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Found 9 results

  1. 8l0ndey

    scar reducing supplies

    sorry to clog up the forums but iv learnt some new stuff i wanted to share with everyone. If your interested in reducing the incision scars from surgery then something thats been a big hit in the USA is Hydrocolloid dressings. Yes in these forums i tend to talk alot about the USA but i find alot of advancment in plastic surgery procedures, soon (2-5 yrs later) end up mainstream in plastic surgery and adopted worldwide. I think these new dressings are going to be one of them, and so far their are lots of satisfied girls in the USA who cant even see their incision lines anymore. the whole area on the dressing is adhesive so it prevents tension from the skin putting pressure on the incision line and keeps the incison close together. It uses a method of healing known as "moist healing" ... sounds dangerous but it pretty much takes the place of a scab over a wound, so the inside if the wound focuses on the mending of damaged tissue, and the body doesnt produce to much collegan in the area which contributes to keloids and larger scaring. "Scarring is a natural process that happens when the skin repairs itself, for example from a cut or an abrasion. They occur when the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis is cut and the injury extends to the dermis. The organism is not able to replace the destroyed, highly specialised tissue in the same way. Instead, the wound is “repaired” with connective tissue: In order to heal this wound or injury, the body produces a larger quantity of collagen to repair the broken and damaged skin tissue. Collagen serves to ‘bind’ the broken skin together, helping to close and heal the area. Even after the wound has healed the body continues to direct collagen to the site resulting in changes to the size and shape over time. The resulting scar does not have good blood circulation, is sometimes uneven and is less elastic. Scars can sometimes be raised areas (hypertrophic scars) or have a sunken appearance, depending on the damage done to underlying layers of skin and tissue. Also, variations in colour are possible. How to best treat a wound and prevent scarring Leaving wounds uncovered or using standard plasters and bandages usually leads into formation of a scab which can lead to unsightly scars. Nowadays there is a lot can you do to ensure fast and speedy recovery if you have suffered from an impairment to your skin – all thanks to new technologies and medical insights. Be smart and make the best of these scientific insights In order for your wound to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form. Cell growth though, thrives on moist conditions! The principle aim of moist wound therapy is to create and maintain those optimal moist conditions for your skin to renew itself. The best way to treat a wound is to keep it covered with a plaster that provides moist wound healing conditions at all times, meanwhile sealing the wound from outside bacterias with its waterproof adhesive to the skin. It will speed up the repair of your skin. It will prevent scabs from forming. Because it will keep your wound supple. Because it will reduce the risk of scarring and ensure beautiful healing. Because it is skin friendly.
  2. Sarahwantsboobies2017

