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over paying for surgery?

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i was told by my surgeon i would receive a lollipop lift with my surgery but turns out i didn't need one.. just a "donut" / areola reduction.


I paid 6,000 for the lift and 3,900 for the removal and replacement of implant at a discounted rate for combination of procedures.


I was wondering as an areola lift/donut lift is a "mini" lift if i should be reimburst for the surgical change?


I also had to pay higher bed and theatre fees as they based the lift being more complicated and cosmetic as to the bilateral removal, capsulotomy and new implants.


Would it be two separate prices for a replacement of implant and areola reduction then to have a replacement of implant and lollipop lift?


I almost feel ripped off paying almost 20k for it unless all australian surgeons charge the same for all 3 types of lifts? Has anyone been quoted different or know anything about it?



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