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Found 60 results

  1. Hey girls! This is my first post; just looking for some advice on multiple things to do with the surgery. I've planned the BA at the beginning of my travels for at least 6 months. We're going to Thailand, Dubai, then travelling around Europe. I know and understand the recovery time and the process of a BA and will be taking time in Thailand and Dubai particularly to relax and recover for a few weeks to begin with and have a very supportive boyfriend to help me throughout. I've booked my BA with Dr. Veerawat in Phuket in February. From the online consultation, I've discovered my breasts are slightly tuberous. Surgical recommendation is that I have a tight and narrow lower pole and will require some internal scoring, dual plane placement, with teardrop implants. It also states that if I want more with my nipples he would suggest a donut lift. I've read that he tends to suggest this option to perfect the look quite often. Personally I think internal scoring with be enough. Has anyone had this experience? I'm just worried that my nipples with stretch and look bigger. Does this occur with a BA for people with slight/mild tuberous breasts quite often and is it possibly better to have a donut lift? My nipples are I guess relatively big considering the size of my breasts currently, yet my breasts are quite tiny. Does anyone suggest the Surgery Travel warranty with cosmeditour? Would love to hear any advice. X
  2. Hello lovelies! I am booked in for a bilateral mastopexy and breast augmentation on March the 7th 2019 YAY! My husband and I are just working out how much time he will need to take off to help me with my recovery? Like how long until I will be able to get myself in and out of bed or anything else that I just won’t be able to manage on my own? Like a few days... or weeks...etc? We plan on getting his parents to help with our three kids but how long will I need help with the really up close and personal stuff for me? Tanks in advance gals xx
  3. Hello Ladies ! I had a breast lift/aug ten days ago. Finally got my dressings changed and the GP placed Hypafix tape on my incision line. There is no issues with the wound. however, since the change it has been itchy! is this a normal recovery process? Also , how long do you keep the incisions line covered with tape? Thanks in advance for any advise
  4. Hi Ladies, just wanting to hear recovery stories of full anchor lift with implants. I am booked for 4 weeks time and just wanting to get my head around what the first few weeks post op will be like. My surgeon highly recommends an “active recovery” and suggests back to all normal daily activities (other than lifting anything heavier than 5kg) from the day after surgery. Is this practical? I have three kids aged 8,6 and 18mth and am just trying to determine how much help I’ll have. For the first 5 days I’ll have my mother in law and husband on hand to help but after that I will be solo. I also have a have a function I have attend 2 weeks post op. Will I be up to it? Thanks
  5. I had my surgery this AM and omg my stomach is killing me. It feels like I ate thanksgiving dinner and then some. I have had a tooooon of water, collage, and some fiber filled snack. Is this normal? I’m not even 24 hours in.
  6. Hey ladies I am hoping to have lipo surgery on my stomach and thighs I live in Cambodia, so I am thinking to have my procedure in Bangkok, as I understand that the surgeons there are very experienced and it's a short flight for me, plus I've visited Bangkok numerous times and know the city Can you please share your own lipo experiences with me? surgeon recommendation Hospital recommendation can I expect scarring afterwards? What was your recovery time? I don't particularly want to use an agent / company, as my partner will be escorting me and staying with me etc Any other do's and dont's would be really appreciated too thank you very much in advance x x
  7. Hey everyone, I had my surgery on Wednesday and am so happy and relieved that I had it done! I've noticed straight away though, that my left breast is more numb, and now and then I feel a bubbling sensation in it; the right breast is fine, other than the standard pain that is controlled with pain killers. I'm also wearing a stabiliser to help them drop and push them inwards (I had naturally wide-set breasts). Side note - I had fat grafting done to create cleavage, as my sternum was quite high and wide. Has anyone else experienced this sort of bubbling sensation?
