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  1. Put them in here please am hoping to go over in January to get lipo and veneers, have a friend who wants to come so awesome So far I have: dr Piyapas at Bangkok Phuket hospital. He is $$ and I can't find a direct way to get a personalized quote? dr boonchai at PIAC pretty well priced what other PIAC or Thai docs to my list?
  2. Hey girls! This is my first post; just looking for some advice on multiple things to do with the surgery. I've planned the BA at the beginning of my travels for at least 6 months. We're going to Thailand, Dubai, then travelling around Europe. I know and understand the recovery time and the process of a BA and will be taking time in Thailand and Dubai particularly to relax and recover for a few weeks to begin with and have a very supportive boyfriend to help me throughout. I've booked my BA with Dr. Veerawat in Phuket in February. From the online consultation, I've discovered my breasts are slightly tuberous. Surgical recommendation is that I have a tight and narrow lower pole and will require some internal scoring, dual plane placement, with teardrop implants. It also states that if I want more with my nipples he would suggest a donut lift. I've read that he tends to suggest this option to perfect the look quite often. Personally I think internal scoring with be enough. Has anyone had this experience? I'm just worried that my nipples with stretch and look bigger. Does this occur with a BA for people with slight/mild tuberous breasts quite often and is it possibly better to have a donut lift? My nipples are I guess relatively big considering the size of my breasts currently, yet my breasts are quite tiny. Does anyone suggest the Surgery Travel warranty with cosmeditour? Would love to hear any advice. X
  3. Hello, I am off to Thailand on the 28th of August to have cosmetic surgery at PPSI with Dr. Pongstatorn. I will be having mid-lower facelift and neck lift with under chin correction as well as blephorapasty (upper and lower). I have a question for people who have had procedures done regarding outpatient pain medication. Do we get pain relief even though they are very strict about it in Thailand? The drug laws are so strict I was wondering will patients get strong relief like panadeine forte? Over should I bring my own ( which I understand I need a note and not 30 days supply due to laws in importing medication) The only thing I am dreading is the pain management. Other than tha5 I am looking forward to getting rid of the loose skin caused by weight loss and age. Thanks for any clarification! Kaz
  4. Hi ladies!! I am booked in for September this year (2018) for a breast augmentation with Dr Witoon. Are any of you going around this time to Phuket? Also, please share your experiences with me. I am 5’7, 58kg currently a small C cup, deflated from breast feeding. Slight minor sagging from pregnancy, unsure if I’ll need a lift (determining at appointment) think my photos are deceiving but I pass the pencil test... what would you suggest? Would teardrop lift as much as round? Hoping to get to a DD as I want them definitely bigger but am only small frame also. Also need to quit smoking 2 weeks prior and after...any pointers here? Going to be hard! But have no choice, hope I can stay strong, sane and somewhat nice lol!!
  5. Hi all, Just thought I'd post about my journey for anyone interested in going with PIAC, Dr Narupon, or for those of you with similar stats to me Beginning Stats: Age - 29, Height -173cm, Weight - 62kg, Bra Size - 10C, No children. Booking: I booked my surgery straight through PIAC with no issue - I had two friends who had gone directly through PIAC previously with different surgeons and had great results, so I thought I'd try my luck without an agency. I received a response from PIAC within a day or two after sending my photographs and forms, and a recommendation from my surgeon about a week after that. They answered all my questions promptly and willingly changed my schedule several times over when I asked. Choosing My Surgeon: Initially I wanted to have both a rhinoplasty and BA, and the surgeons that specialised in both facial and breast surgery were Dr Rushapol and Dr Narupon. I ended up choosing Dr Narupon based on his gallery pics, various positive reviews and the fact that he was a younger surgeon that might have a fresher idea of what women are desiring in terms of breast shape/look etc these days. In the end I decided against having my rhinoplasty in Thailand though, as I had not seen enough rhino before and afters by my surgeon of choice and I didn't want to feel rushed into a procedure on my face straight after consultation. I have now chosen to have my rhinoplasty at a later date here in Australia after having a lengthy consultation with Dr Layt on the Gold Coast, where all my questions and concerns were answered thoroughly and I have the time to think about my decision. Flights & Transfers: I booked my own flights to Phuket through Qantas/Jetstar with a brief stop over in Singapore each way. The cost was roughly $850 all up return. I arrived in Phuket at 9:30PM the day before my consultation/surgery and found the information desk easily enough where my itinerary specified my transfer would be waiting. Well I waited what seemed like 20 minutes, but in reality it was probably 10, because I started to panic that they'd forgotten me, but eventually a PIAC rep. arrived