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  1. Hi everyone! I’m looking to have a hair line reduction and the only place I have found in Perth is Dr Martinick but I was wanting opinions about surgeons all over Australia and any advice if you have had one! Thanks
  2. Hi Everyone, Currently a size 12G/14F and wanting to get a reduction back to what i was before i had kids 12DD so that i can walk into any store and actually buy a bra. Anyways do i go a reduction and a lift or a reduction with implants (if that is even possible). Let me know your stories please? Thanks Lou
  3. Hi everyone, I use to have very large natural 8F boobs. I stopped taking the pill, lost a bit of weight, and now have saggy, wide-set 8D-DD breasts (i.e. they're quite far apart on my chest). They look good in a bra, but as soon as they come out of a bra they drop considerably down and to the side. I still have quite a bit of tissue there, but it's not sitting as high or as close together as I would like. I've had three consultations with two surgeons in Melbourne. The first said I didn't need an augmentation, but a lift should do the trick. The second said a lift won't give me the look I want (which is fullness in the middle of my chest), and suggested a slight reduction in the breast tissue alongside a lift, plus an implant. I agree - I want the implant. However the whole thing seems incredibly complex, and there's a good chance it will need to be undertaken in two stages. So I'm wondering, has anyone here had this procedure? I really need advice from someone who has also gone through this kind of surgery. I would LOVE to know who your surgeon was, how you went about the surgery, and how much it cost. Thanks SO much!
  4. Hi girls, really need some advice. I am so confused as there is so much information I've read. i was originally thinking of going to Phuket for a breast reduction or lift and implants. i have reasearched DR Veerawat and really like what I've read and the photos I've seen. I was quoted around the $9000-$11000 mark for surgery which I thought was brilliant. I'm now confused as DR Dilip on the GC can do the same surgery for the same price, however I've read to stay away from him and give me info on why to not go with him? can anyone recommend a brilliant surgeon who can do a lift and implants or a reduction and implants for under $15000??? really need help and all help is appreciated! I am looking at surgery in Feb/March!
  5. I'm sure others would find this helpful as it's hard to find these kind of stats even though each person is different
  6. Hi there, I'm 34 years old girl based in Adelaide SA - no children. Surgery - BOTH Majora & Minora I have been bothered by my lifetime of discomfort/pain whilst sitting, standing, walking, riding bicycles - it gets stuck 'down there', chaffing and removing my underwear hurts! Don't get me started on the attempts to tuck it in and the toilet paper issues... ? Its absolutely embarrassing to see the bulge & outline in my workout pants - I'm restricted to selected Lorna Jane pants. All can see everything through my bikini bottoms - I have about 15 pairs in effort to find a way to conceal it all! Can anyone please send me recommended & experienced plastic surgeon - perhaps even share your experiences with me for both Labia Majora & Minora procedures? The surgery locations are preferred to be based in South Australia and/or Victoria perhaps Melbourne area as well? How many trips would I need to make OR how long to stay in Melbourne etc? Can I book the consultation and the surgery ahead in close proximity of each of the 2 appointments? Are there any tips or guides you can provide me? Cost guides, techniques/methods used, type of aesthetic suggested, healing process, downtime expected and preparation I'll need? What questions are key to achieving what I want? Including the removal of dark coloring on the lips from the chaffing..? As I'm so embarrassed, I'm going to see if I can keep the procedure quiet and take care of myself. Is this realistic? As with everyone, it's so important to get it right. Its taken me the longest time to even get the courage to ask about it - but I was rudely shut down by a GP during my last Pap smear (which I'm well overdue for). Does medicare or my Medibank Silver Prioity offer rebates? Do I need to stay in hospital? If so, how long for? ANY advice, reference points, shared experiences you can provide me is completely invaluable and appreciated in advance! ?