    Scar treatments

    Hi everyone! What has everyone tried for scars? Silicone sheets, silicone creams, home remedies, red light therapy, whatever it is, list it below! Under a week until I get boobies!!!
  3. Hey Ladies I am now 3 weeks post op and my incisions are healed and I have no scabs left on them. I am wondering when I should start using the bio oil I bought. My Dr said it was up to me to decide how to treat them and they would not recommend what I should do. I think I should probably start now - When did everyone else start? I am also pretty keen to put some fake tan on because I have been pasty white for 3-4 weeks now and feel the urge to do something about it! Do you think it would do any harm to my incisions at this point? I have attached pics of how they are looking. Thanks
  4. So I'm currently 3 months post op. At my 3 month visit with my ps I was told that with my scars I could use bio oil and take some vitamin e, but other than that I was told there's no need to wear any kind of strips etc, I was told I don't need the strips as the scars are fairly smooth already and healing well. At the moment they are smoothing out but still quite red. I read about girls using strips and how well they work and how much they fade their scars. I'm a bit surprised that my scar treatment has effectively ended at just three months (according to my ps). Anyone have any thoughts on scar treatment, strips etc? What was your routine? Should I just go ahead and start using them? Were you advised that you didn't need to to use strips or continue scar therapy at three months? Thanks!
  5. I'm panicking about scar treatment which I've done pretty much nothing about up to now (5 weeks postop). My incisions have healed and I can see the scar forming now. The incision was taped for the first 10 days but open ever since. They seem fairly big compared to others I've seen (attached photo). My question is, is silicone sheeting as supportive to the scar as micropore tape? It seems important that the scar gets support in the early days so it doesn't spread but didn't know if I can just jump straight into silicone tape/sheets. I asked my PS office today and they were no help really. What do I need them for when I've got you girls right?
  6. Hi ladies, long time no talk from my end. How is everyone healing? I know there were a lot of September ladies! Just a refresher - I went with Dr. Piyapas at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. I got high profile, under the muscle, crease incision, 350cc left, 375cc right. Today is day 33 since surgery. So how am I liking my implants so far? I think Dr. P did a fantastic job, I had very little swelling which has almost all gone now and I’ve had very minimal pain since day 1. I am so glad I went with crease incision as opposed to the areolar incision which I was so close to getting! I’m glad cause I feel like bloody Frankenstein right now and I can only imagine it would be worst if the incisions were around the nipple staring at me every time I looked into the mirror! I’m glad I went high profile, I feel like they definitely suit my frame. I feel like I could have squeezed in another 25-50cc in but I am happy with my size regardless. I don’t know if I’m happy with under the muscle.. It is so strange having the actual implant under your muscle, every time I contract my pectorals it squeezes the implant and the whole breast visibly moves/jumps, I know it was the better option regards to lowering CC risk… But I still can’t help but think .. what if I had gone over the muscle… How am I recovering physically? I have full movement of my arms, and I can use my arms to move my body weight around, like positioning myself in bed or holding myself up – that’s no pain at all. The tenderness in my nipples has gone and only flared up again Monday because I spent time with the guy I’m seeing but I will come to that later. I do have a tenderness to the touch from underneath my nipples down to my incisions, and up the sides of my boobs. The sides I’m wondering if it’s sore cause it’s adjusting to the implant overhanging there? And the bottom of my breast because of the same reason, my breast tissue adjusting to sitting differently?? Any thoughts on this? My incisions have healed and are a dark purple line, there is slight redness around the incision and I have read that this is caused from new blood healing the site or something? Is anyone able to clarify this for me and tell me how much longer until the redness fades? (They are so ugly at the moment ) Also, I want to start using bio oil twice a day, once at night, once in the morning.. Do you think four weeks has been enough time to start doing this? How am I recovering mentally? Great, no regrets, no worries, just happiness and excitement for summer. I have to admit that it is hard with no one else knowing about it, so I don’t have anyone to talk to; moan about the occasional tenderness, talk about my incisions, talk about my excitement in how much better I look in my dresses now.. So yeah that’s pretty difficult, if you have someone you trust I recommend at least telling one person instead of keeping it all bottled up. Well actually, the whole ‘no one else knows’ was true up until Sunday night……. I’ve been seeing this guy for a little while and for the first time on Sunday I .. ahh.. spent the night haha. I was really self conscious about my incision lines cause I didn’t want him to know that I had, had the surgery, I had a bandeau on and I just tried to keep it pulled up to the bottom of my breast to keep the incisions hidden. I was feeling pretty confident that I had succeeded but as we were cuddling afterwards he goes “So how long have you had these for” and gave them a squeeze. I was so self conscious that he would judge me that I murmured “not long” and rolled on to my face, hiding in the pillows. But he is a nice guy and I know my reaction was silly cause he wasn’t judging me, he would have just noticed how ‘fresh’ my scars are and would have wanted to address the ‘elephant in the room’ haha. So I guess two good things came out of that experience, took a step forward with this guy which is exciting! And I now have someone that I can talk to about my boobs! (once I find the courage to bring the topic back up that is!) Poor guy has no idea what he has gotten himself in to, I’ll be talking his ear off! Hahaha If you can remember, in my first post after surgery, I talked about how I couldn’t get to the bathroom in time and I vomited on the floor and received some dirty looks from the cleaners, well before leaving the hospital I completed a survey and included this incident in the comments section. The other week I received an email from the hospital in regards to my survey, this is an extract from the email “For your comment about the cleaners behavior, it was sent to the manager of general support department and Non Clinical Rapid Improvement Committee. Your comment is valuable for the hosptial improvement. We really appreciate and we are ready to improve as we believe that there is no fullstop for quality improvement.” I was really pleased (and a little surprised) that they not only acknowledged and replied to my survey but they also have done something about it. That’s all I can think of for now, if you would like to see my progress just let me know and I will take some photos and upload them Much love, Sez x PS - I'm posting this at work and just before I could hit send my workmate came in and started working over my shoulder on my computer. Although I minimised the screen, she definitely must of seen the website tab name... So I guess two people know now.. Drat, really didn't want work finding out.. Oh well haha.
  7. Hi Ladies ​ Has anyone of you had any treatment to reduce the appearance of your scars? Mine are the usual size but are very red/purple around the actual scar. I am nearly 1 year to the day of my surgery, and I think it is time I tried to reduce the appearance. It hasn't really bothered me till now. There is a lot out there on the market; creams and laser, and all very expensive - but I would love to hear any experiences you all may have had? Look forward to hearing from you!! x
  8. GeorgeMarcells

    Bad Scar

    I can best describe my scar, as an irregular, bad scar. Basically in all my scar revisions. My scar has opened. I recently went to a DR that suggested to do half my scar. He suggested Botox the area first, and during healing time Botox again, as to not allow any movement, since I already have history of having dissolvable stitches opening my scar somehow. Maybe its my oily skin, and Hispanic skin,I'm not dark olive complexion, more towards the yellowish side.. Not sure if that plays a role in this. Some doctors say yes. But I just want to know after reading so many different alternative, such as acid drops directly to the depressed scars,to create collagen. or dermabrasion/lasers to even skin. I'm wondering if another scar revision is my best bet. My scar is different color from my skin tone and it's depressed so more obvious because of these two factors, hard to camouflage. Im wondering if a little sanding can minimize it. Or collagen/S shots (i think) to raise the depressed scar. I also have my left cheek, that has undergone different techniques to minimize the acne scar, and they have just worsened the situation. My last surgery was 2 Years ago for both cheek and forehead. I'm wondering since its not really that bad, my acne scars on cheek. If dermabrasion is a good choice. That I haven't done yet. Please give me some information on what you believe is best for someone like me. Who apparently does not react well to any procedures. Thank You! George
  9. BA2012

    Scar treatment

    Hi Ladies, Just wanted to get everyones opinion on scar treatment products... - what did you use prior to surgery? - what did you use after surgery? and when? - would you reccomend that product? Also, when can you start using steri strips?? Thanks!