and escorted me to their car. It took about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to where I was staying in Patong. They picked me up at 9AM sharp the next day and drove me to Phuket International Hospital where my journey really began. My BA Journey: I was ushered into the reception area of the hospital from my transfer car where I filled out basic hospital paperwork. From there I was taken up to level 4 where PIAC is situated. They weighed me and took my blood pressure and then sent me downstairs for a chest x-ray and a blood test. I was the brought back up for my consultation with Dr Narupon. We had a quick discussion about what I wanted to achieve (which was mainly perky/upper pole fullness while going up maybe a size or two in the process. He asked to see any inspiration pictures which I promptly showed him on my iPhone. We then went into a room where he asked me to take of my bra so he could see what he was working with. Now admittedly I didn't think I had horrible boobs, but having yo-yo'd up and down in weight and having previously done exercise/running in poor bras had taken its toll on my once perky C cups - to the point where my upper pole fullness was lacking. My chest is also quite wide, and my torso quite long, which made my boobs look like they were sitting quite low on my chest. Anyway I removed my bra and he said "ooooohhhh this nice natural breast" - which automatically made me think crap I've flown all this way, I'm just being ridiculous! But he assured me we could could get the upper pole fullness I desired with a round silicone implant. Next we tried on sizers in the pointiest bra I have seen in my life, which made it really hard to work out the size I actually wanted. He left me alone to see what I liked, but the nurse awkwardly stuck around, which in hindsight I should have just told her to leave - so I could have a minute to myself to decide. If you are taking your own post-op bras (which I highly recommend you do - because the one they provide you with is pointy, ill-fitting, and scratchy), I suggest you take it into the fitting with you, so you can try it on with the implants instead of the pointy option they provide. I made some mental notes in my head about the sizes I liked and then he measured me up and drew all over me. My breast width was quite wide - 14.5cm (no surprises there due to how wide my chest is). He then explained to me that the best placement for my desired look was over the muscle, which took me completely by surprise as he'd recommended dual plane in his original email and I had done quite a lot of research on that particular placement. I asked him what the difference was, and why he was now recommending overs and he said I had a great amount of tissue for overs and I could achieve exactly the same look as dual plane, but at a lower price, and without having to cut the muscle. I was sold! He suggested that I go mod plus profile or if I wanted the "porn star" look as he put it, I could go high profile ... I stuck with the mod plus's in the end as I wasn't after high projection, just a bit more perk. Due to my wide breast width and my choice of mod plus profile implants, Dr Narupon calculated the highest I could go CC wise was 400. Just as well because after having tried on the sizers I was tossing up between 375-400CC anyway, which Dr Narupon said would make me roughly a DD cup (which was my aim). He said if I was unsure - always go bigger, but in the end I asked him to make the decision between the two in surgery - whichever looked better on my frame. From there I signed all the consent forms and went to pay (with 2 credit cards and my debit card). Well I just about had a heart attack when my first card kept declining. All I could think was I've flown all this way, what am I going to do? The customer service girls were so lovely though and let me call my bank internationally. In the end everything was sorted. I had told all my banks I was travelling internationally, but I had slightly overestimated the amount that was on one of them, hence why it kept declining. We got there in the end though - crisis averted! After the payment fiasco I was taken to my room, where I quickly set up my phone and charger near my bedside and locked away my valuables. I removed all my piercings and a nurse asked me to strip down nude and she assisted me with my hospital garments. I was then canulated ... twice as she broke the first vein. It hurt a little more than I expected, but nothing too traumatic. I was then connected to some IV fluids and wheeled down pretty much straight away to theatre. The anaesthetist asked me a bunch of questions and i swear I was asked 3 times whether I could remove my $6500 braces .... the answer was NO, but they seemed ok with that. They then strapped me to the table like jesus to the cross and placed an oxygen mask over my face. I was pretty pissed off to be honest as I never saw my surgeon before they put me under, which I was told I would if I had any final questions. Anyhow I came to 3-ish hours later either vomiting, or having the tube removed, or both simultaneously, it was hard to tell. I think I slept for a little bit, but all I could think was how uncomfortable my head was - and I realised I had no pillow. I managed to wave a nurse down sitting in the corner of the room and raspily groaned that I wanted a pillow. She gave me a blanket to put under my head and I promptly threw up all over my arm