  7. Hey there, i'm wanting breast redection surgey as i have 14g-h breast the rest of my body is a size 10-12 so i look extreamly out of proportion. I'm currently on the nsw waiting list for a breast reduction and have been for a year originally i was given an estimate of around october this year but now they cannot give me an estimate, i have been trying to contact st vincents hospital with the number i recieved on my letter to find out more infomation about the waiting time and it keeps going o voice mail. has anyone else been on this waiting list and how long have you been on it? I'm at my wits end i have serve back problems and am contemplating paying for the surgery but the cost is daunting me. How much did it cost you if you paid? And if i was to pay is it cheaper getting private health insurance? I'm so unhappy with my body and have been since 14 and i have always wanted smaller breast. I can't really buy clothes anymore as the only thing that are comfortable are baggy tshirts and jumpers, i can't wear nice clothes because everything looks rediculous on me without fail. TIA
  8. Hi ladies I'm currently researching surgeons for a breast reduction & lift, I've narrowed it down to 2. Dr Ian Timms and Dr Tony Connell, just curious as to if anyone here has had any experiences with the surgeons and if so what were your thoughts and recommendations? Thanks in advance
  9. Heyaa, Excuse the little novel but want to get some opinions on BA BEFORE kids... Yay or Nay... So I'm 25 NO kids & needing a BL, BR & BA. I have a bit of a complex case where my asymmetry is quite bad (apparently) and I require a Breast Reduction and a Lift in my right breast (only), left is fine - if I want to go ahead with getting a BA, getting implants on their own will only magnify my differences and make my nipples severely un-aligned & uneven. I was initially told I was borderline BR & BL by DR Tang at Parra TCI (said they would still do the surgery but I'd have "sub optimal results) so booked a consult with Dr. Miroshnik, saw him on Monday and he confirmed what TCI initially told me. Basically I could get away with a slight nipple lift I went with a smaller implant but since I want to go a bit bigger (only 450cc L and 330(ish)cc R) it's recommended I get the reduction & lift and BA in one. Miroshnik as also said that regardless of whether I have kids or not I will need revision surgery at least another 1-2 times in my lifetime due to the ageing of the implants... What I'm more concerned about is needing ANOTHER lift once I'm done having kids (once I have kids which is at least 2-3 years minimum away). Has anyone got any personal advice/experience they wish to offer - anyone had a lift and implants BEFORE kids and are happy/unhappy? Wish you waited til after kids? Thanks heaps xx
  10. Hey all.... has anyone heard of a Dr Sean Nicklin at Randwick? my 20 year old twin cousins with 10j (!!!!) are looking to get a BR and their mum got them a consult with this chap, but I can not find a SINGLE review or before/after picture for his work....which makes me a little suss! i want them to go to my guy Dr Miroshnik, but because there are two of them, that is a very hefty price. This chap does reconstructions, but IMO that doesn't mean he will do a good reduction. Anyone have any input here??
  11. I am currently an F cup and want to stay around that size.... id also be happy with an DD/E. But i also want perky breasts that look great without a bra on. Being a natural F cup gravity has obviously won the battle.. not tooo much but enough for me to be self concious. Has anyone had both a reduction and implants? Or a reduction/lift/implants? Any info would be so helpful, Surgeons? Cost? I have just started the journey and know very little. Im in melbourne but happy to travel interstate. Or even overseas. Ty xx
  12. In May I went and had a consult with Dr Tavakoli, I was welcomed and made feel,comfortable Jen had answered all my questions via email. I attended the consult and knew I didn't need to see another Dr I had found my guy. Looked at them and knew what would suit me talked me through that just a lift by its self was beneficial to me and we can discuss implants after I'm healed. Due to some unforeseen circumstance I had to change surgery dates around and this was never an issue Jen just accommodated my needs. The 3rd of November I come for pre op consult all questions were answered and I was ready for surgery on the 9th. I went in to East Sydney Private Hospital 8:00 and was out put through and put in a lovely comfortable room to await surgery Dr T come in Drew all over me and then I met Dr Chung who put me to sleep. I woke up in recovery feeling excellent worried it was just all the drugs as I had read some horror stories for recovery. I'm now on day 3 nothing more them ny antibiotics and Panamax and feeling great, I can wash my hair and have all movement in arms. Highly recommend Dr Tavakoli to anyone he really is a boob magician
  13. I'm booked in for surgery and right now i'm a 10-12DD and I will be getting a lift, aereola reduction and implants. Also will be getting 100ccs of breast tissue removed but I am wondering how much of a difference it will make, I know cup sizes arent a good way when talking about augmentation however with breast tissue what size were you and what size did you end up after you reduction? ?
