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Found 25 results

  1. Feeling a bit crappy today...2 weeks post op from my breast lift and augmentation and struggling bit with pain. Wondering how long it's going to take to turn the corner? First week seemed easier to handle (lots of pain meds) but this 2nd week has been a struggle...by the end of the day my chest is aching and I need to lay down. I don't think I've been doing too much but I'm not sure. I don't work and my husband is at home with me taking care of kids etc I am just pottering around really. My next check up with Drs is Friday...how much longer till pain starts to subside without pain meds?????
  2. Hello, I am off to Thailand on the 28th of August to have cosmetic surgery at PPSI with Dr. Pongstatorn. I will be having mid-lower facelift and neck lift with under chin correction as well as blephorapasty (upper and lower). I have a question for people who have had procedures done regarding outpatient pain medication. Do we get pain relief even though they are very strict about it in Thailand? The drug laws are so strict I was wondering will patients get strong relief like panadeine forte? Over should I bring my own ( which I understand I need a note and not 30 days supply due to laws in importing medication) The only thing I am dreading is the pain management. Other than tha5 I am looking forward to getting rid of the loose skin caused by weight loss and age. Thanks for any clarification! Kaz
  3. Hi girls! A quick update! I'm in so much discomfort and pain today. The pressure on my chest is almost unbearable. I went through labour and emergency caesarean before and I don't think it was this painful. I only had 270cc! Anyway I'm happy with the result, still high and pointy but I can see their potential for the future D&F. I'm on prodeine forte and endone... hopefully tomorrow is an easier day! How is everyone else doing today?
  4. Hi all 3 weeks post BA and am having most awful pain in left breast. It hadn't dropped yet like my other one and is very tight. The pain I have is a burny, sting pain which Drs say sounds like nerve. It's debilitating and I nearly dropped my baby yesterday at the sudden sharp pain. Dr has given me meds but they either take a while to kick in or are not working. Have ultrasound tomorrow. Has anyone experienced this and will it go away?
  5. I have had 2 BA's in 18 months....... The first was November 2014 - 450cc mod profile I had continuos pain mainly in the right breast/under arm and the breast implants were slipping out to the underarm. After I called prior to the 1 year post op appt, I had a consult and saw the Dr and was booked in within a few days free of charge for a revision. Due to constantly feeling like my arms were out off my body as the size implant was too wide for my chest, I asked for smaller implants however was advised that they would not fill out my breast. So they could change the profile and in November 2015 they replaced with 520cc high profile and did an internal bra. From around 3 weeks post op the pain started again on the right side. It has now been 6 months since the revision and the pain under my arm is 24hours a day. When i sleep i can not sleep on my right side as it hurts or on my back as it feels like the weight of the implant is crushing a nerve. I often i get pins and needles from my shoulder down to my hand on my right side. The nerve pain under my arm goes around to my back on my shoulder blade, which feels like a constant ache and quite warm also up my neck. I phoned them and they have booked me in tomorrow with the surgeon again for a consult. I just feel like cancelling the consult as honestly there is no way I can get them to do another surgery on me, no matter if its free. This pain is just not worth it. So it kind of seems a wast of time. I would like to get smaller implants (295 -350cc) as I still love the look however am sure that my chest is just not wide enough to cope with the cc's of larger implants. I have found 3 others Dr Miroshnik, Dr Tavakoli & Dr Perkins who I am currently contacting for info. Any advise or information from anyone who has had similar would be great. karen xxx
  6. Hi ladies, Repost as I accidentally posted in the wrong forum! I had had my BA This morning at 7am. Feeling fine from the surgery itself and the pain is really manageable around the incisions with only a little pressure. The panadeine Forte prescribed is doing just fine for this. Unfortunately I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and have two long titanium rods and screws through the length of back - used to straighten a 65 degree curve.. Both surgeon and hospital were made aware of this and were only concerned about my ability to lay flat etc which is all good. I do however now have stabbing referred pain into the left side of my back immediately behind my chest the panadeine forte isn't cutting it, and never has with my back problems. should I be contacting my surgeon or going to my local GP? Not sure what to do, it really sucks because boob wise, I'm feeling great! thanks ladies xx