and the blood pressure cuff attached to it. I flailed my arm around until they cleaned me up and told me to stop moving. Clearly I am not a good PACU patient! Not long after this they wheeled me back to my room where they transferred me across to my hospital bed - yep that hurt. Then they sat the bed up, where-upon I spewed again, and again into a kidney dish. I then wanted to go to the toilet straight away, which they assisted me to do. They then left me to snooze for a bit, coming in and out doing obs, giving me pills, and delivering food. I tried a mouthful of mashed potato - threw that up. Later a mouthful of watermelon - threw that up. I gave up on food after that. I managed to get myself up a couple of times through the night with great difficulty. As a nurse myself, I was very reluctant to call for help, as I know the sooner you are doing things for yourself the better. I was however in a lot of pain, and the meds they were giving me just weren't cutting it. I asked what I was getting and the answer was an anti-inflammatory I had never heard of, diazepam (valium) for sleep, which I was ok with, and an equivalent to panadeine for pain. I was not impressed. I asked several times over for endone and was ignored each time. Finally the next morning after I managed to contain breakfast, the PIAC co-ordinator came by. My emotions got the better of me and I broke down in tears. I told her the nurses weren't listening to me and I wanted a stronger pain-killer. She said she would see the doctor. Dr Narupon came in late that afternoon, cut off my bandages, yanked out my drains, and the nurses strapped me into an ugly pointy bra. He told me I could go home later that evening and he would come see me before I left. I asked him for endone (oxycodone) at the time and if he could write me up a prescription for when I left, he ummed and ahhed and then said yes we have this drug. I buzzed the nurse straight after this for my endone and she gave me a tablet which looked different from the others I'd been given (did't look like what I'd seen in Aus, but shapes and colours differ with brands). I said "is this endone?" and she said "yes yes" - so I took it. Half an hour later a nurse came into my room and asked if I was ready to go. I said "no - the Dr said he'd come back later this evening", to which she responded - "no, you can go now." I found this extremely odd, but I packed up my things and they took me downstairs to pick up my meds from pharmacy. I looked at everything they gave me - still no endone. I said to the pharmacist, "there's no end one here - the Dr said he would write me up for some." After calling the Dr, she said "we don't stock oxcodone in this hospital", which majorly pissed me off, because that meant I had been lied to by the nurse upstairs, and the Dr. They told me they could give me a morphine based oral pain-killer, which I decided against as I was not willing to go to that level. After this they drove me to my new hotel. I did not see Dr Narupon again until my check-up. I got zero instructions on how to care for myself for the week leading up to my check-up, which I found highly unprofessional. Luckily I am a surgical nurse and have post-operative knowledge, but at the same time, I don't deal with breast augmentation patients, so I was still quite in the dark. The pamphlet I was given gave me some indication of post-op care, but my saviour was my friend LLwoody, who I met on this forum. She had her BA 3 days before me with Dr Narupon and was lucky enough to have been given all post-op instructions and I was able to ask her a bajillion questions. Week 1 Post-Op: As soon as I got back to my hotel I took the hideous nanna bra off and had a look at my boobs. Holy they looked big. I immediately thought what have I done?, but I reminded myself it was a lot of fluid and swelling and they would go down. I promptly strapped myself into my 100 times more comfortable Tonserio bra that I had ordered (with great difficulty, but well worth it) from the states. I then sussed out my room and decided on a night in with room service. After that I settled in for the night with a ramp of pillows behind my back, because I no longer had the luxury of a remote controlled bed. I had such a wonderful sleep, but holy hell getting up in the morning was a mission. Morning boob is awful! I had sharp shooting pains mainly in my left boob and the feeling when you first sit fully upright and all the fluid drains to the bottom of your boobs is just horrible. It's like that for a good 5 days, but after that it begins to subside. My best recommendation is stack your pillows the night before, hold onto your boobs in the morning and lift with your abs. It still hurts like hell, but it lessens the blow. I took all my pills religiously until my antibiotics finished, and added some laxatives I had, shall we say "borrowed" from work before I left, as I knew the post-op process and the pain meds would make me bloated and constipated. I was right, I didn't poop for 3 whole days and I looked like a puffy little balloon. Of course the moment I did need to go I was in the middle of Jungceylon shopping mall! I found a toilet as fast as I could, where I waited uncomfortably in line behind 4 others and then finally ... relief. I was smug - yes I'd pooped! I reached to my left for the toliet paper - nope no dispenser there ... must be on the right - nope ... must be on the back wall - NOPE!!! Just FYI at Jungceylon