  14. Hi. Im 43 (in 9 days so close enough) and am hoping to reduce my 12F/G boobs to a more comfortable and perky C/D. Has as anyone had a reduction or consultation with Dr Paul Belt, Dr Layt or Dr Cheng? These so far are my top 3 from my research. Slternatively, and amazing surgeons I should consider? thankyou.
  15. I've been referred to Richard Martin for a breast reduction. Has anyone used him before or know of anyone who has? Thanks TJ
  16. Where did you get your breast reduection done in sydney? And how much did i cost you?
  17. Hi. Im just after anyones experiences with teenagers/young women and breast reductions. I understand that she wont be able to get anything done till she is at least 18yo. She is currently 14yo, 174cm and 80kg but her breasts are HUGE (16G) and already starting to cause her problems. I know the issues i have with my 16D bust (that now seem like pancakes next to my daughters :/) and was just wondering if anyone had some advice from personal experience on how to get the ball rolling and hopefully get something done before they cause to many dramas for her. Thank you.
  18. Hi ladies! I'm hoping for some general advice and/or feedback! Im an 8G and have been for about 15 years now (I'm 32) and this has been a long journey or aching back/shoulders and extremely painful breast as they are just so huge! And very lumpy too. So my GP gas referred me to Richard Martin for a reduction. Does anyone have any idea how much I'll be looking at paying?I have top cover private health but I know that doesn't cover much. Also, anyone had this surgery done and can tell me if they were/weren't able to breastfeed after? Thanks ladies, I appreciate ANY help or advice! TJ
  19. I'm 19 but I've lost a lot of weight recently from choosing a healthier lifestyle, which means my breasts have dropped many sized but my areolas haven't. I'm very insecure about them and want them reduced, but I'm a bit worried about them not turning out nicely so I just want to know if anyone knows of a good surgeon for this procedure? What is the general cost also. Thanks
  20. I'm 19 but I've lost a lot of weight recently from choosing a healthier lifestyle, which means my breasts have dropped many sized but my areolas haven't. I'm very insecure about them and want them reduced, but I'm a bit worried about them not turning out nicely so I just want to know if anyone knows of a good surgeon for this procedure? What is the general cost also. I'm in Perth but I'm able to travel. Thanks
  21. I went over to Thailand for a reduction which I later (after all the complications) I could have done here for about 7-10k less. I had 2.44kg removed in total. 1.0 from one side, then initially 1.19 from the other. Then another .25 from the 1.19 side. When I came out of surgery I was in ICU over there for observation - surgery was expected to be 8-10 hours... I was under for 13.5. The surgeon said at that time that the circulation in one side wasn't fantastic, but he wanted and did stick me in the oxygen chamber for 8x1 hour sessions over 4days. One of my nipples died, a surgeon over here I saw told me that unless I had a major infection and was dying then he wouldn't touch me. He also said that I could leave the dead nipple and in about 6 months it would just shrivel up and drop off. The Thai surgeon I had told me to come back and he'd debride it and let it heal up that way, which I did. Medical insurance is a big must!!! I thought 10k cover at $380ish would be heaps... Until I was presented with a invoice of possible future payments... It converted over to being over $32000!! Yes ur reading the zeros right... I told them that I didn't have any money on me, and my mum came and she said the same thing... In the end they only did 2 out of the 3 operations they wanted to do, and I was there exactly 7 days and wouldn't go back if you paid me!! On the second trip I was literally attached to the hospital bed 23.5 hours a day... Toilet breaks and showers had to be asked for, then disconnected from the vacuum pump, do what I had to do, then straight back to bed. I felt emotionally shattered, not drained, I'd cry over the stupidest of things, and I'm normally pretty tough. On the day we flew home we (mum and I) had to go up to the surgeons office where they have a small theatre room to remove the vacuum. I was