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Boob Day Tomorrow

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EKKKKKKKK Tomorrow is boob day :) :) :) :) I am so crazy nervous and excited, there's so much I should have done before now but haven't as I just can't concentrate.


I love this forum, but at the same time it has caused me so much angst, reading and seeing results gone wrong has stressed me to no end and made me second guess and question and over analyse everything!!!!


It has also provided so much great information and without it I would have been just naive about the expectations and how time it takes to settle and heal properly even the D&F concept. I would have woken up from surgery expecting instant perfect boobs with a little bit of swelling and have ended up being gutted.


I can't wait till my admission time at 7.30am tomorrow, thanks everyone, looking forward to sharing my story afterwards. :) :) :)

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Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy your day, so exciting! Remember the posts you see on here are often when things are not quite right or when somebody is in pain, you don't have people posting their "I feel fabulous" results as much, chances are everything will go well and smoothly for you! 

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