they keep their TP on the OUTSIDE of the toilet! That was a gross little learning curve. After 6 days on my own, my friend arrived just as I was starting to feel a lot more myself. The initial 5 days were a bit of a roller-coaster of emotions - Did I go too big? No maybe they're too small? Should I have done this at all? My boobs hurt. I can't poop. Now I'm pooping too much. My tummy is heavy, and fat, and bloated, and I feel sick. Wahhhhhhhhh! Don't get me wrong, you can still go out and do stuff, your head and body is just a little bit of a fricken' mess ... well at least it was for me anyway. On Day 7, my friend and I caught my transfer to the hospital to see Dr Narupon and have my stitches taken out. I was so ready for new dressings, as my current ones were starting to peel back, and I didn't want any nasties getting in. The nurses removed my old dressings and Dr N. came and had a look. He said I should wear my post-op bra morning and night for another month. He said I could exercise in a month, start wearing underwires in a month, basically the answer to most things was one month. He did tell me that I didn't really need to massage my boobs too much though, if at all, as they were really quite soft already due to the tissue I already had - something which I'm just quietly quite proud of. Afterwards the nurses took my stitches out and replaced my dressings. I got my friend to take some photos of my suture lines prior (as I couldn't see them). They don't look too bad. A little red and bruised, and slightly puckered, but I'm hoping they'll heal well. That's All Folks (for now ...): Anyway sorry for the novel, but I hope it helps some of you. I'll be putting pictures up in my gallery shortly, so feel free to FR request me to have a look, or if you have any questions feel free to ask. I know I made the hospital experience sound awful - it really wasn't all that bad and so far I'm soooo happy with my results, I think I just expected more from a nurse's perspective. I will definitely be reflecting on my surgical experience as a patient and utilising it with my future patients when I go back to work.
  6. Hi to all, Over the past 18 months I have been to a four plastic surgeons here in Newcastle and Sydney because I hate my tummy (have done forever even at my skiniest) and I wanted to have it changed.... As you can imagine the cost was ridiculous and very unaffordable especially now that medicare won't cover it, therefore my private health insurance won't either... After a huge amount of research I dumped the idea very disappointed. A few months ago I came across NIB options. They offer plastic surgery overseas by Australian peer reviewed plastic surgeons. They also offer peer reviewed hospitals with a twelve month after care whereby if anything goes wrong then an Australian board certified plastic surgeon will fix it here in Australia free of charge.... Plus they will only work with a small number of plastic surgeons overseas. With that I decided to look into it..... I researched a crap load over and over again and decided to get a quote.... I was pleasantly surprised when the quote came back almost a third of the cost of what the cost would be in Australia...The quote was based on a internationally board certified plastic surgeon in Phuket for a tummy tuck.... NIB Options have asked for a testimonial good or bad in order for me to receive a 20% discount (this was a deal just recently, not sure if they are still offering this), which for me is a good thing.... Clearly they are trying to market themselves as there are not a lot of reviews on the company.... Plus the Dr Veeerwat does a consult first on one day and gives me one day to think about the surgery prior to going under the knife... Added bonus is that I can cancel at anytime and receive a full refund and yes at times I think I should because I am so frigging nervous at different stages. I am also impressed by the guarantee that the Phuket International Hospital gives as well!! So I am booked in for the procedure at the end of this month.... yes you guessed it I am one of those Australians whom due to the Medicare changes I am heading overseas to have my procedure done!!!! I am hugely scared, more so by the pain but as I have read many many times over the outcome is worth the pain - thank you for all you girls that have been writing so positively about this!!! By the way, I am not being paid by NIB Options or forced to write about the company but I must say their offer is the only reason why I am going to Thailand due to the comfort they make me feel with their after care policy!! From the outset Claire at NIB Options has been amazing without no sales push what so ever and has responded promptly every time I contact her!! So far I have contacted Dr Veerawat directly about spray tanning and the length of time I have to wait to swim and he has been very prompt to reply to these emails as well. I must say, I haven't seen a lot of his work reviewed, specifically on Tummy Tucks but I am more than comfortable with his CV and his achievements so far anyway. The reviews I have seen are very positive but not necessarily related to Tummy Tucks. I will try and update as much as I can on my journey... I have a little one and a business to run so at times I am flat out but I hope to post as much as I can to keep you informed of my progress just like other wonderful informative people have done on this forum. Hopefully talk soon!!!!
