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Found 25 results

  1. Hi everyone! What has everyone tried for scars? Silicone sheets, silicone creams, home remedies, red light therapy, whatever it is, list it below! Under a week until I get boobies!!!
  2. Hey Ladies I am now 3 weeks post op and my incisions are healed and I have no scabs left on them. I am wondering when I should start using the bio oil I bought. My Dr said it was up to me to decide how to treat them and they would not recommend what I should do. I think I should probably start now - When did everyone else start? I am also pretty keen to put some fake tan on because I have been pasty white for 3-4 weeks now and feel the urge to do something about it! Do you think it would do any harm to my incisions at this point? I have attached pics of how they are looking. Thanks
  3. Hello all, I have recently lost 22 kilos and now have excess skin on my tummy. I am going to get this skin removed, but I am worried about scars as I have been accepted in a bikini waitressing position for July and I am worried about the extent of the scars. Does anyone know if there is a technique/different procedure/surgeon (anything) that leave little or smaller scars? This may seem like a silly question, as I have had several surgeries and always have scars. I just thought it can't hurt to ask a forum where people are in the know in this specific area. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey ladies,just wondering if anyone knows is it best to keep your bandages on as long as possible or take them off and let the scars breathe to heal best?
  5. I am a little concerned one of them is a bit raised?
  6. Hi ladies ? I had BA on 1 July and have tape on my incision (under crease incision), and my tape is due to be removed end of this week - so I'm nearly 2 weeks post BA. once my tape comes off I can start using my strataderm cream for my scars, BUT would you suggest covering scars with bandaids prior to get a spray tan? I don't want that substances getting into scars while they are fresh. But I really want (NEED) a tan lol
  7. Hi all. 7 days ago I had my first Fraxel treatment. I have finally finished peeling, so felt it was a good time to write a post on my journey so far. Just to start I stole this quote about Fraxel from aboutfaceskincare.com to give a quick run down of what Fraxel is and what it can help with… "Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing is an amazing laser treatment that is effectively changes the texture of all skin types and colors. Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing is FDA-approved, and uses fractional laser technology to help restore your skin to its original, perfect texture and achieves smoother, fresher, younger looking skin, improved tone and texture, smaller pores, erasing of unwanted brown spots, acne scars, and surgical scars, and reduces fine line lines and wrinkles." Fraxel was initially suggested to me by my dermatologist to help reduce the look of some scars that I have on my leg. I decided to hold off on starting treatment on my leg scars until I would also benefit from a treatment on my face. Doing this meant that I could combine the treatments and effectively cut down the over all cost, as treating two areas at the same time worked out significantly cheaper then treating them at separate times. Over the last 6 months I became very unhappy with the skin texture on my nose and cheeks, I later came to learn that I had dozens of milia building across my nose and cheeks, and it was at this time I decided to go ahead with treatment. PRE TREATMENT: There was not much that I had to do (or not do) in the lead up to my appointment. The nurse did suggest that stop the L-lactic cleanser and retinol I use 48 hours prior. I also assumed that I should follow the same instructions I have for laser hair removal, but this was purely an assumption, it was never told to me by the nurse or dermatologist. I was instructed to arrive 1 hour early for my appointment to have a numbing gel applied to my skin. It is important to be on time as you do need the full hour with the numbing gel! Be sure to eat some food prior to your appointment as you will be in the office for a while. APPOINTMENT: When I arrived for my appointment I was taken by my nurse into her office. We briefly went over what was going to happen, signed the treatment sheet and took some before pictures. I was then lead to a private waiting area with comfortable recliners to have my numbing gel applied. The gel was as to be expected, cold and gooey. The gel is rubbed up into your hair line so do make sure you have your hair up and out of the way. The numbing began to take effect very quickly, and although only a small amount got on my lips they too became very numb. After sitting with the numbing gel on my face and leg for around 1hr 15mins I was taken by my nurse to the treatment room. The treatment room had a surgical look and feel to it, it had the laser machine to one side of a bed, which I was instructed to lay on. My nurse was very kind and asked if I was ready to begin, which of course I answered YES!!! haha. She also made sure she talked me through everything that she was doing as she was doing it. Ok onto the actual treatment. The laser has to pass over the skin in all directions. First the nurse went in vertical lines down my face, then horizontal, then diagonal in both directions, so a total of 4 passes over the skin. With the first pass over the skin I felt little to no sensation, the second pass over was slightly warm and a little uncomfortable in some areas, each additional pass over became more uncomfortable and in some places outright painful! I had no pain on the scars on my leg. On my Face I was treated with the weaker 1550 laser and on my leg I was treated with the stronger 1927 laser. When both treatments were completed the nurse applied a topical steroid to my face (usually she would use moisturiser but I am prone to eczema on my face so steroids were used) and QV