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Found 21 results

  1. Hi Girls, I'm a newbie here and still deciding on what implant size I should go as I don't want to go too large. My surgeon recommended 375cc or 400cc round, hi profile, under the muscle. My stats are 163cm, 52kg and current bra size is 10AA. If anyone here has any advice on CC sizing on a petite body type it would be greatly appreciated. I'm so worried that what the surgeon has recommended will make me look too top heaving and will be way too large and obvious. Thanks in advance, BB
  2. Hi girls ? Iv finally booked my first appointment with Dr Mark Lee for tomorrow. I'm very nervous/excited. I was wondering what you brought with you? also how did you decide on what cc you wanted? Abt information would be great! I starting at a small 10B and aiming for a 10C ? Thanks for any info xxx
  3. Anyone here have similar stats to me who could shed some light on this topic for me as I'm really nervous? Im about 165cm, 54/55kg and am currently a 10B, wanting to end up around a D/DD, and am wanting a little bit of a fake look but not to fake at the same time if that makes sense So iv'e decided to go with Craig Rubinstein for my BA. His recommended Textured, silicone and round implants, under the muscle for me which I'm pretty happy with. Was going to go with High profile, but not to sure if I should consider maybe going moderate plus? Now with sizing for implants I was looking a
  4. So i'm really considering the 360cc implants now, I did see them in my PS office on tuesday and I have the choice of either 330 or 360cc textured HP silicone rounds going over the muscle. ? Stats 158cm, 55-56kg(bodybuilder) 10-12D-DD and i'll be getting a lift, augmentation, aereola reduction and 100ccs breast tissue removed( told I would be a C cup). I'm wondering how do your implants feel, do they feel small on you or proportionate, don't seem overly big and do they just sound big when being sized etc? ?
  5. so i thought that it would be useful to start a thread like this where those who have had their surgery already done fill out so that it would be easier for those who haven't decided to size, placement, etc easier to decide. personally i found scrolling through all the different thread hideous as i saw many repeated one and i still have found someone with my stats. so, here goes the form, if anyone is interested! Patient stats: pre op Age: ?/(prefer not to say) height: weight: ribcage measurement: (under the breast) current Bra size: how would you describe your breast: (eg. perky, sa
  6. Hi Girls! I got a question! I understand that I have to buy at least 2 different post of bras. But I'm just confused as to what sized bra I should buy? I have no idea where to begin! Post op, I know I'm going to be swollen as well. If I'm aiming for for a big C to small D, then what size bra would be comfortable for me post op?
  7. I am 153cm, about 57-58kgs. Needing a lift after having 2 babies. I use to be a D cup but now they are very deflated and saggy. I have booked in for 10th June 2015 with Dr Richardson for 390CC High Profile, under muscle and i can not stop worrying that this may be too big for my height and size. I am not looking for massive boobies, i really just want something nice and perky and fills a nice dress or top properly. Anyone out there with similar stats that have the same size? TIA
  8. Help!! I can not decide what is the best choice, my only goal is to pick up the girls that are sagging like crazy after two kids and feel perky again. I'm afraid if I went tear drop Id have no cleavage and they wouldn't look big enough? But will rounded look funny on a skinny girl? (57 kilos, 169cm) I'm afraid due to how saggy my breasts are the round implants won't sit nicely however I'm getting a lift, what did everyone else with lifts decide? Also would high profile give me nastier scars and work against the lift? I'd love to be big and round but not if it will make the scars 10x wor
  9. Was wondering where you are finding decent 10E bras that don't break the bank? I've been looking in the generic Myer, Target, Kmart, Big W etc and they have some nice bras but go up to the standard D and every now & then DD. Tried some nice looking bras in BnT, but they tended to be full coverage, and as I don't have HP, they don't show off my boobs, instead they kind of smother them and all you see is 'bra'. I need more of a plunge bra that makes them pop. I've looked at the Playboy bras, and have looked on Boobywarehouse and Trixan websites, but none that look that great. Also look
  10. Hi, I'm new to this forum and signed up because I need some opinions on sizing My breast augmentation is booked in for January the 19th 2015, so it's a 7 week countdown now woooo! I'm very excited, but my indecision on the size is stressing me a little. My surgeon was kind enough to order both sizes while I decide. I should preface this with some stats... I'm currently an A cup 172cm tall and my weight is roughly 70kgs I am not seeking big boobs really, I just want them to be in proportion with my body. I also want them to look as natural as possible, so I am going with anatomic
  11. Hi iv got two post op bras that my ps made me get but they are very big an ill be limited in clothing I can wear and it's going to be hot in jan :/ wanted to get a carefix anna whilst I was on zodee but have no idea on size I'm a small in the band width but how will I know what size I will be iv asked to be Dd / e I'm usually an 8 b/ c depending on padding and fit Help!!!
