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  1. Hey Girls I found this info on another message board/forum and thought it would be helpful for those wondering what the healing process involves. I wish I had this earlier. I'm a little behind (probably due to my age). Don't take this as gospel, just a guide. Hope it helps Bec Phase 1. 0-3 Days Post Op - Soreness on sides, ribs, sternum, and maybe back muscles. Swelling, tightness, shiny skin. Square-boob/highness of implants. In/out of it depending on pain medication being taken. Sleep is best in recliner or with a wedge to avoid swelling overnight and back pain. Almost everyone needs to sleep on their back only. Phase 2. 3 Days - 2 Weeks - Moodiness (also related to meds). Sore to raise arms/reach/lift anything (follow PS instructions carefully to avoid Hematomas). Ribs/sternum/sides still sore and/or swollen. May have burning/itching feeling on breasts as nerves wake up. Still very difficult to sleep on sides without pain/discomfort. "Morning Boob" begins. Implants start to move a little, but still sit very high. Phase 3. 2 Weeks - 3 Weeks - Comfort setting in as soreness dissipates. Nipples very sensitive, swollen, hard. Sunburn feeling on breasts more common. May begin lifting/reaching but no overextending abilities (if it hurts, don't do it - as always, follow PS advice closely). "Morning Boob" continues. Most are wearing sports bras by now and may be wearing wireless already. Some people have massages, some don't - depends on PS. Shopping is awesome! First sizing will be larger than pre-op but not yet what size will prevail - be patient . D&F is starting but one will more than likely drop faster than the other. Also swelling will subside uneven as well, so one side may look larger than other side temporarily (besides normal, that is). LOTS of changes going on during this time in looks - don't panic! Phase 4. 3 Weeks - 6 Weeks - Boobs feel a lot more comfortable now. Soreness is almost gone, incisions look pink/purple and are a little raised. Implants are starting their descent and feel softer and move around more. Able to sleep on sides without much discomfort, although "Morning Boob" still evident (not as bad, though). May have soreness along sides, air bubbles, or other weird noises happening - these are generally OK. Activities return to normal. Phase 5. 6 Weeks - 3 Months - Most healing is done and tenderness gone away. Scar gels/creams can be used. Exercising can begin again. Probably being instructed by PS to wear wire bra now (maybe 24 hours at a time). D&F slows and gets to where it's going. Boobs look and feel great! Morning boob fades away and becomes non-existent. Dropping progresses much more noticeably now and fluffing begins. Bra sizes begin to change as well, so don't overindulge just yet. Exercise can resume as usual, although will notice different feelings when working on peck muscles. This discomfort may be strong, and you may wish to avoid it. Also, you may find that the space between breasts is more oily than in the past. Phase 6.3 - 6 Months - Fluffing continues but bra size shouldn't change much more. The softness will increase as will comfortability. The scar tissue is still dark, but softer and not as sore. Sleeping can be done in any comfortable position and any bra usually can be worn.
  2. Hello Ladies ! I had a breast lift/aug ten days ago. Finally got my dressings changed and the GP placed Hypafix tape on my incision line. There is no issues with the wound. however, since the change it has been itchy! is this a normal recovery process? Also , how long do you keep the incisions line covered with tape? Thanks in advance for any advise
  3. Hey boobie-mates... I ventured out to go swimwear shopping today. Yeah I know, it's the end of summer, but hey everything is on sale atm!! So, I used to absolutely HATE swimwear shopping pre-op, even more than hating bra shopping. I never could fit into any decent or sexy swimwear with my previous AAA's. I'd try on sth and it would always flop in the boobie dept and just look terrible and you really cannot wear your chicken fillets to the pool or beach (unless you are purely lounging on the sand and not actually going in the water & even then you're always worried they'll slither out!!) - even padded swimmers did not work for me. I remember buying a cute bikini in my teens and my then boyfriend told me I looked like a boiled egg with two rubber bands!! So today I thought I'd finally get some swimwear to go with my new DD girls I tried on a Seafolly one piece, super cute, plunging v-neckline and a lacy/strappy thing across and under the boobs. Tried on my usual size 12 (swimwear fits a little small and my usual 10 in clothing doesn't work in bathers - that's my story 'n I'm sticking to it!! ) and the girls were bulging out in every direction!! hahahahaha, so tried on a size 14 - same problem I am delighted to say, but the 14 was way too big everywhere else anyways. So girls, any recommendations on good brands I can try on next? How are you finding the ole swimwear adventure? successful? or a laugh? I was laughing my butt off in the change room, for sure the attendant would have thought I was bat sh*t crazy!!