intense moisturiser on my leg. I was then given my post procedure instructions as well as some cetaphil cleanser, QV intensive moisturiser and a tube of Sun Sense daily face tinted 50+ moisturiser. I also chose to buy a can of La Roche-Posay thermal spring water to spray my face with between moisturising. By the time I was lead out to pay my face was in agony! like someone had thrown acid on it. My face was also swollen by this stage and I was very grateful for my earlier water spray purchase! I forgot to take a wide brim hat with me to wear when I left so my friend got me a towel she had in the car to cover my face with while we drove home, as it is important to keep the treated skin out of the sun. Not to mention I was in so much pain I can not imagine letting the sun intensify the burning sensation I was already feeling. IMMEDIATELY POST TREATMENT: Immediately following the treatment I went straight to my friends house and hid in the darkest, coolest room. My face was in A LOT of pain. I got a damp cloth and laid it over the face, which did help soothe the burning. Within 2 hours the pain began to lessen and was completely resolved within 3 hours, although swelling remained. My face looked very sunburnt with a matte appearance, if you looked closely you could see the lines from the laser. Later that night under the safety of darkness I had to fly home. The 5 and a half hour flight were made easier with some nurofen and a valium (not provided by the clinic) haha. Sleeping on the back is best post treatment as you need to keep the face thick with the QV intensive. DAYS FOLLOWING TREATMENT: I was advised to stay indoors and avoid as much light as possible for the first 7 days, sunscreen can be applied from day 3 but not before that. I also had to keep the skin slathered in QV intensive as the lasered skin was very dry. All exercise is to be avoided for a minimum for 4 days. After 4 days I could return to mild exercise but noting that would cause the face to get flushed, this included downward positions in yoga. after 1 week I can return to light weights and at 3 weeks full exercises can be resumed. My understanding is that this helps limit the chance of hyper-pigmentation. Over the course of the 7 days my skin went from looking very red, to bronze, to dirty brown, then my now fresh baby skin. During this time the matte layered skin slowly peeled off. It is advised not to pick or rub the skin but to let it come off in its own time. As the laser works as an exfoliator it can cause any underlying pimples that have yet to surface to pop up sooner, of course I was told not to try and pop these. In my experience the pimples are healing quicker then usually. RESULTS SO FAR: It is still very early and the skin will continue to improve over the next few months, but so far my skin looks very fresh! The colour is much more even then it was prior and most of the milia have disappeared. The skin over the scars is still peeling away but the scars do seem flatter. I do require another 3 or 4 treatments on my leg and another treatment on my nose which will be spaced 4 weeks apart, I was aware of this prior to beginning the first treatment. COST: $960 (1 treatment 2 areas) TOTAL TREATMENT TIME: 1hr 45mins TOTAL RECOVERY TIME: 7 days, could return to work on day 3 if you work indoors and don’t mind looking like Freddie Kruger. Pics will be available to gallery friends, I will include pics from each day over the last 7 as well as some pics during the treatment.
  8. Hey ladies, I'm almost 7 weeks post op and my right scar is not right. I have a massive hole above my actual incision which just isn't healing. It was all scabbed over for 6 weeks and it fell off and looks like this now? I've tried to talk to my surgeon about it but he thinks "the look great" which they do not!! He told me that he thought the scab was just a bruise! also, that weird pimple looking thing feels like a stitch poking into my skin, I've had it for 3 weeks now and it really hurts when I touch it and I can feel something under the skin. Is that normal? Also, I've got really bad stretch marks and I'm using Vit E cream twice a day and have been since 6 weeks pre op. Any tips? Just feeling so down about my boobs, love the shape of them but they are covered in stretch marks and my scars are so ugly feeling like I made a bad choice with my surgeon cause he doesn't seem to care. Also, how many post op appointments did you girls have? I've only had 1 and it was at 3 weeks post op, does that seem normal? And I haven't been contacted to schedule any more. Really feeling neglected !
  9. Hi, I'm wanting to know some recommendations of plastic surgeons in Adelaide who are familiar with self inflicted scars and can reduce their size in terms of width so they are less noticeable. My scars have been healed for quite some time now and the pigment is good, however people still notice them and I'd love to reduce as many as I can. Thanks.
  10. Ahhhhhhh! I can barely sleep my incision sites are so itchy! I know this is part of the healing process but seriously I don't know what to do with myself its that irritable! This has been way worse than any pain has for me since my BL. Does/did anyone have this to the same extent? It's just I've not read much about it on here. I'm taking Cetirizine daily to try and help and I'm applying Baclofen cream regularly. By the way everything looks normal - there's no redness, swelling etc.. Any ideas would be much appreciated, thanks Danni x
  11. Has any one had to have nipple repositioning? My breast are slightly asymmetrical and will have to have my right nipple moved higher and made a little smaller. My right breast is only slightly bigger so same size implants are being used (which are Natrelle gummybear true form 2, textured teardrop). But to make them look as symetrical as possible without doing a breast lift i have the right one moved and made a little smaller... Anyone been through this or similar, what are the scars like? Does it look funny that only one has been cut out?
