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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there! I'm going in for my BA on 20th December! While I'm happy with my weight (5ft 2, 56 kgs, small frame up top), I still plan to lose a couple of kilos (maybe 3-5 kgs) after my surgery. I store most of my fat in my thighs, butt but still do lose weight from my boobs. Should this prospective weight loss post surgery affect my implants?
  2. Hi there. I'm 22F. I was raised in a household where from a young age I was just fed junk food. I was a fat child and ended up obese. I left home and started losing weight. I have lost between 30 and 40kg. Naïvely I thought losing weight would fix my problems. Needless to say my body is very unattractive and restricts me in how I dress and where I can go. I need ba, bl and abdominoplasty. I am more concerned about having nice normal breasts though. My issue here is I cannot find a surgeon who can do natural looking breast aug + lift for under $20,000. Dr Tavakoli'
  3. Hi there, I'm in Perth WA, I've been thinking about breast implants for a couple of years now and finally booked a consultation and set a date but it's left me more confused than anything. I need help on deciding whether to go over or under the muscle, I initially thought under the muscle as I really don't like the fake look but having seen a few friends that have had over the muscle done and theirs are lovely and natural looking. I'm a gym bunny so have gained a lot of muscle and dropped a lot of fat over the past few years, this has left me with very saggy breasts, to the po
  4. Hey! I was just wanting to seek peoples experiences of loosing weight after breast surgery. We are told to get to ideal weight prior to surgery, sadly this probably wont happen for me. What are peoples experiences with loosing weight after a breast augmentation
  5. Hey everyone, Looking for recommendations on surgeons for abdominoplasty and gynecomastia post large weight loss. I've already been to see one surgeon who was personable, intelligent, upfront and honest which I appreciated and would happily go with them but I'd like to hear other people's opinions. I won't name names as it will be interesting to see if they are mentioned by anyone as a recommended surgeon! Thanks!
  6. Hi guys, I've posted here before, but well over a year ago. After being obese my entire adolescence and losing a serious amount of weight after high school, I've been left with some excess skin/subcutaneous fat and gynocomastia. I'm very fit, have zero hormonal issues, I'm simply living the consequences of having lead such an unhealthy lifestyle. Issues which I'll need addressed by a surgeon: 1) Removal of gynocomastia/fat in chest along with reduction of areola size 2) Removal of excess skin on arms/lipo of subcutaneous fat 3) Lipo of flanks/back 4) Tummy tuck/abdo lipo 4) Remo
  7. Hi all I am looking for a surgeon to remove excess skin after weight loss, starting with brachioplasty (arm lift). Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Brisbane/ Gold Coast? Thanks
  8. Do you guys think this (Pure Garcinia Cambogia) is BS media hype? or have any of you tried this and actually got the results they are claiming... losing 3kg per week? Apparently you take 1 Garcinia Cambogia tablet in the AM and 1Cleanse Catalyst Plus tablet at night. I feel skeptical about it. http://www.celebritybeautymag.org/cameron_diet_special/index.html?voluumdata=vid..00000002-eca5-486b-8000-000000000000__vpid..3d58b800-28df-11e4-8842-b913babed00f__caid..bac011d2-df56-4072-9814-4dfe0d5be368__lid..549f0841-d625-4b9f-92db-6be3cb26704d__rt..D__oid1..944102bc-ee09-4675-9580-eced20b85
  9. I will be having a BR in Bangkok on the 9th of September and would like to loose about 5kgs before the big day! I am about 170cms and as of this morning 67.6kgs and feel as though 63kgs would be a good, achievable goal before surgery. I also feel that if I am really focused on good nutrition it should serve me well come surgery and recovery time! Due to the fact that I will be cutting down on my very top heavy chest, I want the rest of me to be in proportion with my new size! I have done a round of the Michelle Bridges 12wbt last year and am following along with her recipes at the moment.
  10. Hi all, I am new here and am wondering what the requirements are to get TT to do abdo repair (due to pregnancies and injury) and removal of loose skin (due to 40kg weight loss) on medicare ... I have seen a general surgeon regarding an hernia repair (under ribs) and she has offered to remove excess skin only on medicare but she is not a plastic surgeon, so no idea of the results. I have two kids (& 2 c- sections), and have about a 15 cm separation of the muscles (so can't really do any core work), so am wondering if I am better seeing what a plastic surgeon can offer and get this re
  11. After reading so many stories on here and seeing so many fantastic transformations - I'm now becoming more convinced that mine are beyond help. The problem is, I'm not flat chested - I'm currently a 14C with droopy boobs that point to the floor. Unsexy. To date I have lost 16 kilos and obviously plan on losing more before getting surgery.. But it seems like the results I want, aren't possible and it makes me want to cry. I understand that it's always best to seek the advice from your surgeon, but I'm not near that stage yet and already disheartened. I wanted round XHP so I'd finally have bo
  12. Hi all again! So I was speaking to a girlfriend about breast implants and she was claiming that you couldn't get them if you are - a) not your goal weight or haven't maintained your weight for two years I personally thought this was weird. I have always sorta moved around 56-58kgs. I am trying to lose weight at the moment, but more because I am trying to tone up and I've always wanted a super flat stomach! Anyways, what are thoughts on this subject? Im hoping to get my BA done in June at TCI this year. Thank you for all your help! I love this forum!!!
  13. Hey ladies this is slightly off topic but I really need some good ideas! Since I've had my BA and can't exercise much I've found myself with a HUGE (to say the least) appetite and no way to compensate for the amount of food I'm eating. I feel super depressed that I've spent so much money to look good and I'm going to wreck it by putting on the pounds. Does anyone have any good tips to stop appetite or ways that I can lose weight over the 6 week recovery period? xx
  14. Im currently trying to lose weight and i don't want my surgery to be an excuse/reason for me to stop or gain weight. Has anyone got any tips on how to continue to lose weight or know of the sort of exercises I will be able to do post op?
  15. I haven't ever had much when it comes to boobs,but since losing an extra 9kg off the 14kg baby weight,my chest has become really boney. To the point that if i hold my boobs and move them up and down,you can see all of the bones in my chest..i hate it!. Now I'm just concerned that when I have my BA,I'm still going to have that boney look,even though I will definitely be going under the muscle. Has anyone with a boney chest had a BA and got rid of it?. Thanks xx
  16. Hi I recently lost a considerable amount of weight and am considering having a tummy tuck to get rid of the loose skin which causes me significant discomfort. I will probably have the procedure done privately, but wanted to know if there is any medicare/PH rebate if it is deemed a necessary medical procedure? HELP! I also recall reading somewhere that if you have lost a significant amount of weight that medicare will cover the procedure... is this true? HELP! Thank you! Elly
  17. Hey all, I'm very new to this so please bear with me I was just wondering when most of you went from wanting to have a procedure done to actually contacting PS and whether you felt embarrassed, scared or weren't sure if you were asking the right questions? I'm a guy and recently lost over 20kgs (yay) but instead of feeling good about the lost weight, all I notice is the sunken cheeks and loose skin and that even after losing 20kgs I am not what you would call a handsome man. For those of you who have been through something similar - did you go in wanting certain procedures or did a disc
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