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  1. Hi girls, I've just booked my BA with Dr. Kwok at the Cosmetic Institute for mid-July. I've seen pictures of his work and I am confident that I've made the right decision! I'm a little nervous at the moment because I'm still deciding if I want to go for a D or a DD cup (I'm barely an A cup at the moment!) . I'm travelling all the way from Melbourne and thought I'd better make the most of it. Anybody have any reviews on Dr. Kwok? From what I've seen so far, people have been generally very positive about him. I'm very new to all of this and would love any recommendations, tips or
  2. Hi ladies, I live in Melbourne & am wondering where is the best place to get breast augmentation done? I've being doing lots of research but would love to know prices especially at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute. Also if anyone has being to the cosmetic institute in Queensland or Sydney please leave a review! I am happy to travel insterstate but need help and reviews! Thanks.
  3. Hi Ladies, I am booked in with Dr Lee on February 20th and I'm getting pretty excited. I'm just tossing up sizes, I am currently a 8B and I'm quite a small person... Like I'm 22 and weigh 45kg.. so you can imagine. I have had my consult with Dr Lee and I cant decide what size I want. its a Toss up between 365cc & 385cc. I'm worried about if I go 365cc that they may be too small cause I know you can loose size after an amount of time or if I go 385cc and they are too big.. Both Dr lee and the girls at TCI say there is barely any difference in size and that if I'm worried
  4. Hi ladies I'm a Perth girl considering heading to Sydney for BA surgery with the cosmetic institute. I'm estimating my costs including accommodation and flights to be around 8k. Surgery here in Perth is very expensive, but if anyone has any insight on cheap surgery in Perth, that would be great. I'm not looking to get extremely large breast. I'm a very small frame and tall, I personally don't like the very fake look, so attempting to avoid that. I currently only have an 8a cup, and I'm not symmetrical. I'm looking for my end result to be a C cup. If any ladies who are
  5. Hi all, I have my phone consultation with Dr Miroshnik next week for a Breast augmentation. I'm so excited, as well as very very nervous. I am 100% sure that i want to go ahead with the surgery with him from looking at his reviews and all the photos on his page. I'm 22, 5ft 1 and weigh 50kgs, - my cup size is (i think) in between an a and a b - i don't really fill out any bras, even with a push up- which i hate. I've wanted to get my breasts enhanced since i was 16 and have finally decided to do it! Initially, i was going to go with the cosmetic institute (had booked my surgery date and
  6. Hi there Has anyone on here had Eyelid rejuvenation at The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney? Any feedback, photos, preferred surgeon? Thanks!!
  7. Hi Everyone! My name is Samantha and ive just joined the forum! so if i ask any questions that have already been answered before on this site, sorry! Im 155cm tall, i weigh just under 45kgs and im 23 with a empty 10B I've been wanting to have BA for years now and ive just decided that enough is enough and its time to jump in and get my dream boobs finally. Im going to bali in the next few months and am 100% sure i need them done before i go (getting pretty sick of looking like a 12yo boy in all my photos) So has anybody got any feedback on MAC? I've read all the good reviews
  8. Hi, I'm new to this site this is my first post. I'm booked in to TCI in December for my consult with Dr Dash and then my surgery is in January. My BMI is currently to high for the surgery as advised by TCI, even though I am a heathly 23 year old female. There is 4 weeks in between my consult and my surgery giving me more time to lose those extra kgs, my question is do I need to be at my goal weight for the consult? Or just for the surgery? Has anyone else had a problem? Do they still operate if your BMI is higher than 25? Thankyou in advance
  9. Looking into getting a Ba in early 2016 but not sure on where to go in the Brisbane region! I have saw first hand work from tci and the work was flawless I had no idea the breasts were even fake! And I've seen some from cosmeditour (they were Thailand though) but they were also awesome and I'm wanting to know people's experiences on both companies or any other ones as well please and thank you
  10. Hi, im looking at getting my BA hopefully this year but im having trouble deciding what dr to go to. Iv been researching ALOT of research and i love the look of all dr kwok's patients but i also know a few girls personally who have been to dr richardson and they look good too ? im so torn. I would have gone to dr kwok hands down if it weren't for the cosmetic institute being all over aca this passed few weeks ? But i did notice the people who had issues were in nsw where im in qld so i would be going to the goldcoast hospital to have mine done. Has anyone had their BA with either surgeo
  11. I had my surgery on the 1st of April 2015 at Parramatta by Dr Dash. I was a b cup and wanted to go 615cc and dr Dash aggreded to go 615cc everything was good at the consultation. Come the day of surgery as dr dash said we can't do 615cc so he suggested 420cc which I was not happy with so we argued to get to 525cc which he refused to go any bigger. Out of frustration I just agreeded. A week after surgery for my follow up dr dash did not do my stitches properly they were hanging out and they were not done properly sever pain fro my stitches. I am now 6months post op my extra high profile impla
  12. I have received my email from TCI confirming my surgery in two weeks and they say that if at any point and time they feel is necessary they can cancel the surgery if it is going to effect your physical or mental health ..... I suffer from anxiety which they are not letting me take my herbal medication for the next 4 weeks so I won't be very happy if they make the decision not to operate because of my anxiety when I have already let them know and said it will be fine . Has anyone heard of there surgery being cancelled due to anxiety, as I do get nauseas with my anxiety? Thank you !