  12. This maybe a little late now. But I had Dr Pitch for droopy eyelids. His consults are very quick. He doesn't explain what he is going to do or anything. The results of my botched saggy eyelid surgery (aka blephoplasty) was terrible. Traditionally, you are supposed to follow your natural eye crease and remove the excess skin that has sagged over it. What he did is took so much skin out and extended the scar right past my eyelid laterally. He didn't stitch one of these scars up tightly enough (which btw extended wayyy past the eye lid itself) the stitch was loose, there was no check up with him afterwards. the nurses shuffel you off and undo the stitches a few days later. The stitch that was loose ended up healing into a deep indented scar as well as looking bug eye-d. I even showed him a picture of me when I was younger so he can get a basic idea. He looked at it for a split seconf. I think he is too confident as just does what he was going to do anyway. Don't expect to be handled as an individual. Now 2 years later this scar makes me look really rough. I never saw Dr Pitch again after the surgery. It's an in and out procedure and the Doctors are so busy they don'y give a flying ***** if yours was botched or not because there's always someone else next. It took 2 years to write this up here as putting it in words directly after surgey was too hard and I had hope it would be okay eventually. Many people don't write up there botched surgey jobs done in Thailand because it really too hard to write about mentally. Writing about it just confirms something too much. I'm gettin over it. But I want anyone that is going to Dr Pitch to really explain EVERYTHING he is going to do to you and what he will offer if something goes wrong. Don't be too shy to offend when it comes to these concerns because it is you that will have to live with the consequences.
  13. Hi ladies, I'm 9 days post-op, 250cc dual-plane transax. Yesterday my surgeon took my stitches out and told me to begin massaging the scars and the hard tissue behind to 'dissolve' it. It feels soooo strange to be poking my fingers around in my delicate scars. Can any of you ladies who have had transax advise? How long did it take before your scars flattened out? Any massage tips? How long before you had full movement in your arms again? The idea of going to yoga and doing a downward dog literally terrifies me... Thanks in advance
  14. Am only new to this, sorry for not knowing what to do.. Currently still breast feeding my 10m/o son, once finished, will need a lift and want to return to DD (was DD before babies). A friend recommended Dr Pouw, any reviews on him? Also any before and after pics of breast lifts? How long until scars fade?
  15. Hi Ladies I know It has been discussed at length somewhere else. I am 4 weeks post now and rubbing the following into my boobies. Jojoba Oil Argan Oil Rosehip Oil Bio-Oil Bepanthen (specifically on the incisions after oiling) I like it especially before putting a bra on. I have read on the American forums a lot of talk about Silicone sheets or Silicone gels which are apparently THE BEST. These sheets are about $100. The gels vary in price. Has anyone used them? Also, does anyone else massage the scar??
  16. Hi there, I am totally NEW to this forum, so please excuse me if I'm doing this wrong! I'd like to know - how long did it take for your scars to begin fading after a BA? OR, do they stay noticeable FOREVER? I know everyone's skin is different.....but I'd just like to see what different experiences girls have had - and what helped with fading them away. Thank you!
  17. Hi ladies! So I haven't been on here in a while, no excuse except for me just being useless. Quick update: Still haven't told anyone, except for a guy I hooked up with a while ago but that's because he saw the incision lines! (yuck haha) Healing pretty fantastic, love my shape, still really insecure in a bikini because I'm paranoid people will be able tell that they are implants!!! Still concerned about my incisions/scars, I feel like they haven't healed 'clean'. The incision lines seems to be fading but there is a lot of discolouration surrounding it! I've attached a bunch of photos, I would love everyone's opinions!! Feel free to pop over to my profile to check out my before photos, I believe you may have to send a FR but that's no problem. Oh and as you can tell, I started to develop pretty shocking stretch marks on the lower part of my breasts, started about a month or so ago, when they started dropping in to place. I guess I'm just unlucky and have skin that is easily prone to stretch marks! (I use bio oil every night to no avail!) x
  18. Hi, who got a BA and BL? As the subject suggests haha my nipples don't drop below the fold but are close to it. Was wondering what sort of lifts people got and what sort of scarring they have from them? I have heard of something called an internal lift, do they do these in Australia? What scars are involved with this kind of lift? Has anybody had one and were they happy with it? worried if I get a BA and then not happy because I did not get a BL as well. is the BL partially reclaimable from Medicare/HBF?
