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Found 142 results

  1. Hello, I am looking into getting a tummy tuck and I am 55kgs. I'm finding it hard to find pictures and stories of women who've had the procedure who are petite and or very fit/toned. If there is anyone here, I'd love to hear from you and/or see pictures if you're willing to share them. Thank you
  2. Hello ladies, I'm NEW here, and I'm seeing Dr Hewitt on Friday to explore tummy tuck options and would love some REAL feedback from patients of his, if you are out there? My tummy tuck needs are perhaps different to most - I am 50 years old, I have had three (big - 9lb+) babies but I have no stretch marks and my muscle separation is minimal; in fact, I wouldn't bother even considering a tummy tuck except for my mons droop which can't just be hoiked up out of the way! I feel I am the only woman in the world with this problem! Anyway, any feedback on Dr Hewitt would be much appreciated, especially in the area of tummy tuck surgery.
  3. Would love to see before and afters of your tummy tuck, how far post op you are and your scars if your willing to share them?
  4. Hi ladies, I have been diagnosed with mild mitral valve prolapse and I do experience heart palpitations almost on a daily basis. I have been wanting a tummy tuck for a couple years with lipo of the flanks. Cardiologist has given me clearance but my anxiety is still eating away. I’m so scared to go ahead with it even though I have already been to 3 plastic surgeons and found the one I would like to proceed with. Have any of you guys gone ahead with cosmetic surgery while also having these conditions or similar? And if so how was your experience? Thank you
  5. Hi all! Anyone on here had a BL & BA and is a serving or was a serving member of the police force or military? Looking at getting surgery but also planning on joining a service next year. Just wanting to know what your experience was having implants. Not looking at getting anything over the top. I lost 30kg and lost my girls in the process, so planning on getting a extended tummy tuck and breast lift and augmentation.
  6. Hi Ladies, Just curious, how long it take you to stand upright after having a tummy tuck? Im 11 PO and still struggling I know everyone is different and it takes time, and I'm in no rush.... (kinda) Im just so exhausted and my back has gone, so I'm really interested to see how others have progressed. Thanks in advance xx
  7. Hi to all, Over the past 18 months I have been to a four plastic surgeons here in Newcastle and Sydney because I hate my tummy (have done forever even at my skiniest) and I wanted to have it changed.... As you can imagine the cost was ridiculous and very unaffordable especially now that medicare won't cover it, therefore my private health insurance won't either... After a huge amount of research I dumped the idea very disappointed. A few months ago I came across NIB options. They offer plastic surgery overseas by Australian peer reviewed plastic surgeons. They also offer peer reviewed hospitals with a twelve month after care whereby if anything goes wrong then an Australian board certified plastic surgeon will fix it here in Australia free of charge.... Plus they will only work with a small number of plastic surgeons overseas. With that I decided to look into it..... I researched a crap load over and over again and decided to get a quote.... I was pleasantly surprised when the quote came back almost a third of the cost of what the cost would be in Australia...The quote was based on a internationally board certified plastic surgeon in Phuket for a tummy tuck.... NIB Options have asked for a testimonial good or bad in order for me to receive a 20% discount (this was a deal just recently, not sure if they are still offering this), which for me is a good thing.... Clearly they are trying to market themselves as there are not a lot of reviews on the company.... Plus the Dr Veeerwat does a consult first on one day and gives me one day to think about the surgery prior to going under the knife... Added bonus is that I can cancel at anytime and receive a full refund and yes at times I think I should because I am so frigging nervous at different stages. I am also impressed by the guarantee that the Phuket International Hospital gives as well!! So I am booked in for the procedure at the end of this month.... yes you guessed it I am one of those Australians whom due to the Medicare changes I am heading overseas to have my procedure done!!!! I am hugely scared, more so by the pain but as I have read many many times over the outcome is worth the pain - thank you for all you girls that have been writing so positively about this!!! By the way, I am not being paid by NIB Options or forced to write about the company but I must say their offer is the only reason why I am going to Thailand due to the comfort they make me feel with their after care policy!! From the outset Claire at NIB Options has been amazing without no sales push what so ever and has responded promptly every time I contact her!! So far I have contacted Dr Veerawat directly about spray tanning and the length of time I have to wait to swim and he has been very prompt to reply to these emails as well. I must say, I haven't seen a lot of his work reviewed, specifically on Tummy Tucks but I am more than comfortable with his CV and his achievements so far anyway. The reviews I have seen are very positive but not necessarily related to Tummy Tucks. I will try and update as much as I can on my journey... I have a little one and a business to run so at times I am flat out but I hope to post as much as I can to keep you informed of my progress just like other wonderful informative people have done on this forum. Hopefully talk soon!!!!
