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Nearly 5 weeks post op photos and some questions

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Hi guys,

Can't believe how quickly it has gone.

In just put some photos up. Just send me a fr to have a look :)

Will be 5 weeks this coming Tuesday.

Ok a few questions:

1. Anyone get really itchy along the incision?? I'm guessing it's itching cause if healing?

2. Did you go bra less for one night before the 6 weeks? I have a wedding this weekend will just be short of 5 weeks post op.

Got a strapless dress. It holds me in tight but would need to go bra less. Unless I get a strapless bra no underwire.

Any suggestions??

Thanks :)

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I am also 5 weeks, just check to make sure it is itching and not rubbing from your bra causing the itch, I have just changed bras as my surgical bra was rubbing on the tape, It is probably ok to go braless, but if your not sure, call your surgery and ask, My ps is quite strict and he said, if I go out somewhere special its ok to take my bra off.

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I'm just 1 week ahead of you, had a lift as well. Not itchy at all, but I have a disposable suture (well I think that's what it is!) that's come up just under my incision, emailed a photo to my PS and he wants to see me a week earlier on Tuesday, don't know what he'll do?

I reckon you'll be okay going braless for 1 night, but why not just check with your PS to be sure.

Sending you a FR!

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