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3 weeks PO - back on antibiotics for infected belly button :(

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So, the title says it all.

After the dressings were removed at the PS office by one of the nurses at 10 days PO I've had constant fluid leaking out of my belly button incision.

I've been messaging Jennys about this as she had a similar problem.

Last Tuesday the fluid discharge turned brown so i phoned my GP but they were booked out that day and then closed over Xmas and Boxing Day. I wasn't able to see her until Friday morning.

On Xmas night the discharge out of my belly button turned green and oozing like pus. The outside of my bb was slightly reddish, not hurting at all just looked manky.

There wasn't really anything I could do about it. I phoned my PS on Boxing Day but he was in Queensland and his office was shut down as well, so I just ended up having to wait to see my GP on Friday.

Anyway, Friday came and as usual she was wonderful. She swabbed my bb and sent the swab to a lab to check for whatever type of bacteria it was. She had the nurse at their clinic clean it out and dress it and now I've on these gigantic antibiotic tablets (Clamoxyl). I have to go back on Monday to get the dressing changed.

I'm hoping that it will clear up and go away. The antibiotics are giving me a sore gut and I felt slightly queasy yesterday and I'm still off my food a little bit. I've mainly been eating yogurt and resting.

Other than that I'm starting to stand up slightly straighter and I think I'm about 75% straight now. My tummy is still a little bit painful - the MR internal stitching in my abdomen hurts the worst - but I'm not taking any pain meds at all - not even panadol. I've been out shopping each day for the past few days as I didn't want to miss the Boxing Day sales, but today I'm staying at home - I'm just feeling really worn out today (as I type I'm still in my pj's).

I'm hoping I'll feel better within a few more days.

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