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Dr K Tavakoli

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Hi Everyone

I've never posted before new at this but I wanted to write a review on my experience with Dr Tavakoli for anyone considering him...

Had a BA+BL 11 September 14...

Just wanted to say HOW Impressed i am for all the assistance i received from the 3 beautiful ladies at reception Abby, Sarah & Jennifer; they are a pleasure to deal with... So Happy To Help!

Abby did my consultation & Sarah is taking care of my progress...

Dr Tavakoli... What can I say... Genius with Golden Hands! He was so lovely on the day of surgery really made me feel comfortable and like I was important not just a patient! He knew exactly what I needed and what would look just right for my body frame!

He is a man of few words so make sure you come in with your list of questions, example photos of what you like and say what your hoping to achieve and Dr Tavakoli will answer everything and give you his expertise advise and i must underline Expertise! 

I had my surgery at ESPHospital & it was really nice and clean... The staff were all friendly especially Maggi was awesome made me feel extremely comfortable relaxed

Kevin Lee the anesthesiest and his assistant Lilianne were so lovely and made me smile & answered all my questions plus made me feel relaxed

Lilianne went above and beyond to make me feel at ease gave me a hug and I can't sing her praise enough!

I cannot describe how well I've been cared for and how much praise i have for the whole team involved

Thank You Thank You Thank You

Happy to answer any questions from anyone considering Dr Tavakoli 

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Thank you for posting your review and information on how your BA with Dr T went. I am looking at going with him for a BA, as an overseas  patient so all this info is appreciated! :)

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