  19. Hey girls, I'm 8 weeks PO and still having trouble with the stretch marks...I use bio oil, deep moisturiser, pure vit e, pure rose hip and some other palmers stretch mark creams and lotions, been massaging three times a day using the above (not all at same time) but nothing seems to work. So does anyone reccomend anything else I can use? Or if anyone has tried kelo cote or scar fx ?I leave my job to travel soon so I want to be able to get in swimwear and not have the stretch marks so red! Ps I eat lots of greens and 2l easy of water a day. Thanks xx
  20. I'm sure this has been asked before but for some reason my phone won't let me search at the moment! Just wondering when I can start using Bio Oil on my scars? Or anything else that will be great for them. They are looking really good (I think lol) but just a little dry around the outside from the steri strips. I am 3 weeks post op too, and have updated scar pics I took today
  21. Hey ladies, I'm trying to decide on my incision site for my ba. I'm really leaning towards the nipple incision because I'm really concerned about post surgery scars! I want something that isn't going to be noticeable, has anyone had this incision and how did your scar heal and how long did it take to start fading? I hate to ask/know.. But any horror stories? x
  22. Lover

    BL scars???

    Hey ladies. I'm booked in for a BA and BL in June at PIAC with Dr V. I'm making myself SICK thinking about the scars that the lift will give me. I'm not sure which lift I will be getting as he can't tell me till my consult when I'm over there. Has anyone else had a lift? What were your scars like? I'd really love to hear your stories and perhaps see some pics! I'm still in my early 20's so I don't want perky boobs with ugly scars if i can help it. I'm hoping they will fade nicely...although i definately do need a lift, eeeek!!! So nervous!! Xx
  23. I can best describe my scar, as an irregular, bad scar. Basically in all my scar revisions. My scar has opened. I recently went to a DR that suggested to do half my scar. He suggested Botox the area first, and during healing time Botox again, as to not allow any movement, since I already have history of having dissolvable stitches opening my scar somehow. Maybe its my oily skin, and Hispanic skin,I'm not dark olive complexion, more towards the yellowish side.. Not sure if that plays a role in this. Some doctors say yes. But I just want to know after reading so many different alternative, such as acid drops directly to the depressed scars,to create collagen. or dermabrasion/lasers to even skin. I'm wondering if another scar revision is my best bet. My scar is different color from my skin tone and it's depressed so more obvious because of these two factors, hard to camouflage. Im wondering if a little sanding can minimize it. Or collagen/S shots (i think) to raise the depressed scar. I also have my left cheek, that has undergone different techniques to minimize the acne scar, and they have just worsened the situation. My last surgery was 2 Years ago for both cheek and forehead. I'm wondering since its not really that bad, my acne scars on cheek. If dermabrasion is a good choice. That I haven't done yet. Please give me some information on what you believe is best for someone like me. Who apparently does not react well to any procedures. Thank You! George
  24. Hi Guys.. So I've been visiting this site for a while and silently following your journeys (yes it's quite stalkerish of me! ) and thought it's about time I started to post as I'm getting closer to making my final decision. The shared stories have really helped in reinforcing my wanting this procedure. Being a mother of two lil girls.. and ending up with empty shells where my boobs used to be there is nothing worse than feeling guilty for wanting something that can cost upto $15k where this is one years' worth of school fees!!! Anyway I'm over that now.. thanks to you guys So.. my boobs are not the only prob.. my tummy is a huge issue! I ballooned up with my pregnancies and gained upwards of 35kg started at 55kg and ended at 90kg! So now.. my tummy is a wrinkly mess.. I soo want to iron it out!!! if I was to post a pic of my belly you'd think it belongs to an 80 year old and not a 27yr old meh! Anyway.. I lost all of the weight (took 2 years) and I am left with no boobs (gone from a D to an inverted A.. haha as in they are scooped inwards!!!!) and a wrinkly mess.. this kinda interferes with sex life.. who'd want to get it on with the above described?!?! My husband has not seen me naked since the birth of our first dd. So my question to you guys would be, would you do both at the same time? What is the decider between a mini TT and a total TT? I'm also really worried about the pinched skin at the ends of scar that you guys have mentioned and the other would be Furry Brazilian (can't stop giggling about the name) vs Normal Silicone? and THE OTHER.. under muscle or over the muscle? I am booking a consult with Dr Ben Norris in Sydney.. anyone had him for either op? THANKS GIRLS/Guys xx
  25. Hi Ladies, Just wanted to get everyones opinion on scar treatment products... - what did you use prior to surgery? - what did you use after surgery? and when? - would you reccomend that product? Also, when can you start using steri strips?? Thanks!
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