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Why the post op bra?

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Ok, everyone has a post op bra, but I don't! I know most of you probably hate it but I've always worn a bra 24/7 so this is my comfort zone.

My question is why? I have a few ideas:

1. Compression to avoid swelling, can anyone support this idea?

2. Stop the pec muscles from pushing the implants to ur armpit. So I think my nurse implied this.

3. Has anyone been given any other reasons? Or can support the above?

I had a lollipop lift with my BA & this is why the nurse said I can only wear it for 4hrs at a time, she said the healing of the stitches is more important, but I don't understand how the bra hinders the stitch healing & my friend who had same with same PS did have to wear a bra (even tho she had a tuberous issues that I didn't).

I want to understand more

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I had a lift with my BA and wore the post bra for a week and the strap for 2. I'm sure it in no way hindered my stitches. I went from po bra to soft crops day and night. I can now wear any bra during the day and was told to always wear a soft bra at night.

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