  7. Hey ladies, I'm now 9.5 weeks post op from my tuberous breast correction and wanted to thank you all for your support and info during my recovery from my BA. As some of you would know my recovery was the PITS, and I have since spoken to Dr M about my whole experience. I felt like I was being a sook, couldn't handle the pain, there was something wrong, was having a bad BA experience etc etc....but that was all put into perspective last week with Dr M. I told Dr M how disappointed I was in myself that I couldn't 'go out the day after surgery and go shopping and to the movies' like so many ladies around here. He laughed and said there's no WAY I could compare my surgery and recovery to a standard BA procedure, and I finally felt it was OK to have gone through everything, emotionally and physically, that I did. He said that my surgery was even more complicated than a BA and lift, and that I was completely normal in my recovery for my type of surgery. He was so excited to see my results, as he feels that tuberous breasts are a tricky beast and that the before and after are always more incredible and dramatic than a standard BA. To let you ladies know the whole story (which I didn't even realise until my post op appointment last week), during my surgery I had 390cc tear drop implants placed dual plane, which included an internal bra being stitched into my breast tissue. The stitches from the internal bra are reinforced so much that they may take 10 months to fully dissolve. This was done because of my tuberous breasts, and as a result of this issue I also had behind my nipples scored to release the constricted tissue (and some tissue removed), and I had an areola reduction which means I now have permanent internal stitches around my areola to prevent them stretching again. So there you go. I wasn't making it up! Lol. I hope this info is helpful to some ladies out there, especially those I may have scared off with my post op stories!
  8. Hey Ladies, I just need confirmation that this feeling I am getting is completely normal.. I went to the cosmetic institute on Monday the 27th July for a BA with Dr. Jim Kenny. My experience with him was great and he was very professional. Im just concerned that something is wrong with my left breast because my right breast has pretty much all feeling back and i am able to lift my arm above my head but the left breast i pretty much constantly have a really sharp shooting pain through my nipple and side... Has anyone else experienced this and if so what should I do? Thanks xx
  9. I have my two week checkup on Wednesday and just waiting for my Surgeons office to open so I can call and talk to them about my pain management moving forward. I have had a pretty good recovery apart from during the night. I think on day 7 I slept through the whole night without needing any extra pain meds. Prior to that I was taking some before bed at say 8-9pm and then needing more at around 4am. I am now finding that since I'm not taking anything during the day or before bed that I am waking up in the middle of the night and needing some. I want to go back to work in a few days but am worried about pain and needing medication. Can anyone relate or is my pain threshold just super low ??
  10. Hi Ladies, Long time reader, first time poster here So, it seems that one of my implants has bottomed out. It has been quite painful and looks lower than the other. I have been resting up hoping it won't drop any lower. Do all ladies who bottom out get it repaired? I hope that if I leave it, it will just stay put and not continue dropping. I would really like to avoid revision surgery and just put up with one low boob. Problem is, it still hurts. Does the pain from bottoming out ever go away? My implants are 12 months old and the bottoming out started about 3 months ago. Thank you.
  11. Hi Ladies, I'm wanting to go brunette in the near future and thought when better than when I get my BA in March! I'm going interstate for it, but was wondering if it would be too soon/painful to get it done 2 days after surgery? Surgery is Wednesday and was thinking hair Friday. Obviously not the hair or sitting in the chair, but where they rince and wash your hair and you have to lie in that uncomfortable chair! Any advice or help? Thank ladies!
  12. Hey ladies, I'm sure it's normal but I just want another option. I'm just over ten days post op and wow under my boobs where the incisions are is still very painful when I was washing today I noticed on one side it's a little more swollen just at one end under the skin, it kind of feels like a lump?? The cuts themselves are not red and look very good and healthy, and my surgeon said everything was good at my one week check. Side Boob is also very sore. Lol I'm sure it's all part of the journey but just wanted reassurance
  13. Hey ladies, I have been wanting to get my breasts done for quite sometime now. I'm 21 and live in cairns (FNQ) I have been researching about the cosmetic institute in Bondi and the price is amazing and I don't mind the twilight sedation either. I've never gone under any sort of sedation before so of course I am a bit nervous! I do suffer from anxiety which I control myself without any medication but I've heard if you have a high anxiety rate it could take sometime for the twilight sedation to work? is this true? I'm not too worried about the sedation but I am quite nervous about the pain afterwards!!! I have asthma (controlled) so I cant take an anti inflammatory for the swelling I also work in pharmacy which is brilliant because I can get all the meds I need. I'm thinking of sticking with panadine forte and/or panadine as the pain wares off. Could you ladies tell me about the first week? how rough is rough? How long should I stay in Sydney before heading back to cairns? Also, I have done research on Dr Lee and think he is pretty amazing, Anyone gone through Dr Lee? Thank you!!!!