  8. Hello, Am having a challenge being clear on some of the reviews here, so am starting a new thread. I have been in contact with Medical Departures regarding a tummy tuck and liposuction in Bangkok, and they have recommended Dr. Pichit Siriwan at Samtivej Sukhumvit Hospital. Can anyone here give me information about their experience having a tummy tuck and/or vaser lipo with this specific doctor, Pichit Siriwan at Samtivej Sukhumvit? Any with experience through Medical Departures? I was able to find some positive reviews on RealSelf, but there were a lot of negatived ones on Cosmetic Journey (though it is difficult to know if it is the same doctor, as there are spelling differences and some different locations mentioned, and it appears there may be a few doctors with similar names). https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/en/doctors/pichit-siriwan/ https://www.realself.com/find/Thailand/Plastic-Surgeon/Prichit-Siriwan Thanks for your help - it's a big scary decision, so I want to do thorough research before I settle on a doctor.
  9. Any have experience with Dr Gavin Sandercoe? I have plans to get 'the works' done... but I only know people who have see Dr Tav, Dr Tim and Dr Miroshnik. I like Dr Sandercoe's understated-ness and the fact he is an experienced trauma surgeon and has run a Plastics Department before. Plus the experience in reconstructive surgery is great - it is a skill to make something beautiful out of something that is not so much. I am really excited about seeing him soon but want to speak to any previous patients for their opinion.
  10. I'm looking at getting a tummy tuck, breast lift and implants in Perth Western Australia. Can anyone recommend someone? Also looking for rough prices, I know that everyone is different so prices will vary, just after a ballpark figure so I have somewhere to start. Thanks
  11. Hi all, Does anyone have any feedback on Dr Edmund Ek in Melbourne? I cant find much on him. I am booked in for the above procedures for June. How do you know what kind of implant to go for? And behind the muscle or on top? Om so confused as to what to do! I was a DD/E before bubbas and they were quite perky, so i would love to have that back. I honestly don't care if they don't look super natural, but obviously don't want them too massive. He was so lovely, but we didn't go through much in the initial consult, is this normal? So if anyone is like me, 167cm tall, 70kg, broad shoulders, and my arms aren't skinny, what would you suggest? I have a moderate - severe sag from breast feeding 3 bubbas. I have no confusion about the TT and lipo, i am just stumped on the boobies. Thanks ladies any advice you can give is fabulous.
  12. Hey ladies, I have decided I want to do some research into having a mini tummy tuck added to my surgery, I am on the hunt for a good Melbourne surgeon for BA BL and mini TT, any recommendations would be appreciated, any pics aswell! Thank you! Xxx
  13. Hi Ladies, I'm planning on a having a Mummy makeover in Canberra, although would travel to Sydney for a good Dr with good rates (Full TT due to muscle separation + BA due to deflated boobs after having 6 children) Although not sure atm if I'm needing a lift, as I really didn't want the lollipop scar, but realise they may not be able to do the BA without, depending on my breasts. I am booked in to see Dr Farhadied in regards, also trying to get into see Dr Milovik, as I am impressed by his work in his gallery, although he doesn't seem to show the scars in the pics? Just wondering if any of you lady's have had a full TT in Canberra and who you can recommend, also wondering if it's worth having the mummy makeover or would I be better off say having the TT with one Dr and the BA with another? ( without breaking the bank! As I know certain Dr's give a discount for more procedures done at once) as it seems that certain Drs are better at one and not the other? Also implant sizes are spoke of in cc's? Does anyone know a rough calculation in regards to interpretating that into cup size please? Before having children I was a C cup, and now after 6 I am now deflated, and going between an A & B cups. Any feedback would be wonderful and very much appreciated please! Tia ladies ? Delete
  14. Curious to know what your thoughts are of Dr Ellis Choy, pictures would be great. I'm looking into tummy tuck, breast reduction, liposuction. Struggling with finding a surgeon ? it's starting to frustrate me and think negative about the whole thing. is it really worth it?
