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460cc or 520cc ? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

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:confused: I had my consultation today with Peter Val and he has told me that I can have 520cc ;) cool but.................He has also said that it will be very tight and there is a

15% risk of uni boob and or double bubble.............. WHAT SHOULD I DO! HELP ! I want the 520cc but Im not sure if it is worth the risk :confused::rolleyes::eek: I really didn't want anything less then 500cc but if Im going to go that much what's 20cc's more. Please tell me that that is a low risk of complications ??

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Haha, totally! The odds are on your side and I don't actually believe any surgeon would perform a BA if symmastia was a risk as it would be career suicide if it happened and word got out. They don't take those risks because it's a very real complication, he sounds like he's being overly cautious and giving you every option.

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Def go the 520's if they fit. my Doc was the same and erred on the side of caution, originally I was gona get 500's but they were just that bit much wider, so he went with the 480's but EHP where as the 500's were just HP but bit wider. He brought both sizes into theatre and made the decision at surgery time. But I am very happy regardless cos 20cc is nothing and I'm actually glad I got EHP's instead! Best of luck!! :)

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