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Rebeca Strange

Somnio Information Session

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Hi everyone,


I looking at having breast surgery in thailand early next year.


Im thinking of going with SOMNIO, I know they have an information night coming up on the 11th of October in Melbourne I think i will make the trip to get some more info.

apparently the MAIN guy at the phuket international hospital is hosting the event which will be good to pick his bain about ALL my questions.


ButI guess I just want to know if anyone has had good reviews/ experiences with somnio, or is thinking about attending the session?


I know they will put my mind at ease but any personal stories/ recomendations about ln general about traveling with them/ surgeons they use etc would be much appreciated :)


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Hi Rebeca, I'm in Thailand at the moment. I went through Somnio but booked my own flights and accommodation. I have found Somnio to be fantastic. They organised my surgery, transfers, payments and answered all my questions. Tammy, their Thai consultant, will meet you at the hospital and we be there for all appointments and even hold your hand on your way in to surgery. Tammy alone is worth going with Somnio. If you go with a group then the Aussie girls come along with you.

I got a BA with Dr Rushapol and thoroughly recommend him too. I'm 8 days post op. All pain is gone and I love love love my boobs!!

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