told the tube would be the worst part. They gave me 3 shots of pethadine, wheeled me up there, got me to lay down and then proceeded to take the sticky waterproof covering off the whole breast, pull the tube out- didn't hurt as much as I thought, then they tugged(bit by bit) the sponge out, it felt like a had people standing on my chest as the surgeon pulled, the hole where the sponge was looked to be about the size of an impulse deodorant can, the sponge had been packed so tightly when it came out it was bigger than a soup can, bigger than a can of 375ml coke. The surgeon showed me how to clean the wound and mum, then said we were right to go, oh and he slipped in a quick 'it'll heal up in 6months or more'.. Landed back in Oz on a Saturday at half 6 in the morning, straight out and down to the local hospital emergency department- just to be sure and safe. They checked it all out and recommended seeing the GP on the Monday, they dressed it, gave me spares and sent me on my way. Sunday cleaned, packed and pain free- over 2.5m of ribbon gauze packed into the wound and happily seeing me doc at midday the next day. Shocked as s#%t doesn't describe my docs reaction. She was gobsmaked. And so was the nurse who frighteningly repackaged it after seeing it- she was scared, had never seen a wound so big and nasty. My doc also just last week that when I first came in she could and did fit her whole fist in the hole. I ended up having a home nurse come around every day to change the dressing, and now I'm back at home home (had to stay metro for wound care as I live too far away). I'm changing the packing myself, and in 6weeks I've gone from having a hole that was about 14cm deep and as round as a red bull can that went wider the deeper it got, to being a little rounder than a bid 1 colour pen, not as round as the 4 colours, and probably about 5-6mm deep... I have healed amazingly well according to everyone who knows about this and has seen it. I told me doctor on one of my low days (emotions just go up n down like a yo yo) that what I'd love to do was come back in a month and go **taaadaaaa**!! And be all healed up, I saw her 5weeks and 1 day after I saw her that Monday and although I wasn't completely healed, she was soo happy that it was a taaadaaaa moment, gave me full clearance to return to work, and clean the wound myself. I've just done me first week back and as I keep telling people - theres only one way to go from the bottom!!! UP!!! I'm now 3months post op from the initial reduction, 2nd surgery was 28/2 and 3rd was 3/3, I still have matching snapped and sized breasts, positive thinking, and a good outlook with the right people around you makes the world of difference. After reading a lot of the other posts on this and other places, I know that although it is rare- 1-2% of reductions may have necrotic tissue and lose the nipple, it does happen, reconstructions are possible, and cosmetic tattooing is amazing!! From being a 16K to now being an F according to the Myers fitting lady, a d-did in Kmart sizes, I'm pretty happy now. I still have low moments some days, but I talk to people, family, friends, try to step away from what I'm doing and make myself happier. I wanted to be a c- d, but the surgeon told me he could only take about half of the tissue away. I still have minimal feeling in the nipple, and along the scars- but I'm happy with them, the scaring is so soft, and I've got stuff to use to make them disappear..
  22. I am currently in the process of organising my breast reduction through Medi Makeovers and am waiting for my assessment from the surgeon. My consultant is Kerri who has been fabulous so far! I am 5"8 and about 65kgs. I am a 12E/F (depending on the bra) and I cannot wait to become as small as possible!!! I have wanted this surgery since I was about 14 and sick of being stuffed around with Australian waitlists and prices! I am getting married next May and am over the moon that I will be walking down the aisle feeling comfortable in my body! I would love to hear from anyone who has had a breast reduction in Bangkok, at this point I believe I will be at Piyavate (spelling?) hospital! Is the pain horrible afterwards? How long until you can move around a bit? I am not going to lie, I would love to squeeze in a couple of sneeky shopping trips in whilst I am there!!