  12. Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a while lol but this is my first post yay! I had a consult for a BA today and I left feeling a bit unsure about sizing and the implant shape. I know that I’ll be going under the muscle, and my surgeon specializes in Brazilian implants. I’m currently a 32A, I have a petite frame being only 5”1 and a size 4-6. I want to be a generous, ‘natural’ C cup maybe a CC but no bigger than a D because I feel that would look too large on me. The surgeon recommended a high-profile teardrop 250cc. When I tried them on I liked the look but I could possi
  13. I am currently a 10B and I have the option to go 300cc or 330cc (my surgeon said 330cc was pushing it but do-able) she mentioned rippling but from what I have heard most people aren't bothered by that. I would like my end result to be a D-DD. A friend of mine was a 10A and had 390cc and is now DD - sometimes an E. Would I be the same as I had bigger boobs to start off with? They are all high profile! I would really appreciate some help as my surgery is next Tuesday Thank you:)
  14. Hey girls So I feel a little silly posting this (I'm a newbie!), but here we go: I've read about people using rice sizers (filling up a knee-high or similar with rice) to get a ballpark of the cc they are interested in. I get this, but what do up you insert it into? I don't have any soft cup bras apart from my A cups, but I dop have a crop top and a bra tank. Will this work? Also, will it help me or will it just be a waste of rice? Thanks, pumpkin
  15. Hey everyone, So I have booked in my surgery for January with Dr Luke Stradwick on the G.C I have a consult one week prior to the BA and I'm having a play with rice boobs - but I was wondering if there are ay girls on here who might have similar stats to me, as I'm not sure where to start on size. I'm 166cm, 64kg, 12A at the moment, however I'm quite muscly (I do a lot of weights and crossfit) I was thinking about 375cc? Any thoughts or suggestions would be a great help
  16. Hi, i keep saying that I don't want to go too large but at the same time I don't want to regret not going large enough. So my question I'd like to put out there is... I've noticed in BA pics the boob look quite big naked, but are they not quite that "woah!" When you have clothes on top??? Any advice or thoughts are welcome. thanks
  17. Ahh, the day has finally come. I'm currently sitting in my upgraded (for free!) hospital room in a sexy robe and slippers switching between my laptop and watching the big flat screen tv mounted on the wall in front of me! This room is like an apartment!! Im due to go in at 3:30 this afternoon but am still mulling between two sizes so he has reserved them both. I dont want them to be too epic but as I am going under the muscle I want to accommodate for swelling to go down and general decrease in size due to being under the muscle etc and I dont want to get boobie greed.. so I am getting roun
  18. Hey All Dr Mark Lee is performing my surgery this month. I haven't actually had my consult with him yet but have booked that and the surgery as I know I will be using him as have seen him before and heard great things about his work. I know he will be able to help me with sizing however I just wanted some advice before hand I am 166cm and about 50kg. I am very slim/athletic build and approx a B cup now. I was wondering would a full D look too big on someone of my build? I want them to be worth it so want them to be atleast two cup sizes bigger than I am now but I don't want them to
  19. I have been reading that a lot of girls are finding it difficult to understand bra measurements and seem to be wearing the wrong bra size. So I just thought I would help some of them out and explain how to measure yourself properly. Plus, remember fakies measure bigger than they will look as the bra needs to accommodate the wider implant, unlike real boobs that squish into fit! You will always look smaller than your BA bra will measure if you are wearing the correct band size. 1. FORGET the old age 'add four or five inches' nonsense. It isn't done like that any more. Bra companies jus
  20. So it's almost six weeks until my ba with dr Ces at the gold coast. Super excited. But at the same time I keep over thinking everything, is/ was anyone else like this ? It's been hard because my work has been making it near impossible for me to make any consultations lately. I'm a weird odd shaped 12b at the moment. As dr ces described- hollow, I am quite tall (175cm) and pretty broad, I went in saying I wanted the fake round look, and wanted to be about a d. Has Anyone got similar stats as this ? I showed him photos of girls he had done that I liked and he said they are all d's high prof
  21. Hi ladies, So I am a newbie to this forum but with 22 days to go till my BA I could really use some help! I am 5'2ft, 54kg, so rather short but curvy (i have an ass, which I am looking to balance out), I'm currently a 12B wanting to reach a full C, small D... I originally thought D but am worried it is going to look too large on a short frame... Anyhow how did you shorter ladies decide what size to go for and get a rough idea of how many CC's that would be - I've studied soooo many before and afters and it seems for some petite women 200cc's would is enough and others it's 350cc's... ve
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