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Found 83 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am looking at having Revision Rhinoplasty and need to find an excellent surgeon in Melbourne Australia. Can anyone help with suggesting some recommendations?
  2. Hi y'all! I'm a 23 year old female from a south-east Asian background. I had my first double eyelid surgery operation when I was 17 by Dr Andrew Kim in Melbourne, Australia. My initial operation and the subsequent revision surgeries that he preformed were totally botched and I've been left with asymmetry and a deformed fold on my left eye (please refer to the attached photo). After years of hating my appearance, regretting my decision to ever have the surgery, and completely losing all trust in surgeons, I have finally found the courage to look into possibly undergoing revision surgery. I was just wondering whether anyone in Australia could recommend an experienced plastic surgeon to me who specialises in double eyelid surgery (also known as asian blepharoplasty). I'm specifically looking for a plastic surgeon, not a cosmetic surgeon (like Dr. Andrew Kim). I'm based in Melbourne, but would be willing to travel interstate for a more experienced and respectable doctor. Please let me know if you or someone you know has any recommendations for me.
  3. Hi, does anyone here have experience with Andrew Kim from Sydney for double eyelid surgery? I'm also looking for doctors in Sydney that provide this surgery to do some research. Thanks
  4. Hello lovelies! I am booked in for a bilateral mastopexy and breast augmentation on March the 7th 2019 YAY! My husband and I are just working out how much time he will need to take off to help me with my recovery? Like how long until I will be able to get myself in and out of bed or anything else that I just won’t be able to manage on my own? Like a few days... or weeks...etc? We plan on getting his parents to help with our three kids but how long will I need help with the really up close and personal stuff for me? Tanks in advance gals xx
  5. Hi all, I have booked in my initial consultation with Dr Mooney as I found some noses that are similar to mine and which have had an outstanding result. Based on in images I found, response time and service to date, I am extremely happy with what I found! However, I found some reviews today which have left me a little bit unsure about the surgeon. Obviously out of the hundreds of patients he must do work on, there will always be a few which won't be happy, but I do not want to be left botched. Can anyone share your experience with Rhinoplasty experience with Dr William Mooney? Can you share any photos? Thank you all in advance.
  6. I am now Day 5 post op everything’s going well although I’m starting to get really bad back pain from having hunched shoulders. I am somebody who normally has really good posture and it’s been really hard to adjust being hunched and sleeping upright as well. I feel like if I push my shoulders back my muscles get too tight like I’m not supposed to. What should I do about this did anyone use special exercises? Also my boyfriend of 4 years is struggling to adjust to the new me and it’s giving me stress. Did anyone else have these problems? I need some reassurance.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about getting nose surgery done and I'm looking into Andrew Greensmith or any other surgeon who is great that anyone can review or suggest to me?
  8. Okay, so I have now widened my list of surgeons instead of narrowing it!! I am tossing up between these surgeons: Dr Miroshnik, Dr Steven Liew, Dr Steve Merten, Dr Moradi. I want a really really natural looking breast. I am currently a AA and am 175cm tall and 57kg. I just don't want big fake boobs! has anyone had or know of anyone who has had BA's with these surgeons who might be similar to myself?? Thanks
  9. Hello Ladies! I'm booked in with Mark Ashton Oct 30th with teardrop implants 220cc under the muscle- I'm worried I've gone too small but I really want to know if it's possible to have implants that you can't notice as fake ! Does anybody have implants that completely fools everyone?!
  10. Hi all, First of all, I am sorry to ask without having add anything to the community. I have a few serious stretch marks on my front deltoid. See picture. I got these because of muscle growth at the age of 20-22, even though done everything naturally. I seem just to grow too quickly and literally one morning they were there. What I've tried: * Bio oil ( lol ) * Laser (fractional laser, 2 sessions to check the result. It did improve the structure but the color didn't improve. I doubt if it will be worth the money as I need maybe 8 sessions before seeing any difference) What I want to achieve: * I don't care so much about the stretch itself. The one in the picture is the worst, the other 4 are thiner and shorter. It's the color that bothers me! Can anyone recommend me something else to reduce the pink/purple hue? Can surgery do anything beneficial? Thanks a lot.
  11. Hi Girls, Just posting to see if there are any other girls booked for their BA op in April/May? I've booked in my op for 13th April with Dr Mansoor. Shout out if you're booked in for April/May! x
  12. Hi, I had my consultation with Dr Gary Liew & Partner Jayne Bambit. Really lovely team and I feel safe in their hands .However I can't seem to find any reviews or find much of his work online? Has anyone had experience with either surgeon? Thanks
  13. HelloThis is my fourth post-surgical day, I did Liposuction in my back, waist and abdominal area and tummy tuck because i had some extra skin , it took me almost 3 months to lose some weight because when I started searching for a Doctos I knew All the weight that I should lose before having surgery,other wise I couldn't get the results I wanted, so I found Bestplasticsurgerydestination web page and I started asking for the recomandations and I send my pictures, then this company contact me explaining that they work in Bolivia , I've seen the webpage prices and it was awsome how cheap it was , the only thing was that at the beginning I ask my self, was where I was going to do my surgery , then the company got encharge to explain every step of the trip , most important is that they don't charge any amount of money until I was totally convinced with the doctor and the clinic, so in this past 3 month while I was loosing wait I try to get as much information as possible to feel confident to travel to Bolivia, it is not the first time I visit Bolivia because 7 years ago we went for a trip to Argentina ,Brasil Chile and Bolivia so I had an idea of the country, also I made some friends, and I knew life here is so cheap.So I plan my trip to Santa Cruz Bolivia, when i was here I only get to know La Paz wich is the capital ,but any way, my flight was on tusday night I arrived on wensday mornning , I arrived to the hotel and in the afternoon a very good loking man picked me up, he was my assistant ,and he has been taking care of me all of this time, we went to have blood test and cardiological test , and finally!!!!! I had my apointment with Dr Arias! He already knew me, so I felt so confortable with him , we talk and we decided that we will follow the program, so all my blood work and cardio test was totally fine and at the next day I did My Lipo!! I'm so happy!!! now this is my dream come true ! Now i'm in pain but i know this will be for a while and I know it was going to be a sacrifice ! but it was the risk i was willing to take ! i'm so exited to see the results , I will see Dr Arias today and I just expect everything to look as great as i expected !
