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Implant questions

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Hi girls

Just a few questions for you :) any help would be fab!

What type of implants remain firm?

Which type of candidate would under the muscle or over the muscle placement be suited to?

I already have lots of breast tissue or fat so I am getting a lift with implants, I'm just trying to work out what to expect at the consult.

I like the high profile round look but don't want them to soften too much, I have been there done that with jiggly soft boobs haha.

I just want them to stay put now!!

I have heard that overs can sag in future, is this true?

Thanks girls :) you are all so friendly and helpful with all my posts xoxox

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I think all implants will soften to some degree. I've heard that furry brazilians dont move after being placed like smooth or textured can and that furries take a lot longer for the shell membrane to break down in the body and start becoming soft. On the other hand I've read that on some girls the silicone can feel very natural and soft and on others it feels firmer than natural tissue. Saline implants also tend to be firmer than silicone apparently.

Girls with very little or no tissue tend to get unders because then the implant is not as noticeable through the skin.

I believe with smooths there is a chance of sagging and the tissue sliding down over the implant creating a bit of double bubble though I stand to be corrected on that.


Your PS will assess you and suggest what type and placement would work best for your frame,existing breast tissue and body type as everyone is different. There is a lot of info here in the forum and on the web if you google it a bit to see what the pro's and con's of each type is. I would guess (without seeing anything) that maybe hp or xhp furries would give the closest result to what you're after without too much softness.


In my opinion do your research but dont overthink it. Trust your PS. He's the professional and he should advise you as to the best option to get the results you want.

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