  8. Hey y’all I’m 5 days post op after surgery with Mark Ashton starting with a small B 179cm 58kgs having 295cc moderate prof plus anatomicals under the muscle- I know he does things very differently to most other surgeons so our recovery is definitely different and I was wondering if there’s any gals out there who have gone through him before ? Currently braless, strapless, starting to freak out that I’ve gone too small and low key freaking out that everyone else got so much more info from their surgeons about post op care Regardless of all this worry I really love mark, his team and have full faith in him :-)
  9. I have my final consult with Mark Ashton tomorrow, I spoke on the phone to his receptionist today and she told me that I will not be using a post op bra or ANY bra for the first 6 weeks of my recovery- opposite to everything I've heard, I then asked about massaging and she told me that he does not encourage any massaging... he's so highly reputed and I trust him with the surgery but this sounds odd?! anybody else have any similar experiences? stats: 22, 180cm, 57kgs, 240cc-270cc? anatomical mentors under the muscle Surgery date: 30th October PS: Mark Ashton
  10. Hi all! Ive just started a new job relatively recently as a store person on a mine site. This involves lifting heavy objects, unpacking boxes, lots of walking etc... My BA is booked for the 5th of October (under the muscle) as I work shift work I'm not required to return until the 11th as I'm on days off. Please bear in mind I work 14 days on and 7 days off. My current options I'm throwing around are. - Get put on light duties for the following 3 + weeks and work from the Wednesday (the 11th) 7 days post op (get a medical certificate) - Get a medical certificate for another week off from Wednesday and then light duties after that for 3 + weeks. please also take into account I've just started this job and I work with all males whom I'd rather not openly discuss getting a BA with (I mean I'm going to lie about the reason for the medical certificate) anyone been in a similar situation where your options are limited? But you don't want/can't put off your BA. (Flights/accom have been booked)
  11. Hey ladies, I was just wondering if i could get an indepth look into how you felt the first few days and the first few weeks after surgery! Eg. How you felt The first few days, the first few weeks, when were you able to lift your kids, drive a car, go swimming, wear a post op bra ect ect! The more information the better 😂😂
  12. Hi ladies 😊 I had BA on 1 July and have tape on my incision (under crease incision), and my tape is due to be removed end of this week - so I'm nearly 2 weeks post BA. once my tape comes off I can start using my strataderm cream for my scars, BUT would you suggest covering scars with bandaids prior to get a spray tan? I don't want that substances getting into scars while they are fresh. But I really want (NEED) a tan lol
  13. Hello there Ladies (& Gents i guess!) I finally made the plunge and had a small reduction / lift (mainly removal of excess skin) in August 2015. WOOOHOO, BEST thing i have ever done!! Good-bye saggy boobs Right from the get go my recovery has been slow, bruised a lot more than 'normal' etc. I feel fine, have had no bad pain or infections etc. I have been taking it easy and doing as I am told in terms of limitations with returning to exercise etc. I have anchor + lollipop scars However! A month post op i had a small 'split' just under the nipple when i was in Bali for a wedding (worst timing) - there was no pain and I got stitched back up when I returned to Perth. At this stage i was still on weekly visits to the surgeons room since i was recovering slow, but the skin still hasnt fully headed back together even now the stitches are dissolved.... I also have a patch under one of my breasts near the junction of the scars which is almost like it is 'dead' it isnt on the actual scar that it all healed fine. After all of this going on and carefully monitoring by my surgeon he has suggested i go back into surgery to have these bits removed. He said it is likely it has occurred due to blood supply to the area (cant remember if those are his exact words) - and a number of other stressors my bodys been though in the past year. Has anyone had a similar experience with recovery? or any tips?! Feeling a little disheartened i need to go under the knife again xox
  14. Hi Everyone I've met with Dr Rastoogi but would love some real life stories. I'm really nervous as want a look so natural you can't tell its implants His work looks amazing but I want some first hand feedback i am also thinking of fat transfer / grafting but I'm worried too much downtime Has anyone done either?? i would love to see some photos if possible are they soft? Please help xxx
  15. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-16-apr/saturday-detail-wk15/ps/p/memory-foam-wedge-cushion/