  14. Hi ladies! I booked in my BA 6 months ago for the 3rd of October. I now have a charity ball to attend the weekend after and a wedding 2 weekends after. I am freaking out that I will be a walking zombie or be in too much pain to attend. I know everyone's experiences and pain thresholds are different but I was hoping for a few opinions. It would be great to know how people where feeling at the 1 week and 2 week stages (eg 1-10 pain). Unfortunately I am unable to move my op date due to work annual leave restrictions.
  15. Day 1 22 July 2014 @ 7:45am appointment for surgery at kingsgrove day hospital. Luckily I was the first patient. Gave the hospital my forms and signed my life away. They took me into the locker room and gave me a locker and hospital clothes to wear. Unfortunately I had my periods (3rd day) thankfully it wasn't a heavy flow and I was allowed to wear my own undies (must be cotton) and my own pads. Once dressed, I walked into the cozy waiting room and sat with the nurse (Victoria) and she went through my forms with me and taught me to use my abs when I get up or sit down to prevent using my pecks. After that I sat in the recliner reading my book until the anasthetiesist came over and asked me a few questions and went over the anesthetics he would administer then 5 mins later another nurse came in to chat to me about the procedure and then another nurse lol so many little conversations in a short space of time. The last nurse was good cause she asked if I have neck pain or any pain prior to procedure so she can make sure that area is looked after during procedure and amazingly I woke up without further neck issues. Surgeon came in and then drew all over me teasing me bout having a camera crew at the operating room cause he knows I'm shy and private. He already made the decision for with the Implant size also as the last time I saw him I was a mess over the size. Operating room at 9am I walked into operating room, suregeon was sitting near the door way waiting for me to be preped up. It all happened at once. Once I got on the bed, anasthetiesist was working on my left arm, another nurse was doing something with my right another was all over my back and neck with stickers for my heart monitor and someone else was wrapping stuff on my legs and they were all talking to me at once didn't really have time to know what was going on cause they were all doing things at the same time. Before I knew it I crashed out. Not sure if they were all working at the same time to make up for time cause my surgeon was running late but was good because I didn't have time to get anxious or think bout anything. I don't usually cope well with anasthetics, when I woke up my body went into shock mode and I was shaking like a my body was an earthquake for a full 15mins or so and the nurses gave me drugs three times no idea what it was all I heard was try to relax but I couldn't control my body. Once the shaking stopped I went to the waiting room they gave me cookies and coffee, first thing I wanted was the coffee! With the help of my nurse I got into my buttoned shirt and trackies lol she made me laugh cause was actually admiring my outfit! I honestly didn't think I'd be able to zip up my jacket but luckily it zipped n was comfy. Nurse gave me a final chat regarding meds etc an I was taken home. Spent that day in bed with DVDs but throughout the day I was zoning in and out. I felt normal didn't really feel heavy or tightening in my chest like other girls, Continued endone every 4 hours. I am officially a proud owner of 560cc implants and can't wait for the D&F to happen ( already amazed at the cleavage from what I can see). Didn't have the guts to open the bra and see them naked just yet. Pain level: 6/10 Day 2 Started my antibiotics as was suggested by surgeon. Needed help to get out of bed, getting in and out of bed is a major effort. Noticed my upper back pain - was caning turns out the pain was from the uncomfy bed during the procedure and the position of my arms. There was lots of on and off waking up due to endone I was making sure I take them every 4 hours. I had a guest come over that day and spent most of the day at the lounge and walking around and lifting my arms. Received a follow up call from the nurse at the hospital which was nice and asked her several qs. Was told I am allowed to shower that afternoon and I can wipe pen marks off my body with nail polish remover I felt like superwoman that day! And boy did I pay for it the next day I continued my endone. Pain level: 5.5/10 Day 3 Still on endone pain is through the roof and when I move around a lot I get puffed out and tired, the anesthetics must have warn off I feel like I may have over did it yesterday with my movements. Spent the whole day in bed or sitting on my chair feeln major pain and miserable. The pain is coming from the base of my boobs and my upper back. Sitting down with nothing pressing against my back felt good. Had a look at my boobs they look triangular from the nipples and rectangular from the top. Feeln depressed bout it but I know they won't stay that shape forever so