  15. Reviews or comments about surgery with Dr Joseph Rizk please?
  16. Hi All Well I was super excited today to start ringing surgeries to get an idea of out of pocket for tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is required due to weight loss. I have private health insurance and I'm really shocked (obviously naive) at the costs I've been quoted . It has ranged from $3500-12k here in Adelaide. I had a breast reduction last year and that was $1k out of pocket. Has anyone been quoted cheaper than the $3500k. Thanks from stressing.....?
  17. Hi there. I am having a BA and TT in August. As a side sleeper, I'm a little nervous about this! Just wondering if anyone can provide further details about having to sleep upright? How long for? How many pillows behind you? What's the reason behind this? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi everyone. I am really interested in getting a mummy makeover. (Tummy tuck, breast lift, implants, brazilian butt lift etc) I am a size 6 but I've been left with saggy breasts, and a stretched tummy. I would like to know if anyone has had a Mummy Makeover overseas with any of the combination surgeries above, and who they went to and how happy you are with the results. I am not interested in anything in Australia as I am looking for a more affordable solution that will get the same results, (and performed with the same amount of hygiene and expertise) Thanks!
  19. Hello all, first let me say I'm a guy. There is a male section with only one old thread. I have lost 52ish kg through just diet and exercise started in mid 2012 Back to the topic. To those who have gone to Thailand through a agency or directly and they quoted you a price, did they change it once at consult? I am quoted $5925 for surgery includes 5 nights & hotel 10. Flights I booked for $850 with Malaysia airlines because I didn't want to deal with a budget airline returning. I have heard good things about Dr. Narupon but people going over do it for cost so it is a concern. I am not sure on the rules for naming the agency but I will if anyone is interested. The agency requests full payment two weeks before departure and it's under 30 days now. Thanks
  20. I'm 5'3 and was over 125kg by my early 20s. I'd been obese since my earliest childhood memory and stayed that way until 2010. Something finally clicked and I lost 60kg through fitness and nutrition, but I was left with a large pouch of loose skin on my tummy, flabby thighs, as well as a fatty mons pubis. I ignored it at first, but it started to get me down because I could never fully escape my years of obesity. It began to weigh me down both physically and mentally... Once I finished uni and got a job, I finally made the decision to go for a tummy tuck and lipo. There were three plastic surgeons in my area who could do the job, so I met with the first one who came highly recommended, Dr Richard Rahdon. From the moment I met him, I felt completely at ease. He was a true gentleman, his nurse was so lovely and gentle and his staff were welcoming. I felt totally comfortable with him as he explained the procedure in depth and answered all of my questions. I instantly trusted him. He appreciated my effort to lose the weight and gave me realistic options for fixing my tummy pouch and other areas. I asked him about a thigh lift and he didn't think it'd be worth it. I agreed because they weren't too bad. He suggested lipo which would get rid of some bulky inner thigh mass. I had no doubts in my mind - this man was going to be the surgeon I wanted to operate on me. I didn't even want to meet the other surgeons in my area. After this consult, I booked myself in for a December operation. I could hardly wait! On the day at 7am, I checked into St John of God private hospital, received my ID tags, then moved into the anaesthetic room. My wonderful surgeon met me in there and I wasn't nervous at all. He drew the markings on me and explained that he'd be making it look flat, proportionate and slimmer! I couldn't stop smiling. Dr Rahdon is so gentle and reassuring. I laid on the bed pre-op feeling completely relaxed. The anaethetist Dr Andrew Patrick was also very informative and kind, one minute we were talking about history and then next moment I woke up at 2.20pm! I was in my compression garment in a private room, very comfortable and assisted by attentive nurses. Dr Rahdon tightened everywhere. I couldn't believe my eyes! Every time I look down, I cry. He removed 1.6kg of skin and fat and sculpted it all beautifully. I spent 4 nights in hospital and Dr Rahdon checked on me at least 2-3 times a day. I have never received such genuine and dedicated care from a doctor before. He is truly an outstanding individual that goes above and beyond his duties to ensure that I was happy and healthy. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
  21. Hi everyone, I am a Brisbane based mum researching surgeons in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for a tummy tuck. So far I have had one consultation with Dr Kane, and I have 3 more booked in with Dr Terrance Scamp, Dr Paul Belt and Dr Lily Vrtick. I was wondering if any ladies who have had tummy tucks with these Drs, would be willing to share their experience and/or results? Or suggest any other Brisbane and Gold Coast Doctors? One of my main concerns is having a scar as low as possible, and preferably straight, & neat looking. Thanks so much!
