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Found 10 results

  1. 8l0ndey

    scar reducing supplies

    sorry to clog up the forums but iv learnt some new stuff i wanted to share with everyone. If your interested in reducing the incision scars from surgery then something thats been a big hit in the USA is Hydrocolloid dressings. Yes in these forums i tend to talk alot about the USA but i find alot of advancment in plastic surgery procedures, soon (2-5 yrs later) end up mainstream in plastic surgery and adopted worldwide. I think these new dressings are going to be one of them, and so far their are lots of satisfied girls in the USA who cant even see their incision lines anymore. the whole area on the dressing is adhesive so it prevents tension from the skin putting pressure on the incision line and keeps the incison close together. It uses a method of healing known as "moist healing" ... sounds dangerous but it pretty much takes the place of a scab over a wound, so the inside if the wound focuses on the mending of damaged tissue, and the body doesnt produce to much collegan in the area which contributes to keloids and larger scaring. "Scarring is a natural process that happens when the skin repairs itself, for example from a cut or an abrasion. They occur when the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis is cut and the injury extends to the dermis. The organism is not able to replace the destroyed, highly specialised tissue in the same way. Instead, the wound is “repaired” with connective tissue: In order to heal this wound or injury, the body produces a larger quantity of collagen to repair the broken and damaged skin tissue. Collagen serves to ‘bind’ the broken skin together, helping to close and heal the area. Even after the wound has healed the body continues to direct collagen to the site resulting in changes to the size and shape over time. The resulting scar does not have good blood circulation, is sometimes uneven and is less elastic. Scars can sometimes be raised areas (hypertrophic scars) or have a sunken appearance, depending on the damage done to underlying layers of skin and tissue. Also, variations in colour are possible. How to best treat a wound and prevent scarring Leaving wounds uncovered or using standard plasters and bandages usually leads into formation of a scab which can lead to unsightly scars. Nowadays there is a lot can you do to ensure fast and speedy recovery if you have suffered from an impairment to your skin – all thanks to new technologies and medical insights. Be smart and make the best of these scientific insights In order for your wound to form new skin tissue, new cells need to form. Cell growth though, thrives on moist conditions! The principle aim of moist wound therapy is to create and maintain those optimal moist conditions for your skin to renew itself. The best way to treat a wound is to keep it covered with a plaster that provides moist wound healing conditions at all times, meanwhile sealing the wound from outside bacterias with its waterproof adhesive to the skin. It will speed up the repair of your skin. It will prevent scabs from forming. Because it will keep your wound supple. Because it will reduce the risk of scarring and ensure beautiful healing. Because it is skin friendly.
  2. Sarahwantsboobies2017

    Scar treatments

    Hi everyone! What has everyone tried for scars? Silicone sheets, silicone creams, home remedies, red light therapy, whatever it is, list it below! Under a week until I get boobies!!!
  3. Hello everyone, 3 years ago I had a very stupid accident with my cat, well, my nose got a deep cut from one of his claws, there was blood, but it was 3AM in the morning and I didn't thought that the cut was so deep (but it was), so I didn't went to the hospiral for a wound cleaning and suture (I know, a bad from my part). The days passed and it got infected, when I managed to get rid of the infection it started to heal, and there it was! My extremely hated deep scar on the nose, I already tried A LOT of creams, oils, fraxel laser, Kelo-Cote, and even dermaflage, but nothing helps me enought, the scar it's still there, and I know that there are worse cases on other people, but it affects my personal confidence In a way that only I can understand, sometimes I can't even be face to face with someone without thinking that all they see is my scar. So, I decided that my best effort was to try a surgical revision with a plastic surgeon, I had the little surgery in june of 2015, everything was healing good for a month and a half, the scar almost disappeared, and the one day a spot there on the skin became reddish, it began to hurt a lot and raise, it was infected again, all the scar zone was very inflamed it looked like an under the skin pimple, actually I thought that it was a pimple, but some days later, a very little knot from the intradermal suture emerged from there, after that, the scar was ugly, deeper, bigger, and reddish again… But I can’t give up, a month ago I had a meet with the same surgeon, we analyzed my case, and he told me that my problem was, that my body wasn’t capable of degrade and absorb the knots of the indradermal suture, so the little knot was rejected after some time before the scar was fully healed, and that’s why it became ugly again… The surgeon told me that we can do the procedure again, basically he can cut and extract the scar, and then proceed with an intradermal suture again, but without using multifilament thread for the intradermal suture as before, using a thinner one, the post operatory care is going to be more delicate, but my body should degrade and absorb the thinner thread without problem, that is an adequate procedure, it is the only surgical option? If after the surgery the supperficial appearance of the scars is good, but still a little depressed, I suppose that I can got applied some filler like hyalluronic acid... I will be extremely happy to read some opinions, advice, and even better experiences from people who had surgical revision of facial scars. Thanks in advance.
  4. Dubdee


