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is it normal for incisions to ache?

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Hi ladies,


I am 1 wk PO and last night the incisions on my left side started feeling pretty achy and sore.  I may have stretched up too far to reach something that caused the pain, but not sure.


anyway, my question is if this is.....is it normal for incisions to be sore, or do you think I may have popped a stitch or injured myself somehow?  There's no bleeding, just really sore on the incision line.



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I think it's normal, especially of you have over stretched a bit. As the numbness wears off a bit and the feeling starts to come back in that area, the pain can increase because the nerves are starting to work again. That's why you may feel more pain than you did a few days ago or in the beginning. If it does get a lot worse, I would contact your surgeon to check it out.

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