I know now about the hospital's infection rate (something like less than 1% compared to Australia which is 17% or something), and "qualified" doctors in Australia that advertise themselves as cosmetic/plastic surgeons, I would go to Bumrungrad for any elective surgery. The standard of care there is unlike anything I have ever seen. I'm a media student, and am fully aware of the scare tactics broadcasters use to sway people away from having surgery overseas, preferring them to spend a large fortune here. Some people weren't supportive of me having a breast reduction anyway, not seeing why I would want to do such a thing. My reasons for getting a breast reduction are multiple. If it was just one factor, i probably would have just lived with it. But the frustration of not being able to exercise, fear of premature ageing, not finding clothes that fit, being judged, back pain, self-esteem and not being in proportion were too many to ignore. It is terrible that having excess breast tissue (which is something that cannot be defeated with exercise) isn’t eligible for a tax rebate and is six times the cost of stomach stapling. I mean no disrespect to people who are overweight and don’t want to disparage them from seeking help but fat you can in time get rid of yourself, breast tissue you can’t and the pain is a lot more invasive and troubling in everyday life. My confidence has improved so much since the surgery. When I first decided that I wanted to have it done, my first thought would be to have it done back home in the UK as I would probably get it done for free on the NHS. After doing some research I found I would have to wait for years and that’s even if I applied as an extreme case. The next obvious choice would be to have it done in Australia where I was living, as the hospitals there have a better reputation. But the cost was astronomical. $16,000: for the surgery alone. I would get a 10% rebate from Medicare, but hearing that felt like a slap in the face considering people who have weight-loss surgery are considered more important than those suffering the agony and embarrassment of large breasts who can’t exercise them away. I am so glad I found Bumrungrad hospital, you get treated with nothing but respect, the hospital is unbelievable, runs like clockwork, the doctors and nurses are amazing, just being in the place you feel like you are in a five star resort. I am so glad now that I didn’t get it done for free in the UK. I am happy to answer any questions. Just in case I don't log back on for a while and miss heaps more messages (sorry about that guys!!), feel free to email me and I'll get back to you anna2186@hotmail.com Anna
  9. Hi, Im new to the forum so go easy on me I have been considering a breast lift and was hoping some people could recommend or share experiences for Sydney surgeons and possibly overseas. I know a lot of you have experience with both the implants and lifts but Im just after the lift lol Im more inclined to have it done in Sydney because im a little bit scared of the idea of getting it done overseas. So if anyone could give me info on: - good docs for this type of surgery both overseas and syd. (minimal scaring, natural. I know that is can vary with patients and natural reaction) - cost (around $11,000.00 with no health insurance? is that the average price?) I don't know the lingo yet but would appreciate any help anyone has to offer thanks!
  10. Just wanting to know anyone who has used him or know anything about him. I have only found his c.v. So no real reviews. Thanks in advance
  11. Hello I am hoping for some insight if possible. I am researching breast augmentation for late this year. Im concerned after reading some posts here as I had chosen Destination Beauty. I have emailed the Cosmetic Surgery Registration Board in Thailand (only tonight) to see if he is an active member. I opted for the Bangkok Hospital Phuket as I will be there anyway and have accommodation booked already. They now offer an insurance for $400 in case a return trip is required and further surgery is needed. I was actually satisfied with things so far until I started to google chat forums. I have found forums on Destination Beauty but nothing on the Doctor named. Has anyone had surgery with the Doctor I named above? The only reviews I can find on him are on the Destination Beauty site and I am looking for independant comments. I really would appreciate any help I can get here. Kind Regards Moondancer
  12. So not long to go now eeeeek getting so excited and worried all at the same time. Definatly havnt met my weightloss goals, quit smoking which kinda threw a spanner in the works but ahwell it will all fall into place overtime i guess I have a bit of an idea on what i will need to pack but lil help please. Creams? Lotions? Vitamins? ect Thanks in advance ladies
  13. Hi ladies . Does anyone know where I could get another compression garment from. I am staying in Thonglor Bangkok. The one the gave me is starting to feel loose already. Thanks
  14. Ok so my surgery is on 6th February and I am starting to get nervous. Worried about the pain worried about my kids . Argh so many things going thru my mind.
