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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Ladies! I am off to get my surgery in under two weeks and I am struggling to decide on implant size. I would like to be a full C small D but still look natural. I am 50kg 163cms tall petite with a small frame and waist. I am a 10A at the moment. My breast are okay in shape but small. If anyone has any advice or picture that would be amazing and I am so unsure!! xx
  2. Hello, I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and I am 55kgs. I'm finding it hard to find pictures and stories of women who've had the procedure who are petite and or very fit/toned. If there is anyone here, I'd love to hear from you and/or see pictures if you're willing to share them. Thank you
  3. Hello lovely ladies, I haven't been on this forum for a while but I had my BA in 2013 (so it's been 3 years now). I'm a pretty small person and I feel they are too wide on me and I'd like your opinion on are they too wide or not? I am thinking about a revision. In particular I feel that my right implant is really wide and it goes underneath my armpit. I can't close my arm properly. They also seem a bit oblong/square shape (if that makes sense). Pic attached. I don't have any major complaints, but I really wanted sexy cute bouncy boobs and feel I have ended up with motherly looking wide hard boobs that don't move. They seem to be quite bottom heavy and I can't push them up or get higher cleavage. I don't want to go bigger but want a different shape and look. Am i being realistic? Has anyone else had anatomical and then changed to a softer implant? Advice please!!! I have also heard there can be additional problems with revisions so should I just be grateful for these ones and not mess with them? Thank you Details: Natrelle 410 (255cc) MF under muscle i am 48 kilos size 6 and petite.
  4. Hi ladies, I just registered today and this is my first post. I'm a 158cm 45kg with 32AA after breastfeeding 3 children. I did some research and love the japanese work on breast augmentation, they look so natural and because of my petite frame I want to achieve the same result with surgeon in Australia. My husband just doesn't let me have the surgery in Japan. I don't want to do in Thailand or Korea also. So Perth is my best bet at the moment because we're living in Bali for work reason right now and Perth is the closest. I'm considering dr.Tavakoli in Sydney as well and my husband showed me some work of dr.Rastogi but I don't like the fact the Rastogi only uses 1 brand of implant and with my petite build and not much breast tissue I don't think it will suit me. I actually went to see dr Patrick Briggs and dr Mark Hanikeri couple years ago. They both provide very clear information but somehow I just don't feel they can achieve the natural look that I want because all their gallery showed toward the bigger 'fake' look that I really don't want. I heard a lot about dr Tony Conell but I can't find any website of him, anybody can help me with the outcome of his work? Thanksss
  5. Hi Guys, I had my consultation with Dr Lee TCI on Thursday. I am a AA cup now and have no breast tissue at all. My desired look was to be a C/DD cup. Dr Lee has told me I can only have 240cc HP implants. I came away from the consultation upset because I feel like the implants are tiny and you'll hardly be able to tell I've had a BA. Has as anyone out there had 240cc implants. Do I ask for a second opinion? I know loads of girls my size that have gone bigger!
  6. Are there any small girls who are either going to their first surgery or has already done it? What implant size did you choose/are choosing? I'm 172 cm tall, 50 kg, bra size 70 A (European size), surgeon preferred to me 355 cc Motiva's round "anatomical" implant, but I'd prefer a larger implant :/ (because I'm not planning to go through another surgery any time soon) If you've already gone through a breast surgery, do you have pictures anywhere? Btw, do you have Motiva implants in AU? Brand new implants with a microchip, one surgeon told me it's newest and the most modern implant so far
  7. Hello. I have been away for a while from this forum, but have recently come back. I had my breast augmentation done last year - December 2013. Even though I am generally happy with my implants, I thought I would let others know of my experience and what I learned. Me: Age 37, 5'3, 48 kilos, mother of 1 Implants: Natrelle 410 cohesive gel anatomical (Gummy Bear type) 255 - under the muscle 1. Research implants and surgeon carefully I really wish I had spent more time consulting more surgeons about the implant type that is best for me. I am quite petite and I did some research and thought I wanted the anatomical cohesive gel implants. I wish I had gone to a major city and met with more surgeons and had more consultations about all the different types of implants available to me and what is best for me. In the end, I went with the Natrelle 410 anatomical, under the muscle. Without clothes on, they look really good. However, my implants are very hard - not soft at all! I wish I had known how hard they would be. They do not bounce at all! Every time I lie on my stomach, it hurts. No one told me how hard breasts implants feel. I know it is not the same for every woman, but I am quite small and do not have much body fat and the implants feel like hard rocks. I