  7. Hi ladies, I have paid my deposit for breast augmentation through Cosmeditour in Thailand. I'm going for a tear-drop implant. I am not sure how big I could go, i'm only 5'feet tall and 42 kgs in weight. My breast is really small like 32AA or 32A. I have not finalised a surgery date yet but it will be between May or June next year. I have little idea yet what to expect or what to do beforehand as it was just 3 weeks ago I started contemplating that maybe I should get a boob done anyway to treat myself to wear a pair of bikinis with nice boobies! Haha (wild dream I never thought I would get by next year haha) The agent from Cosmeditour recommended Dr V I have two overseas holiday prior May/June2018 so now starting to save up as well to shop for some clothes haah i think i'm too excited lol
  8. We are flying out tonight to Phuket!! Very excited! Surgery on Friday with Dr Sanguan ??
  9. Hey gals, I have wanted & dreamed of this for so long that I thought it would never ever happen! I inquired two days ago and now I'm suddenly booked in for a consult on Jan 2!!!!! So nervous and excited, I've barely slept I've been so overwhelmed with flights/accommodation/finding a travel partner/planning my itinerary on top of kids and everything else I have on right now, haha. Ahhhh, I have so many questions! The most important one though, is medical insurance. I can't remember whether I read it in an email or just assumed, but I thought PPSI insured me for my surgeries? But I can't find the details now, hence my post. If I need to source it myself, which company is best to go with please? Thank you!
  10. Hi ladies I am heading to Phuket in March to get my BA and I have received recommendations/ inital consultations from both Dr Piyapas and Dr Thanakom and I was wondering if anyone has used either of them. If so, would you be able to share your review.
  11. Hi All, Can anyone enlighten me on their Rhino experience with Dr. Witoon? They have asked to change my surgeon and I can't find a whole lot of info for his Rhinos. Lots of BA's and face lifts, but no noses! Have asked them to send me some before and afters but Im too impatient to wait until tomorrow! Kiarainthepark
  12. Hi everyone I have my BA booked in at the start of May with Dr Piyapas at the PPSI (used to be Bangkok Phuket Hospital and now they have merged with PIAC I think?) If anyone knows anything about him please pleaseeee let me know. Would love any information or advice I can get. Mega excited but equally as nervous eep. Thanks so much!! x
  13. Hi there, I am Lauren and I will be booked for the 4th of sept with Dr Sanguan in Phuket for BA, I will probably go there on the 1st... I will stay a couple weeks. I was thinking first week super close to the hospital and then the second week on a beach not too far away. Would anyone like to stay with me for company and safety? Just thought I would see since I will be alone until my partner joins me on the 17th approx. It's all rather last minute and would ease my nerves heaps to have a friend! Thanks
  14. There's a lot of discussion on BA, BL but I couldn't find a Thread dedicated for people going to Thailand for Tummy Tuck. So i created this hopefully to get to know others who's also embarking on this nerve wrecking journey with me..
