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Post op Day 4 & 5 second surgery PIAC!

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Day 4

Woke up extremely bloated and emotional and felt so fat that I only ate breakfast and didn't eat for the rest of the day.

I had minor pain and it's always only in my right bit and at the moment it's just shooting pains, kind if like a stabbing. I havnt been wearing any bra which is bad but I feel so much more comfortable, but at night the last couple of nights I have been wearing my compression bra which cost me $75 but it's worth it. I'll upload some pics which is from day 5 in another folder for people to see. Wearing this bra has made them come more closer together so I highly recommend purchasing one.

I'm happy because last not I was lying in bed touching my boobs over my bra and I could feel my nipples which is a good sign because I've heard with a lift you can lose sensation.

Day 5

Woke up and didn't feel as bloated cause I didn't eat all day lol and had breakfast, stuck to just some eggs and fruit.

Had my first post op appointment at PIAC they pick you up and are very lovely. Only had to wait 10 minutes and the nurse brings you into a room and tells you to take your top off and lie down. My doctor came in and only removed the breast food stitches from the first surgery because my nipple stitches arnt ready yet to be removed ( go back in on Thursday) only took about 5 minutes maybe less and doesn't hurt at all really.

My doctor was pushing and feeling my boobs abit asking if I had any pain and I just told him where and ask him some questions.

He said that I still have swelling at the bottom of my breast so they should reduce in size abit lol sad face :(

But I'm happy. I asked about my 4-5kg weigh gain and he said could be from both the surgerys and medication.

Also I have found that the pain meds make me feel high in a bad way I hate it so I've halved the dosage now and also they make me vision so bad that I can't see why I'm writing on my phone no matter how hard to try lol it's actrually funny.

It's about 5:00 here ATM and I've been completely fine almost no pain at all just feel heavy cause I have a rack now lol

I think overall I have felt with the pain so much better than I thought I would, considering I have a low pain tolerance it's been so much easier personally than I ever expected and I could do it again.

Like I keep saying if any lovely lady's need advice, support of any questions at all ask away or inbox me I'm happy to help! :)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this great detail. I have started a notebook and am writing down points like to expect to feel bloated on a certain day etc. Also to be aware of the effects of the pain killers and to halve them if I feel yukky.


Where did you buy the compression bra from?

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