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My doctors response.. feeling annoyed..

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So after asking all your thoughts on my breast and what looked they were dropping a lot, I asked my surgeon his opinion and this is what I got.. I'm kind a annoyed I mean why spend double the amount for a lift if he is saying they will just end up back to normal. And I only went 350cc and 325cc so there not huge.

Thank you for your pictures and news of your recovery.

I definitely understand your concerns .

A breast implant – unfortunately – adds gravity to skin that has already shown that it doesn’t hold up well.

Dropping of the breast is an inevitable condition .

Implants will tend to press down on the lower portion of the breast and they will tend to cause dropping – especially if they are very large.

The pressure from the breast implant may also cause the areola to stretch over time.

Although many patients do not really like the following analogy it is important to understand how significant skin elasticity is to the final result.

When we want to make a good quality pair of slacks that will hold their shape over time, we choose good quality material.

Unfortunately, most patients who are considering breast uplift surgery do not have good “material”.

Their skin did not hold the breast up well originally and patients need to realize that I cannot improve the quality of the skin.

I always do my best to prevent the breast tissue from stretching the skin (I try not to use the skin as a “brassiere”) but patients need to realize that the weight of an implant – especially a large one - can be detrimental.

The best method to slow the process the breast from dropping is to use the supportive Bra as often as possible.

If we tighten the breast tissue more by using stitches ,the wound can split from the tension.

Thank you.

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Hi Rachel,

I was just saw your other thread with the pictures, and I thought they looked great!

I did notice a slight difference, but that was only after comparing them several times.

The one in the pink singlet looked a little swollen at the top, so it seems to me that maybe the "dropping" you're seeing is just the swelling gone down. In my opinion the ones where you think they're sagging, I actually prefer as the look much more natural :)

I think you have to remember that you're the only person that is analysing your breasts in such detail, people on the street will only give a cursory glance if at all, and it's not like your husband/partner/boyfriend is going to be like "OMG YOUR BREASTS HAVE DROPPED 4.9 MILLIMETRES SINCE LAST TIME!" :p

I think what the surgeon is trying to say is that sagging is a natural occurrence and you have to be able to accept that your breasts aren't going to stay the same your entire life, but that the lift and augmentation would have made a significant difference and would slow down the progress of the sagging.

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you, but maybe if you still are you could ask your surgeon to reccommend upper body exercises and ways of keeping the muscles and ligaments strong and able to hold up the breast better.

Anyway I hope you're not feeling too disappointed, honestly they look great and heaps of women would be envying you :)

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I had internal stitches.. I wore a crop top and bra for the first 8 weeks day and night I've only just started going bra less at night. Caprica your right I really need to stop over thinking it. I'm just going to accept them and wear supportive tops.

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This is something my surgeon brought up with me and he had me using 2 creams prior to my surgery and following my surgery to repair the elasticity lost from pregnancy. Perhaps you could look at doing something like that? The 2 creams i use are rejuvinex and 0.05% vitamin A. My surgeon swears by them. PM me if you want any more info on them. I am sorry to hear that your not 100% happy with them though :(

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