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  1. Hi all, Just thought I'd post about my journey for anyone interested in going with PIAC, Dr Narupon, or for those of you with similar stats to me Beginning Stats: Age - 29, Height -173cm, Weight - 62kg, Bra Size - 10C, No children. Booking: I booked my surgery straight through PIAC with no issue - I had two friends who had gone directly through PIAC previously with different surgeons and had great results, so I thought I'd try my luck without an agency. I received a response from PIAC within a day or two after sending my photographs and forms, and a recommendation from my surgeon about a
  2. So yesterday morning I had my consult and surgery with Dr Boonchai. It was such a pleasant experience and he is so lovely! Of course a bit clinical in his approach but does have a little bit of a giggle here and then and he definitely makes sure you know all that you need to. i decided upon 350s textured, round, unders and endoscopic transaxillary (through the armpit). I didn't want my boobs to have scars on them and Dr B said he can achieve better placement! Although it is longer recover especially combined with under the muscle, he said it's the scar that will be more important. Trying on
  3. Hi ladies, so I need help in making a difficult decision. I had my BA with Dr Boonchai 325/350 HP through the armpit just under a year ago. However, my implants have not dropped (the have not dropped into the lower part of the boob and you can see the top of the implant meaning I can't wear strapless bras or tops because they just slide down) PIAC have reviewed my case and have offered me free revision surgery Dr Boonchai has offered discount surgery at 4K and, the last option is spending 12k on dr Miroshnik in Sydney (a bit much as I am a student but would save
  4. There's a lot of discussion on BA, BL but I couldn't find a Thread dedicated for people going to Thailand for Tummy Tuck. So i created this hopefully to get to know others who's also embarking on this nerve wrecking journey with me..
  5. Hi ladies! I am currently organising my BA surgery in June/July at PPSI (PIAC) with Dr Narupon. I am travelling alone from Australia, and thought it would be a great chance to meet up with other ladies to share our exciting boob-tacular journey! Is anyone interested?
  6. Well today I am 3 days post op Tt, Br & lipo on hips. hardly any pain from incisions just niggling pains which I can deal with, the pain I'm getting is just back and neck pain from how I'm sitting laying ect I had my breast drains removed yesterday as well as catheter and was up waddling to toilet and back to bed yesterday. Today I feel much better still draining a lot though so maybe tomorrow I can get the tummy drains removed but feeling so much better and less sleeping as I don't have to take much pain meds now, the worse part of my experience so far is the food they serve here it's ter
  7. HELLO! Last week I made the final decision to get my BA done in Phuket! After breast feeding 2 kids for 2 years each am really excited. I got really down actually looking at my 'before' pics as I didnt realise they were THAT ... unflattering. I guess Im lucky as I do lots of weights and exercise that I dont require a lift. I have a window of opportunity without kids, hubby working and on my 'off ' swing so I dont have to take holidays so have booked in for the 5th January!! Not much time to count down to! The more research I do the better I feel both with location and surgeon choice. Is any
  8. Hi im planning on heading over the tthailand in a few months to get a ba with dr veerawat in phuket at piac i was just hoping to get a little more information on how long is the minimum i should stay there as id like to do a few things there with my partner for three days before surgery but cant stay long as my baby will be staying with my mum while im over there is nine days a good amount of time ? And if anyone has had surgery with dr veerawat id love to hear how it went
  9. So I've just finalised my flights and accommodation and I'm off to Phuket in December!! I know it's not for ages but how exciting! Anybody have some experiences/tips to share about PIAC or Dr Sanguan? Anybody going in December as well? I'm also getting labiaplasty at the same time (nervous)
  10. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (o
  11. Hi lovely ladies! I am booked in with Dr Narupon at Phuket International Hospital in Thailand. My surgery date is the 18th of January 2016 and the pre surgery nerves have already kicked in! I would love to hear other experiences from Dr N ladies! I need reassurance to know that I am making the right decision LOL little late now =P I am struggling to find before and after pictures for Dr Narupon. Please help please feel free to text me as well 0413705675, I understand that is a lot easier then replying on the forum. Thanks heaps <3 xxxx
  12. I have been communicating directly with PIAC since October to book a surgery with Dr Boonchai, however I have just been informed that he is no longer operating in 2016 I have slightly asymmetrical breasts, I am a C-D but they are deflated and lack upper pole fullness. I want a natural full breast with a big of sag (to make it look natural, if you get what I mean) Dr Boonchai recommended a lift on my left breast, and 200cc-300cc implants for both breasts. I have included my before photo (cringe!) and a photo of my desired outcome. So does anyone have any recommendations for surgeons at PIAC (o
  13. i am 3 days post op with my BA wit Dr V at PIAC. I went through restored Beauty Getaways (did flights and accom myself) went with my husband and did a lot of research before coming over and before choosing Dr V. I must say I was not disappointed with my choice of surgeon or the hospital. i had my consultation and Surgery on the same date, the day after I arrived in Phuket, as it was Dr V's last day before he went on holidays (I knew this). Unfortunately I was completed taken off guard when I was told that my chest width would not allow for the size of implant I was hoping for. I had paid
