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My Breast Augmentation Experience with Dr Jake Lim 1/10/2013

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In July this year i decided i would have a breast augmentation, given the A cup ( if that) i was blessed with i had always wanted to do this so the decision wasn't a hard one to make. I spent a good 10hours a day researching and trying to find a surgeon who had excellent results, after going through thousands of websites i stumbled across Dr Lims page. I flick through his before and after gallery and called to book my consult.

I was nervous going into my consult but had a clear idea of what i wanted. Immediately i felt comfortable with dr lim, he was supportive and listened to what i wanted and gave excellent advise on what would suit my build and what would fit. Im a pretty small build so finally decided to go with 375CC under the muscle. So many people had told me to seek at least two consults before booking a surgery but i felt so comfortable with Dr Lim and the results i had seen that i booked without seeking the second consults.

Surgery - I booked and went to westmead private hospital, i wasn't really nervous until i was lying in bed waiting for my turn to be next. I know a few people who have had this surgery and had told me i would be in this world of pain so i think that had made me more nervous then anything! I woke up after my surgery and really wasn't in much pain at all, i was drowsy ( obviously) and just felt uncomfortable not being able to take deep breaths because of how tight the bandages were wrapped. Once they were cut off i felt great. The nurse that looked after me was absolutely amazing and after 4 hours observation i was out of there! 2hr car trip home wasn't that much fun though.

Recovery - I honestly wasn't in much pain at all, i was only really ever uncomfortable from sleeping semi upright to help with the swelling, i was given strong pain killers which i was told to take the first two days if i thought i needed them or not, as soon as that was up i stopped taking them because i really didn't need them. Its hard to not put your arms up or to make your self take it easy for the first week or two but i was determined to recovery properly! My swelling went down pretty quickly, after about 4 weeks i was pretty much gone, and my new assets just feel like they have always been a part of me.

Im now a D - DD and couldn't be happier with my experience with Dr Lim and would recommend him to anyone!

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