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  1. Put them in here please am hoping to go over in January to get lipo and veneers, have a friend who wants to come so awesome So far I have: dr Piyapas at Bangkok Phuket hospital. He is $$ and I can't find a direct way to get a personalized quote? dr boonchai at PIAC pretty well priced what other PIAC or Thai docs to my list?
  2. Hey girls! This is my first post; just looking for some advice on multiple things to do with the surgery. I've planned the BA at the beginning of my travels for at least 6 months. We're going to Thailand, Dubai, then travelling around Europe. I know and understand the recovery time and the process of a BA and will be taking time in Thailand and Dubai particularly to relax and recover for a few weeks to begin with and have a very supportive boyfriend to help me throughout. I've booked my BA with Dr. Veerawat in Phuket in February. From the online consultation, I've discovered my breasts a
  3. Hello, I am off to Thailand on the 28th of August to have cosmetic surgery at PPSI with Dr. Pongstatorn. I will be having mid-lower facelift and neck lift with under chin correction as well as blephorapasty (upper and lower). I have a question for people who have had procedures done regarding outpatient pain medication. Do we get pain relief even though they are very strict about it in Thailand? The drug laws are so strict I was wondering will patients get strong relief like panadeine forte? Over should I bring my own ( which I understand I need a note and not 30 days supply du
  4. Hi ladies!! I am booked in for September this year (2018) for a breast augmentation with Dr Witoon. Are any of you going around this time to Phuket? Also, please share your experiences with me. I am 5’7, 58kg currently a small C cup, deflated from breast feeding. Slight minor sagging from pregnancy, unsure if I’ll need a lift (determining at appointment) think my photos are deceiving but I pass the pencil test... what would you suggest? Would teardrop lift as much as round? Hoping to get to a DD as I want them definitely bigger but am only small frame also. Also need to quit smoking
  5. Hi all, Just thought I'd post about my journey for anyone interested in going with PIAC, Dr Narupon, or for those of you with similar stats to me Beginning Stats: Age - 29, Height -173cm, Weight - 62kg, Bra Size - 10C, No children. Booking: I booked my surgery straight through PIAC with no issue - I had two friends who had gone directly through PIAC previously with different surgeons and had great results, so I thought I'd try my luck without an agency. I received a response from PIAC within a day or two after sending my photographs and forms, and a recommendation from my surgeon about a
  6. Hi to all, Over the past 18 months I have been to a four plastic surgeons here in Newcastle and Sydney because I hate my tummy (have done forever even at my skiniest) and I wanted to have it changed.... As you can imagine the cost was ridiculous and very unaffordable especially now that medicare won't cover it, therefore my private health insurance won't either... After a huge amount of research I dumped the idea very disappointed. A few months ago I came across NIB options. They offer plastic surgery overseas by Australian peer reviewed plastic surgeons. They also offer peer review
  7. Hi ladies, I have paid my deposit for breast augmentation through Cosmeditour in Thailand. I'm going for a tear-drop implant. I am not sure how big I could go, i'm only 5'feet tall and 42 kgs in weight. My breast is really small like 32AA or 32A. I have not finalised a surgery date yet but it will be between May or June next year. I have little idea yet what to expect or what to do beforehand as it was just 3 weeks ago I started contemplating that maybe I should get a boob done anyway to treat myself to wear a pair of bikinis with nice boobies! Haha (wild dream I never thought I wou
  8. We are flying out tonight to Phuket!! Very excited! Surgery on Friday with Dr Sanguan ??
  9. Hey gals, I have wanted & dreamed of this for so long that I thought it would never ever happen! I inquired two days ago and now I'm suddenly booked in for a consult on Jan 2!!!!! So nervous and excited, I've barely slept I've been so overwhelmed with flights/accommodation/finding a travel partner/planning my itinerary on top of kids and everything else I have on right now, haha. Ahhhh, I have so many questions! The most important one though, is medical insurance. I can't remember whether I read it in an email or just assumed, but I thought PPSI insured me for
  10. Hi ladies I am heading to Phuket in March to get my BA and I have received recommendations/ inital consultations from both Dr Piyapas and Dr Thanakom and I was wondering if anyone has used either of them. If so, would you be able to share your review.