wish I had been given the opportunity to feel some breast implants and touch them on a real woman. Mine just don't move! Anatomical - they are bigger/fuller on the lower part of the breast. You will not get as much cleavage to show off as rounds - but they do look good and more natural when you are naked. In my opinion, they don't give you as much upper breast round cleavage that lingerie models have. They look wider, rather than higher (if that makes sense). Rounds - they appear fuller up in the top part of the breast (the upper pole) and will give you more cleavage - the round lingerie model type of cleavage. In my opinion, they don't look as natural when naked - they look very round, but they look really good in lingerie and tops. I went back to my surgeon several times - was worried about CC and them being hard etc. - and he examined me and said there is nothing wrong and I just need to give my body more time to adjust. I wish I had chosen a different surgeon as well as when I was in pain, he didn't seem to care and wanted to get rid of me. My advice to others is to ask around, see as many surgeons as possible and ask if they have clients you can see and talk to about it! I used the internet a lot and I wish I had known how hard Natrelle 410 are! I guess that is partly why I am writing this; to help others It has now been 12 months since my surgery and even though the implants have softened a little, they are still very hard. I also wish I had known about all the different types of implants. I think I would have liked to have gone a bit bigger, but with less projection at the side (side boob). I went with MF (medium height, full projection) - I have a lot of side boob and I think it is a bit too much for me. In hindsight, I wish I had consulted more doctors and known about all the different implant types available (there are a lot out there!). Next time, I will definitely go with something soft! 2. Be well prepared for the surgery I'm not going to lie - the surgery does hurts and, for me, the first 3 days after the surgery were the worst. Cook food, have clean clothes and be prepared to do as little as possible. Some tips I learnt: Wash your hair/shave your legs etc. before the surgery. It will be a few days before you can do it again... Take a pillow so when you drive home from the hospital, you have something soft between your chest and seatbelt! Buy a big soft beanbag to sleep on when you get home. You will be sleeping upright for a few days! Have some laxatives on hand - the pain killers can unfortunately block you up Have a few sports bras/surgical bras ready - as well as some button up tops Your bra size will change somewhat over 2-4 months after the surgery - so just be prepared for that. I can't wear some of the bras I bought 1 month after it as they are now way too big 3. Choose carefully who you will tell about your implants I kept my breast implant surgery very quiet as I didn't want many people to know. I told one friend and asked her not to tell people, but she went around telling everyone. Some people just love to gossip. I really wish I hadn't told her. Some people who know about my implants DO treat me differently and I feel some have been a bit judgmental. I'm happy to talk to anyone who has questions about my type of implant or just wants to chat. I know how daunting the whole process is....but it's very exciting too! Good luck ladies x
  8. I have finally, after many years researching and many more wanting, made a consultation appointment for my BA. The second I got off the phone the guilt hit me. Am I doing the right thing? Am I being selfish? I am a Mum of 2 who was small (A) before breast feeding and have flattened out more since. I'd like to go teardrop, silicone, 300cc (ish) I am only 153cm and 47 kg so anything too big will overwhelm. I don't want to go too small and get disappointed either. The only surgeon's work I have loved is Miroshnik's. I know a few girls on here have been to him (I have been watching this forum on and off for a while). The feeling became too intense this time and I think I can finally juggle the cost. So now the 6 week wait begins. Does anyone know roughly how long the wait is between consultation and surgery times?
  9. Hi everyone! I am booked in for a BA with Dr Val in June and I know a lot of girls bring photos along with them for their consultation.. the problem is I have no idea what I want haha. I know that I want to be about a D, unders & for them to look natural but apart from that I have noooo idea. I was wondering if there were any other quite small girls who have BAs that I could have a look at? Doesn't have to be TCI - I just want to have an idea on how Ds etc look on tiny girls if possible I am 156cm, 43-44kg & A cup right now Thanks xx
  10. Hi ladies, So I am a newbie to this forum but with 22 days to go till my BA I could really use some help! I am 5'2ft, 54kg, so rather short but curvy (i have an ass, which I am looking to balance out), I'm currently a 12B wanting to reach a full C, small D... I originally thought D but am worried it is going to look too large on a short frame... Anyhow how did you shorter ladies decide what size to go for and get a rough idea of how many CC's that would be - I've studied soooo many before and afters and it seems for some petite women 200cc's would is enough and others it's 350cc's... very confused!?!?! Thanks in advance for your help