  4. I am now Day 5 post op everything’s going well although I’m starting to get really bad back pain from having hunched shoulders. I am somebody who normally has really good posture and it’s been really hard to adjust being hunched and sleeping upright as well. I feel like if I push my shoulders back my muscles get too tight like I’m not supposed to. What should I do about this did anyone use special exercises? Also my boyfriend of 4 years is struggling to adjust to the new me and it’s giving me stress. Did anyone else have these problems? I need some reassurance.
  5. I am day 4 post op already sick and tired of the compression bra it is so tight and really hard to breathe. I am talking so slowly because it’s that tight. Anyone else struggle with this? It gives me more discomfort than the surgery itself.
  6. I have my final consult with Mark Ashton tomorrow, I spoke on the phone to his receptionist today and she told me that I will not be using a post op bra or ANY bra for the first 6 weeks of my recovery- opposite to everything I've heard, I then asked about massaging and she told me that he does not encourage any massaging... he's so highly reputed and I trust him with the surgery but this sounds odd?! anybody else have any similar experiences? stats: 22, 180cm, 57kgs, 240cc-270cc? anatomical mentors under the muscle Surgery date: 30th October PS: Mark Ashton
  7. Hi all, I am one week post op. I got 330cc mentor teardrop under the muscle, starting at a small a and hoping for a mid range C. I am a lot bigger than I expected and am wondering if I will find any reduction in the size in the next few weeks? 60 kg 172cm
  8. Hi I am a week post op, going for my follow up appointment with dr layt tomorrow. I have been quite anxious the past week as I haven't been wearing the bra only the strap as instructed by dr layt. Has anyone had their Breast Aug done by dr layt or have to wear the strap? How long did yours take to "drop" and settle, I know it is only 1 week just wanting to know how others went and what to expect! thanks
  9. Hey ladies, looking for some suggestions for post op bras for right after I get the new additions. I have 2 zip front bras but don't know if they'll be the right compression bras for right after op. Thamks x
  10. Hi Ladies, I am at the very early stages of BA. I have decided I am going to get it done in Melb, however I am still unsure about a surgeon. I want a qualified Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon I want a hospital rather than a Day Hospital so I can stay overnight. I want to feel confident that he will do want and care about how I will look rather than "bolting" on some boobs! I know they are uncomfortable but possibly a Dr that uses drains. I think Mark Ashton does but is there anyone else? Lastly I live 5 hrs from Melb so without compromising my health I want the shortest period of time in Melb. Can anyone comment on their post op visits? How often most Drs want to see them and change dressings? I have so many more questions but would be happy if anyone could help me with any of these and help me steer in the right direction.
  11. Hi ladies ? I had BA on 1 July and have tape on my incision (under crease incision), and my tape is due to be removed end of this week - so I'm nearly 2 weeks post BA. once my tape comes off I can start using my strataderm cream for my scars, BUT would you suggest covering scars with bandaids prior to get a spray tan? I don't want that substances getting into scars while they are fresh. But I really want (NEED) a tan lol
  12. I am currently in my 3rd day post op and thought I would share my experience, because as we all know everyone's experience is different & I have had friends who went out for dinner the day of surgery and others who were bed bound the whole week. So here is mine, feel free to ask any questions as I am only day 3 so who knows what tomorrow may bring! The week of the surgery I came down with a cold and was freaking out that my surgery would be cancelled so was quite a bit stressed but after trying every home remedy I could find on google including eating raw garlic and drinking apple cider vinegar it all cleared for me on the day (thankfully!) I was lucky that I had surgery super early on Friday and was admitted at 6am with surgery at 7am & once surgery was done I was told to eat once I got home and take my meds. My partner unfortunately had to go back to work so I was alone but I seemed to manage fine & even though I was not organised. I originally made a pillow fort on the couch but found that getting up from the couch was too painful (as it was too low and too hard to get out of) so I moved to the bed and with my meds was in and out of it but found that laying down was fine but as soon as I had to get out of bed it hurt to stand up ( and the actual getting out of bed part was difficult). I felt like my scars would pop open and my implants would fall out & my chest felt so tight. The meds also made me feel a bit nauseous but seemed to pass but their were times that I thought I had to throw up and I really didn't want too because that would have really hurt! I managed to go to the toilet to pee but trying to pull my underwear back up was pretty difficult & tried to avoid getting up as much as I could to avoid the getting up part which was the only time I felt the pain and also understood the T-Rex comparison people use. I also didn't shower this day (which was my instruction) and also didn't open the bra they put me in ( which resembles a granny pointy bra which clips on the front) as I was too scared too look at them yet - mainly because I didn't want to look at them and be disappointed. Day 2 - I woke up at 4:30am and by this point the meds had worn off and my pain medication could only be taken with food and I could feel where the incisions were anytime I moved