trying to stay positive despite the frankenboob look. Called the hospital to make sure I didn't do damage for the day before they told me to check if there is any blood coming out from the bandages or oozing (thankfully Bandages are clean). Despite being on endone my pain was 10/10. Tried not to move around much today and opened my bra while I was in bed for 15 mins to give the girls a break found that I was majorly bruised under left boob so added cotton balls between boob and bra to give myself some comfort and padding relief. Day 4 Still on endone every 5 hours now. I have what the girls call morning boob, need assistance to sit up in bed only in the morning. I'm able to walk around today with ease I noticed I'm a little hunched over but in time I'm sure I'll be walking around straighter. My boobs feel better today but the base hurts if I move too much past the boundaries of my limitations. When I laugh I can feel a twinge of pain and the stitch stretch a little. I'm not feeling as tired today or drowsy. I don't feel heavy but I feel my chest is a tad bit tight today but not an uncomfy feeling. However I preferred sitting on my chair than in bed today. My back feels much better today also. Still haven't left the house yet. Just been walking around my home and had another visitor today to keep me company in the first half of the morning. Boobs are still rectangular looking from top cleavage and triangular looking from nipples. They look ugly naked but normal in a bra. I'm waiting impatiently for them to hurry up and D&F! Thankfully the girls on the forum have been putting my mind at ease regarding how they look now and how they will look after 10 days! Morning pain level was 10/10 Day pain level drops to 6/10 Day 5 Final day of endone course still don't feel the weight of my boobs or tightness. Have been constipated since day 2 thanx to endone despite eating fruits and drinking prune juice. Upper back still sore but not as bad as first three days. My left boob is still very sore from underneath and when I make certain moves or quick jerky move I feel the incision area pull and tighten (I'm a little worried bout it but apparently it's normal and part of heeling process). Feeling restless being cooped up at home. Spent day 4 watching more DVDs and thankfully had another guest over for a few hrs to keep me occupied. Today started hearing wierd sounds like popping and swishing (best two words I can think of to describe it) must be the implants moving when I move. I'm now able to get out of bed without much help but get the stinging pain still because all muscles are stiff from sleeping so it's always hard to get out the first time. I am still sleeping upright with a fortress of pillows behind me, I am missing sleeping flat now. Since it is winter I can't thank my electric blanket enough it has been a god send! In terms of my pain level it is very manageable minus the sharp sting I get under my left boob when I laugh or make a sudden move. Pain level 5/10 Day 6 No more endone don't know if I should be happy or sad! I was finally able to go to the loo and relieve myself! What a feeling!!! Still hurt getting outa bed for the first time and especially sibpnce no more endone. I feel super tight and a little heavy in the chest area. Endone must have prevented that feeling in the early days. But it's not too uncomfy so that's ok. My boobs still feel like mine even from day 1 despite a foreign object sitting inside. I still hear and feel funny sounds coming from inside my boobs but I don't think anyone else can hear it but me. I have started walking around a lot more, sometimes I feel a lil tired and puffed out. I will be attempting to go for a short stroll outside since the weather is sunny, I'll keep you all posted on that little adventure Pain level 5/10 Day 7 Taking panadene forte morning and night only. Pain isn't too bad, still hurts to get up in the morning but not as bad as first few days. Still swollen on top of boobs, swollen under my arms, swelling cleavage inbetween boobs have god down. Have removed some of my pillows in bed, starting to attempt to sleep a little flatter. Have been able to go for 1/2 hr walks (feel a little tired after) Still experiencing sharp pain under left boob from incision area. Can hear wierd sounds coming from inside my boobs sometimes when I move. Able to move my arms around without too much pain. Still not regular with the bathroom despite the prune juice and eating lots of fruit - still heavily bloated in the tummy region. Have a tightness feeling in the boob area but that's expected and it's not uncomfy. The odd shape is starting to round out, actually started to love my boobs again. Pain level 5/10
  16. Would like to hear from Post op girls that have experienced sharp pain due to nerve endings healing. Anyone experience this? if so how long did it take for the pain to ease up and or go away. I'm now two weeks post op and the the sharp pain is agonizing it starts the minute i pick up or pull something, even when stretching like putting on a jacket. I feel like a cripple Also any suggestions to help ease the pain?