  11. Hi All, Can anyone enlighten me on their Rhino experience with Dr. Witoon? They have asked to change my surgeon and I can't find a whole lot of info for his Rhinos. Lots of BA's and face lifts, but no noses! Have asked them to send me some before and afters but Im too impatient to wait until tomorrow! Kiarainthepark
  12. Hi everyone I have my BA booked in at the start of May with Dr Piyapas at the PPSI (used to be Bangkok Phuket Hospital and now they have merged with PIAC I think?) If anyone knows anything about him please pleaseeee let me know. Would love any information or advice I can get. Mega excited but equally as nervous eep. Thanks so much!! x
  13. Hi there, I am Lauren and I will be booked for the 4th of sept with Dr Sanguan in Phuket for BA, I will probably go there on the 1st... I will stay a couple weeks. I was thinking first week super close to the hospital and then the second week on a beach not too far away. Would anyone like to stay with me for company and safety? Just thought I would see since I will be alone until my partner joins me on the 17th approx. It's all rather last minute and would ease my nerves heaps to have a friend! Thanks
  14. There's a lot of discussion on BA, BL but I couldn't find a Thread dedicated for people going to Thailand for Tummy Tuck. So i created this hopefully to get to know others who's also embarking on this nerve wrecking journey with me..
  15. Hi ladies! I am currently organising my BA surgery in June/July at PPSI (PIAC) with Dr Narupon. I am travelling alone from Australia, and thought it would be a great chance to meet up with other ladies to share our exciting boob-tacular journey! Is anyone interested?
  16. Well today I am 3 days post op Tt, Br & lipo on hips. hardly any pain from incisions just niggling pains which I can deal with, the pain I'm getting is just back and neck pain from how I'm sitting laying ect I had my breast drains removed yesterday as well as catheter and was up waddling to toilet and back to bed yesterday. Today I feel much better still draining a lot though so maybe tomorrow I can get the tummy drains removed but feeling so much better and less sleeping as I don't have to take much pain meds now, the worse part of my experience so far is the food they serve here it's ter
  17. HELLO! Last week I made the final decision to get my BA done in Phuket! After breast feeding 2 kids for 2 years each am really excited. I got really down actually looking at my 'before' pics as I didnt realise they were THAT ... unflattering. I guess Im lucky as I do lots of weights and exercise that I dont require a lift. I have a window of opportunity without kids, hubby working and on my 'off ' swing so I dont have to take holidays so have booked in for the 5th January!! Not much time to count down to! The more research I do the better I feel both with location and surgeon choice. Is any
  18. Hi im planning on heading over the tthailand in a few months to get a ba with dr veerawat in phuket at piac i was just hoping to get a little more information on how long is the minimum i should stay there as id like to do a few things there with my partner for three days before surgery but cant stay long as my baby will be staying with my mum while im over there is nine days a good amount of time ? And if anyone has had surgery with dr veerawat id love to hear how it went
  19. So I've just finalised my flights and accommodation and I'm off to Phuket in December!! I know it's not for ages but how exciting! Anybody have some experiences/tips to share about PIAC or Dr Sanguan? Anybody going in December as well? I'm also getting labiaplasty at the same time (nervous)
  20. Hi all just after a checklist of things I need to take with me. Flying out on the 30th just hubby and I surgery date is booked for the 3rd of April. Just finished packing my bag but worried I'm forgetting stuff lol please help getting really excited now ??
  21. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (o
  22. Hi I'm living in Melbourne and want to go to Thailand to have my breast augmentation done. After reading around on the web and talking to different people, I'm feeling pretty confident to go through the Beauty Med Thailand agency. They have recommended me to go to Phuket International Hospital and have the surgery done by Dr. Narupon Rojanapithayakorn. Does anyone here have any reviews or feedback about the agency, hospital and/or surgeon? Thank you!
  23. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (o
  24. Hi ladies Im planning to get breast augmentation done in may this year in phuket. I've been recommended to dr Veerawat from PIAC however there's not a great big deal of reviews on him online or many before and after photos. Who can tell me about their experience with him? Also has anyone also gone through truly medical getaways to give me their thoughts about their experience with having Moira looking after them? Please help a sister out! ???
  25. Hi all First post for me - long time reader! I am turning 40 next year and have decided to celebrate with a BA in Thailand @ May 2016. After reading all the info and stories I am a little overwhelmed by it all - surgery included. My two clear options are: * Bangkok at Vejthani International Hospital with Dr Theera; or * Phuket - either at PIAC with Dr Veerawat (Dr Boonchai is not taking bookings in May) or at BHP with Dr Piyapas There is a lot of positive feedback about the Phuket surgeons, however does anyone have experience with Dr Theera at all? I couldn't find too much. My other big decisi
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