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Consultation with Dr. Tang yesterday - confused about size please help

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Hi everyone,

It's been so long since I posted on the forum. I didn't go through with my breast augmentation with Dr. Hardwood in February as he felt that he could not give me 100% what I wanted. I still have huge respect for him and I think he is brilliant.

Anyway, fast forward a few months I decided to give TCI a go as it is only 15 minutes from where I live and I would not need to travel to another state. I had heard so many good reviews about Dr Tang so I waited 3.5 months to get a consult. It was yesterday and I thought he was extremely knowledgable and honest, I felt like I could really trust his decision because of his confidence.

my boobs are quite asymmetrical. Dr. Tang measured about 80cc difference between the two. I told him I want to be about a DD. So he gave me the options of 390cc in the left and 460cc on the right. He said if I wanted bigger I would need to go 420cc on the left and 520cc on the right because of the range of sizes that are available. I felt pretty daunted by the 100cc difference between the left and right but assured me that they would even out, although would never be perfect which I accept.

Im leaning toward the smaller of sizes but I'm worried that I'll get boob greed knowing that the doctor is letting me go bigger and I do want them to be pretty big. My stats are 159cm tall and 60kg (hoping to be 55kg) by surgery. My surgery is booked for January 17. Thanks for your help everyone!

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