  17. Hey ladies, It's my 3rd day post op yesterday I moved a lot and used my arms yesterday but today I'm in major pain. It was 7/10 pain yesterday today it's like 10/10! Is this normal or should I be concerned??? I'm a im stressed as I thought pain should be less as the days go on but right now every move or breath I take I feel pain and it is excruiitiating!!! I'm still taking endone one tab every 4 hrs wat else can I do for my pain?
  18. I'm one of the fortunate few, I guess, that has not had separation or herniation of my abdominal muscles, even though I have had three boys (now aged 25, 20 and 15), with the largest 9 1/2 lbs. Also, I don't have the stretch marks or skin laxity of a lot of typical tummy tuck patients, but my particular issue is the localized depositing of fat as I get older above the mons and below the navel - caused in part by genetic factors but exacerbated by previous surgical scarring. My PS said I was a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck but I kind of figured, if I'm getting the scar I might as well go the whole way. BUT trying to get an idea of recovery and pain levels is difficult as everyone here seems to have had muscle repair done. So, is there anyone out there in the "no muscle repair" category who can talk me through this?:o
  19. Hi guys, It's day 6 post op me pretty much from right after surgery my right arm if I move it in a strange way or try and raise it up over my head fully extended, I'm getting a sharp piercing nervish shooting pain from my boob to under my armpit and half way down the inner side of my arm. It's like the implant has been placed on top of a nerve or something as my top part of my inner arm kind of feels numb.. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  20. I'm day 5 post BA and since surgery I have the very painful sharp, burning shoots going from under the arm pit to the right breast. Occasionally on the left. They happen when I move about. The shoots last several seconds and I freeze up because of the pain. If it wasn't for this pain, recovery would be better. Has anyone experienced this? And how did you manage it? I have read that massage, icing and anti-inflammatory medications help the pain. Lidocaine patches, a form of local anesthetic, can also help. But my nurse adviced me not to use anti-inflammatory and also it's too early to massage.
  21. Holy s*** im in sooooooo much pain! I had my surgery at 7am yesterday and i've nearly fainted eveytime i get up from the pain and not being able to breath properly. I have panadine and it is literally doing nothing im going to ask if i can get anything stronger today at my checkup. I have a fairly low pain tolerance so that doesnt help haha. My back is killing me from how im sitting in bed. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to reduce discomfort and strain on your back? I will do a massive update story when i can move my arms without wanting to die and rip these things out of my chest
  22. Hello So I'm 2 weeks post op today and I still have a lot of swelling around the side of my boobs/like under my arms and I'm still in quite a lot of pain all over. Does this sound normal? Thanks !!
  23. Hello lovely ladies, My surgery is on the 16th of April and from what I can see a lot of people are very exited about their upcoming surgerys. I however am not I am actually consumed by my fear of what the pain is going to be like as I've never experienced any pain, ive never been to hospital, had any major dentist work, or had surgery before, there isnt a scar on my body. I feel like a pregnant mum who isnt exited this isnt right lol! please tell me what it was like for you and if the pain meds actually made the pain go away...is there anything else that worked? Yes I am a wuss. Thanks ladies xx
  24. I'm still in a fair bit if pain after 4 days, this does sound a bit stupid as it is not that long, but reading ladies recovery stories on here I was lead to believe that recovery was fairly quick. Is it normal that I still have quite severe pain on day 4? When did the pain stop for you?
  25. Hi Ladies So, I'm all booked and ready to go with Dr Miroshnik on the 9th of August:D! I'm SO scared,nervous,excited and happy all at the same time. What is everyone doing to prepare themselves? Any tips or advice for aftercare?? The thing I'm scared about which I'm sure everyone else would be is before the op (so being put on the surgery bed etc) and waking up to BOOBIES (I'm expecting excruciating pain!!) Ahhh! So any advice, tips or info would be REALLY appreciated. Even if there are any girlies here who have gotten a BA with Dr Miroshnik?? Thanks Ladies xxx
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