    Hello there Ladies (& Gents i guess!) I finally made the plunge and had a small reduction / lift (mainly removal of excess skin) in August 2015. WOOOHOO, BEST thing i have ever done!! Good-bye saggy boobs Right from the get go my recovery has been slow, bruised a lot more than 'normal' etc. I feel fine, have had no bad pain or infections etc. I have been taking it easy and doing as I am told in terms of limitations with returning to exercise etc. I have anchor + lollipop scars However! A month post op i had a small 'split' just under the nipple when i was in Bali for a wedding (worst timing) - there was no pain and I got stitched back up when I returned to Perth. At this stage i was still on weekly visits to the surgeons room since i was recovering slow, but the skin still hasnt fully headed back together even now the stitches are dissolved.... I also have a patch under one of my breasts near the junction of the scars which is almost like it is 'dead' it isnt on the actual scar that it all healed fine. After all of this going on and carefully monitoring by my surgeon he has suggested i go back into surgery to have these bits removed. He said it is likely it has occurred due to blood supply to the area (cant remember if those are his exact words) - and a number of other stressors my bodys been though in the past year. Has anyone had a similar experience with recovery? or any tips?! Feeling a little disheartened i need to go under the knife again xox
  5. 2.5 weeks ago I lost my brain and cut my left wrist at 2 places . I regret it immediately. In 48 hours I had a surgery done , feeling much better now. Stitches have been removed now . Its still fresh but no pain. I am after suggestions that will help me to fade or remove surgery marks . Atm I putting petroleum jelly on it , Was wondering shall I use silicone pads on it as well. What else and when shall i use it ? Thanks
  6. hi, I am 3 years post-op now and still unhappy with my scars. I have added my pictures so you can see what I am dealing with and hopefully some of you can give me some tips, ideas and recommendations. I have been using bio oil for some time now, but want something a bit more invasive to get better results. I am 3 years post-op, and YES I probably should have done something more invasive at the time when the scars where 'fresh' but I am a goose, and didn't do anything! Would love to hear from anyone who can recommend a good product or treatment
  7. danielle.skydiver

    Scar Treatment - DermaScar

    Has anyone used or tried DermaScar its a Silicone scar healing gel? How did you like it if so..?
  8. Ellelouiselola

    Pics BA+ BL

    Hey guys, 12 days post op from reduction, lift and implants. Dr. piyapas at BHP. Amazing! Posted pics if you want to see incisions, sizing, etc. took 10.5 hrs and was out into ICU for obs overnight afterwards. Took long because he put 300cc's in both closed and wasn't happy. So reopened left and put in 325, not all surgeons would do this but he is a perfectionist, you can tell by his stitch work. Boobs are swollen in that before and after pic so they look a bit high and tight. FR to see photos xx
  9. KiwiSez

    Slow healing incisions :(

    Hey Ladies! I’m six weeks post op and went bra shopping in the weekend… Uh oh… I didn’t get sized cause I used to work in a Lingerie store and know how to do it myself. I tried on a 10DD but the cups were a little too small! At the moment I can get away with that size cause my boobs haven’t dropped completely yet but I’m worried about when they do! It’s going to be bloody difficult trying to find affordable 10E bras! So maybe I’ll be naughty and just stick to 10DD hehe. I still don’t like having the implant under the muscle, no one ever mentioned how annoying it is! I don’t like how if I tense my entire boob moves and contorts into a weird shape. Kinda wish I had gone over the muscle! I’m concerned about the healing of my incisions, the scars have stayed the same for about three - four weeks now. They don’t seem to be doing anything at all. They are still a very dark purple line with redness around it. I was wondering, who has photos up of their incision healing process? Could I please look? X I need to know if this is normal or not! Arghh! Also, any tips on what products to use or things to do to speed up the healing process? Thank you KiwiSez xx
  10. Hi All. Well I finally had my tummy tuck yesterday so will start to write about my experience. Not sure if I make it all in one go becos I get tired & typing on an iPhone is annoying. So here goes: Day 1: Had to be at the hospital by 10. Surgery was scheduled for 11. But my surgeon fell behind. Anyway by about 12.30 I got called in to prep, my awesome surgeon came & had a chat. I was surprisingly calm. He got his texter out & marked where my scar will be. Talked to me about pain relief & asked if I would like a catheter afterwards so I wouldn't have to strain myself using a bedpan. Yes please! He then took photos of my tummy & said my tummy muscles were pretty bad... "You look about 5 months pregnant" he said. Yeah helloooo that's why I'm here! Hee hee. He said be prepared for quite a bit of pain because of that. The anethesist came too, talked to me about my history etc.. Anyway I was put to sleep finally at around 1.30pm. I remember looking at a clock in recovery saying 5.00? Wow, I was shocked it took so long.... (Will save now. Don't want to loose everything!)