which was uncomfortable & still had the tight chest feeling so I pretty much wanted to eat straight away so I could take these meds ( which I find amazing and worked really well for the pain) and as soon as I took them an hour later I was dosing back off. I am a side sleeper so was surprised to find that sleeping on my back with 3 pillow to prop me up didn't bother me I think mainly because it was comfortable and also helped with the pain. Compared to yesterday I was able to move quite a bit. I still couldn't leave the house or do anything crazy. But going to the toilet and getting up out of bed throughout the day gradually got easier. Maybe the medication helped me and I just couldn't feel it? I'm not sure but felt ok. I also actually read through the post op instructions I got and was supposed to be icing them and doing stretches which I hadn't been doing so I started doing these throughout the day. Also had a shower and had a look at my new boobs for the first time. I am extremely happy with how they look. I was sooo stressed previously about whether they would be too small or too big and they are just perfect. I just can't wait for them to drop because at the moment they are so hard, they are high but nothing too crazy. I also found that this day I was quite flatulent which I assumed came down to the meds. Before bed I also took the max dose of the pain meds ( which is 2 at a time) not because I was in a lot of pain but because I wanted a good sleep. This morning I experienced what seemed like 'morning boob' which is the tightness of the pectorals muscles as while you sleep they haven't been moved around so is quite tight. But after I got up and moved around I felt pretty good and took my usual dose this morning but the difference in today is that I am getting more mobility back I can move my arms around more & reach further etc and also occasionally can feel the implants move around which has been a weird feeling to have. Occasionally I have been feeling these tingling feelings which after reading things online it seems like nerve sensations are coming back? Also didn't mention that my breasts still feel numb. If I touch my nipple I can't feel it. Midday meds I took a smaller dose of pain medication and was also able to go to the toilet today and do a number 2 without taking any laxatives. I'm excited for tomorrow as each day I'm feeling better but then I have different feelings/sensations in my body which I have to google haha because I want to make sure it is normal and not something going wrong inside. Still haven't left the house as I probably could tomorrow but my instructions were to rest and no exercise so don't want to risk anything & when I do walk I am super slow and occasionally walk on my tiptoes, no idea why?. I have my post op consultation on wednesday so hopefully by then I will be ok to drive. Will keep you updated!
  13. Hi girls! Just wondering if any of you have gone to the Chiropractor to adjust your back at 4 weeks post op? I accidentally went and forgot to ask my surgeon if I was able to because I didn't think anything of it and didn't think if would effect my Post Op recovery. And when I called to ask, the nurse said that it's still too early as I'm still in the recovery process etc. Now I'm worried if I've stuffed my new breasts because I've had my back adjusted. I'm hoping that they wont end up lop sided or something horrible. Eeeek! I'm freaking out! xx
  14. Hi all! Just thought Id spread the love...these crops are amazing, zip at the front and ON SALE! woo hoo! http://www.lornajane.com.au/091532/Legend-Support-Bra
  15. I'm just starting to ease my way back into exercise with light cardio and when they say 'don't raise your heart rate' does anyone know what a safe heart level rate is?
  16. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone can share their experiences from their operations to up to 2 weeks post op, and how their recovery went. Was there anything that helped you recover faster? Im having a BL and BA in the new year and was worried about what to expect. Especially in regards to what you can and cant do? Thanks
  17. I'm having surgery with dr Ali soon and I was just wondering how long he had you girls with overs wearing the post op bra for? I saw that a girl was told she could wear normal bras after 2 weeks. also, any feed back or photos of your work would be awesome too! It's really hard to find many photos of his work thanks girls
  18. **ESSAY ALERT** Hey girls! So I've been meaning to write a review for my BA experience for a while and I'm getting up to a month post op now so thought I'd get on with it! I can't find a review section for my surgeon but still wanted to write my experience in case it helps others whether they go with my surgeon or not!!So I had my surgery on 13th August 2015 at St John of God in Geelong and my surgeon was Dr Richard Rahdon. I wanted surgery because I lost a considerable amount of weight- around 42kgs- and the first place my weight went from was my boobs which was a bit devastating!! I am from England and here for a year but decided I wanted to be away from family when having my surgery and recovery as I don't want awkward questions or comments!I went to see Richard and explained I wanted my boobs back to the size they were. Richard was very understanding and happily answered all my questions, we talked about my options, tried on a few different sizers and I booked my surgery in! Then the wait began and it felt like forever until my surgery date!! I rang the clinic a few times asking different questions and I was always made to feel like my questions were very important and the staff were always happy to hear from me and chat to me. I decided to go with 550cc moderate plus over the muscle and mentor branded implants. I am very broad chested so they sit very nicely. Richard takes