  15. Hi everyone! My name is rose and I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I've been doing heaps of research on getting some procedures done overseas (tummy tuck and BA), and I've decided that PIAC is for me. Everyone raves about it, and I'd rather spend a bit of extra cash just for that peace of mind. From my research I've pretty much decided that I want dr Boonchai to do my boobies, but I'm still yet to decide who I want to do my TT. If anyone out there has had any experience (good or bad) with a TT @ PIAC, I'd love to hear from you! I welcome absolutely any information or tips, etc, as I'm still a major newbie and I'm sure you ladies could teach me a thing or two! Cant wait to hear from you rose xxxxxxx
  16. I just thought I would make a quick post about the benefits and disadvantages of both going abroad (overseas) or having surgery here in Australia from my experience. For those of you who don't know my story I was originally due to have my BA July last year at PIAC (Phuket, Thailand) by Dr Boonchai. I was quoted 145, 000 baht which is approx. $5000 AUD. I originally booked through a company called Beauty Abroad (which i definitely would NOT recommend booking through as I had to organise everything from flights to accommodation without their help at all and it was quicker for me to email the hospital than to email them and wait for them to contact the hospital and get back to me). My surgery was cancelled two days before I flew out, naturally i was devastated. Luckily i had two friends who had planned on coming with me so we made the most of a bad situation and still went over there as a holiday which turned out to be a really good time. I decided once i got back that I would save up the extra money and get my surgery done here in Brisbane. I ended up finding a great surgeon Dr Harwood from the Rejuvenation Clinic in Spring Hill. I got 425cc under the muscle, Extra High Profile, round, Brazilian implants which cost me $9750 (surgery, consultation, medication, 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, or as many check ups as i want). I'm currently just over two weeks post op and absolutely LOVE my boobs. Now for some pros and cons about both locations. Thailand Pros - Cost, it's a lot cheaper: Approx. $3000-$6000 - You get a holiday and recovery in a beautiful hotel Thailand Cons - You only get one post op check up at about the 7-9 day mark - Brazilian implants aren't legal in Thailand therefore aren't an option - Thailand is a beautiful place but is a 'developing country' therefore meaning a nation with a lower living standard. Their hotels, shopping centres, beaches are beautiful but their streets are filled with piles of rubbish on every corner, half the roads aren't finished meaning when it rains its extremely muddy, hygiene isn't the best over there and they speak basic english. - If something goes wrong in a few weeks or months very few surgeons in Australia will fix the problem knowing that they were done overseas and it's a lot harder to get in contact with your surgeon unless you skype them or physically fly back over to Thailand to have them checked. - There is the chance of complications Australia Pros - You can recover at home in the comfort of your own house - If you have a problem you can easily access your surgeon and have them take a look and see if there is any concerns - If you have a problem such as capsular contractor or rupturing there is a higher chance that medicare or private health will assist in hospitalisation costs. - Brazilian implants are legal - Most implants come with a 10 year warranty meaning that if they rupture for example the company will replace the implant for free and all you need to pay for is the surgery which you can as previously mentioned ask medicare for assistance. Australia Cons - Its expensive, cost on average: $10,000-$13,000 - There is the chance of complications After my experience I'm glad I saved up the extra $4975 and got them done in Australia in heinsight. I was all for getting them done in Thailand I've seen and heard some great outcomes but for me personally having that reassurance that I can have as many checkups as i like later on in case anything happens and knowing that I do have a 10 year warranty on my implants and that they're registered with the implant company if anything should go wrong makes me feel a lot more at ease. When i added it up if my surgery in Thailand wasn't cancelled it would have cost me $5000 for surgery, $1200 for flights, $550 for 2 weeks accommodation and approx. $1000 on spending money (food, tours, shopping, transport etc) all up totalling approx. $7750. Having surgery is a huge decision and one that can change your life. My advice is to research, research, research. Good luck to everyone, I wish you all the best! If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to message me or swing me a friend request I'm more than happy to answer.