  23. Hello all! So all of this utterly confuses me! HEEELLLPP I am after some advise on others experiences with a breast lift, with and without implants. I am 27, no kids but my boobs look they belong to a granny I already have a fair amount of volume (i am about a DD, size 10/12). Obviously keen to have a lift, but i dont know if i should get small implants as well for shape/firmness and to reduce the chances of wanting surgery again when I get older and after kids etc. For those who have had just a lift and extra skin removed, were you happy or did you loose quiet a bit of volume? I did have 2 quotes/consults from surgeons in Thailand - one which said reduction, lift + implant, and one which said just lift + implant. I have had one consult so far with Dr Ed Van Beem (recommended just a lift) and also have booked with Tony Connell and Mark Hanikeri here in Perth, WA. Any feed back on the procedures and the surgeons would be greatly appreciated D xx
  24. Hi, I was so pleased fo find this forum and to hear that so many people have already been through this. I've had an overly large bust all my adult life and have considered breast reduction on and off since I was 21 (I'm now 47). Today clinched it for me, when I went in to the bra shop for a fitting and was told that my boobs were 2-3 cup sizes bigger than I thought they were. I thought I was a DD to E. haaa! When the lady started bringing out all the granny-bras, with straps as wide as a ruler, and four hooks at the back, I took off in a cloud of dust. I'm tall and the rest of me is only a Size 12, so this boob-thing has gotten out of control! So... it's been on the back burner long enough. 2015 is going to be my year. My biggest fear is loss of nipple sensation. i have been Googling for hours today, on top of the many other times I've searched over the years. Can anyone recommend a surgeon or a particular technique where nipple sensation is retained? I'm in NSW but would travel for the right procedure. Thanks ladies.
  25. I rocked up early to Bumrungrad hospital at about 0930hr, went through admission, and got my name band complete with photo and scanner code (want them!). I had been kind of anticipating my first experience of a hospital admission so that I could better understand my patients, and that little paper ID was to me the sign that the experience had begun. I was then escorted up to my ward, introduced to the nurses/my nurse, taken to my room and given a quick tour including how to use the safe and encouragement to place all valuables in such. Then I had to undress (entirely - no knickers!) and was helped into a theatre gown. I was asked to remove all jewellery and not given any paper knickers or anything, which felt weird, but I assumed they would put a catheter in during the op and was glad I'd been to a waxing studio the day before. After that I waited in my hospital room with occasional nurses coming in to take vitals or insert cannulas and go over my paperwork and so forth until about 11:30 when they rocked up with the trolley bed to take me to theatre. I was wheeled (a more vulnerable sensation than I'd assumed) to the pre-op area where I went through the paperwork all over again with the anaesthetist, who asked if I wanted medaz. But I was pretty calm; I'd had time to do some deep breathing and get my head together, so to speak. So I declined. At some point in the midst of it all I was hooked up to an IV bag of normal saline, which felt cool (as in cold) but did not hurt. My surgeon, Dr Komwit, came to draw on me and reassure me; he's lovely, very supportive, likes to squeeze your shoulder and your hand and so forth in support -- it was very sweet. Some more mucking about with paperwork and the usual disposable hairnet and I was being wheeled down to the operating room. Everything looked modern and on par with the theatres I've worked in which was comforting. I wiggled across to the theatre table complete with crucifix-arms (lol) and my wrists were tied down. They maneuvered the gown off under the terry-cloth blanket/sheet, leaving me entirely naked apart from the blanket, and I wondered uneasily if I'd be awake for the catheter insertion, which I could have done without, quite frankly. I lay there watching the bustle around me and then the anaesthetists' face was over me saying he'd injected the propafol. I remember thinking "ok" and looking at the overhead lamps, then at the controlled bustle of medical personnel..... and then I was waking up in PACU. No counting down from ten like in the movies, or if there was then the drugs wiped it from my memory. That first awakening was nooot good. The pain was knifing through me in savage swathes, the worst I have ever had, so painful that I could not articulate, I could only say "ow ow" and started crying with a groggy kind of hyperventilation. I could not open my eyes properly, but I