a few different sized implant on the day of your surgery in case you've changed your mind.And finally the wait was over and my surgery day was here! I was nervous but when I arrived at St John of God I was made to feel very comfortable. My partner came with me and we were given our own little waiting room. The nurse came and took my blood pressure and measured me for stockings and wrapped me up in a heated blanket so I was as comfortable as possible. She left us to watch TV and then after a while the anaesthetist came in and chatted to us about the procedure and asked if I had questions and then Richard came and measured me up and checked I was happy with size etc. after a little wait I was taken through and the anaesthetist gave me some 'G&T' and I was away with the fairies!!I woke up and I was absolutely pain free and very very happy (I think I was high on drugs and boobies) and I couldn't stop smiling. I went back to sleep for a bit and then woke and I was fed and given a drink and my meds and then went to the hotel we were staying in! My recovery has been really smooth so far and I'm really happy with my results. I can't wait to go get measured properly and buy some new bras (and clothes!).I can't recommend Richard and his team enough. All the ladies that work for him have been so friendly, lovely and professional. The hospital and my anaesthetist were great and I had a perfect experience. I am booked in with Richard in another couple of weeks where he will see me and I will have laser treatment for my scars. All in all I paid around $9000 (which was less than I'd anticipated for a PS) and I hope my review might help others considering Richard or BA in general. I am very grateful to this forum and you ladies as it has helped massively! Please feel free to check out my pics or ask me any questions. I love my boobies and I hope I haven't bored you to death with my essay! Xxx
  19. I have surgery booked in with Mark ashton, really want to see some more photos of people who have gone with him as theres only a few I can find. Either augmentation, lift or both, or from people who have over the muscle, silicone, 310-400cc high profile as that is similar to what i'll be having done ??
  20. Packing List Random items . Boomerang (v) pillow/ask hotel for extra pillows · Travel pillow · Travel blanket if you’re with a budget airline · Bendy Straws · Dry shampoo · Laxatives . Throat lozenges (for sore throat because of tube) · Personal items (makeup deodorant and toiletries) · Panadol and nurofen · Movies/hard drive with walking dead downloaded hahaha♥ · Laptop/ipad/phone & chargers · Travel power converter (apparently really heap to buy over there) · Ice pack/ hot water bottle (stays warmer for longer than wheat pack) · hand sanitizer · Lip balm · Baby wipes (for when you can’t shower :p) · Silicone tape for scars · Bio oil/ rosehip oil · Methanol balm (tiger balm) for sore backs · Sunscreen . Insect repellent if going to rainforesty areas (you can buy repellent bracelets if you don’t like the smell of spray like me) · Floppy hat · Extra hair pins/ bands and maybe an old school clip while doing your hair isn’t easy. (im going to teach my boyfriend how to tie my hair in a ponytail the day before my surgery so he can do it for me after and save me trying to explain it haha) Clothes . Loose clothing · Button front tops · Stretchy waistband bottoms · Flowy dresses · Cardigan as hospital gets cold · Slippery pyjamas so it’s easier to get in and out of bad. · Spare post op bra . Covered shoes, thongs and sandals . One nice dress for going out . Lots of underwear . Swimwear and cover-up for pool Important documents . Photo copies of passports and travel documents · All surgery documents. · Download currency converter app on your smartphone And a loving person to take care of you if possible <3 Hope this helps ladies <3
  21. I'm 8 months post and haven't been wearing a bra to bed since about 2 months after. Just wondering how many people, if any wear a bra to bed still?
  22. I understand that there is swelling post op. I had the swelling on my sides then it migrated to my belly, and now it's at my Vagina! Even the lips of my Vagina is freakin swollen! I'm freaking out! Please tell me that this is also normal?!
  23. Ahhhhhhh! I can barely sleep my incision sites are so itchy! I know this is part of the healing process but seriously I don't know what to do with myself its that irritable! This has been way worse than any pain has for me since my BL. Does/did anyone have this to the same extent? It's just I've not read much about it on here. I'm taking Cetirizine daily to try and help and I'm applying Baclofen cream regularly. By the way everything looks normal - there's no redness, swelling etc.. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks Danni x
  24. Hi girls, I had my BL yesterday and definitely feeling the pain and discomfort today although it is manageable. I have dressings on and I have a surgical stretchy double bandage on top. I have heard everyone talking about surgical bras on here but I have this bandage on instead which seems to be doing the job. I have a follow up appointment in 1 week with my surgeon. I'm guessing everything has to stay exactly where it is until then? I have had a look this morning underneath and I've had some bloody ooze from one side but it is all dried now which is good. I love having this forum to chat with people who are in similar situations, you're all great!
  25. Hi ladies Has anyone travelled interstate to have BA at TCI without any friends/family members? I may be travelling alonw and am looking to find out if others have done the same. In particular I'd like to know what you did for immediate aftercare (i.e. getting back to the hotel and the first 10 hours). Thanks in advance
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