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My first face to face consult

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So yesterday I had my first face to face consult. It was s bit different to how I imagined it would be after reading through these posts. The surgeon was running behind and so we waited 45 minutes or so to see him. He was friendly and polite once he came into the consult room to chat to me and my partner.

He asked me some questions regarding wanting breast augmentation surgery and then I took my top off so he could assess me for surgery. The surgeon had me raise my arms above my head and out to the side and then down by my side and he also checked the breast tissue briefly. I was expecting to be measured for BWD but that never happened. He thought I would need a lift and implant on my left side and just an implant on my right. I wasn't expecting this as I assumed I would need dual lifts. After I put my top back on he discussed the various approaches he could take. He said he could do just an implant and then I could see how it was and come back later for the lift if I wasn't happy (he said he could perform the lift in his day surgery under local anaesthetic if I wanted to avoid a second hospital surgery). I could also go with a donut lift, crescent lift or lollipop lift.

After we discussed the surgical options I was sent back to the waiting rooms to wait for his nurse - she was responsible for providing me a quote for surgery and also for fitting me with sizers. After another wait she finally came and grabbed me from the waiting room. I was fitted with a 400cc round moderate plus implants to give me a bit of side boob. I liked the shape they gave me but was not expecting to be offered rounds and definitely not anywhere near 400cc (I am currently a 12b - 161cm - 60kg). The surgeons not a fan of the anatomicals - he discussed them turning in the pocket which I have heard of but don't agree completely with as I have seen them used on many girls on here with awesome results. I am fairly sure I won't be booking with this surgeon but am glad to have had a face to face consult to get an idea for my next consult (which will be via phone this arvo). Anyway sorry for the super long post, I just wanted to share in case it helps some other girl on here :)

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You have to feel comfortable with your surgeon and doesnt sound like he made you feel comfortable. My first consult I was OK with him but my 2nd consult with another PS and I knew I liked him right away. 
I got measured heaps and tried on heaps of different sizes with my 2nd consult and I liked that better than being given 1 size to try on and being told that would work for me. 


Good luck with your 2nd consult this arvo :)

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Thanks ladies,


It wasn't a complete write off or anything - just a learning curve :) The thing I struggled with the most afterwards was size.  The 400's looked great and gave side boob that the other sizes didn't but I wasn't even thinking I would need to go that big and I was hoping for a subtle change in my appearance rather than a va-voom bam change lol.  I am hoping that is still possible otherwise I will need to adjust my expectations.  The nurse mentioned not using an "algorithm" to determine recommended implant size as their are girls out there who want to go bigger than they are allowed with these measurements. 


I agree with you girls that you need to feel comfortable with your surgeon :)

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