  22. Hi all, Firstly let me start with wishing you all a happy and healthy 2017. As most can tell, I'm a new member here, however am a long time viewer. A brief history of mine: I'm male, live in Sydney, was diagnosed with Diabetes (Type 1) some 22 years ago; had gastric sleeve surgery 4 years ago...which lead to a decent amount of weight loss (70+kgs). Wasn't always overweight, but was so for around 5-6 years. Height is 183cm, and I weigh 87kg, with no weight gain since surgery. As you can probably imagine, with significant weight loss comes the dreaded loose skin. I haven't had too much of that at all, in fact, my body has held up pretty well - with clothes on, I look pretty good. However, when I bend over I get a little bit of sag in the belly area - which didn't concern me too much. My main concern is the buttocks area, which has kind of left me feeling devastated. I now have no bum, sort of. It sags. Just talking about it depresses me. It has had an impact on life socially - I should probably mention I'm of the gay persuasion, and I find the community is a little vain, I haven't been 'involved' with anyone for 4 years, which is all my doing - having no confidence with my body is the issue. I mentioned my body issues with my gastric sleeve surgeon, and mentioned that I was interested in both a TT and some sort of buttocks procedure - he happily referred me to a surgeon in Sydney - one with whom he has a great respect for: Dr Steve Merten. I've read reviews on this doctor and he seems to be a leader in this field - however I'm concerned that, although he is obviously gifted in this field, he doesn't perform any sort of buttocks surgery -he's not back in the office until later this month, was hoping to get the down low before I make an appointment only to discover he doesn't perform the surgery that I need... Naturally, at this stage of the game, I'm full of questions... - Does anyone know of a surgeon in Sydney that performs both a TT as well as Buttocks Augmentation? - Are surgeons likely to perform these procedures separately? - Any other diabetics out there who've had a TT? (I'm using an insulin pump, so curious to know where you had your pump cannula placed during recovery) - Any advice on buttocks procedures - there is a ton of info out there from a female perspective but little from a male's POV - some people who have had implants feel as though they're sitting on cushions whenever they sit; are there still issues with implants leaking (I don't really want to walking around feeling like I have to take extra care each time I sit, or roll around with my dog etc...); anyone had a Brazilian butt lift? Keen to know how long the procedure lasted (especially if you're male). Any assistance, advice or suggestions will be taken on board. Thank-you all!
  23. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and planning on getting an abdominoplasty. *pics in the gallery* - just send me a friend request I'm looking for someone in the Geelong region - can anyone provide reviews and details of their experiences with particular surgeons? I had one consult but I've only been in hospital once in my life, so this is a huge deal for me... I am so scared but I want this more than anything. I have BUPA private health insurance so can anyone give me details about costs and getting money back? I'm 5'3 and was 125+kg at a young age. I lost a lot of weight through fitness and nutrition, but have been burdened with a large pouch and loose skin. It never used to bother me at first, but now I feel it weighs me down - both physically and mentally. While I'm there, I'm considering a thigh lift as well because I have loose skin there too. Pics http://s30.postimg.org/ny8ias5j4/image2.jpg Thank you in advance
  24. Hi Ladies, I'm just hoping for some feedback on costs of your Tummy Tuck surgeries and length of stay needed in hospital. Financially I don't want to stay in hospital at all after the surgery...it's just so crazy expensive on top of an already expensive procedure. However, I do actually WANT to stay in hospital (away from the 3 kids) so I can recover properly. Champagne taste beer budget! I am yet to have an initial appointment with any Plastic Surgeons yet (I'm in Brisbane)... but I'm not sure if certain plastic surgeons use more expensive hospitals, or force you to stay in longer etc... I've been quoted roughly over the phone $19,000 inclusive of a 7 night stay. YIKES! I've got pretty bad diastasis recti up to my ribs, an an umbilical hernia so it won't be just a mini tummy tuck either. So would love to hear if you've seen a plastic surgeon and NOT stayed in for more than one night... Was it manageable? Has anyone managed to find a TT for under $13k including several nights in hospital in Brisbane? (after this ridiculous new 'abdominoplasy is not deemed medical' change from medicare?) Also, any feedback on Anthony Kane, Paul Belt, Alys Saylor or Susan O'Mahony? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi Everyone After losing 45kgs (10kg still to go) im wanting to get a breast lift with implants and a tummy tuck (Mummy Makeover) when the time comes. Im looking into the following surgeons and wondering if anyone can offer reviews Dr Miroshnik Sydney Dr Moradi Sydney Dr Jeremy Hunt Sydney
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