  16. I am currently in my 3rd day post op and thought I would share my experience, because as we all know everyone's experience is different & I have had friends who went out for dinner the day of surgery and others who were bed bound the whole week. So here is mine, feel free to ask any questions as I am only day 3 so who knows what tomorrow may bring! The week of the surgery I came down with a cold and was freaking out that my surgery would be cancelled so was quite a bit stressed but after trying every home remedy I could find on google including eating raw garlic and drinking apple cider vinegar it all cleared for me on the day (thankfully!) I was lucky that I had surgery super early on Friday and was admitted at 6am with surgery at 7am & once surgery was done I was told to eat once I got home and take my meds. My partner unfortunately had to go back to work so I was alone but I seemed to manage fine & even though I was not organised. I originally made a pillow fort on the couch but found that getting up from the couch was too painful (as it was too low and too hard to get out of) so I moved to the bed and with my meds was in and out of it but found that laying down was fine but as soon as I had to get out of bed it hurt to stand up ( and the actual getting out of bed part was difficult). I felt like my scars would pop open and my implants would fall out & my chest felt so tight. The meds also made me feel a bit nauseous but seemed to pass but their were times that I thought I had to throw up and I really didn't want too because that would have really hurt! I managed to go to the toilet to pee but trying to pull my underwear back up was pretty difficult & tried to avoid getting up as much as I could to avoid the getting up part which was the only time I felt the pain and also understood the T-Rex comparison people use. I also didn't shower this day (which was my instruction) and also didn't open the bra they put me in ( which resembles a granny pointy bra which clips on the front) as I was too scared too look at them yet - mainly because I didn't want to look at them and be disappointed. Day 2 - I woke up at 4:30am and by this point the meds had worn off and my pain medication could only be taken with food and I could feel where the incisions were anytime I moved which was uncomfortable & still had the tight chest feeling so I pretty much wanted to eat straight away so I could take these meds ( which I find amazing and worked really well for the pain) and as soon as I took them an hour later I was dosing back off. I am a side sleeper so was surprised to find that sleeping on my back with 3 pillow to prop me up didn't bother me I think mainly because it was comfortable and also helped with the pain. Compared to yesterday I was able to move quite a bit. I still couldn't leave the house or do anything crazy. But going to the toilet and getting up out of bed throughout the day gradually got easier. Maybe the medication helped me and I just couldn't feel it? I'm not sure but felt ok. I also actually read through the post op instructions I got and was supposed to be icing them and doing stretches which I hadn't been doing so I started doing these throughout the day. Also had a shower and had a look at my new boobs for the first time. I am extremely happy with how they look. I was sooo stressed previously about whether they would be too small or too big and they are just perfect. I just can't wait for them to drop because at the moment they are so hard, they are high but nothing too crazy. I also found that this day I was quite flatulent which I assumed came down to the meds. Before bed I also took the max dose of the pain meds ( which is 2 at a time) not because I was in a lot of pain but because I wanted a good sleep. This morning I experienced what seemed like 'morning boob' which is the tightness of the pectorals muscles as while you sleep they haven't been moved around so is quite tight. But after I got up and moved around I felt pretty good and took my usual dose this morning but the difference in today is that I am getting more mobility back I can move my arms around more & reach further etc and also occasionally can feel the implants move around which has been a weird feeling to have. Occasionally I have been feeling these tingling feelings which after reading things online it seems like nerve sensations are coming back? Also didn't mention that my breasts still feel numb. If I touch my nipple I can't feel it. Midday meds I took a smaller dose of pain medication and was also able to go to the toilet today and do a number 2 without taking any laxatives. I'm excited for tomorrow as each day I'm feeling better but then I have different feelings/sensations in my body which I have to google haha because I want to make sure it is normal and not something going wrong inside. Still haven't left the house as I probably could tomorrow but my instructions were to rest and no exercise so don't want to risk anything & when I do walk I am super slow and occasionally walk on my tiptoes, no idea why?. I have my post op consultation on wednesday so hopefully by then I will be ok to drive. Will keep you updated!