  13. Hi Ladies! I'm not sure if anyone is already familiar but I have a few amazing sites for holiday rentals in Australia if you are looking for somewhere to stay during your surgery: www.stayz.com.au www.airbnb.com.au www.homeaway.com.au Rather than a hotel you save a lot of costs and can rent out your own apartment during your stay! There are some breath taking places available. I am travelling to The Cosmetic Institute later this year and have come across so many gorgeous places in Bondi and my friend and I will definitely be going with one of these places when we book I
  14. Hi ladies Has anyone travelled interstate to have BA at TCI without any friends/family members? I may be travelling alonw and am looking to find out if others have done the same. In particular I'd like to know what you did for immediate aftercare (i.e. getting back to the hotel and the first 10 hours). Thanks in advance
  15. hi ladies, i have seen alot of positive feedback for the cosmetic institute lately, but the question is what are the negatives? Has anyone got any bad feedback for us to be aware of for TCI in Sydney!? Any one had issues with their results? Would love to know, as i am booked in to get mine with Dr Tang in July. Thank you x
  16. Hi girls, I've just booked my BA with Dr. Kwok at the Cosmetic Institute for mid-July. I've seen pictures of his work and I am confident that I've made the right decision! I'm a little nervous at the moment because I'm still deciding if I want to go for a D or a DD cup (I'm barely an A cup at the moment!) . I'm travelling all the way from Melbourne and thought I'd better make the most of it. Anybody have any reviews on Dr. Kwok? From what I've seen so far, people have been generally very positive about him. I'm very new to all of this and would love any recommendations, tips or
  17. Hi Ladies, I have my surgery booked in for the end of March, my surgeon is Dr Lee. I just wanted to see what other peoples past experiences are with him, are you happy with your results, how are your incision scars ect ect. Many thanks in advance !
  18. Well ladies I'm home! Stuck with the 420cc XHP, as dr kwok said i sould get a lovely round look from them, but at the last minute switched from under the muscle to a dial plane placement to give me a bit of a mini lift Arrived at tci bondi arounf 12, there was a bit of a wait for my room to be ready, then got changed into the lovely surgical gown, booties and hairnet and had my preop photos taken, then wrapped the heated blanket around me and watched dr phil. Lol. There was about a half hr wait before the aenthetist came to see me (still no nerves at this point, just hungry!) she did her
  19. Hey guys, I'm new here but it seemed like a good place to do my research! I've put down $2,000.00 for my surgery with Dr Tang, and I'm trying to gather as much info as I can! Can anybody walk me through the whole twilight sedation thing, I'm currently having (irrational!) paranoia about this! Also I'd love to hear from anyone who has gotten implants after children due to that dreaded breast feeding boob deflation
  20. Hi everyone! I'm really new to this forum and just want a bit of advice from those who may have already had a breast augmentation (especially those who went through TCI in Sydney!). I was very excited to hear about The Cosmetic Institute recently after wanting implants for a few years. I sent off my photos for review by their surgical team over the weekend, and I heard back today that I am a candidate for surgery (yay!), but Dr Tang mentioned that my breasts are set quite wide apart and will continue to do so after augmentation. I'm hoping someone else was told something similar a
  21. Hi ladies, For those who travels interstate for their breast augmentation, i know we are told that you have follow ups with your local GP. Just wondering... is this recommended, necessary or if required? Did you do it? Booked in for March, can not wait!!!
  22. Hello ladies! I've just signed up as I have decided to have a boob job. I'm still in the early stages of researching so I am hoping being on here will help! Firstly, I am after some feedback on 'the Cosmetic Institute' in Sydney? Thanks in advance!!
  23. I am considering travelling from Perth to Sydney for my BA at TCI. I have a million questions and I'd love to hear from TCI girls about your experiences. Should I pay extra for Dr Dona being a plastic surgeon, or are the cosmetic surgeons adequate considering its a simple procedure? If so, which surgeon did you choose and why? I'm wanting anatomical implants but havent seen one before/after from TCI using tear drops, has anyone had teardrops? Also, every surgeon seems to have different methods for after surgery...what happens at TCI do you wake up bandaged/when are you told to massage etc. I'm
  24. Hi guys, I live in Brisbane and am considering booking a consultation with Dr Tang at The Cosmetic Institute in Sydney. From the moment I started researching BAs, Dr Tang (and TCI's) reputation and results have stood out to me. It doesn't hurt that their price is totally reasonable either. My problem is that after sending them pictures of my breasts, they have told me that I'm suitable for the procedure yet haven't managed to answer a single question I've asked them? Am I reading too much into this and I should just book the consultation and ask my questions there? I would have ex
  25. Hey Everyone, So so so sorry its a late story but i though after all the support the forum gave me i better get onto it and write a story that will hopefully be helpful to someone else I flew to Sydney from New Zealand on the 7th May 2014 and had my consut the day i arrived at tci in Paramatta with Dr Tang whom is absolutely lovely. I decided on 525cc XHP round textured silicone placed under the muscle. i was also given the choice of 470 XHP but decided that i would rather go the bigger one as then i couldn't be disappointed on the final size I then met the lovely mink who also pu
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