  17. Hi, I am having a breast augmentation done next year in Prague, Europe. I can't find anyone who would insure this surgery. I am worried if something goes wrong and I would have to be admitted to the hospital because of some complications, travel insurance wouldn't cover this. I am kind of desperate as I have contacted so many insurance companies and no one goes beyond travel insurance. Can you please tell me if you know about anyone who does it? Many thanks
  18. Hey guys! So I'm just under 2 months away from surgery and I've book an appointment to see my doctor about getting any recommended shots when travelling to Thailand. What shots did your doctor recommend and how much did it cost approx.? Also, did you tell your doctor you were getting surgery over there? I mentioned wanting to get a BA a while ago to my doctor and first thing she said was "Don't go overseas if you really want to we can organise a good surgeon here in Australia for you" I'm worried about telling her I've booked it and am going through with it... help!
  19. Has anyone booked through beauty abroad? Or had breast augmentation done at PIAC? I really want to gather some advice from those who have been through this already and can offer their opinion. I'm looking at going in July! =D
  20. I'm going to phuket in march for a face and neck lift and have had a great quote from Dr Narupon but the problem is I don't know much about his results. Has anyone had any experience? I know that Dr Piyapas is great but have been trying to get a quote from him for face and neck lift only, but he must be exceptionally busy as I haven't heard back. Originally I did receive a quote for other procedures in addition to face and necklift from him which has taken it far out of my budget unfortunately Help needed please. Anything on Dr Narupon would be wonderful Cheerys Leah
  21. Just on the topic of overseas surgery insurance, i know of the companies that do cover you and all the info. I was just wondering if there is anyone who has actually made a claim on their surgery (BA or other) and if they were succesful in getting a pay out. I am trying to decide if it is worth having insurance or not. The wording in the PDS is making me unsure if it would be a simple process or if the company makes it difficult to get any money out of them. Would love to hear from anyone with experience in this, even just experience in the insurance industry who could help make some sense of the jargon thanks!
  22. Hi ladies, I am on my way to Thailand for a consult and hopefully a BA!! I couldn't be more excited and all the forums I have read plus doing my own research for the past 6 years has prepared me enough to go ahead. BUT before I commit 100% to a BA in Bangkok, I was wondering whether anyone would recommend getting a BA done in Australia (Bris\Syd) Reading some posts on costs for BA's in Australia are making me wonder whether to wait and have surgery in my own backyard --- the cost for BA in Thailand is roughly $1000-$1800 in difference to a BA in Aus. I have always thought that I would get it done in Aus, but cost has always posed a problem, but since looking further into from the posts online, the difference doesn't seem that big of a deal. If your BA was done overseas, who do you turn to when there is a complication further down the track? Do any doctors in Thailand have a specialist that you can visit in Australia if you have any concerns later down the track? I arrive in Singapore this Sunday morning then fly to Bangkok the following day I am looking at tear drop, brazilians 300CC. Il post pics and my wee story after (if I go ahead with it in Bangkok) online : )
  23. Hey everyone- I have seen some ads for going overseas for breast augmentation. Which country is the best and safest in this area? The ads that I have seen claim that it is 70% cheaper than here, is that true? How much is normal for breast implants? I want to go over in the next few months so that they are healed in time for Summer. What sort of waiting time is there in these countries? What are the best hospitals and doctors to go to? I am really looking for people that have been there or had a good experience. Do the doctors do before and after pics for you to see before you go? I would appreciate any help, thanks!
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