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Found 11 results

  1. BreastsToBe

    Silimed Explant

    Are there any other ladies on this forum having their Silimed furry Brazilian implants removed due to the ALCL risks?
  2. Hi girls I just felt like posting for any of you who may be looking for a very very natural look. I had 200cc round silimed furry Brazilians under muscle done about 1 month ago and initially was worried that they were too high and round. But after only a month they have settled and fluffed and look and feel already very soft and natural. I am very happy and can't stop looking at them Anyway, I want to encourage those who are worried immediately post op as I too was worried but it was all unnecessary and I just had to give it some time. Xxx Sorry forgot to say they are low profile.
  3. I am 6 days out from surgery and my plastic surgeon, Andrew Broadhurst from Enhance Plastic Surgery in Brisbane, has advised we go to Silimed Brazilian HP 410cc Anatomical implants with above the muscle placement. If you have experience with Brazilians can you please tell me how you went and how your recovery was and how you are finding your end results? Placement etc? Obviously the way they get placed is where they stay, are you happy? Not much drop and fluff if at all from what I understand. Did you massage, should I massage, any do's and don't's?
  4. Anka

    Revision today!

    I had my revision and lift today and I couldn't be happier!! I had a botched surgery in thailand in 2011 and I finally had it fixed He did such a great job!! Mark Ashton really is AMAZING!!!!! Previously I had Mentor 550cc round, smooth, Mod plus over the muscle. They were ugly and sagged so much even though he reckon he did a "lift". He left me looking so bad I was even embarrassed to let my husband see them... I got Silimed 570cc (furry brazillians) over the muscle Extra High Profile. He also did a lift and fixed my nipples that the ***** in thailand ruined. I will post some pics shortly if anyone is interested in having a look. Please add me if you wish to see them!
  5. Ok, So i was pretty decided on going to TCI Sydney for my BA for only $6000, when i found out they only use Nagor Impleo and Silimed smooth or textured implants not including Furry Bazilians (Polyurethane) implants. So im at a dilemma now and am needing/ wanting pros and cons from those who have or had to chose on each of the implants and if it is worth spending around an extra $3000 just to get the Silimed Brazilians Poly Implants. Im hoping this will help more ladies with their furture BA. Thank you
  6. Could any of you beautiful ladies help me with these questions that I have; -What do you know of the Fury Brazilians/ silimed p-ure? Are they natural looking and soft after they settle? -do you find your implants annoying to live with? Do they stop you from doing anything? (Sport, sleeping, annoying to be touched) -can u feel the implant? -my mum thinks I should just wear push up bras for the same result? -Im 178cm tall, size 10, currently a 12c, 28yo and athletic. Does anyone have similar stats and if so what size suited your frame? I still want to look natural. -I'm so confused if I should live with my c cup mumma boobs or have d full natural looking implants?? I'm having lipo and a tummy tuck and don't know about the boobs
  7. Any Furry Brazilian ladies out there??? Need your help! I am getting a re-op due to capsule c grade 3 in one breast and changing from rounds moderate to furry brazilian nuance or teardrop approx 250cc moderate profile. Would love to hear from anyone who has these. I am nervous and cannot decide between the two types... Please advise Xx:confused:
  8. Hey guys, I'm one week post op and really disappointed with my size/projection. I started off as a B and wanted to go to a DD or close to that so I went with 390cc Silimed implants under the muscle. They are nowhere near as big as my PS said they would turn out, they look more like a full c Will they get larger over time as the muscle loosens?
  9. claudi123

    Weight Gain/Bloating after BA

    Hey guys I just got my boobies done (390cc silimed under the muscle) and I am now on day 2.5 of recovery but I feel SO bloated and I am about 5 kilos heavier and just generally look like I've put on size. Somebody please tell me this is just water weight because I am freaking out! I've been eating so healthy I am also very naturally muscly and feel like I've sot some of my tone in these past couple of days as well. Did anyone else experience something similar? this is not what i signed up for
  10. Hi all, First time poster, long time reader. After years of obsessing with boobs and chicken fillets I've finally made my decision to get a BA done and paid my deposit!! I'm doing my BA with The Cosmetic Institue, I was planning on waiting and saving more for the average BA price of about $11k and got intrigued by TCI for the low price. I've been waiting to see any bad reviews as I'm abit anal like that, but nothing to date. Everyone there was lovely and welcoming, since I had to wait for abit I even got a tour - very spotless and clean! Anyway, they provide two different implant types: Nagor or Silimed. I'm not too sure what to go with and was hoping for feedback. From feeling the two up, Nagor feels much softer. Dr Tang prefers the Nagor type but I haven't read much about them on forums and it doesn't seem as advertised as silimed. Sorry for the long post, any feedback will be appreciated! Angie Xx
  11. Hi All My surgery is booked for the 16th November to have a BA with Smooth Round Mentors, however I have been reading on here that the Silimed Brazilian Implants are better in the fact that you have less risk of CC forming - Now I am confused. My Surgeon never mentioned the Brazilian implants only the smooth and textured. He said that risk with CC with both smooth and textured were the same as long as you massaged the smooth ones. He said the smooth was more a natural soft and the textured didnt need to be massaged as they were firm and didnt have a pocket to move around so to speak. Now I dont know what to do - I want the natural look and dont mind massaging. I dont know much about Brazilian ones as the doctor never mentioned them. How many of you have had the Brazilian ones and are they soft or firm? Thanks