  15. Hi ladies! I am currently organising my BA surgery in June/July at PPSI (PIAC) with Dr Narupon. I am travelling alone from Australia, and thought it would be a great chance to meet up with other ladies to share our exciting boob-tacular journey! Is anyone interested?
  16. Well today I am 3 days post op Tt, Br & lipo on hips. hardly any pain from incisions just niggling pains which I can deal with, the pain I'm getting is just back and neck pain from how I'm sitting laying ect I had my breast drains removed yesterday as well as catheter and was up waddling to toilet and back to bed yesterday. Today I feel much better still draining a lot though so maybe tomorrow I can get the tummy drains removed but feeling so much better and less sleeping as I don't have to take much pain meds now, the worse part of my experience so far is the food they serve here it's terrible (even if you order from their "resturant" so my fav's are water coffee and corn flakes lol the nurses are really good and the hospital is so nice. I was concerned about language barriers ect but need to worry
  17. HELLO! Last week I made the final decision to get my BA done in Phuket! After breast feeding 2 kids for 2 years each am really excited. I got really down actually looking at my 'before' pics as I didnt realise they were THAT ... unflattering. I guess Im lucky as I do lots of weights and exercise that I dont require a lift. I have a window of opportunity without kids, hubby working and on my 'off ' swing so I dont have to take holidays so have booked in for the 5th January!! Not much time to count down to! The more research I do the better I feel both with location and surgeon choice. Is anyone else going in January Solo? PIAC have been fantastic and have organised everything for me. Dr. Narupon has suggested silicon under the muscle.
  18. Hi im planning on heading over the tthailand in a few months to get a ba with dr veerawat in phuket at piac i was just hoping to get a little more information on how long is the minimum i should stay there as id like to do a few things there with my partner for three days before surgery but cant stay long as my baby will be staying with my mum while im over there is nine days a good amount of time ? And if anyone has had surgery with dr veerawat id love to hear how it went
  19. So I've just finalised my flights and accommodation and I'm off to Phuket in December!! I know it's not for ages but how exciting! Anybody have some experiences/tips to share about PIAC or Dr Sanguan? Anybody going in December as well? I'm also getting labiaplasty at the same time (nervous)
  20. Hi all just after a checklist of things I need to take with me. Flying out on the 30th just hubby and I surgery date is booked for the 3rd of April. Just finished packing my bag but worried I'm forgetting stuff lol please help getting really excited now ??
  21. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (or whatever it is now with Bangkok hospital) that have had great borderline lift outcomes?? At the moment I'm tossing up between Dr Narupon and Dr Veerawat Thanks a million! xxxx
  22. Hi I'm living in Melbourne and want to go to Thailand to have my breast augmentation done. After reading around on the web and talking to different people, I'm feeling pretty confident to go through the Beauty Med Thailand agency. They have recommended me to go to Phuket International Hospital and have the surgery done by Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn. Does anyone here have any reviews or feedback about the agency, hospital and/or surgeon? Thank you!
  23. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (or whatever it is now with Bangkok hospital) that have had great borderline lift outcomes?? At the moment I'm tossing up between Dr Narupon and Dr Veerawat Thanks a million! xxxx
  24. Hi ladies Im planning to get breast augmentation done in may this year in phuket. I've been recommended to dr Veerawat from PIAC however there's not a great big deal of reviews on him online or many before and after photos. Who can tell me about their experience with him? Also has anyone also gone through truly medical getaways to give me their thoughts about their experience with having Moira looking after them? Please help a sister out! ???
  25. Hi all First post for me - long time reader! I am turning 40 next year and have decided to celebrate with a BA in Thailand @ May 2016. After reading all the info and stories I am a little overwhelmed by it all - surgery included. My two clear options are: * Bangkok at Vejthani International Hospital with Dr Theera; or * Phuket - either at PIAC with Dr Veerawat (Dr Boonchai is not taking bookings in May) or at BHP with Dr Piyapas There is a lot of positive feedback about the Phuket surgeons, however does anyone have experience with Dr Theera at all? I couldn't find too much. My other big decision is whether to book it myself through the hospitals and look for great flight/accomm deals or hand it all over to an agent. I will be travelling over with my partner and two kids so would love to hear from anyone who has done this with the family in tow Any info / guidance would be amazing! Thanks all!!
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