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Pre and post op photos, 10c -10e

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Aww thanks girls!! Yea I am pretty stoked. I got moderate profile ☺️ I wish I'd made the difference more than 50cc cause I'm still uneven lol

I wasn't able to get the kind of volume I wanted with moderates, I was only offered hp and xh. Moderates look good on you.

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Wow they look great. I have my BA with Dr Duong in 2 sleeps. Im getting nervous, mostly worry about the size. Can I ask how tall you are and what you weigh. Ive been advised I can go 385 or 365. Im 158cm tall and 58kg after 5 kids im a 10b want to be 10d /dd. Im really worried ill be too big. How do feel with that size, are they comfortable, does side boob feel strange in clothes.

Thank you all for your posts, its only reading this forum that has given me the courage to go through with it.

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