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm booked in for an abdominoplasty and brachioplasty with Dr Michelle Lodge on Friday 23 October 2015 at Calvary North Adelaide. I'm 28 and haven't had kids yet but plan to in the future (if Mr Right shows up) after having lost over 65kg with the assistance of Lapband surgery in 2011 and working out tirelessly at the gym there was just too much skin that couldn't be toned! I've gone through the forums and it seems that there are so many extremes with regards to the procedure and recovery. Has anyone had these two procedures together? Has anyone had their surgery with Dr Lodge? What are some realistic recovery times? I've taken 2 weeks off work after the surgery, i have an office job. I went and got my binder and compression garments yesterday and a box of silicone strips for the scar- talk about expensive! Sorry for all the questions just starting freak out a bit!! Any advice and tips would be much appreciated! Thanks ☺
  18. I'm 31, 163cm 59kg and currently 12B. I've been considering implants for quite some time and now that I'm finished having children I'm almost ready. Just a few things I need advice on, from people who've been through this. Basically I'm worried about recovery time. I have 2 children (1 and 5) who need me to carry/lift them. Also I'm worried about all the house duties that require my attention, particularly hanging out washing. I plan to have surgery when I have 4 weeks off work, so am not too worried about the work side of things. It's all the home duties that I'm concerned about. I will also be travelling interstate to have the procedure done. If anyone has any advice/experience to share with me I'd appreciate it. Both positive and negative are welcome as I want to make an informed decision.
  19. How many of you felt or got sick after surgery? I'm super phobic about it. If you did get or feel sick, was it the medication or pain that caused it? Any anti nausea meds that worked for you?
  20. In May I went and had a consult with Dr Tavakoli, I was welcomed and made feel,comfortable Jen had answered all my questions via email. I attended the consult and knew I didn't need to see another Dr I had found my guy. Looked at them and knew what would suit me talked me through that just a lift by its self was beneficial to me and we can discuss implants after I'm healed. Due to some unforeseen circumstance I had to change surgery dates around and this was never an issue Jen just accommodated my needs. The 3rd of November I come for pre op consult all questions were answered and I was ready for surgery on the 9th. I went in to East Sydney Private Hospital 8:00 and was out put through and put in a lovely comfortable room to await surgery Dr T come in Drew all over me and then I met Dr Chung who put me to sleep. I woke up in recovery feeling excellent worried it was just all the drugs as I had read some horror stories for recovery. I'm now on day 3 nothing more them ny antibiotics and Panamax and feeling great, I can wash my hair and have all movement in arms. Highly recommend Dr Tavakoli to anyone he really is a boob magician
  21. I'm two weeks away from surgery, already writing up my list to make sure I don't forget anything. I know theres other lists on this site of things to take but I though i'd start a newer thread with the 5 things everyone found most useful to them during recovery 😊
  22. So I'm booked in for septo-rhinoplasty this week with Ian Carlisle, has anyone on this forum had rhinoplasty with him? What was your experience like & are you happy with your new nose? I'm having my bump removed, tip lifted and more defined, and a graft put in the tip as my columella is retracted. The main things I'm nervous/concerned about are that I don't know what to expect in terms of recovery and it I'll be in a lot of pain or discomfort, & I'm worried my splint will come off & I won't like my new nose I'm aware that it takes a few months for swelling to go down. Does anyone have any tips for recovery? I'm planning on buying arnica, drinking lots of water and having Chapstick because apparently your lips get very dry! Thanks! Xx
  23. I thought this webpage contained a comprehensive list of potential recovery symptoms with clear explanations. Hope it's helpful to those wondering! http://www.justbreastimplants.com/article/breast-augmentation-surgery/after-breast-augmentation-surgery
  24. So yesterday was the day! I had 660g from the left breast removed and 620 from the right and am already so happy with the results! still got the drains in and not enjoying that- am finding I have sharp pinchy pains where they're entered and can't wait to get them out. Swelling as started today, will see if I'm allowed to start icing. im surprised at how much mobility I have?! It's achy but I don't feel restricted in my arm movement at all, which considering what my surgeon told me I was expecting to be moving like a t-rex! Blood pressure is low- 91/40 which is even low for me so nearly passed out when I went to the bathroom. Anyone got any tips for recovery and how to speed it along? More than happy to stay another night in (they're looking at tomorrow morning for discharge) also how painful is it when they remove the drains?! Eek!
  25. I have my two week checkup on Wednesday and just waiting for my Surgeons office to open so I can call and talk to them about my pain management moving forward. I have had a pretty good recovery apart from during the night. I think on day 7 I slept through the whole night without needing any extra pain meds. Prior to that I was taking some before bed at say 8-9pm and then needing more at around 4am. I am now finding that since I'm not taking anything during the day or before bed that I am waking up in the middle of the night and needing some. I want to go back to work in a few days but am worried about pain and needing medication. Can anyone relate or is my pain threshold just super low 😩?
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