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Weight Loss, Looking Smaller - Anyone notice change in size 9 mths on

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Hi All,

Been a whiles since I posted but wonder if anyone has had something similar....

Had my BA just coming up to 9 months ago, and have been measuring in at 12G (snug fit :D). I started losing a bit of weight (probs about 3-4 kg) a few months back and the cup size didnt change. Now I have probably lost about another kg but my breasts seem to have shrunk suddenly!! I am now down to a 12F and that isnt snug its probably just fitting :eek:. I definitely feel they are a lot smaller.....I am trying to lose more weight (I am currently 76 kg want to go to 70kg then I'm happy).

Anyone else has similar issues due to weight loss, or did they lose a cup size naturally even without weight loss?? Remember someone posting that there breasts appeared to shrink a little then got bigger at 10 months (unless I had a cheese dream...possible!)....Just wondering if it is part of the process....

Was already having a little booby greed at 3 months but now I'm sad they are a little smaller. Don't get me wrong they still look awesome and very natural......Half considering getting a revision next June if they do get any smaller.....already made contact with a Dr in QLD hopefully will weigh it up on his advice.

Anyone got any thoughts or advice I would appreciate it....

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