saw a nurse inject something into my IV line and then I was out again. From then on I would wake up at each set of vital obs or other intervention, incredibly groggy and fighting to open my eyes, but with nowhere near that level of pain. I tried to get an idea of date/time and the nurse said I was still in PACU, that I had been in theatre from 1:30pm to 7:30pm, an extra 1-2hours longer than originally anticipated by the surgeon. I had SCUDS on my legs and they were kind of nice, like a gentle massage; an interpretation which again contradicted what my own patients have complained about (lol). The nurse said it was my third bag of N/saline that was hanging (since that first bag commenced in pre-op), so I hadn't needed all that much. I also had a small bulb-like drain under each armpit which each held 100ml (from memory) and both needed emptying twice overnight, so at least 400ml of post-op bleeding removed. At some point I woke up back in my original room and was able to open my eyes enough to ask the nurse to take the camera from the safe and take some photos. By now I was desperately nauseous every time I woke up, and happy to slide back into sleep to avoid it. At about 11pm the nurses insisted I try to eat some of the evening meal, and I got through a little watermelon before vomiting up much more liquid than should have been in my stomach. They gave me more pills but the nausea never left, and each time I awoke I was on the verge of vomiting, and spent the night clutching emesis bags. They tried to give me kidney dishes but there was no way I was dealing with splashback issues and I insisted on bags. At each awakening I was asked if I needed to go to the loo, as despite my earlier suspicions I had not been catheterised (so why no undies???). At about 5am I decided I could do so without vomiting, and that was an experience to behold, with me lurching about the room like a drunk person. My legs felt like they might crumble at any moment and my left knee felt sore and swollen as if somebody had bashed something against it during the operation (assumedly accidentally). Without the nurse I would have ended up on the floor, because coordination was beyond me, though I did insist on privacy once I was seated and the legs weren't a factor. Quite enough people had seen me naked, thank you very much. They made me attempt the breakfast in the morning, and after a few bites of dry bread and some rockmelon I again vomited more than should have been there. But after that I started to feel better, reinforcing my stance that sometimes it's best to just let the patient vomit it up and get it out of their system. Dr Komwit came in at about 10:30 and was again very supportive and squeezing hands and asking how I was getting on. We did the big reveal and I tried not to panic, because I have done the research and I knew that the first few weeks/months they would look awful, but seeing it on yourself is a whole new ballgame. He reassured me and we went over some of the specifics. I had expected several yards of dressings and combines and such covering the wounds, but Dr Komwit had used surgical glue instead of stitches, so it was just a few gauze patches and the compression garment. So my carefully hoarded stash of dressings were now for naught. But on the upside, I could shower straight away and not wait the five to six days usually prescribed. The Dr removed the bulb drains beneath my arms, which were now draining negligible amounts. There was about 10cm of line coiled within me for each drain and the removal of such hurt significantly, but I now had new standards of pain after the post-op awakening. I was pronounced a success and he told me to take my time, to have some lunch and a shower before I left, which I think consternated the nurses who probably needed the bed free before then. I'd already read about the 11am discharge goal in the brochure. But up until the nausea settled after 9 I'd been certain I would need to pay for another night in the hospital, so I was happy to be allowed to take my time. I privately decided to base my decision on staying or discharging on whether I could shower alone, and therefore presumably do everything else independently. So I snuck into the shower, legs a little jellified but better than earlier, did what needed doing, and was not in any great danger of falling over. Thus I decided I was good to go. I had some of the lunch after my dose of anti-emetic, and was only mildly nauseous. So I paid for my discharge meds and got a taxi back to the hotel. After my first "aaaaah" screech going over a pothole (or whatever) my driver was very careful to negotiate the bumpy roads as gently as he could, and with some help from the hotel porter I was back safe and sound in my room within the hour, my pre-organised incline of pillows beckoning.
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