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surgery morning

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Well - no more waiting, booby day is here!!

I was quite restless last night, but managed to get a bit of sleep in. I have to be at the hospital at 6, so I set my alarm for 5.15, but woke up at 4.40 anyway.

I've had a shower, dressed in comfy clothes - and I decided not to wear a bra today since I'll be dressed in the surgical one for when I come home anyway - and probably also just because I know I will have to wear one day and night for 6 weeks after - freeing the boobies before they are changed forever!

So, I guess it's goodbye uneven, saggy ones and hello shiny new ones!

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Hello lovely supportive girls! Well I was nowhere near as anxious as I thought I'd be going in - I felt immediately calm talking to Dr Chin and Keren (his nurse).

When I was in recovery, apparently I kept rolling myself onto my tummy :-/ and I had a little trouble coming off the sedation, I was beginning to get frustrated with myself not being able to wake up properly.

I did eventually start to come good - and went to the toilet and had some pain - maybe a 6-7 out of 10, I also tried eating but it made me a bit feel a bit icky in the tummy - so the nurses gave me a low dose endone, and some antinausea stuff through my drip.

I also have drains, which I have an apt. To have them taken out on thursday - thank goodness, because they are awkward and look pretty gross. The nurse has instructed me to sleep on the recliner until thursday so they don-t accidently get laid on (by my husband) - I don't mind, I'll watch tv. Hah

I'm still at the hospital, and my husband is coming at 4 to pick me up.

Thankyou so, so much for all of the wonderful support and kind words. It would have been much more daunting without you all. Xoxox

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glad all went well :)

Hope you get a good nights rest tonight xoxo

Thanks Lindy Loo. Xoxx.

I have some endone, the nurse said to take for pain before bed - it helps to make you sleepy too, apparently.

I'm home on the recliner now - a little bit of pain toward the centre of my chest, but mostly feeling much better. Xoxoxo

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