  14. I never post threads here, but there should be more community education on this and the word doesn't seem to be getting out in spite of everyone in the industry knowing about this for months. The first thing I want to clarify, though, is that there's not a problem, there are just changes, and by discussing those changes openly now I think a lot of confusion will be saved So, let me try to keep this as clinical and bullet-pointy as possible to ensure I don't ramble off into making it more confusing! The Background... BPICS has always been at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. BPICS is headed by Dr. Wito
  15. Hi all First post for me - long time reader! I am turning 40 next year and have decided to celebrate with a BA in Thailand @ May 2016. After reading all the info and stories I am a little overwhelmed by it all - surgery included. My two clear options are: * Bangkok at Vejthani International Hospital with Dr Theera; or * Phuket - either at PIAC with Dr Veerawat (Dr Boonchai is not taking bookings in May) or at BHP with Dr Piyapas There is a lot of positive feedback about the Phuket surgeons, however does anyone have experience with Dr Theera at all? I couldn't find too much. My other big decisi
  16. Hi Ladies I am seeing Dr Boonchai, December 2015 for breast lift with implants. I have read many great things about his work, but I am having a hard time finding recent photos of his work. This is is my first time posting in the forum so I'm not sure how this works. Are there photos available on this forum that I can be directed to or links to another website? I'm flying over with my partner and we've found a great place to stay at on Air BnB. I initially enquired with CosmediTours but they are a waste of money and draws the process out further. I recommend organising the trip yourself. It
  17. Any girls heading to Phuket between 20th Dec 2015 - 5th Jan 2016. I have a BL + BA booked with Dr Boonchai on the 21st Dec. My fiancé and I arrive on the 20th January and we are staying in accommodation quite close to the hospital. Would love to chat to some girls heading over at the same time
  18. Hey girls! I am in the process of researching like a mad lady trying to find as much info as I can possible find about PIAC hospital and Dr Boonchai. I have seen countless reviews and mentions about his work and have read practically all the threads about him on this forum (which I am so thankful for!) I was sized here in Brisbane last year to have 290cc implants (I think mod plus profile, can't remember) I do remember asking for something natural and not obviously fake looking as I am a 10A size. My question is, Do you think if I really wanted 325cc with Dr Boonchai he will let me? Is
  19. Hi I was wondering if there is anyone traveling to Phuket at the end of November/start of December this year. I will be travelling then for a BA and BL at PIAC and will be travelling alone. I think it would be nice to know someone who is travelling around the same time as coming closer to my surgery date I am starting to get a little nervous about travelling alone. Also any travel tips would be great for those who have been. Thanks Suzy xx
  20. Hello Ladies I had my first BA in Perth last year i was wanting a full E cup and was recommended 500cc high profile implants placed under the muscle, i was happy with the results but as they began to settle into place and drop they reduced in size and i ended up with a double bubble effect i was told it would improve with massaging but one year later and the problem had gotten worse. I'm 168cm tall with broad shoulders so i can take a good size I'm hoping to go with 700cc implants im a tad scared of going any bigger and possibly with ultra high implants this time. I read about internal bras
  21. I am wanting to organise a BA in Dec/ Jan. I know I want to have it done at PIAC but can not decide on the BEST Dr. I'm deciding between Dr Veerasat, Dr Boonchai & Dr Narupon. I'm after beautiful, sexy boobs, not enormous with some cleavage that look natural.. Is that even possible? Any advice on Dr's and your experience would be fab! At the moment I'm thinking round, under the muscle. ANY tips/ advice greatly appreciated! TIA ?
  22. I cannot decide who to go with for my BA. I am tossing PIAC's surgeons Dr. Veerawat and Boonchai around in my head but I have also heard from good things about Dr. Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket. Any suggestions or recommendations? I live in Thailand so I know I want to stay here for the surgery but I just don't know what location or surgeon. Such a stressful decision to make. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hi Ladies, I got my first BA in Perth last year went with 500cc high profile mentor gel implants under the muscle i was first stoked with the outcome but unfortunately I've developed the double bubble effect i want to get larger implants as the 500cc wasnt as big as i hoped ended up a DD im aiming for 700cc maybe with the ultra high implants with possibly a mini breast lift and internal bra if needed... anyone out there that was been to PIAC? recommend any particular surgeon? Thanks in Advance
  24. Hi girls, Im almost at my 1 month post op, I had my BA at PIAC and wondering if there is variability in when you were advised/decided to run again... or other physical activity? Also what bras did you use and how did it feel?
  25. Hi Everyone, I have come to cross roads in regards to who to choose at PIAC for my BA planning to go ahead Late 2015, Early 2014. Would any lovely ladies have some feedback on either surgeon, and then of course pictures of the work they have completed? I have had a look on CosmediTour's website in regards to before and after's and really like Dr Thanakom's work. I am currently an 10B, and am wanting to increase to 10DD. I have had High Profile, 325cc, Round or Tear Drop Silicone implants recommended to me. Coming into this after I lost my lovely set of Natural C/D's after breastfeeding m
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