  14. Hey guys, 4 days ago I had my breast Augmentation through CosMediTour in Sydney. Iv been youtubing my experience so feel free to check it out and ask any questions ! I'm super happy no regrets! Here's the link!
  15. Hey everyone! I'm a 31 year old mixed Asian female with tan skin currently a size 8-10A cup or 30-32A. I'm petite, standing at 5'4.5" tall, size AU4-6 in clothing and weigh about 46kg. I'm pretty healthy, eat well and do moderate exercise. Appearance plays a major role in my profession and ever since I was a little girl have always wanted bigger breasts. After so much thinking and waiting for so many years I am finally in a position to be able to have breast augmentation. I had a consultation early this year and booked in my surgery with a board certified Melbourne based plastic surgeon, which I ended up cancelling due to hesitations about the procedure. I booked myself in for a second consultation not long ago only to cement the fact that my partner and I just weren't comfortable enough to follow through. The surgeon wasn't for me, it felt as though they didn't really care about me as an individual and was very vague considering the hefty price tag for the procedure. I didn't feel a connection, they just told me that I needed a gummy bear implant under the muscle and that was that. There was like no other option. I felt as though I had to do all the research on my own. Just didn't feel right... Now I'm on another hunt for a highly skilled plastic surgeon, even bonus if they do fat transfer as an option. Preferably in Melbourne, with a fantastic reputation and cost is not an issue. I want the best results possible. Please help! Any reviews, personal experiences or recommendations? Thanks in advance !!
  16. I only started looking today, I tried one bra on that was somewhat padded and fit me horribly, sat too low, was tight and then gaping near the underarms.. Ahhh. Then tried on a non padded, basic lace underwire which fit me best. I feel like shopping for bras that will fit well is going to be tiresome. Any particular brands that you go for? Any style?
  17. I didn't have a referral as I had my breast augmentation done in South Korea. However when I got back and had fallen ill with tonsillitis, I informed her about my surgery. She wanted a check up with me in a few weeks so I went today. When I saw her today, she said she was not judging me however asked if I'm okay, if I have low self esteem? Basically implied body dysmorphic disorder. Whilst this is a Dr in Singapore, I feel that in future when I go back to living in Australia I do not want to get a referral purely because of the questions. Did your Dr ask such questions? While I understand a part of their training is studying the link between plastic surgery and low self esteem, why every patient has to be labelled as that just because they would like to tweak something. She probably does have my best interest but I can't help but feel judged.
  18. I haven't lived in Australia for quite some years however I know for a fact that it isn't advertised or seen as positive as opposed to South Korea. When I was there on holiday, almost every street in Gangnam has a plastic surgery clinic. Gangnam isn't that big and apparently there are over 300 clinics. It's almost seen as a luxury and people freely talk about it. While their standards of beauty are different, they want to look more feminine/"baby" it's still plastic surgery. I get the impression Australians generally are narrow minded when it comes to plastic surgery, no? Even though I've only had a few procedures done, I've received backlash from family members and generally do not tell friends. However I feel if I had Korean relatives/friends, it would be different.
  19. I'm starting to get the tickling, slight slight burning sensation and is accentuated when I'm cold. When I touch them especially the nipples it's so sensitive. Anything you did to stop this? Warmth? Does this come and go or will remain for a year or longer?
  20. Hi all, Needing some advice on the correct terms to use when referring to the problems with my first rhinoplasty. Obviously one nostril is higher than the other but needing some clarification on what others think the problem is. I was meant to be getting married this year but have postponed it due to the state of my nose. I am not currently working either because of my insecurities of my nose. I am waiting advice on what surgeon would be best to hopefully fix my nose. Any advice is muchly appreciated. I have added photos to view.
  21. How long did it take for you to be back to normal, completely aware and in control? Were you nauseated afterwards?
  22. Hey ladies! Anyone heading to Bangkok for any surgery? Im heading over by myself & would like to catch up with people if the timing works out. Im heading over approx July 3 for 2 weeks
  23. Hi I have booked in my consult for a BA with Dr Tavakoli for 12th July.. I have done so much research and I've finally decided to just go to the consultation and hopefully book in! I've been watching his stories on Snapchat and its so interesting to watch.. not all glitz and glam like I imagined lol. Has anyone on the forum been with Dr T since doing snapchat or have you been on it yourself? If I book surgery with him I want him to film me to I can watch it after - do I need to ask him to film? Weird request I know!! I'm really hoping to have surgery in September so fingers crossed! H xx
  24. MAY 1- MAY 2- MAY 3- MAY 4- MAY 5- MAY 6- Boobdreams & sag_to_bounce BUMRUNGRAD with Dr Preeyaphas BL & BA MAY 7- MAY 8- MAY 9- MAY 10- MAY 11- MAY 12- MAY 13- MAY 14- MAY 15- MAY 16- MAY 17- MAY 18- MAY 19- MAY 20- MAY 21- MAY 22- MAY 23- MAY 24- MAY 25- MAY 26- MAY 27- MAY 28- MAY 29- MAY 30- MAY 31-
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